President Trump Should Speak at Berkeley

He must demand that our Constitution’s free speech protections, U.S. citizenship laws, and the whole rule of law applies in all 50 states.

By Jason Jones & John Zmirak Published on February 3, 2017

If you are not chilled to the bone by the riots that college administrators and campus police allowed to erupt at the University of California at Berkeley on February 1, in response to the campus appearance of a single, mildly provocative conservative speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, it is your civic duty to watch the videos below.

The power-addicted left has reacted to losing a single presidential election like a big, angry junkie thrashing and clawing for a fix. This national tantrum points up for all Americans just what a cyanide-soaked, exploding plutonium-anthrax bullet we dodged in Hillary Clinton. (NOTE: Raw footage and rough language.)


Progressive elites had soaked in the high-handed, lawless arrogance of Barack Obama, who swept in like a messiah and ruled like an absolute monarch — flouting Congress, falsifying the plain meaning of laws, and abusing executive authority with Nixonian abandon. The same elites had assumed that they would get to finish stuffing the U.S. Supreme Court with leftist judicial activists, and crown it once and for all as a permanent, sitting Constitutional convention. No conservative or Christian voters anywhere in America would really have any voice left after that.

The Left Has Abandoned Persuasion

And that’s the whole point: We’re not supposed to. Our views are illegitimate and evil, and don’t deserve the protection of law from violence and intimidation. It is up to the conscience of any given leftist to decide whether or not the views of a fellow citizen deserve to be tolerated. If they deem you too “offensive,” it’s fine to use force in shutting them down:

  • Government force, like California trying to yank routine federal funding to close or de-Christianize schools that followed the Bible on sexual ethics;
  • Corporate force, like Marquette University and Providence College acting to remove or harass conservative professors for expressing their views, or DePaul University banning conservative speakers;
  • Mob violence, which the “Antifa” thugs used at Berkeley to silence Milo;
  • Individual assault, like a punch in the face or a spray of pepper gas aimed at someone whose views are simply “offensive.”


That’s the left’s mode of operating these days: Not just defeating opponents, but stigmatizing, silencing and finally destroying its “enemies.” From Christian bakers and florists to highly accomplished executives like Brendan Eich of Mozilla and TV hosts like the Gaines family; from the Little Sisters of the Poor to wealthy philanthropist Betsy DeVos; no one is too small to escape being targeted, too innocent or eminent to avoid getting battered and smeared.

I’ll Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It

Now some of the views to which leftists object really might be offensive or wrong. We have no sympathy with a white separatist like Richard Spencer — except insofar as he is an American citizen speaking lawfully and civilly about political issues as our Constitution absolutely guarantees him the right to do — without getting sucker-punched by some passing coward.

If leftists decide that his views, or Milo’s campy provocations, or Christina Hoff Sommers’ thoughtful criticisms of feminism, are so dangerous and contemptible that they may use violence to silence them … let’s pause to ask: On that principle, what should pro-lifers do to abortionists?

We know that these people are directly killing Americans by the millions. To avoid civil war, we agree to proceed against these mass murderers within the law. Would the Left like us to abandon that policy? Have they forgotten which side in America’s culture wars joins the army, staffs the police, and treasures its right to keep and bear arms?

The fact that we have to even raise such an appalling prospect points up how hazardous the Left’s lawless use of force has become. Drunk on the self-righteousness of political views that they have never heard challenged — thanks to the tyrants or cowards who run their universities — young leftists are speaking and acting like Spanish anarchists in the early 1930s, whose mob violence and rejection of a democratic election sparked the Spanish Civil War. They might pause to reflect how that war turned out. (There’s a bumper sticker in that: “Act like a Spanish anarchist — expect an American Franco.”)

Time to Reinforce Fort Sumter

We cannot let things in America keep spiraling downward in that direction. We must insist on the perfect legitimacy of the outcome of our elections, and the absolute enforcement of Constitutional rights. Thugs cannot be allowed to shout down speakers at universities, or burn the streets of our cities. School administrators may not enable violent mobs that silence civic speech. State governors and city mayors may not rebel against federal immigration law and collude in flouting it.

Each of these actions is a direct attack on the sovereignty of our government, and hence on every voter and citizen — just as surely as the “massive resistance” employed by Southern segregationists was in the 50s and 60s. It took the force of the federal government to defend the Constitutional rights of black Americans then. Those same rights demand a similar use of force today.

Whatever use of legitimate force it takes to repress mob violence at Berkeley during that speech, the mob cannot prevail.

President Trump is right to threaten the cutoff of federal funds to universities that let hecklers veto or mobs attack American citizens lawfully practicing free speech. But he should go further. He should announce a presidential address, as soon as possible, at the University of California-Berkeley. He should inform the governor of California that the National Guard must cooperate with the Secret Service in guaranteeing order, and the right of the President to speak and citizens to listen.

Whatever use of legitimate force it takes to repress mob violence at Berkeley during that speech, the mob cannot prevail. President Trump should make it clear that anywhere in America where free speech is violently attacked as it was in Berkeley, he will make it his business to visit and insist that our Constitution is still in force.

He must act quickly and firmly, as Ronald Reagan did against campus terrorists back in the 1960s. Expect Americans of good will to unify behind him — and the enemies of freedom to learn their limits. It is the job of the president at times like these to say, as President Lincoln once had to say to a previous generation of thuggish Democrats afraid of losing power: “Thus far, and no further.”

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  • Howard Rosenbaum

    These agitators, like an abscess on an unwashed posterior awaiting relief from a pent up pustule are in great need of release.
    They have chosen this administration & what to them it represents to spew the vile contents of their infected ideology . Apologies for the “poetic license” but how much of this purulence are reasonable people expected to endure ?!
    Hey, we get it. All your hopes & dreams for a globalist utopia are being extinguished before your eyes. Your “sensibilities have been sorely shaken. You see yourselves & your side as the only remedy for a world turned upside down. Who but “young lions” like yourselves are going to stand between humanity & the rising of this “4th Reich” ?! Now, for the bottom line. Your
    strategies for social disruption & civil disobedience have not gone unnoticed by a rational public. On both sides of the political divide. Ready yourselves for the just consequences of your unlawful feature performances . Times up. To quote a recent comment by a recent appointee to the Trump cabinet. You have been put on notice. My advice when POTUS Trump visits your campus – Shut Up & listen ..!

  • carlmelcher

    A first rate ‘summing up’ of what we are up against. Trump speaking at Berkeley could help in the current battle, possibly, but will not win the ‘culture war.’ I think we’re now past the point where ‘insisting’ that our views be respected, our votes accepted will win us the Culture War. Insisting to the left will only get you a punch in the nose, a spray of pepper in the face, spat on, whatever… And so I will repeat what I’ve been shouting to our side for the last year. This last election may very well be our last hurrah. The trends are not on our side. Many of the people who put Trump in office are aging boomers. Many of them won’t be around for the next election. And the people who wanted to put Hillary in are coming up from our universities like Berkeley, from our schools where their curriculum have been propagandized, AND, from the dictatorships south of the border. THE ONLY WAY to reverse these trends is to reclaim our youth. And they only way to do that, is through story. The one person on the right, I believe, who gets this, is Rush Limbaugh, with his ‘Rush Revere’ series. He’s actually gone ‘forward in time,’ in a sense, like a character in one of my books, Van Ripplewink, to attempt to save American youth from going, with the other lemmings, over the socialist cliff. Rush Limbaugh is the only big name fighting the culture war where it counts, with young people. The hefty $22.95 tomes that Hannity and Coulter write are not going to be read by American youth. No. The right has to wake up and ‘FIGHT THE POWER.’ And these days, in the culture war, the power is on the left.

  • Christian Cowboy

    I’ll say it again – when someone punches, sprays, or sets something on fire – they might as well shut up – I stop listening – as do a lot of others. Kind of like a 2 year old on the floor throwing a fit because they didn’t get their Lucky Charms! Guess what I don’t understand is why the media just loves to cover this bazaar behavior!

  • Liz Litts

    I think President Trump needs to talk to them with the National Guard! Nothing else will get through to people like this.

    • Mo86

      Absolutely right. These savages understand only force.

  • Autrey Windle

    I’m not sure what can be done, but what should be done is to take these armed and dangerous undisciplined children to detention and make their parents show up to claim them after the parents are held responsible financially for a share of the cost of the damages and told next time their kid gets into trouble they will be prosecuted as the not-so-little felons that they are and put every taxpayer funded school on notice that all funding will be cancelled immediately for failure to nip this junk in the bud. See? If these little bags of hot-air weren’t taking up so much space learning nothing then maybe someone like me could get into a decent school to teach me how to not write running sentences…rant, rant, rant,Autrey; now I mutter to myself…

  • Linda

    You don’t know who the criminals are. Maybe the right wing hired them in order to discredit the demonstration. Their faces are covered because they are criminals, not protesters. It doesn’t take away from the sincerity of the peaceful activists.

  • thinksmart

    Hmm I see the Hitler youth organization has returned with many American youths. What sheep. What are they calling themselves the snowflake youth and wear vaginas on their heads? Do they have own step or still using goose step?

  • Mo86

    “President Trump Should Speak at Berkeley”

    These animals would kill him!

  • SovereignAmerican

    Nothing new to see here; deja vu Chicago ala ’68.

  • Mark Schember

    The black clad masked ones doing violence in these protests are not your average progressives, they are anarchists and marxists who resist societal restraints. They will not calm down, they will need to be put down.

  • Vivavox

    These punks are cowards. Anyone wearing a mask over his face is coward especially to destroy property, violate other people’s rights, and endanger the public. Letting someone destroy your school or community because you don’t like a guest speaker is weak.

  • Mark Schember

    Get the FBI and Law Enforcement after them for sedition and riot. Take them down and put them out of business.

  • bbb

    What a waste of time and effort it would be for anyone who has a 24-7 job to speak to a college group that is bonkers.
    Just send a Trump video and show it in the auditorium, what there is of it.
    Then the spoiled, undisciplined, mindless robotic socialist students can rip apart the auditorium and burn it to bits because they have a right to protest, a right to vent their spleen, a right to do as they please.
    And it pleases them to have a public temper tantrum, especially if they are on camera.
    In fact, I think it would be meaningful to these students if they tore apart and burned the entire campus.
    But, I also agree that it is time to stop sending so many tax dollars to support higher education because not much is accomplished in these academic hideaways for communist professors, anarchists and those who can’t do anything so they teach. The work ethic is missing, the codes of common courtesy and respect for property are missing and the ridiculous degrees that are awarded couldn’t qualify most of them for a job.
    God is love and maybe a little God needs to infiltrate Berkley.

  • Patrick Reddy

    Fantastic article! and absolutely correct Trump should confront this issue immediately.

  • Linda

    Ya, if he’s such a “mildly provocative conservative speaker” why did CPAC just cancel Milo Yiannopoulos?

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