New Planned Parenthood Sting Video: Baby Body Parts Often Taken and Sold Without Mom’s Consent

“There were times when they’d just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know.”

By Anika Smith Published on August 12, 2015

“There were times when they’d just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know.”

The latest video from the Center for Medical Progress presents a day in the life of Holly O’Donnell, a former StemExpress employee who has turned into a whistleblower on the baby body parts industry. O’Donnell formerly worked at the Planned Parenthood Stockton and Fresno, CA, which she describes in grim detail.

“The environment is morbid, you can feel it. You can hear screaming, hear crying.”

As we’ve seen already, the day at one of these Planned Parenthood centers starts with a checklist for baby organs to harvest.

In this latest sting video, O’Donnell says, “They give you a sheet and it’s everybody for that day who’s coming in for an ultrasound, for an abortion, medical and late-term abortion … We take them in the room or meet them in the chair … Pregnancy tests are potential pregnancies are potential specimens. It’s just taking advantage of the opportunities.”

Yes, there really was a list with the tissues requested from research centers. And yes, this list did dictate how they treated these women and the children in their wombs — as commodities.

“I would look for an opportunity to consent,” O’Donnell says. She talks about Dr. Ron Berman, a StemExpress employee who worked with Planned Parenthood. “He had a reputation for going viciously fast. Like if we didn’t watch him, we would lose our specimens. It was that fast.”

She talks about how this doctor would pace the halls if there wasn’t a baby to abort. “If there wasn’t a girl in the room, he would get mad … It’s almost like he wanted to do it. And that, that made me really concerned.”

“There was a few times where he was working and I had a girl who did not want to get it [an abortion] but she felt she had to. I wanted to tell her, ‘Do not go into this clinic.’”

“What I imagine — because I’ve seen abortions — I imagine him going into the room, lifting the covers, going in, grabbing, and walking out. That’s how fast it is. It’s ridiculous.”

The most damning statement will shock many women who feel that an abortion is a private, personal matter: O’Donnell says in the video that if the aborted child was older, and the technicians needed a specimen that age, “there were times where they would just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know. There’s no way they would know.”

O’Donnell tells one particularly chilling incident from her time at the Fresno clinic, where there was a mother who said she did not want to “donate” the aborted child for scientific research. A worker at this clinic took her valuable specimen anyway.

“Imagine if you were an abortion patient and someone was going in and stealing your baby’s parts. And half these women are already on edge as it is.”

O’Donnell is an eyewitness to heartbreak, and her testimony deserves viewing.

“The women I work for were cold. They don’t care. They wanted their money, and they didn’t care that girls throwing up in the trash can, crying … there were times when patients would ask me, ‘Should I do this? Should I be doing this?’ And from my personal view, I’m very pro-life, and I would tell them, ‘Run. Go. You’ll figure something out. You don’t want to do this.’ … I would get in trouble for that.”

If she missed the opportunity to procure a “specimen” out of her compassion for the mother, O’Donnell would be reprimanded. “’That was an opportunity that you just missed,'” she said they would tell her.

“I’m not gonna tell a girl to kill her baby so I can get money. And that’s what this company [StemExpress] does.” Her boss told her it was not an option, but a demand to get the baby parts and blood from the aborted children.

This video is mercifully not graphic, but it is heart-rending. O’Donnell describes dropping off the “specimens” at FedEx and being asked what was in the box. “I didn’t know what to say. ‘Oh, there’s dead baby parts in there.’”

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