The Media’s Glaring Double Standards on Violence and Hate

If the leftwing media wants to regain even a shred of credibility, it will have to step up its game.

Protesters march with signs in Berkeley, California on February 1, 2017. Violent protests erupted on February 1 at the University of California at Berkeley over the scheduled appearance of a controversial editor of the conservative news website Breitbart.

By Michael Brown Published on August 18, 2017

So I don’t have to repeat myself throughout the article, I’ll say things loudly and clearly at the outset.

The KKK, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis are evil. I deplore what they stand for and denounce it — as a follower of Jesus, as a Jew, as an American, and as a human being. I pray that they would repent and find mercy from God. And to the extent that the media exposes their lies, I applaud the media.

But I cannot applaud the media when it comes to its reporting of acts of hatred and violence on the radical left. Their double-standard is glaring, ugly, and inexcusable.

You see, the question is not, “Is Antifa as bad as the KKK? Are radical leftists as evil as neo-Nazis?”

Rather, the question is, “Should the media highlight acts of hatred and violence when carried out by the left?” And, “Should the media call out political leaders who do not denounce these acts?”

I’m not talking about Charlottesville here or making a moral comparison between the groups involved. I’m talking about a consistent pattern of dangerous words and deeds from the radical left, most of which get scant attention from the media.

Shall we do some math?

Mobs ‘Exercising Brute Force’

Over the last 12 months, how many campuses have succumbed to pressure from white supremacists and cancelled a talk by a well-known liberal? Can’t think of any?

Well, let’s keep going. How many campuses have even received threats of harassment or disruption from white supremacists should they try to host such a talk? Still somewhere around zero?

In contrast, over the last 12 months, how many campuses have succumbed to pressure from radical leftists and cancelled a talk by a well-known conservative? If my memory serves me right, Berkeley did it twice (once with Milo and once with Ann Coulter). Other campuses, like De Paul, refused to allow Ben Shapiro to speak. And all this because of security concerns. That means: because of threats of disruption from the left. Toronto University just cancelled a “free speech” event featuring Prof. Jordan Peterson and others because of security concerns as well.

It looks like the left can get pretty nasty too. (For more examples, see here.)

Author Charles Murray, along with Prof. Allison Stangler, who invited him, was physically attacked by protesters at Middlebury College after his speech. “One threw a stop sign with a heavy concrete base in front of the car Murray was in, and several others rocked, pounded, and jumped on the vehicle. One protester pulled Stanger’s hair and injured her neck. She was taken to a hospital, where she was treated and released.”

Heather Mac Donald’s speech at Claremont was shut down. Protesters blocked entrance to the building, after which she said, “This is not just my loss of free speech. These students are exercising brute force against their fellow students to prevent them from hearing me live.”

And what were the protestors chanting? “[Expletive] the police, KKK.”

Where was the consistent outcry from the leftwing media? How many hours were devoted to covering this? How many liberal politicians were called on to denounce it?

Media Won’t Cover a Domestic Terror Group 

More recently, when protestors pulled down a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, NPR reported that they were chanting, “‘No KKK, No Fascist USA.”

Actually, they were chanting, “No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

Why did NPR omit “No cops”? What were they hiding? Why not make clear that, in the eyes of these vandals, the cops are no different than the KKK? (Listen to NPR’s audio here.)

As evil as the KKK and neo-Nazis are, they were not the ones carrying out these acts of hatred, violence, and vandalism. All this comes from the radical left. Why, then, put so much focus on the so-called alt-right and so little (if any) on the radical left?

Here are some more specifics.

The media should give equal attention to radical leftists who engage in violent words. 

As reported by the Daily Caller, “Antifa’s violence ranges from stabbing a police horse in the neck to beating people with bike locks. Antifa physically assaulted a reporter with The Daily Caller News Foundation in January. A search on YouTube reveals hours of footage displaying Antifa violence from protests across the nation. Antifa thugs are additionally known for assaulting police officers and chasing down fleeing people in order to beat them.”

How much of this was covered by CNN?

The Caller continues, “CNN also fails to mention that Antifa was declared a domestic terrorist group by New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security stated certain actions from Antifa were acts of “domestic terrorism” in a memo from March.”

How many of you knew that? Antifa branded a domestic terrorist group by an official government security agency?

As for Antifa’s handiwork at Berkeley when Milo was scheduled to speak, “Antifa groups …  rioted, destroyed property, beat people with flagpoles and pepper-sprayed a women [sic].”

I guess it’s not all about peace and love and equality and tolerance?

Antifa Needs More Attention

And this is not just taking place in America. How about the attack last December on the Australia Christian Lobby building in Australia? As reported by the Australian, “The man accused of driving a burning van laden with gas bottles into the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters was a gay activist who disliked the group because of its ‘position on sexuality’ and had searched online how to make plastic explosives and a pressure-cooker bomb.”

Shades of Floyd Lee Corkins trying to carry out an act of mass murder at the FRC headquarters in DC in 2012, inspired to do so by the radical-left SPLC.

But it gets worse.

Both the Washington Post and the Nation carried pieces this week calling for physical violence against the alt-right, with the Post headline calling for “direct action” and the Nation headline reading, “Not Rights but Justice: It’s Time to Make Nazis Afraid Again.”

With this logic, even if the “Unite the Right” marchers in Charlottesville had not engaged in any violence, their ideologies are so evil that they should be violently attacked. Is this the America you want to live in?

And let’s not forget that, for years now, those of us who lovingly oppose LGBT activism have been branded Nazis, KKK, and worse. Perhaps we should be subject to violence too? Perhaps the gay activists who held up signs in 2008 calling for Christians to be thrown to the lions will get their wish?

Without a doubt, the media should report on something like the “Unite the Right” march that drew 500 militants to Charlottesville. And with one voice, every American should denounce it. Let those 500 be shamed and isolated, and let their ideology be exposed.

But the media should give equal attention to radical leftists who engage in violent words and acts in other settings. That includes Antifa activists vandalizing a campus, student protesters assaulting a professor, and Black Lives Matter marchers chanting (about cops), “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

If the leftwing media wants to regain even a shred of credibility, it will have to step up its game. Lives are at stake.

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  • Paul

    It’s only a double standard if they claim to be unbiased and objective. I think most of them have come out of the closet now and don’t bother with that pretense anymore.

  • ncsugrant

    It is dangerous for our culture to seize on the hatred of the KKK, but to overlook the violence of the left.
    As for the ridiculous howls of protest about moral equivalence, I would go further. No respectable public figures or groups have endorsed or excused the KKK for decades. Shockingly, the so-called anti-fascists and their predecessors, “occupy wall street”, have been encouraged and applauded by people who should know better.
    A good rule of thumb is to refrain from supporting groups whose members are often seen masked, armed, and seeking confrontation.

  • KC

    We must all pray for discernment. The news as presented is always spun by whatever source it comes from. Test the source. I find even here on the Stream some sources are extreme.

    • Hmmm…

      However, the one Source, God, is extreme; His Word is extreme. He’s the test.

  • Hmmm…

    You can’t get around this. I see this phony “Antifa” group as a direct arm of the main part of the Democratic party, and one of their largest contributors is the paymaster for participants. We’ve got a leaked video that came out during the campaign where this guy who has thugs for hire was referencing the Clinton campaign calling on him as well as the Democratic party. Come on. We’ve got the audio, the video, transcripts on so many things …. Enough !!

  • fights

    Because the media is on the same side as them.

  • Josh Shapiro

    An innocent woman is killed, and you racist, anti-gay, anti-semetic people are the real victims!

    • Hmmm…

      Ah, the racist bludgeon with additives. The haters and accusers weigh in. They have nothing to contribute, nothing to say, so, just bash those who do.

      • Loren Miller

        The lack of critical thinking on these issues is scary.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    It’s as though the left occupies a parallel universe where up is down & left is right. ( pun intended ) From this universe the Antifa is a group of serious patriots committed to restoring democracy from those “nazis” who march to the beat of white Trump nationalism. Come on, it’s gotten to the point with the MSM that any liberal w/something objective to say about this administration is courting political suicide. Those token pundits from the middle right are tolerated for the sake of an appearance of objectivity as their comments are often taken w/a grain of salt. The rare appearance of a conservative is never a pretty thing . Except for the satisfaction like minded conservatives & other reasonable folk enjoy from the superiority of their arguments. So how can the violence of the left be equated w/something to be refuted by those who ideologically practice pretty much the same thing ….?!

  • Loren Miller

    Dr. Brown nailed this one. After reflecting on Trump’s comments, I can understand why people were upset and why people thought he was drawing a moral equivalence between alt-left and alt-right groups. I would have said, “…there were peaceful protesters on both sides…”(totally blocking the moral equivalence argument); but Trump was absolutely right in calling out violence on both sides! We, in America, do not want any vigilante groups meting out street justice–regardless of their cause or their political affiliation. Trust me, I’ve deployed to a country without a functioning government–thus no law and order–it is not pretty!!!!!

    • Hmmm…

      Glad you deployed here.

      • Loren Miller

        Funny, but not really. Fortunately, we are not a third country. Actually, that’s a real blindspot of these “woke” young people: they really have no idea how blessed they are to live in America.

        • Hmmm…

          It’s a welcome … affirmation … 🙂
          I guess we all need to guard against entitlement thinking for sure, taking things for granted and definitely making demands without being willing to give desirable input.

      • Loren Miller

        Got it, and we still need to count our blessings here in the U.S.–there is much worse.

        • Hmmm…

          Got manners? It’s a non-combatant greeting LM and appreciation of your post above; easy now. We still affirm such as such here in the U.S.

          • Loren Miller

            No, I don’t. I’m an old grunt, manners often allude me, but I can admit when I’m wrong, and I apologize. First, It is clear now that I truly didn’t understand you first reply, so I should’ve clarified your comment first before responding, again apologies. Then, I should not have posted anything at 6:30 am, because I posted my response on the wrong post, so I apologize for that. I’ve read some of your comments on other articles, and I’m sure we would agree on most of the issues discussed on this site.

          • Hmmm…

            Thank you.

    • Mensa Member

      >> “…there were peaceful protesters on both sides…”

      Are neo-Nnazis and radical racists every really peaceful?

      • Loren Miller

        Yes, in fact, they can be. Physical violence is a specific act, which makes a legal peaceful assembly an illegal riot. Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment, and the right to peacefully assemble in order to spew hate speech is protected by the First Amendment. In fact, offensive speech is why we have a First Amendment. Think about it, if you and I never offend each other by our words then there’s no need for a First Amendment. So, I ask 3 questions: (1) Do you think a vigilante group should be allowed to mete out street justice, even if the vigilante group is targeting a hate group? (2) Why did the left-leaning ACLU go to court to help secure the “Unite the Right” group’s park permit? (3) Do you think the ACLU made an error in judgment?

      • Paul

        Why am I not surprised by the stereotyping.

      • Andrew Mason

        Are you asserting that the Unite the Right rally was comprised solely of neo-Nazis and radical racists, or that they cannot be peaceful? The first is demonstrably true, the latter could be debated. The problem is Antifa is never really peaceful, and even their defenders acknowledge they attacked rally attendees.

      • Loren Miller

        I’ve answered your question, why can’t you answer my questions?

      • Dear Mensa Member.

        Why you post as Mensa member instead of with your actual name? The following from Mensa web sites prompted my interest:

        1-“Membership in Mensa is open to persons who have attained a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised. There is no other qualification or disqualification for membership eligibility.”

        In other words, a 40-year-old person who didn’t even graduate from high school–and never had a full-time job–could become a Mensa member, right?

        2-“With more than 50,000 members, American Mensa is the largest national Mensa operating under the auspices of Mensa International, Ltd. There are currently more than 130,000 members worldwide, and an estimated six million Americans are eligible for Mensa membership.”

        How exclusive could a group be if six million people in this country are qualified to join? The United States Senate is limited to 100 members–now that’s exclusive. National Football League teams can have rosters with a maximum of 53 players in season. Multiply 53 players by 32 teams, that’s 1696 total. But 6,000,000 potential Mensa members–is that really a big deal?

        Not to mention that less than one percent (50,000+ out of 6,000,000) of US residents who qualify have actually joined Mensa. Why is that? Could it be that most people who qualify are savvy enough to realize that people who are focused on their own IQ test scores might not be very interesting company?

        Suppose a person lacked confidence in their ability to communicate but wanted to encourage others to agree with his point of view. Wouldn’t listing graduate degrees from leading universities be more effective than just claiming to be in the top 2% of the population on some intelligence test? For example, a person might identify as: MBACal86 PhDStanford92.

        On the other hand, people versed in critical thinking may prefer to evaluate what they read primarily based on the quality of the thinking, and credibility of the facts presented. Having certain credentials doesn’t guarantee either an author’s integrity or the validity of what is published. See the Retraction Watch website and the research paper available online titled Why Most Published Research Findings Are False by John P. A. Ioannidis.

        It’s time to show some intestinal fortitude, Mensa Member, and start posting under your real name. That’s my advice, not to just you but to everybody. People are less likely to make abusive or poorly thought out comments if they’re not hiding behind an alias. Personal accountability is a good thing.

    • mw006

      He basically said that, saying “there were good people on both sides.” To any fair-minded observer, there was no justification for the outrage and condemnation he has received for his remarks.

      • Loren Miller

        Please read my post, before responding. But I wasn’t clear. Trump misspoke when he said their were “fine people on both sides.” As he said, there may have been people protesting the removal of the Lee statue that were “fine.” I don’t know, and neither do you. But, I do agree with you, to outside observer (i.e., those of us who were not there–only watching video and images) it certainly look like a white supremacist and neo-nazi group only. Hence, why I would’ve said, “there were peaceful protesters on both sides (without trying to i anyway judge their motivations). “Peaceful protesters on both sides” would’ve been much more precise, because I have seen images of peaceful protesting on both sides.

        Now that I cleared that up, which of the other seemingly unprovoked acts of alt-left violence do you condone, or condemn? Certainly, Charlottesville was provoked alt-left violence, but even that if we want to be under “thee rule of law” we can’t have vigilante groups meting street justice.

  • Penny Brummel

    Thank you very much for this article Dr. Brown, exactly what I’ve been yelling! LOL

  • Jim Walker

    The picture shows how loosely those Antifags use words they don’t understand the consequences. “This is War”?
    Do they really want that to happen?

    • Mensa Member

      “Antifags”?!?! Seriously? Homophobia is also a trait of the hate movement that is rising up in Trump’s America.

      • Bob Adome

        You tell em sweetheart! That shows you got all the answers.

        • Chip Crawford

          Hope you return Bob; you need the comebacks here as much as MM, who is remarkably unsuccessful in the attempts to mitigate truth. It is hoped you will all be edified yourselves.

      • Chip Crawford

        Accusing and name calling have always been traits of the lame losers, still caught in a policy deficit. Everyone remembers that litany of names HRC reeled off against Trump supporters, one of which you have just employed. And, the hate name calling is one of their most frequent hateful practices. You claim to be a Christian, so why are you using that unChristian playbook?

        • Loren Miller

          We have a sin problem in American, but even worse, we have a total lack of critical thinking. How can ever hope to solve racism, if we can’t lay aside the ad hominem attacks and actually listen to the other side?

      • Gary

        I was opposed to lgbtq long before Trump decided to run for president. I have been for years. And so has every Christian. If you want to accuse us of hate, you should begin with God since He was “homophobic” before anyone else.

        • Hmmm…

          One of the most typical and hindering aspects by non Christians in these discussions is the ignorance they bring to the table concerning God’s attitude toward things and what Jesus actually said and did as set out in his word.

          • Chip Crawford


        • Boris

          No the backward, superstitious, animal sacrificing primitives who invented God were homophobic. If God doesn’t like gays He is welcome to step up to the plate and say so. Not in someone else’s words but in His own words. That’s the deal. Speak for God, get ignored.

          • Chip Crawford

            He said so in Leviticus. Talk about backward and primitive – applies to you – add woefully ignorant and grossly untaught. By the way, Leviticus is in the Bible, which is a book. Ask a literate person, assuming you know one, to read it to you. Then ask if they can explain to you what “abomination” means, since that is what he says it is.

          • Boris

            It’s not God we reject, it’s your ridiculous, baseless claims about God, your threats that if we don’t believe what you do we’ll be punished for all eternity. A person cannot reject something that does not exist. We reject YOU CHRISTIANS and your lies Christer and that is what really bothers you. We have the guts to question what you are too cowardly to question and that angers you immensely. The abomination is your evil and false religion. All of your superstitions fly in the face of science and the facts science has uncovered. I don’t need to deny facts. You do. Have fun with that. Bible Thumpicus Mississipus is a sub human species that will be extinct within a decade.

          • Chip Crawford

            I sincerely pray you calm down and get your blood pressure under control for the sake of your well-being. True science and the archeological spade always confirm things written in the Bible thousands of years ago. Ever heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and there is so much more, some recent. Apparently, something perceived as threatening happened with you to cause you to adopt such animus and extremist views. Those do not enhance credibility. Peace

          • Boris

            In “In Unearthing Nothing” two Israeli archaeologists prove that nothing has ever been found that could verify any of the stories in the Bible even though archaeologists have dug up most the Middle East looking for evidence for them. If every first born child and animal all died on one night in Egypt there would be a mountain of evidence for this and the Egyptians could certainly tell us about it. There exists not a shred of evidence for any of the Exodus events, the Conquest, the Davidic Dynasty or any of the events described in the New Testament either. The Bible consists of a collection of religious texts set in a somewhat historical setting but they aren’t even remotely historical. What do the Dead Sea Scrolls prove exactly?

      • Jim Walker

        I’m not American.

  • Mensa Member

    It is so disappointing to see such poor moral judgment by conservative Christians. Even from Dr. Brown who somehow manages to make himself the victim of almost any issue.

    The business community understands that this is not a “both sides’ issue. Even some Republicans can’t suffer this valueless line of argument.

    But Trump’s Christian base is rock solid on this glaring moral misjudgment.

    • Loren Miller

      I actually voted against Trump, so I’m not part of his base, but anyway, what is the factual error of Dr. Brown’s statement? Also, there is a slight deflection here, because Dr. Brown expanded his argument to unprovoked acts of alt-left violence, which did not involve an assembly of Neo-Nazis, alt-right, etc. Forgetting Charlottesville (we don’t have all of the facts yet), which one of the mentioned acts of alt-left violence do you condone and which ones do you condemn?

    • Paul

      Wait, a pro-homosexual “Christian” is questioning the moral judgement of other Christians? Besides the fact your accusations are baseless, the irony is glaring.

    • Andrew Mason

      You need to unpack that. Where is the poor moral judgment in asserting that the political-media-corporate-academia class’ generally lockstep support of ‘progressivism’ is hazardous to society in a way that the handful of fringe types that comprise the KKK or nei-Nazis never will? Academia and the business community are increasingly declaring mainstream values, even constitutional rights, as things they will not support e.g. the First Amendment. And why is left-wing violence acceptable, but other violence not?

      • Loren Miller

        Groupthink is becoming normalized, as totalitarianism seeps into the fabric of the country.

    • Loren Miller

      I would expect tighter logic from a “Mensa Member.” If that’s your actual picture, you certainly young enough to understand how blog posts work–they’re written in the first person. So, yes, Dr. Brown wrote his post in the first person; but I didn’t detect any victimhood in Dr. Brown’s post; but I’m not a “Mensa Member” either, please enlighten us. Again, which of the mentioned acts of alt-left violence do you condone, and which do you condemn? Someone whose intelligence rates in the upper 2% could certainly answer a simple question.

  • Gary

    Don’t expect the media, or any of our enemies, to be fair about anything. Liberals are never fair or reasonable, so its naïve to expect them to be.

  • mw006

    The angry, hard left is a far more dangerous force because they have institutional support and sympathy throughout the media, the universities and corporate world. Apple, for example, just made a half million contribution to the South Poverty Law Center.The KKK and Neo Nazis are an exceedingly small fringe element with no support outside a few websites and blogs and virtually all Trump supporters and conservatives want no part of them. Be very afraid if you are a conservative. The left is pushing hard to make conservatism synonymous with hatred, bigotry and racism. And when accused of racism and bigotry Republican politicians will engage in their favorite exercise: running for the hills.

    • Hmmm…

      Let’s believe for a new day on that.

    • Loren Miller

      The same SPLC that listed FRC and ADF as “hate groups”. Pushing hard? They already have made conservatism synonymous with hatred, bigotry, and racism. The push is make it illegal to hold a biblical worldview, that’s the push.

  • Otho Cooley

    A line in the song says, “Words of men can never heal a heartache; it takes the touch that only Jesus can give.” Titus 3: 3-5 declares, “For
    we ourselves were also once foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving
    various lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful and
    hating one another. 4 But when the kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared, 5 not
    by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His
    mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of
    the Holy Spirit,”

    With all the hatred and division that exists on the entire political spectrum, only through the transformation of the human heart is there an answer to our divided nation. Upon studying the above passage, one can discern that normal behavior of the ungodly is foolish, disobedient to authority, deceptive, lustful and hateful of others. What is the answer? There must be the transformation of the individual through the power of the Holy Spirit. I challenge every true believer to join in earnest, fervent intercession for a revival among those in the church of Jesus Christ and another Great Awakening across America. God has done it in the past and desires to do it again.

    • Hmmm…

      First of All on the Mall (Washington, D.C.) meets tomorrow night, 8/20, at 7 p.m. It’s a sharing about the call to pray first of all for all men that they come to know the Lord and for our leaders. No doubt there will be some corporate prayer time as well. The leader has led prayer for years for another Great Awakening for our nation, one that changes the culture. I’ve not heard anyone else relate to that. How wonderful that you are part of that prayer force.

  • Jfolk

    Well said, Michael Brown. Amen !

  • Gary

    Nazis, the KKK, etc. are not nice people, but there aren’t many of them and they have no influence. Leftists are much more dangerous to freedom and morality. They are in everything. Government, education, religion, entertainment, media, and everything else. There are lots of them. They pose an infinitely greater threat to society than anyone they oppose. If they continue to win, they will eventually destroy the country.

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