Media Matters intends to discredit right wingers in every area, from social media to the highest levels of government. They will identify and target a list of the “individuals and outlets” who are the most effective, which they refer to as “destructive.” The document promises: “Key right-wing targets will see their influence diminish.”

Media Matters and its partners will pressure Google and Facebook into banning right-leaning sites, which they refer to as “fake news sites and propagandists.” Conservative social media activism campaigns will be “punished and halted.” The group will develop new technologies to spot the early stages of articles they call “fake news,” which seems to mean articles they disagree with, and “quash” them.

The group is amassing a huge army of hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists to achieve this. Shareblue increased viewers of its content by 50 percent since the first half of 2016.

The group is training their supporters on Facebook to be more aggressive against the right. They will convince Google and Facebook to censor right-leaning websites and authors. Conservative campaigns will be “squashed,” “punished and halted.”

Their Digital Space

They’re will ramp up their digital outreach. The plan admits that Trump won in part because “Democrats got clobbered in the digital space.”

They will reach voters directly online. Shareblue “will free ourselves from solely relying on the press.” The plan intends to make Shareblue the number one news outlet for the left. American Bridge is setting up a research portal on every topic for the media.

The group is creating technology to “automatically mine white nationalist message boards and alt-right communities.” Media Matters uses the term “alt-right” to include both white nationalists and mainstream conservatives, even though they hold two separate philosophies.