The Leftwing Media’s Dangerous and Divisive Lie

This must be recognized and repudiated before our nation is torn apart.

Protesters raise their hands after Phoenix police used tear gas outside the Phoenix Convention Center, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017, in Phoenix. Protests were held against President Donald Trump as he hosted a rally inside the convention center.

By Michael Brown Published on August 23, 2017

Something ugly is happening in America. Something dangerous, divisive, and destructive. And every day, the leftwing media help fan the flames of division, hatred and strife. We must recognize and repudiate this before our nation is torn apart.

Certainly, we’re feeling the effects of eight years of identity politics under the Obama administration. During that time racial strife greatly increased in our land. And there’s no doubt that the campaign and presidency of Donald Trump have further exacerbated the divisions in our country.

But the leftwing media is adding fuel to this fire by peddling a very dangerous lie. The lie equates the vast majority of Trump supporters with Nazis and white supremacists. Liberal campuses are doing their part as well, declaring war on whiteness itself.

Apparently The Trump Base is Racist

What’s the essence of the media’s false narrative? It says that Donald Trump got elected by running an overtly racist campaign. One that appealed to the basest elements of our society, now summed up as the alt-right. These are the people who voted for him, and these are the people who stand by him today.

They hate all Hispanics (and Mexicans in particular). They want all Muslims banished from our country (if not killed). And of course, they loathe blacks, wanting to subjugate them once again.

In short, to “make America great again” means to make America a white supremacist nation.

The problem with this narrative is that it’s patently false. It does not describe the vast majority of Trump’s base. And it ignores the fact that Trump did better in 2016 with blacks and Hispanics than Romney did in 2012.

But why quibble about facts? Trump wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. His supporters shout their support. In the eyes of the leftwing media, this can only mean one thing: racism.

500 White Supremacists Represent All Trump Voters?

Trump brought Steve Bannon into his inner-circle, and Bannon runs Breitbart News, which is the alleged platform for the alt-right. Trump is therefore part of the alt-right, as are those who voted for him. This makes tens of millions of Americans into Nazi supporters and sympathizers. Need I say how dangerous these accusations are?

As for Breitbart, while it is unashamedly conservative, it is one of the most pro-Israel major news sites that exists. Since when are neo-Nazis pro-Israel? Since when does the alt-right hire Orthodox Jewish senior editors like Joel Pollack and have a major, pro-Zionist office in Jerusalem?

Rumor even has it that Bannon pushed for the immediate relocation of our embassy to Jerusalem but was opposed by others in the Trump administration.

As for the radical left, typified by groups like Antifa, they are largely lionized by the leftwing media. They’re portrayed as freedom fighters with a righteous cause, in no way comparable to the hate-filled, violent members of the alt-right.

We destroy every lie by living lives worthy of respect and honor, reaching out to those with whom we differ with civility and grace.

The problem for those driving this narrative is that there has been little or no substance to it. That is, until Charlottesville.

Suddenly, the presence of 500 “Unite the Right” demonstrators represented all Americans who voted for Trump. Unless you immediately and continuously denounced those demonstrators, you were marked as a sympathizer. And God forbid you raised any objection to the removing of Confederate monuments, even if for historical purposes. To do so is racist, plain and simple.

And when the president failed to denounce by name the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists the day of the Charlottesville tragedy, that proved that he was a Nazi sympathizer himself, as were his supporters. And the leftwing media fuels these fires by the hour.

To Destroy Media Lies, Live With Honor

For years now, LGBT activists have perfected the art of marking their opponents as KKK and Nazis. So the groundwork has already been laid. It just needs to be applied more broadly.

The end game is obvious: Mark as KKK and Nazis all those who do not embrace the radical, leftwing agenda. Then treat those bigots accordingly. America’s precious freedoms, our freedoms of speech and conscience and religion, surely do not apply to such bigoted lowlives. Instead those people (meaning you and me if you are a conservative, especially a conservative person of faith) should be marginalized, maligned, and silenced.

And if it takes violence to silence them (us!), so be it. As a Dartmouth professor recently argued, leftwing activists “need to preemptively strike to avoid the rise of white nationalists.”

Personally, I do not believe that most of the leftwing media wants to see conservatives suffer bodily harm or be physically attacked. But I do believe that they view us with scorn and derision. I believe they view us as very close (if not equivalent to) the alt-right. And I’m quite sure they are fueling the fires of racial and social division, hatred, and strife.

The best way to resist the media’s false narrative is to refute the misinformation. Do our best to disseminate the truth. Make a concerted effort to destroy every lie by living lives worthy of respect and honor, reaching out to those with whom we differ with civility and grace.

And where we see genuine bigotry and division, let us expose it and isolate it, whether it be on the left or on the right.

But make no mistake about it. These are dangerous times.

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  • John

    We as believers need to Pray for the president and at the same time hold him accountable when he waffles or equivocates ………..saying that their were fine young people among the supremacists was so silly……..they all see themselves that way and took his words to be a wink wink and nod at them. As a result the Presidents jusful condemnation of Antifia fell apart……and of course the media twisted everything more against him! We need to pray for antifa and the supremacists , they are both lost groups acting on fear and lies , hoping they come to know the only One who truly fufills , the All in All, Jesus! He loves the people in both groups dearly and wants them together in a church…….far fetched, yet eerily true. Lets really pray for president Trump- when u were a child you did childish things – now be an adult! The author is right , we need to pray for everyone’s conversion!

  • TheSaint4JC

    After listening to pieces of Trumps AZ speech from Tuesday, it’s clear that he is a man who refuses to be controlled by the PC crowd and has run on that since the beginning… he is also revealing that Political Correctness has deeply infected the Right as much as it has the Left of the isle.

    • m-nj

      exactly… like when the establishment Republicans and big corporations ran for cover when Trump said he condemned violence and hate and ALL SIDES… That is truth, and should be fully supported by everyone who understands what it means to live in a free country, but the establishment feared a backlash if they appeared to agree with it

  • Hmmm…

    I like pulling together to work on things like this, having someone speak plainly. The church needs to raise its voice in the public arena, to cry out, for the lost to be found, for God to be restored to his place from which we have evicted him in this nation, and for restoration. Only he can do that. What we have now of the ugly and divisive is what fills that kind of vacuum. We need to go to them, yes.

    But we need places to come, and I wish this were one of them like it was. Lately, so many of those accusing and hateful voices have gathered in here to foul the air. Why are they allowed to do that? Some are starting to be minimized in their spaces, which limits the hate some, but they’ll take over if allowed to, like the ugly mobs we see on television. Do they the right to foul everything? We have police for the streets, and that’s right and good. More policing is needed here of the obvious ones who spread nothing but contempt and derision for what is upheld here, along with contempt and derision for those who seek to uphold God, his word and ways.

    • Chip Crawford

      Some of the regulars have stopped coming around. Who needs the abuse?

  • SophieA

    I think you short change left wing media “reporters'” intelligence and intent, Dr Brown. These people know exactly that they are stoking violence against anyone not on their “side.” These people need to defeat all obstacles to their leftist ideology by any means necessary.

    • Tim Pan


  • Concerned Christian

    When i read Dr. Brown’s posts, it’s amazing how much of a defeatist he seems. This view seems to permeate throughout the conservative church. To me the church has a Saul mindset when it should have a David’s mindset. Saul saw himself as a tiny man both physically and mentally. We can see how he saw himself physically by looking at his response to Goliath. All Saul did was say someone else needs to take care of this problem. David didn’t have this attitude. He of course confronted and killed Goliath.

    We see Saul’s mental weakness after the women sang how Saul had killed his thousands while David had killed his ten thousands. What was the difference between Saul and David? David embraced the following:

    “Then And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

    David had a testimony. He knew that Goliath didn’t have a covenant relationship with God the way Israel did (“Who is this uncircumcised philistine”)? He also knew that he had killed a lion and a bear and that he could kill Goliath the same way.

    Again, David’s strength came from the fact that he had a testimony. A testimony gives you an inner strength. When you see problems, you look inward for solutions. Saul didn’t have a testimony, therefore no inner strength, so he could only look external for solutions to problems. He tried to kill David, he sought out a witch to raise Samuel to give him advice. Why, because he had no relationship with God and therefore, no inner strength.

    David had the opportunity to kill Saul but he didn’t. Why? Because his inner strength derived from what God had promised and what God had done in HIS life. So he could say I will not touch God’s anointed with the absolute confidence (inner strength) that he was walking in the will of God.

    The church needs to find the inner strength to stop fearing the world. There are sinners in the world, there are unfair people in the world, there are people who hate in the world, so the church is not experiencing anything new.

    When blacks were persecuted we found strength in the church. When Jews were persecuted, they found strength in the synagogues. In order for the world to find strength, it needs for the church to find its own strength. Just like Saul, the church is tormented because it will not embrace the covenant that God has made with us. Therefore, we have no testimony or guidance from God. Then we seek out someone, completely antithetical to Christianity, praying that they can be a medium for God to talk to us. David didn’t do these things. He just relied on his testimony.

    So for the article that was just written by Dr. Brown, will we be like David or will we be like Saul?

    • Chip Crawford

      Like David said to his critical elder brother, “Is there not a cause?”

      • Concerned Christian

        am i the “critical elder brother”? 🙂

        • Chip Crawford

          Huh … I hadn’t thought of that. Are you? My point, going along with your illustration, was that there’s a cause … so we should stand up and see ourselves in a stronger light. Or, is that not at all what you meant? What did you mean?

          • Concerned Christian

            yes, “stronger light” is absolutely what i meant! 🙂

    • Tim Pan

      Why is you do not know the signs of the times?

      • Concerned Christian

        i don’t care about them. This is what i care about:

        “No weapon formed against me shall prosper…”
        “Put on the whole armor of God…”
        “Train your kids in the way they should go…”
        “Have I not commanded you? Be strong…”
        “You are the light of the world”
        “Love your wife…”

        The behavior of sinful people does not concern me. What does concern me are the fears of the righteous.

        The power of sinful people derives from the fears of the righteous. The righteous shouldn’t walk in fear and we won’t as long as we remember our testimony!

        • Tim Pan

          Well you should if the signs direct us to see God’s will. Then there is nothing you can do to oppose it. Instead seek God’s will as to the part we are to play in the Divine drama.

          • Concerned Christian

            I think you have to be careful with the concept of God’s will. God’s Will is not some passive arbitrary thing. I know that this is a quote from Garmaliel advice in Acts 5:35-38

            35 And he said to them: “Men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what you intend to do regarding these men. 36 For some time ago Theudas rose up, claiming to be somebody. A number of men, about four hundred, joined him. He was slain, and all who obeyed him were scattered and came to nothing. 37 After this man, Judas of Galilee rose up in the days of the census, and drew away many people after him. He also perished, and all who obeyed him were dispersed. 38 And now I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; 39 but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it—lest you even be found to fight against God.”

            Yes, it’s possible i could be fighting against God’s will, but God gave me a mind to think and a spirit to discern spiritual things. I may miss it but I’m not knowingly fighting against God’s will.

            The problem with the concept of “God’s Will”, is that it can paralyze you into inaction.

          • Tim Pan

            When I say God’s will this presupposes that I understand that will. Therefore I am not paralyzed.

          • Concerned Christian

            well help me understand something please. this statement:

            “Instead seek God’s will as to the part we are to play in the Divine drama”

            How do you feel one goes about doing this?

          • Tim Pan

            Because the Holy Spirit lives in my heart . He tells me what I need to know. Either through an internal conversation , vision , dream or the witness of another saint. And as scripture teaches us if we are ignorant then the Holy Spirit intercedes.

            Romans 8:26-27New International Version (NIV)

            26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

          • Concerned Christian

            Thank you.

          • Tim Pan

            You are welcome.

        • Dear Concerned Christian:

          You said, “The behavior of sinful people does not concern me.” If you are not concerned about things sinful people might do, shouldn’t you be willing to post here under your own name instead of a pseudonym?

          • Concerned Christian

            Well, as i said, my concern is fearful people. You know that ones that condemn you for not being scared of sinful people! 🙂

          • Dear Concerned Christian:

            1. Who condemned you “for not being scared of sinful people?”

            2. Do you lock your doors at night?

            3. Do you think police departments are unnecessary?

          • Concerned Christian

            1. Who condemned you “for not being scared of sinful people?”

            a. Conservative Christians. Look at the articles written on this site:
            “The Southern Poverty Law Center is the Most Dangerous Hate Group in America”
            “Target of the SPLC’s Notorious ‘Hate List’ Speaks Out”
            “The Leftwing Media’s Dangerous and Divisive Lie”

            b. Look as Chris Kings responses:
            “bye. your out of context quotations are hostile too…”
            “that’s an error or correlation… very typical for leftists. I think it’s intentional”
            “you’re my enemy, I think… please apologize for your argument absolutism, or I am done communicating with you.”
            “I think you’re just about the least free person of all… you’re enslaved to some phony concept of guilt… perhaps you’re not really christian at all, but a catholic old testament example from the distant past.”
            “I do regularly… you get a real black friend… cause I KNOW YOU DON”T HAVE ANY… and do the same.”
            “wow, just dismiss the concerns of others, and right back to the lecture, huh? you’re the supremacist I thinks.”

            c. Conservative Christians that i know personally.

            Looking at the responses, it’s clear that conservative Christians feel that they are at war with the left. The left is defined so broadly that it basically applies to anyone who doesn’t see the left as a threat.
            Whites on the left don’t care about American values, they just want to implement some global world order. This world order includes no freedom, but you can marry members of the same sex and have on demand abortions. In order to do this, they have to appeal to lazy blacks and get as many illegals in the country as possible in order to have enough voters to vote out conservatives and silence conservative Christians. No quite sure how Muslims fit into this picture.

            2. Do you lock your doors at night?

            Yes, I do

            3. Do you think police departments are unnecessary?

            No I do not

            4. Do you think that all the people in prisons should be immediately released?

            No I don’t

          • Thank you for responding, Concerned Christian. Some of your concerns may be on target, but others aren’t. For example identifying the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group because of its lies and false accusations is not condemning you personally “for not being scared of sinful people.”

            You have legitimate complaints against Chris King. But what makes you think he’s a Christian? His posts look more like things found on libertarian websites. And you can’t rule out “false flag” motivations either. Attention Moderator: please ban Chris King. Soon.

            You say “Conservative Christians that i know personally.” That’s extremely vague–it doesn’t provide details about them or what they said. People disagreeing isn’t necessarily condemning you “for not being scared of sinful people.”

            Let’s go back to your advice again:
            1. You said, “The righteous shouldn’t walk in fear.”
            2. You identify as a Christian, a person who has received Christ’s righteousness.
            3. Therefore you shouldn’t walk in fear.

            You could make your advice more credible by posting under your real name to show you aren’t walking in fear. Or you could just admit that you have possibly justifiable fears about identifying yourself.


            Ralph [David or Dave] Westfall

        • Chris King

          wow, just dismiss the concerns of others, and right back to the lecture, huh? you’re the supremacist I thinks.

          • Concerned Christian

            Not dismissing concerns, but trying to say that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind”.

            A predator always attacks the weakest link. They scare the herd and go after the youngest, oldest, or the injured. As Christians, we shouldn’t scatter in the face of sinners.

            A scared person will react in one of two ways. They will either shrink from the fight or they try to fight a fight that they are not prepared for. A person who has trained to fight, conquers they’re fear though their preparation. When the battle comes, they’re ready to do all the things that they have been trained to do. David, internally, was prepared to kill Goliath because he had killed the lion and the bear.

            So what I’m saying is that if you are afraid, face your fears, get into the Word of God, build yourself up until you get an image on the inside of you that you are More Than a Conqueror! 🙂

            We’re not going to beat sinners fighting a fight that we are not prepared to fight!

          • Hmmm…

            beat sinners ???
            Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          • Concerned Christian

            Yep and this is how we defeat them:
            Eph 6:
            13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
            14 “Stand” therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
            15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
            16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
            17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
            18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

            God has given us detailed instructions so we need to train our minds and spirits so that we are ready for battle! 🙂

            We’re finally ready when we embrace:

            1 Corinthians 13:4-8

          • Tim Pan

            Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

          • Hmmm…

            There you go; so let’s not have any more talk of beating sinners … 🙂 I knew you knew better.

          • Concerned Christian

            certainly talking in the Spirit and not physically. That’s why i also added the love chapter.

            Sinners are not my enemy. Satan is but sinners are not. Sinners are people who obviously are sinning against God but they are also being less than what God has planned for them. I believe that a lot of Christians fall into this same boat.

            That’s why i believe scriptures like Ephesians 6 are so important for us to embrace.

    • Bryan

      While I disagree about the defeatist tone of Dr. Brown’s article, I like the rest of you comment about the comparison between Saul and David. Thanks!

    • Chris King

      stop speaking for the author. Stop describing him and his words in such emotional childish terminology. you don’t appear to add anything, so keep the condescension to a minimum, ok?

  • ncsugrant

    It is past time to tell the truth, which does not fit the leftist narrative.
    The KKK was all but dead until the DEMOCRAT party decided to suppress the black vote in the early 20th century. Then, the KKK became a useful tool of the Democrats, and were propelled to prominence by the Woodrow Wilson administration.
    The rag-tag band of communist activists (including antifa) were a fringe group that most had never heard of until 2008. Once again, they became useful tools of the left and the “occupy Wall Street” mobs were endorsed by the Democrats. Some day soon they will attempt to disavow any affiliation with these groups.

    History is clear that the Democrat party has used violent extremists to intimidate their political opponents, and the media has been very effective at re-writing that history for them.
    As for the statues that are now so offensive, I say return them to the party that put them up to begin with.

    It is curious how these statues were not causing so much pain and were not symbols of oppression last year.

  • tether

    If the media continues on their current path this nation will either end up with a civil war, or it will wake up and start holding the media accountable for their lies.

  • Patmos

    Bigger picture here is the demonization of America, and this is just one front of that war. Yes, the globalists are real, not just some conspiracy. Their goal of a Liberal World Order, or whatever they are labeling it these days, is the end game. Make America look bad for it’s past sins, and they have pretext for replacing it with something else.

    • Concerned Christian

      what’s the alternative? I’m not trying to be funny.

      From what you’re saying they at least have a plan. “Without a vision the people perish”. So if their view isn’t correct what can you or the church offer as an alternative?

      • Chip Crawford

        Seriously? I’ve seen you stand up for the Christian walk aligned with the word, and then you put something like this? It sounds like someone else wrote the above.

        • Concerned Christian

          Please don’t misunderstand what I’m asking. I was asking Patmos to get an idea of what his/her thoughts are. What solutions they would propose.

          I thought about the scripture on lack of vision. It seems they we have a vision problem. This problem is making us want to live in the past because the future is scary. I heard a great sermon where the minister talked about how each level of success brings it’s own set of challenges. The US is very successful and the irony is that while we see Russia, China, Iran, and even N. Korea as threats, the reality is that all of those countries including N. Korea are modernizing and opening up their economies internally. Think about the arguments we’re having over trade with Canada, Germany, and Mexico. All three countries have embraced a form of capitalism. We have actually won the argument but now as a result of their improving economies/education we’re having to compete globally in a way we didn’t have to before.

          I know Americans that are going overseas to work and foreigners that are coming here to work. So globalism is real and it’s not going away.

          So Patmos may be right when they talk about the “Liberal World Order”. But the reality is that the church has to be prepared to lead and not be led. I.e. “The Head and not the tail”.

          i work with young people on the importance of what it means to be a Christian and what it means to get an education. But just as important that they have to put what they’ve learned and experienced into practice if they want to have an impact.

          “It’s the doer of the Word that is blessed in his deeds”!

          • Chip Crawford

            My take is that the economic falling behind of America is about the derailing trade and other deals by the previous administration, not our lack of globalism. Mr. Obama was globalist enough to dis us in favor of the rest of the globe. This is what Mr. Trump and the Republican leadership are trying to set right with tax reform, more jobs that have come and are coming, better trade deals for us, favorable conditions within the world and more.

          • Chris King

            the past was more free… living in a free world is not just looking to the past.

            that’s an error or correlation… very typical for leftists. I think it’s intentional.

          • Concerned Christian

            Do you honestly believe that any black man living today thinks the past was more free?
            Any woman alive today thinks the past was more free?
            Look at the working conditions that people worked in, do you think they were more free?
            Do you think that anyone that lived in Europe or Asia over the last half century thinks that life was somehow better in the past?
            Iran is buying Airplanes. I don’t think they’re stuck in the past.

            When i was growing up, a former employer could ruin your chances of getting a new job.
            When i was growing up, you didn’t discuss religion or politics, why because in your community, thoughts that went against the community could hurt you.

            Think about the comments you’ve made about me and what you could do with that information 50 years ago as opposed to today?

            I just traveled through the mid-west to go to Minneapolis. We didn’t really plan we just went. Guess what, we were able to use our GPS to not get lost. Use our phones to find hotels. We were able to stop in Indianapolis and Chicago. Travel is more free.

            The only thing that is less free today is ignorance. You can no longer present a convincing argument relying on their ignorance or your force. You have to think through and present your argument and find common ground.

          • Chris King

            yes, I know several that do actually. both blacks and women.

            my favorite is a black woman who completed med school before affirmative action… where she earned it, every bit of it without being handed a thing.

            now, she feels enslaved by the very mediocre affirmative action candidates that she’s grouped along with.

            you’re my enemy, I think… please apologize for your argument absolutism, or I am done communicating with you.

          • Concerned Christian

            you got it! 🙂

          • Chris King

            just reviewing some survey data… blacks “feel” vastly less free than they did in the 80s… massively so. women feel that “feminism” doesn’t really represent them by almost 2:1 ratio.

            I think your attempts to speak for those two populations is a tragic intellectual failure. I think you’re internally guilty and think that sticking up for these people, in your own misguided way, will bring you some level of salvation.

            I think you’re just about the least free person of all… you’re enslaved to some phony concept of guilt… perhaps you’re not really christian at all, but a catholic old testament example from the distant past.

          • Concerned Christian

            well, go to any black person or woman that you personally know and ask them if they want to go back to that time.

          • Chris King

            I do regularly… you get a real black friend… cause I KNOW YOU DON”T HAVE ANY… and do the same.

            stop barking orders, you’re my intellectual inferior.

          • Concerned Christian

            yeah, i wish i did have some. 🙂

          • Christine Wright

            You said something that is incorrect. The reason why politics and religion were not discussed at the dinner table etc. was because those are the most divisive topics there are, and caused many people, even family, to fight with one another. Those topics are divisive because they hit closest to the heart.

            When we want to live peacefully without fighting each other, we don’t discuss things that will cause animosity and division between one another. It’s a very rare person that can have these types of discussions without causing animosity and division.

            Even in our churches, how many denominations and break offs are there because of division in interpretation? If people of God walk away from each other, if families fight one another how much more so will strangers?

            Technology can be a great good, but the last 20 years, since the advent of the internet and being able to speak to anyone, anywhere, I’m seeing only more and more division and animosity among the people’s of our nation, not an increase in love and understanding, because people are talking about the most divisive topics that exist.

          • Christine Wright

            On top of that, the internet and overload of information has caused the majority of people, especially our youth, to have a lower attention span therefore one side affect of that is the loss of journalism in our nation, overtaken by hit pieces and emotionally charged titles, the articles found post title almost never read.

            Technology has done much good, but one of the side affects is that we are nearing another civil war if we cannot find a way to turn the tides. So no, all this talking to one another about politics and religion has done much harm and perhaps if we can go back to talking about our common interests, and forgoing what divides us maybe, just maybe, we can find healing and come together as one again.

            But not so long as we are talking the way we are about politics and religion.

          • Concerned Christian

            Very good points but i would disagree with this point:

            “The reason why politics and religion were not discussed at the dinner table etc. was because those are the most divisive topics there are, and caused many people, even family, to fight with one another.”

            In the past dads were right and how they voted determined how the wife voted. Of course the kids would typically have the same views or be indifferent. This fed into the church. Small community dominated by men who were the primary bread winners.

            Now we live in a much open and competitive society. I would say that today democracy is being tested. If you’re in China, Russia, even N. Korea, you can point to the evils of dialog. You can challenge whether or not people are capable of self-governance.

            So as a society, if we can’t discuss politics, religion and any other issues that come up, then, in a sense we’re giving them justification for having a more controlled society.

      • Chris King

        the alternative: FREEDOM…. good grief… we don’t want a world where your every behavior is dictated by some govt stooge… maybe you do… but stop speaking for us.

        • Concerned Christian

          Freedom is a goal, not a plan. A bad goal with a good plan will beat a worthy goal. Sort of like “you can get further with a gun and a smile than you can with just a smile! 🙂

          Again, “without a vision the people perish”. Maybe, it should also be with a bad vision, the people perish. So from what i see the right thinks the left has a bad vision, but a plan The right has good vision and no plan”.

          Looks like either way we perish, unless the Christians can turn their vision to a plan?

          • Chris King

            nonsense…. freedom is a plan that begets more freedom


          • Concerned Christian


  • Steven Monson II

    Aaaaaaand Charlottesville was a hoax to perpetrate that very uprising against conservatives.

  • Lesbian Conservative

    If the best way to resist the media is to simply dispel their false narratives then we are in big, big trouble. Dispelling false narratives should be just one tactic that is part of an overall political and cultural strategy. But there is no strategy because a strategy would imply an offense and conservatives don’t do offense. Conservatives are consumers of culture, not creators. And that’s the problem. The conservative brain can’t seem to grasp that perpetually playing cultural defense is playing into the hands of the enemy aka destroying our country. But conservatives believe that cultural engagement is a Lefty thing and that the only legitimate form of communal activity is voting.

    What is happening in America isn’t a culture war. It’s a culture rout. It takes at least two battling factions to create a war, and for all the big talk, Conservatives offer no action. The Left has had a free hand shaping American culture because there has been virtually no counter force. The Left controls media, higher education, entertainment industry, local schoolboards, and social media. How did that happen? Does it even dawn on any among us to even ask the question?

    Until we make significant inroads into the foundations of cultural power, especially the media, we are nothing more than sitting ducks for the Left. For gosh sakes, when there are machinegun nests strafing the troops, you don’t just tell your soldiers to hunker down and fire their handguns. You come up with strategies to take out the nests. But of course that means going on the offense, taking control of your situation, and taking risks. All conceptual qualities that seem to be in short supply within the conservative mindset.

  • Spot on.

  • Kris Webb

    And we must be certain to love our enemies, do what’s best for them, and not return hate for hate.

    • ncsugrant

      I agree, but it does pose a dilemma. What is best for the purveyors of hate is to tell them the truth. That is ever more difficult when the left has chosen to use the fringe groups of violent extremists to further their agenda. It is also quite ironic that the fight they have chosen is against the first group they spun off over a century ago, the KKK.
      I wonder if the best solution is to tune out the voices of hate, and those who amplify them through the “news”.

      • Kris Webb

        FYI, I don’t believe it was the Left that was responsible for the KKK, but rather the conservatives of that day, the Democrats, that were responsible. In those days, the liberals, what we now call the Left, were Republicans.

        • ncsugrant

          If you say so Kris.
          Would you consider Woodrow Wilson and FDR “conservative”?
          The left-wing progressives of the early 20th century engineered the KKK in order to suppress the black vote, which was, of course, heavily Republican. That is a provable fact. Look into Josephus Daniels and the Wilimington race riots, or the film “Birth of a Nation”, or the “Klanbake” Democratic convention in NY.
          I know it is difficult to overcome decades of indoctrination by the media and other “official” narratives of the past. However, these facts are part of history, and can be examined by anyone who wants to know the truth.

    • NellieIrene

      We certainly do need to love our enemies and turn the other cheek, but we need to watch out while we’re doing it. We need to be wise as the serpents and as guileless as the doves as we are out among the wolves. With an emphasis on the wisdom. Or we could lose one of the greatest experiments in government that has ever existed. A pluralistic Republic where Christianity has flourished.

  • Just keep hugging them while they kill us.

    f’n morons

  • Irene Neuner

    My mother who belongs to a Pakistani immigrant family (circa 1980) has 5 siblings and I have a swath of cousins from this side. My father who belongs to a third generation Polish family has 5 siblings and I have a swath of cousins from his side.

    Guess which family voted for 90% for Trump and which family voted 10% for Trump? Against popular myth it was the Pakistani immigrants that favored Trump. The irony.

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