The Left Really is Trying to Silence Us

By Michael Brown Published on March 2, 2018

Maybe you once thought that the left wanted tolerance and diversity. In reality, tolerance and diversity have never been the goals of the left, especially the radical left. Instead, it wants to suppress and silence opposing views. The further left you go, the more extreme the intolerance.

For those who have still not come to grips with this, let these recent examples jar you.

Church Attacked for Workshop

It is bad enough that states have been passing legislation banning counseling for minors struggling with same-sex attraction, even if they have their parents’ backing. Now, there are reports that some states are considering banning such counseling for people of any age. (I was informed of this last week by a Christian counselor in California.)

It could be illegal for a 30-year-old man with unwanted same-sex attractions to go for professional counseling that focuses on helping him deal with and even overcome these attractions. This is a monstrous violation of individual freedom. It’s also a serious misrepresentation of scientific data, as if all “conversion therapy” was harmful.

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Taking things one step further, “A church in Michigan has come under intense attack this month [meaning February] after posting on Facebook that it was holding a workshop at the church for girls who are struggling with essentially LGBT thoughts.”

So, not even a church is allowed to help its young people who struggle with unwanted same-sex thoughts. I guess freedom of religion and, even more fundamentally, freedom of self-determination only goes so far. How dare a church do such a thing!

As The Right Scoop reported, quoting NBC News:

“It is hard to believe how much vile filth has been sent our way,” Schossau said, adding that many of the emails contained gay pornography. “We’re talking 10,000 emails and posts and messages and phone calls. It’s just been virtually nonstop.”

Ah, the sweet, gentle voice of tolerance and diversity!

The “Hate Speech” Problem

On a very different front, Pamela Geller explained to Milo Yiannopoulos that

Google has scrubbed all internet searches … of anything critical of jihad and Sharia. So, if you Google jihad and you Google Sharia and you Google Islam, you’re going to get Islamic apologetics, you’re going to get “religion of peace.” Whereas my site used to come up top, page one for jihad and Sharia or Islam, or JihadWatch did, you can’t find it now. They scrubbed 40,000 Geller posts of Google.

She continued, “You know what? It’s Stalinesque.”

Geller wasn’t exaggerating, and her example is just one of many.

All you have to do is label something as “hate speech” these days, and you can get it removed from social media in a hurry.

In reality, tolerance and diversity have never been the goals of the left, especially the radical left. Instead, it wants to suppress and silence opposing views.

A friend of mine had his Facebook page shut down for sharing Bible verses about homosexual practice — I mean verses without commentary. Another friend had his Facebook page shut down for posting medical data about the health risks associated with homosexual practice. These are just two examples of many, where colleagues have been warned, if not censured and then censored.

Even Joe Rogan, hardly a conservative activist, noted how “squirrely” things have become with “hate speech” labeling on social media. (The context of his comment was his interview with Douglas Murray, himself anything but a conservative activist. He noted how Murray’s discussion with atheist Sam Harris was somehow labelled hate speech, thereby in violation of Twitter’s community guidelines.)

Christian Clubs Not Allowed to Be Christian

At Harvard University, a Christian club has been penalized for daring to live by its biblically-based code for leaders. As reported by Todd Starnes,

A well-respected Christian student organization at Harvard University has been placed on probation after they allegedly forced a bisexual woman to resign from a leadership position for dating a woman.

The Crimson reports that Harvard College Faith and Action was put on “administrative probation” for a year. The group is the largest Christian fellowship on campus.

So, a Christian club cannot require its leaders (not its members) to live by Christian standards. This leads us to ask, could the leader of a campus Islamic club be a professing Christian? Or could the leader of a campus PETA club be a meat-eater? Or the leader of the campus atheist club be an Orthodox Jew?

By why ask logical questions? The left wants to enforce its intolerant groupthink on everyone else. Leftist tolerance is a myth.

Speak Up

Just consider the recent debate on gun control in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, was any tolerance shown to Dana Loesch (representing the NRA) at a CNN-sponsored Townhall? She was called a murderer and bad mother. Jake Tapper actually asked her if she and her husband had security to escort them out of the building.

Is it stretching things to imagine that there could have been physical violence against Loesch? We’ve already seen how violent the left can get at places like Berkeley, where “punch a Nazi” becomes the rallying cry.

This doesn’t mean that we respond with violence and anger. God forbid.

But it does mean that we start speaking up more loudly, clearly, fearlessly, and persistently. And in the appropriate ways, as with the new “Internet Freedom Watch” initiative announced by the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters), we fight back.

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  • Tim Pan

    Unfortunately we are going to be forced to protect ourselves.

  • Andy Ryan

    Pamela Geller’s hateful articles are no longer the top Google search result – cry me a river.

    • GLT

      Let the left continue their censorship and you will soon be drowning in that river.

      • Andy Ryan

        See also: Trump threatening NBS broadcast licenses because they had critical stories of him. Drown in that.

        • GLT

          It’s never right when anyone threatens free speech. But please, be objective enough to admit which side of the political spectrum today is more prone to censorship.

          • Andy Ryan

            Sure, the president is supposedly a right-winger, right? He’s the one threatening broadcast licenses, and trying to suppress scientists from reporting the truth on climate change. I’d say that’s a pretty big threat to free speech. Are you objective enough to agree?

          • GLT

            Do you not read well or do you purposely twist what people say?

            I clearly stated it is always wrong when someone tries to stifle free speech. It is wrong if Trump does it and it was wrong when Obama did it.

            “suppress scientists from reporting the truth on climate change.”

            Well, due to the fact climate change is the biggest non-threat to come down the pike since acid rain in the 70s and 80s, it really does not ruffle my feathers much.

            Ironically, it is those who try to report the truth that climate change is a hoax that are being suppressed and censored. Grants are cut off or rejected for those who do not adhere to the narrative, jobs are threatened and some climate change activists advocate jail time for anyone who dares to be a ‘denier’ .

          • Andy Ryan

            When did I twist what you said? The POTUS is the most powerful man on the planet. When he is attempting to suppress free speech then I’d say that’s the biggest threat.
            “Well, due to the fact climate change is the biggest non-threat… it really does not ruffle my feathers much.
            So it suppression of speech doesn’t ‘ruffle your feathers’ when it’s something you disagree with. Anyone can defend speech they agree with, GLT – the biggest test of someone’s believe in free speech is when they support speech they DON’T agree with. You just admitted above that you fail that test. That means we’re done – bye.

          • GLT

            “When did I twist what you said?”

            I clearly stated it was wrong to silence free speech regardless of who was doing it, your response seemed to imply I was defending Trump. If I was wrong, I apologise.

            However, you seem to be under the impression only those you place on the political right are trying to suppress free speech, nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at Obama’s record as an example.

            “So it suppression of speech doesn’t ‘ruffle your feathers’ when it’s something you disagree with.”

            I must admit that is how my comment came across. It is not how I feel however.

            “the biggest test of someone’s believe in free speech is when they support speech they DON’T agree with.”

            I agree completely. Take care.

    • bowie1

      It’s still called freedom of speech agree or disagree with her.

      • Andy Ryan

        Sure, and Google is under no obligation to have her articles as a top result. That’s their freedom too.

      • Andy Ryan

        Right, that’s why Trump’s lawyers are trying to silence Stormy Daniels, because they love freedom of speech.

    • Mo

      @ Andy Ryan

      Produce one of these “hateful articles” by Ms. Geller. Do not play your games with me. Do not ignore me. I have zero patience for liars and slanderers. Produce your evidence.

      • Andy Ryan

        “Do not ignore me.”
        You seem pretty needy, Mo.

  • Yossi

    Reminds me of the slogan on David Horowitz’s “Frontpage Mag” web site: “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

  • Paul

    And oddly, at times we play along stream(DOT)org/bullies-win-huckabee-resigns-cma-foundation/

    • Az1seeit

      In all humility, I see Mr. Huckabee’s resignation as a sign of how much he values the CMA foundation’s core purpose, sir. If you read his resignation letter, you would understand how music lifted him up from the depths as a child…as it did mine. He is not playing along…he’s simply not letting evil hurt the CMA’s purpose through him. Bless him and bless the CMA.

      • Paul

        I agree with you that he cares about the organizations mission, that is why he agreed to serve on their board. I like Mike Huckabee, often catch his new weekend show on TBN and mostly agree with his political perspectives. But in this instance hate didn’t have to win, he let it, and I find that odd because he knows very well how it will embolden the next attack job on a conservative Christian involved in the community. And I think he may have underestimated the value he brings to their board. A lot of people like Mike, and would stand with him in the face of the unwarranted hate. Also if the CMA so beholden to homosexuals then I don’t want anything to do with it.

        • Az1seeit

          Well, again, I can’t fault him. I don’t think he was thinking about himself or his importance, but the harm evil was doing to the organization, which he deemed more important than himself. This is just my read of it. Yes, absolutely, we need to stand up against it, but you choose your battles, and count the cost.

          But I am curious. If Mr. Huckabee’s political and religious beliefs should be irrelevant to his participation on the board, shouldn’t the same be said about those who support it? No, I get that this person was throwing his weight around. But to single out his sexuality as a reason not to support this organization, that is completely neutral… Forgive me please…but isn’t this the same kind of irrelevant intolerance?

          • Paul

            I’m not sure when the influence of evil in our society is irrelevant. Here it worked to keep a good man from serving on a board to help school children.

          • Az1seeit

            But again, he deemed it relevant enough to remove himself in favor of the greater good…my only point.

  • Patmos

    The left really are becoming flooded with useful idiots. It’s pretty stunning really.

  • Ben Willard

    You are blessed when they insult and persecute you and falsely say every kind of evil against you because of Me. Be glad and rejoice, because your reward is great in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Matthew 5:11-12 Can we drink of the same cup? Lord Willing!

  • commonsensebeliever

    Sad to see so few comments. Great article, Dr. Brown! We are watching earth shaking changes rushing in to change everything we knew, loved and shared as not only Christians, but Americans, especially us born 40+ years ago. Sound the alarm of what is happening in our society. You say you’re happier just keeping your thoughts to yourself, not getting involved or making waves. I understand feeling that way…fearing others will think you’re a weirdo, a conspiracy theorist. That’s what the German citizens told themselves as they ignored millions of men, women and children being tortured and murdered during the Holocaust.

    • Az1seeit

      I am completely with you. As one of the generation you mentioned I’ve noticed that I probably don’t say things at times because…I can’t believe the utter foolishness of it all isn’t obvious to everyone! Those of us who grew up in the real world accept things like morality, biological gender and how they fit together in marriage as just…objectively true, like gravity. It seems that, as Paul mentions in Romans 1 their thinking has “become foolish” and their hearts “darkened”. It is as if they now speak another language altogether and neither understand what words mean…nor do they want to.

  • Paul

    Let’s see, I can get a surgeon to remove my Johnson due to my mental illness but may be banned from getting a shrink to help me with the mental illness of wanting a Johnson in the rear. To think this actually makes sense to some people.

  • Concerned Christian

    “But it does mean that we start speaking up more loudly, clearly, fearlessly, and persistently”

    about what?

    Nothing in this article has anything to do with the real issues that the church faces internally. I’ll bet that you know more people struggling with their marriages, struggling with the heterosexual behavior of their kids, struggling with their finances, struggling with drugs than people affected by this article.

    Maybe prioritizing what affects the church internally will be more beneficial than the things that don’t.

    • GPS Daddy

      Excellent example, folks, of a radical leftist trying to push Christians into the four walls of the church and keep us there.

      “There nothing outside those walls that are concerning to you. You have soooooo many problems why not take care of these first.”

      Is really the leftist saying:

      “You and you kin don’t belong here in the real world. So stay inside your church walls and we will all be good.”

      • Concerned Christian

        What goes on inside the Church, affects what goes on outside the Church. If it didn’t Christianity would never have grown from an house to house based religion to the worlds most powerful religion.

        a statement like this clearly illustrates why conservative Christians are now supporting an individual like Trump. CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS CANNOT PRODUCE A BETTER REPRESENTATIVE FOR THEMSELVES THAN DONALD TRUMP! Conservative Christians feel powerless, then turn to blaming the left, the media, and whoever else trump tells them to blame. Tell me who’s lowered their standards more? The left, the right, the media, or conservative Christians?

        When you focus on the inside you produce people who know who they are in Christ. They are prepared for warfare outside of the Church. When you don’t, you’ll take anyone, i.e. trump, that tells you it’s not you it’s them!

        • GPS Daddy

          A very, very leftist comment.

          • Concerned Christian


          • GPS Daddy

            A very, very, very distorted and twisted leftist view. Kinda takes a sick mind to go there.

          • Concerned Christian

            well, as long as you can define people that disagree with you as being evil or sick in the head, you can rest comfortably!

          • Mo

            LOL! Go scream at someone else. Troll.

          • Concerned Christian


            it’s the sick that’s in need of a physician!

    • Az1seeit

      Sir, the church is the body of believers in Christ in the world. Believers are people. Therefore people make up the church. Anything that affects people affects the church internally, therefore everything you and Dr. Brown mentioned affects the church.

    • bowie1

      Are you sure some churches don’t face the issues mentioned by Michael Brown? There are no doubt other things as well which I imagine he wouldn’t deny.

      • Concerned Christian

        I would say that if a church looks internally to the problems facing their congregation, they will find the problems affecting society.

        If it’s a problem in the church, it’s a bigger problem in society. Fix the issue in the church and you’ll be able to help address it outside of the church.

        The Church can build bridges in this way. Focusing on homosexuality is currently tearing down bridges. The irony it’s that neither the church nor the people fighting for it are particularly affected by it. It’s nothing more than a distraction created by satan.

    • Patmos

      Go away troll, you’ve already been exposed as a fraud, so you’re not fooling anyone.

      • Concerned Christian

        Forr anyone who believes what Patmos is saying, please feel free not to engage with me. It really bothers him. Free and independent thought is not to be tolerated in the world of Patmos!

        If you continue to engage, Patmos may attack you next. You have been warned!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    The left is afraid- really afraid ..!
    Unlike those hapless porkers Jesus permitted that demoniac’s tormentors to occupy – these “porkers” have less discernment
    than those pigs ….!

  • rcur

    We should fear same sex sexuality. It is contrary to the natural design of the human male and female bodies and have negative consequences on society. Our government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, not promote harmful behaviors. The only sexual behavior we should promote is chastity outside/monogamy inside the union of a man and woman.

  • Mo

    It’s about time Christians woke up to this.

  • James

    The Church is reaping the whirlwind.

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