What the Hiring of Anthony Scaramucci Tells Us About President Trump

President Donald Trump speaks at Suffolk Community College on July 28, 2017 in Brentwood, New York. Trump, speaking close to where the violent street gang MS-13 has committed a number of murders, urged Congress to dedicate more funding to border enforcement and faster deportations. Trump spoke to an audience that included to law enforcement officers and the family members of crime victims.

By Michael Brown Published on July 30, 2017

Who is the real Donald Trump? If you talk with evangelical leaders who have met with him, they will tell you how humble and gracious he is and how deeply he embraces their values. If you look at some of his public statements or judge him based on his hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, you might come to a very different conclusion. How do we sort this out?

There was nothing enigmatic about President Barack Obama.

Raised in the Muslim world as a child, he was sympathetic to the religion and saw its best side. As a community organizer, identity politics was part of his mindset. And influenced by radical leftists and gay professors, he took on their cause as his own. His religious environment in America supported these stances as well, from liberal Christianity in general to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Not so when it comes to President Trump.

Who is the Real Donald Trump?

On the one hand, it’s not hard to understand how the same man who ran casinos with strip clubs and boasted about his infidelities would settle down later in life. There’s nothing inconsistent in that. And it’s not hard to understand how some of his positions became more conservative over the years, galvanizing once he began to campaign.

But how do we understand the man today? How can he be such a pro-life champion, such an advocate for religious freedoms, such a friend of the evangelical church, while saying and doing some of the things that he does?

Earlier this month, when Trump learned that some evangelical leaders were working nearby with other White House staffers, he invited them to the Oval Office and was glad to have them lay hands on him in prayer.

Two weeks later, he hired Scaramucci, who previously described himself as pro-choice, for “Gay Marriage” and even “a gay rights activist.” (This was as recently as 2016.) And as we learned through his unhinged and vulgar interview with a New Yorker reporter, he is hardly a model Christian. How do we reconcile all this?

The more I think about it, the clearer it becomes to me.

As a businessman, the president hires people he thinks will get the job done. Period.

Trump’s Focus is Getting the Job Done

First, as a businessman, the president hires people he thinks will get the job done. Period. That’s the same reason many Americans (including Christian conservatives) voted for him. They believed he would get the important things done, and his perceived character issues were secondary. As I heard endlessly during the campaign, “We’re not electing a pastor in chief; we’re electing a commander in chief.”

So, just as a soldier risking his life on the front lines would rather have a brilliant general who was profane and slept around than a polite, faithfully-married, but ineffective general, so many voters chose Trump as the most effective person for the job.

It would appear to be Trump’s perspective when it comes to Scaramucci, hired to plug up a very leaky White House. The leakers must go and the mess must be cleaned up. Better to come with thunder than with a whisper at times like this.

As for Scaramucci himself, he announced on Twitter, “Full transparency: I’m deleting old tweets. Past views evolved & shouldn’t be a distraction. I serve @POTUS agenda & that’s all that matters.” Let the past, then, be the past.

An Extreme Example

Second, as for the Trump the man, consider looking at him through different eyes.

Here’s something we can easily wrap our minds around, although the example is extreme. Imagine an old-world mafia leader, ruthless in his business dealings and murderous in his methods, but with a deep love for his mother, his wife, and his daughters. He would sacrifice anything for their wellbeing, and with them, he is as tender as a child, the ultimate gentleman.

Now let’s take it one step farther. Let’s say that this same man has a great respect for the Catholic Church, even though he himself is not that observant. He hears that the local parish is in trouble, and so he secretly donates money, not wanting to take any credit. And when he hears that the local priest has been threatened by thugs, he sends them a strong warning: You threaten him again, and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the river.

Again, these are exaggerated examples, but you can see where I’m going with this.

Trump’s Respect for the Christian Faith

Trump genuinely believes that preserving our religious freedoms is key to our nation’s success.

In the past, Trump seemed to have some respect for the Christian faith, even in his partying days. Now, as an older man who has become more conservative, that respect has deepened greatly. More importantly, as he has spent hours with godly Christian leaders, and as he has people like Mike Pence close to his side, he has been positively impacted by their faith, their character and their influence.

He genuinely wants to stand up for their rights. He genuinely espouses their causes — which include social justice and care for the poor along with pro-life, pro-family and pro-Israel stances.

He genuinely believes that preserving our religious freedoms is key to our nation’s success. And he knows that like-minded people helped get him elected, so he feels indebted to them as well.

At the same time, he is a 70-year-old, rough and tumble, New York businessman, more cutthroat than compassionate when it comes to getting things done.

A Work in Progress

He is a man who can communicate impulsively and say unsavory things, a world-famous celebrity and a self-marking expert.

Put another way, he is far from a model Christian himself.

But he is definitely a work in progress, he truly wants to be a champion of many good, Christian causes, and his door remains wide open to committed people of faith.

Viewed from this perspective, he’s not really that much of an enigma after all. It does make sense, and when you factor in that God often uses unlikely vessels to carry out His plan, it’s not that hard to understand. Do you agree?

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  • Paul

    I view it as Trump taking necessary measures to address the very troubling leaks occurring in the White House.

    • Hannah

      And it’s clearly working, much to my delight. I don’t much care for Mooch’s mouth, but I’d rather have profanity-laced truth than sweet, fluffy lies (modern spin on Proverbs 27:6 that I saw elsewhere).

      • Paul

        Yea, Trump is very much a win or lose kinda guy. His team is losing and he’s trying different players. No group hugs or participation trophies in Trumps White House. I’ve never fooled myself into thinking he is some choir boy.

        • Hannah

          And I think that’s fair. I’ve said before that he’s our president, not our pastor. He says and does some things I disagree with, but in the end, so long as he respects and honors the Christians of this nation, content.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Well written piece, perhaps the best one about politics and character from you that I’ve ever read. Your insight is helpful.

    I’m reminded of a story I heard right after the Iraq surge. A batallion commander, a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army, wrote that he requires all his bat allies n leaders to watch The Sopranos, a show about the mafia in thr U.S., because (he said) the Iraqi tribes are just like the mob.

  • Xrucianus

    Since you asked… No. I can’t agree. I think if you really think about your statement: “Put another way, he is far from a model Christian himself. But he is definitely a work in progress.” as a pastor/apologist/Biblical scholar you have to concede that there’s no objective, theological basis for your above statement, and (in view of his many many carnal statements & antics) no evidence that the Spirit of Christ is present within Donald Trump.

    • Pat Vick

      I have to keep remembering that God used ungodly leaders throughout scripture to do his work. I feel that is exactly what God is doing with Trump – and changing him as his time in office goes. Yes, I agree with Michael Brown’s assessment.

      • Xrucianus

        Zero Kingdom precedent to “bless” a 1 John 2:16 spirit – all the more impossible if you also intend to bear a cross.

      • Xrucianus

        BTW God isn’t interested in “changing” anyone. He’s interested in bringing them to death and new life through the covenant of the cross.

  • John

    The leftist media is pushing the idea that Trump has achieved little or nothing since entering office. In addition to all he has achieved, which Christians can celebrate, he has avoided the retrograde path which Hillary would surely have advanced forecfully had she won. I am sure there are much greater challenges ahead and we will see the character and resolve needed of a president to do the right thing as well as get things done. I pray the Lord gives him the strength and wisdom.

    • Mensa Member

      What major problem or issue has Trump made better?

      • eddiestardust

        He is bringing back the jobs and trying to stop outsourcing.

      • Jim Walker

        He is Pro-life, Pro- religious freedom, Pro-Americanism as shown in his executive orders.

  • Scoopie

    Without the Lord regenerating a person, the foundation they build on is faulty.

  • Barbara Cueto

    Thank you, Dr. Brown. You echo many evangelicals’ viewpoint here. He may not be the best Christian, (though who am I to say?), but he is doing far more for the kingdom of God than past presidents who have loudly professed their faith. Let’s remember that’s it’s the “Christian ” representatives we have elected to Congress that are inhibiting the defunding of Planned Parenthood, NOT this president, who very much wants this accomplished.

    • Mensa Member

      Jesus healed the sick and loved the poor. Jesus was kind to women. He advocated for children. The bible tells us to love our neighbor, bless our enemies and welcome the stranger.

      Donald Trump represents none of this. But, Trump is hostile to the gays,, so Dr. Brown likes him.

      Obama, in contrast, was on the right side of all these issues. But Obama liked the gays so Dr. Brown was against him.

      • Gary

        You have misunderstood who Jesus was, who Obama is, and who Trump is.

      • eddiestardust

        Just because you are a member of Mensa doesn’t mean that you are a good person or that you know everything, either. Would you like to be sued because you didn’t want to do something for my wedding? I don’t think you would and I think you would find that horrible, as I do. Some things to think about…..

      • Barbara Cueto

        Clearly, Mensa, you know the Word of God, so then you must know that Jesus also said the “The poor you will always have among you, but you won’t always have Me.”, and “I am the Way the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Me.” Yet Obama and many of his adherents support many ways to the Father and His Heaven. Let me ask you, how many of the poor did Jesus feed and clothe during His time of ministry? (Not including the 5,000 as they were attendees of a singular event.) This same Jesus said that “Whatsoever you do to the least of these you do to Me.” Looking over the landscape of our earth, one might be tempted to see the poor among us as “the least”, particularly when our vantage point is from the West. But, wouldn’t the very least of these, from God’s vantage point, be those who can’t defend themselves? Those who are being systematically slaughtered before even drawing one breath? And that, again, with the full approval of Obama and many on the Left. The poor are definitely a segment of the least among us and we should be ardent in our provision for them. (How many could be clothed and fed if the super rich and famous gave only 10% of their wealth to this cause?) But the poor are not the very least. Suffice it to say, those who defend the “least” and certainly the “very least” are defending Jesus. That is, hands down, President Trump, whose vision for this country has always been to halt abortion, defend the unborn and thereby defend Jesus. As for Gays. When I was young I was what you would call a Tomboy. This led to an easy transition into bisexual behavior throughout my early life. Now that I am free and saved by the Grace of God, I can see that I was not helpless in my pursuit of debauchery in all its forms. I was a willing participant and the sexual choices I made, with men and women, were just that, CHOICES. I was NOT weak or certainly not the least of these, except in the fact that I was not saved. I was very strong in my convictions. Jesus also said that “at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and …, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’. It clearly went without saying that male and female were man and wife. Jesus wasn’t being “hostile” to people choosing the gay lifestyle, and neither is Dr. Brown or myself. Jesus does love all of us, man, woman, child, prostitutes, slaves…and that’s why He died to set us free! To save us from our sin, in whatever forms it takes. Not to clothe us or feed us but to give us eternal Life! The clothing and the feeding of the poor, as well as the protecting of the unborn, He left for us to accomplish with the provision He Himself provides and with His Truth to guide our way. Thank God for President Trump. He is protecting not only the very least of these, but is also advocating for the protection of Christians everywhere, those for whom our former President Obama paid only the “least” amount of attention.

      • Barbara Cueto

        Clearly, Mensa member, you know the Word of God, so then you must know that Jesus also said the “The poor you will always have among you, but you won’t always have Me.”, and “I am the Way the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Me.” Yet Obama and many of his adherents support many ways to the Father and His Heaven.  Let me ask you, how many of the poor did Jesus feed and clothe during His time of ministry? (Not including the 5,000 as they were attendees of a singular event.) This same Jesus said that “Whatsoever you do to the least of these you do to Me.”  Looking over the landscape of our earth, one might be tempted to see the poor among us as “the least”, particularly when our vantage point is from the West.  But, wouldn’t the very least of these, from God’s vantage point, be those who can’t defend themselves?  Those who are being systematically slaughtered before even drawing one breath?  And that, again, with the full approval of Obama and many on the Left.  The poor are definitely a segment of the least among us and we should be ardent in our provision for them. (How many could be clothed and fed if the super rich and famous gave only 10% of their wealth to this cause? Answer:ALL)  But the poor are not the very least.  Suffice it to say, those who defend the “least” and certainly the “very least” are defending Jesus.  That is, hands down, President Trump, whose vision for this country has always been to halt abortion, defend the unborn and thereby defend Jesus. Jesus does love us all; Gay, man, woman, child, prostitute, slave…and that’s why He died to set us free!  To save us from our sins, in whatever forms they take.  Not to clothe us or feed us but to give us eternal Life!  The clothing and the feeding of the poor, as well as the protecting of the unborn, He left for us to accomplish with the provision He Himself provides and with His Truth to guide our way.  Thank God for President Trump.  He is protecting not only the very least of these, but is also advocating for the protection of Christians everywhere, all of whom our former President Obama paid only the “least” amount of attention.

      • Jim Walker

        You have overlooked the destructive force gays can inflict onto this world.
        They are the start of the rust on iron. If left unchecked, will spread till it destroys morality in future generations.

        • JM


      • JM

        There is no proof that Jesus supported or tolerated LGBT. can you show me in the Bible where Jesus supported homosexual ”rights” or said something in support of the LGBT? or celebrated that lifestyle? also loving your neighbor does not mean you have to accept sin. if this really meant than why didn’t Jesus tolerate the sins of his neighbors? Jesus loved his neighbors without sin accepting, Jesus hates sin so why would he tolerate and accept it? and why would he command his followers to be tolerant of sin when he himself was intolerant of it?

      • JM

        It looks like my comment was removed so I’ll post it again. There is no biblical evidence that Jesus tolerated and accepted the LGBT and also loving your neighbor does not mean that you have to accept sin because if that really meant what you say it does than why didn’t Jesus tolerate and accept the sins of his neighbors? Jesus loved his neighbors yet he didn’t tolerate their sins so right here we can see that you are twisting scripture. Jesus hates sin so why would he be tolerant and accepting of it? and why would he command his followers to be accepting and tolerant of sin when he himself wasn’t accepting or tolerant of sin?

        • JM

          If this keeps getting removed than I’ll just keep posting it

        • Hannah

          Considering Jesus’ (and thus God’s) stance on sin, I can say with assurance that He abhorred it as much as His Father did. If you’re living in any unrepentant sin, His wrath is justified. God would not say in one book that lying with the same sex is abominable, but then say that homosexuality is a-okay. Paul mentions at least three times how God feels about the LGBT movement, so arguing that it was the OT law goes out the window.

  • Sam the Sham

    It is very disheartening to see evangelicals jump on this bandwagon so eagerly. While we should support a president who protects Christian values and the freedom to exercise our religion, we should always watch cautiously. These people, Scaramucci in particular, are the deplorables that we were all accused of being.

    • Jay

      That comment was a sham, Sham. Scaramucci was certainly NOT who Hillary was talking about. Hillary was talking about conservatives especially the evangelicals who oppose gay marriage, abortion and socialism. These things are not representative of Scaramucci’s beliefs. Second, Dr. Brown is on NO Trump “bandwagon”.

      • Sam the Sham

        Not sure what comment you read. You missed the “that we were all accused of being”, obviously. And, Scaramucci IS deplorable. These people, even though I voted against Hillary, have completely removed dignity and decorum from the executive branch. They use Christian values as a sales pitch. My only point is trust in God, but keep an eye on your camel.

        • Jay

          OK. Trump needs to clean house. Zero Obama hold overs.

  • Brian Cheek

    If the analogy to Al Capone is a good one, is that supposed to make a Jesus-follower feel better now that we understand that?

    I don’t think I would have labeled Capone as “far from a model Christian” or “a work in progress.” The type of friendship that Capone offered came with a set of expectations that Christians were or should have been wary of.

    So do I agree that the article helps us understand Trump better? Perhaps. But if you’re right about him, Dr. Brown, we may be thanking God for Trump in one moment and then praying for His protection from Trump the next as we are confessing our complicity in his evil deeds.

  • Gary

    Trump is not a Christian. Not even a bad one. He made a mistake to hire Scaramucci. There were better choices. We’ll see how that goes. I expect to be disappointed by Trump. I am surprised when he does something I approve of. But I didn’t vote for him because I thought he would do a lot of what I want. I voted for him to keep the Wicked Witch of Little Rock from being president. Whatever Trump does, it will be no worse than what Hellary would have done, and he might do some things that are much better than what she would have done.

    • Charles Burge

      I know you and I sometimes disagree, but it’s nice to see such an honest assessment.

  • Thanks for this article. Please know as you read I’m grateful you are standing up for President Trump and respect you for trying to give a particular audience good reasons to shore up their own support for him. I also appreciate your obvious respect for this “new Cyrus” that God has sent to lead us.

    However, I’m curious who is a model Christian? Are any of us? What about a shepherd who causes division in the body as a pastor by abandoning the Christian faith of one’s youth and remain unrepentant, like Max Lucado? Or those have violated their vows of membership by changing denominations multiple times, like Rod Dreher? Or who continues to lead congregations despite being divorced and remarried, like a dozen pastors in every denomination in every town? Are those good men also “not model Christians” because of their decisions to abandon their vows? Judgement is a curious thing. We are called to judge with righteous judgment… which means being no respecter of persons, and applying the same standards to all.

    The 9th Commandment is just as important as the rest. And so many assumptions that have been made about President Trump’s life and faith come straight from gossip (often “Christian” gossip!) instead of from actual history. I don’t mind at all if people disagree with his policies or just don’t like his personality, but since when has personality been a test of faith?

    A knowledge of history would be helpful here, too. Many people must be clueless about the “faith of their fathers” and how American Christian men of earlier eras expressed their very real faith. President Trump has always been the kind of Christian that our grandfathers were, and their fathers before them were:
    *President Trump’s success can be attributed to his pastor’s teaching. He grew up in church. His father and Norman Vincent Peale were close friends – Peale spent time in the Trump household – and President Trump continued a relationship with Dr Peale throughout his adult life, and Dr Peale saw fit to marry Donald & Melania. He didn’t “church hop”.
    *Donald John Trump has lived by American Christian values his whole life and business career. He was successful, he “made deals” – those deals were no less honest than the deals any Evangelical Christian in real estate makes today, and a lot more honest than some. They were in fact much more straightforward than some I’ve seen spoken about from pulpits.
    *He never drank or smoked. In an earlier age, that alone would have marked him as a devout Christian.
    *He has always honored his parents, and never said a word against them or that would embarrass their memory – unlike many currently famous/popular “Christian” writers/speakers who hold their parents up to ridicule or blame. He honored his Father & Mother also by staying within the church faith they brought him up in.
    *He does not lie. Have people noticed that? The media lies, people twist his words, but the President himself doesn’t. In fact, part of what people don’t like is that instead of telling polite little lies to “make nice”, he honestly reveals the truth. *Divorced? I know divorced & remarried Christians who happily sit under divorced & remarried PASTORS while they cluck about Donald Trump without recognizing the log in their own eyes.

    I’ve found that a lot of people think they were learning about President Trump by reading articles on conservative or Christian websites. But we are not supposed to judge people by what others say about them. And in many cases the writers are haughty: hiding the real reasons they oppose him and dishonestly spreading gossip.

    A good thing to do is to read his own words over the past 30 years, read his own books, read transcripts of the many Larry King Live interviews he did… and go to the White House website and read his speeches and remarks, then they will have something genuine on which to base their true Christian judgment.

  • I do agree, and I think this is one of Brown’s best columns. The ones who supported Trump on pragmatic grounds were right. And the ones who thought he was favored by God for this role were, I believe, also right.

    Trump is a work in progress. But even the apostles were, many of them, very unlikely candidates. Peter is an obvious example. Paul, the religious thug, another. Even much of the Greek of the NT is written in a grammatical style that wouldn’t even pass the NY Post, were it in Greek.

    Trump has already set what is probably a record pace for referencing God in his public utterances. The speech in Poland, where God was the central focus, is a prime example.

    Trump intends to get things done, and he has a LOT of opposition, with no small amount being in the Republican Party itself (McCain, Ryan, McConnell, etc), and a large portion of the conservative media. He has to either be pragmatic or compromise, and I’m glad he’s choosing the former.

  • Cathy

    Yes, I do agree!

  • faithntrust

    Why not? — God looked down on a man [Scaramucci] who very much needs Jesus Christ & has put him in a setting exposed [almost daily] to believers? JMHO.

    • David

      Okay, so NOW what’s your theory?

      • faithntrust

        he is a man that needs JC loosing a prestigious position. have you missed me?

        • David

          Seems to me like God pulled Scaramucci out of the den of sinners, thieves, hypocrites and liars, to set him on a road to redemption.

          The Trump White House is such a den of sin and debauchery, Scaramucci even beheld Steve Bannon, senior advisor to the President, doing an unsavory act that, while I won’t repeat it here, I’m sure you’ve heard referred to. He, a father, was so enamoured in sin by that place after just a few days, he missed the birth of his own son, and was left by his wife.

          But the sin of Trump shall wash off Scarramucci by the grace of God, just as the sin of Trump will be washed off of America by God’s grace and will.

  • Tim Roof

    Very well said, Dr. Brown, one of your best articles ever! I have been saying this kind of thing all along but have failed to get #NeverTrumpers™ to consider things from this perspective. So intransigent and certain of their own righteousness are they that during the election I was told that voting for Trump means my conscience has been seared and that I may, in fact, not even be saved at all. I have especially been cognizant of who God uses to accomplish His will, both Christian and non-Christian, and have always considered God’s use of General Patton in WWII in this regard. The general was a profane, worldly adulterer who nevertheless had a very strong sense of God’s sovereignty in the world, and a very strong personal, if misguided, sense of his own destiny as being God’s tool to do some great and positive thing in the fight against evil in this world. We would not call him a Christian, but as God did with Patton, sometimes He uses an SOB to get the job done. I think we have what we have needed for a very long time in Donald Trump. May God richly bless you, brother.

  • Huia Ketcham

    I agree yes, but lets remember every single Christian sins every single day and God is gracious. Trump is not perfect of course not but neither are any of Gods children we are all a work in progress not just Trump and those who are around him who do not know Christ are also around those who do know Christ Mike Pence being one of those people.

  • tz1

    You get it. Let me put it in even starker terms.
    Saddam Hussein was a friend to Christians in Iraq and said he could trust them because they wouldn’t just “hire their cousin”.
    I think Trump legitamately honors Christians and wants Christ but had to get things done. Perhaps he will be raised by God – I see no small signs when he invokes God in his stump speeches (Americans believe in God, not government, etc.).
    He won’t go for the complexity of “just war theory”. Either the end is necessary and good or it is not. Perhaps he will extract us from the various quagmires. Gorsuch is glorious.
    There are philosophers, and there are kings. Ron Paul would have been both. But now we need someone to slaughter the philistines, midianites, and other enemies.

  • I agree as well Dr. Brown. However, I hope for the sake of religious liberties and the advancement of righteous in the land I sincerely hope President Trump grows in his understanding of how morality really does affect the country. I sincerely hope he does not merely get the job done in riding over that which will ultimately cause a curse, like the LGBTQ+chaos agenda.

  • Judy Pink

    So what makes you say he is “cutthroat”? Please explain.

    • David

      He threatened to cut off all support for his nephew with Cerebral Palsy unless his brothers widow stopped asking for her share of Trump’ s father’s inheritance.

      His own nephew, weak and needing help, was a bargaining chip as he screwed a widow out of what was rightfully hers.

  • Linda

    Ya sure…keep telling yourself these stories…whatever helps you sleep at night.

    • Jim Walker

      I do sleep well at night knowing Hillary is not president.

      • Nunyadambizness

        I could not agree more.

        I’ve said it probably a hundred times: Though Trump was not my first choice, he was the ONLY choice on Nov. 4th. I would not have voted for that woman if I’d had a gun to my head in the voting booth.

        • Charles Burge

          I think this hits the nail on the head. I have no problem with people having voted for him, given the available choices. What I do have a problem with is the way some of his supporters constantly rationalize and make excuses for his juvenile and self-destructive behavior. Worse yet are these absurd connections to King Cyrus, or the notion that he’s a “baby Christian”, or other such nonsense. I do pray for his salvation, but there’s zero evidence of that having happened up until this point. There are mountains of evidence that he is a fool in the true sense of the word, as described in the book of Proverbs (I could cite at least 20 verses that describe him to a “T”).

          I’m absolutely thrilled that Hillary Clinton isn’t president now, but this defend-Trump-at-all-costs mentality just makes Christians look foolish.

        • David

          As I always said, Republicans would vote for the devil himself over Hillary, because they were so brainwashed by years of right wing propaganda and lies against her.

          And given how truly despicable a person Trump is, they did.

          • Nunyadambizness

            I’m not a Republican, I’m a registered Independent.

            As to the “right wing propaganda”, I’m sorry but she is the most vile and repugnant person on the planet, even worse than her husband whom I despise. Take off the blinders and put the Kool Aid down and do some independent research and you can find the truth. The fact that she admires and extols the virtue of a man who dedicated his book to Lucifer should tell you a lot about her character at its core.

          • David

            Ah yes, an independent. Also known as a Republican who knows the Republicans are too shamelessly hypocritical to associate himself with them, but is still enough of a brainwashed sheep that he has never once voted Democratic.

            Okay, here is some independent research on her that are the facts, not right wing lies. She went undercover to bust segregated schools in the 70s, risking her life. She fought tooth and nail to improve healthcare in the 90s, before starting the CHIP program that has saved the lives of millions of children. In 2001, when the Bush administration refused to acknowledge the illness that had befallen 9/11 first responders, she held their feet to the fire and ensured those brave heroes got the care they needed. She has averted full out war between Israel and palestine, argued for women’s rights and human rights in China, and assisted in planning the killing of one Osama Bin Laden.

            Hmm, where in that is the sign of the worst person in the world you claim isn’t an invention of the right wing propaganda engine?

            Oh and, that bit about admiring and extolling the virtues of a man who dedicated his book to Lucifer is more lies – specifically, the lies of Ben Carson. Although the right wing propaganda engine keeps trying to invent connections between Alinsky and Democrats, as they lied about with Obama in 2008 and 2012, Hillary Clinton’s only contact with Alinsky was when she investigated his anti-poverty program for a thesis at her teachers request, then found it lacking and wrong. And Alinsky did not dedicate his book to Lucifer, he Lucifer is a radical. Which is entirely correct and undeniable.

            So, all the facts show the great and good things she has done, while your proof she is evil are lies that the right wing propaganda engine fed you. But despite me showing you the truth, I think you will still cling to those lies anyway, because you are brainwashed. Just like I said

          • Nunyadambizness

            Look, you’re a Clintonite, I get it. You can spew all of the bullsh!t you wish about what a saint she is, and it won’t change the facts. She wrote her Senior Thesis about Alinsky, espousing his tactics, and I own the friggin’ book to which he dedicates to Lucifer–whether you believe it or not, I don’t care. She’s responsible for the death of 4 Americans at Benghazi because she wouldn’t approve additional security and then lied about what actually happened and the 13-hour terrorist attack that killed them. She sold out the US in a pay-to-play scheme that gained herself and dipsh!t husband millions in “donations” and “speaking fees” while selling out our Uranium deposits to the Russians who she then accuses Trump of colluding with . (WHAT??) She vilified, attacked, and destroyed the women that Bill had adulterous affairs with then proclaims herself to be a defender of women and that “women should be heard” when they accuse someone of rape–but apparently not the women Bill raped. She’s scum, and frankly I hope that Hell has a special spot for their favorite daughter Hitlary when her time is done.

            Your reference to me as a Republican who wishes to disassociate myself from them is only true to the point that I don’t want to be affiliated with them. I’ve been an independent for a very long time now and find both the Democrap and Repugnacan’s both equally repugnant and manipulative. The “Ruling Class” only cares about themselves and enslaving the rest of us through taxation and government oversight. If you don’t believe that, you’re not paying attention. There’s a shirt that I should have bought that says “I will vote Republican OR Democrat when my IQ drops below 70 and my soul turns black.” THAT’S how I feel about the parties.

            As to being “brainwashed”, I would suggest you’re now projecting. I recommend some professional help for you. As for me, I am done with this conversation. You are either trying to see if you can push my buttons and get an angry response, or a true believer in the sainthood of the devilb!tch herself, a paid troll from the DNC (or Hitlary’s team), or you’re simply lacking the mental capacity to think critically and independently of your handlers. Have a nice day.

          • David

            I like how every single one of your “facts” are all very easily disprovable by actual facts. Just because a very angry man yelled something at you over and over, that doesn’t make it true. You are incapable of thinking independently, because you never bothered to learn any of the facts about Hillary Clinton, and instead just believe lies that are told to you.

            No, she never espoused his tactics. No, the book you claim to own isn’t dedicated to Lucifer, it jyst acknowledges him.

            No, she didn’t refuse to approve the budget for additional security at Benghazi., because Secretary of State doesn’t approve budgets, Congress does, and the Republican house had refused to put money into defending at risk embassies.

            No, she was one of a number of unrelated officials who all independently approved by multiple government agencies in the single instance where a country made any form of contribution to her charity foundation. Meanwhile, we have Don Jr. admitting to meeting with Russian officials to rig the election against Hillary in exchange for easing sanctions.

            No, she never vilified or attacked the women who lied about her husband. Instead, she waited for the facts about their lies to come out, as each one admitted to lying about it.

            You see what facts Do? Do you ever want to try using facts instead of pure lies the right wing propaganda engine tells you?

          • David

            I also like how despite how easily I could disprove every lie you said, you couldn’t even try to counter anything I said.

            Here’s a tip for you – dates and times. I can tell you the dates that Hillary did these things, whereas because you only know lies, you’ve only been told she totally did it, but not the dates, because it never happened.

          • Miguel526

            You left out “The Boys on he Tracks”, and the roughly 70 other surprisingly-dead Americans left permanently stilled in the wake of Hill & Bill’s tracks.

          • David

            You mean that list kept by deranged conspiracy theorists that compiles the death of everyone even remotely related to the Clintons, or who even knows someone who met the Clintons once, or who ever lived on the same planet as the Clintons? Then they contrived a reason they’d be a target, then claims it was a targeted killing? Despite the fact that if they could do this, rush Limbaugh would have been dead for 20 years for the horrific things that he said about their daughter? That bit of right wing insanity?

          • Miguel526

            I see that you are afraid. So was I, as a once life-long CA democrat, that is, until I became brave enough to learn what I didn’t want to learn! Underneath it all, I Just Knew, (& feared) that my fears were going to be correct! Once I faced my fears, I became Totally Free to keep learning more of what I so feared to learn a few short years ago, as a democrat. For instance, I now clearly understand that my former party’s Gerrymandered running of the State Government of CA is actually an insular, well-oiled criminal organization which is at once inspired by Al Capone’s criminality, and, . . . . would make Al Capone Very, Very Proud!! Also, I see that you deeply fear Kathleen Wiley, (who also was a life-long Virginia democrat), but, if you can manage to get enough cahones together, you can read Kathleen Wiley’s book, “Target”, which will teach you some more of what you are presently afraid to learn. Otherwise, you can remain a giant-sized 5th grader, if you choose.

          • David

            Republicans calling Democrats having more, better informed voters and getting proportionate power, gerrymandering? That would be funny if we didn’t have Republicans abusing actual gerrymandering to the point that when equal votes are cast for both parties in North Carolina, Republicans somehow get a supermajority in the state house and Senate.

            And are you actually going to answer my question? If dems have this secret power to kill anyone and cover it up, why is Rush Limbaugh still alive?

          • Miguel526

            David, I still see that you are deeply afraid to actually “learn”! Learning means Absolutely Nothing until you begin to “Learn what you Don’t Want To Learn”!! That is the Essence of The Scientific Method, (the single most potent learning protocol there ever was), a protocol that my former party operatives Are Deeply Fearful of Using, since The Scientific Method would destroy their lies, deceptions, and depraved “diversions” of every sort!! To answer your off-base question, neither Hillary, nor Obama are “democrats”. They are minions of The Frankfurt School which if you have any cahones you can do your own research upon. Just understand that Neither of them are “liberals” like I am, or that many democrats are. If, . If, . . . Rush Limbaugh had Anything on the Al-Capone-Inspired Clintons, you can be sure that he’d ‘accidentally’ have fallen out of a 40 story building, or somehow shoot himself twice in the back of the head, (only to have it signed off as a “suicide” by some terrified coroner)! I see that you remain terrified of Kate Steinley, & of Kathleen Wiley, as you have been all throughout this comment thread, so your potential to ‘actually learn’ much is quite low at this point. Usually it’s far easier to remain a giant-sized 5th grader than it is to employ the non-emotion-based, far more intellectually-potent, “Scientific Method of Free Intellectual Inquiry, something your vacant antifa friends have Zero Concept of. There is always hope, so, I encourage you to begin your journey into actually learning. That ‘journey’ is So Amazing, & So Empowering!

          • David

            You do understand that you’re trying to invoke contemplating you are wrong about everything while having done nothing to examine your own flimsy belief system?

          • Miguel526

            Keep up with your ever-over-confident 5th-grader-ness. It’s a bit disappointing, but, certainly not unexpended. Also, your fear to learn is humorous. Keep up your “good work”.

          • David

            Expecting you not to be hypocritical is 5th grader level? I mean, in the sense that by 5th grade, you’d be expected to no longer rely on weak arguments like you do.

          • Miguel526

            My last response to an inveterate “refuser to actually learn” ideologue’s incredibly mindless, ever-repeated hitting upon his same empty drum. Venezuela for you my friend, and even then you will likely “learn”, or “care” very little about your fellow human beings.

  • Hmmm…

    Trump gives mental assent, outward agreement and respect to the things, spirit and people of God whom he has encountered. That’s a start. He has acted on that in good mention in speeches, working on some legislation and policies and support. However, it strongly appears to me that he has not taken the step that changes one on the inside, like giving your heart to God, committing one’s life. He appears to be doing that two step so many do for a season before finally deciding or turning away. It’s about kidding yourself that you’re alright because of some things you do for Christians and your agreeing thoughts, that you don’t really have to change anything much, like giving your heart to God.

    I have recently heard that his mother was exposed to a genuine awakening and move of God which occurred some decades ago on Lewis Island, a northern island section of a group north of Scotland. He cherishes her Bible, perhaps an outward, sentimental thing, but he has had a Christian influence such that the things of God are credible to him, having heard and seen some degree at least from his mother, whom he respects.

    Just as Mr. Brown pointed out that his talking about homosexuality being wrong on his radio program was the first time some had even heard that, I think there’s a correlation with some things Mr. Trump does. I have marveled that a father who sent him to military school to correct some things was not aware or able to correct some other self-absorbed things about him that usually get challenged in young childhood. I really think that were he confronted on some issues with sound principles from the Bible, he would be impacted.

    I consider that God got him there in a remarkable fashion and is still on the job with the man, who just may need to crash pretty bad before he’ll be open to some things he needs to hear. As most can avow from their own walk, especially those forming years, strong correction and some straight talk are actually welcome when one has managed to twist things in so many knots that despair begins to set in of ever being extricated. God is able in all of this.

    • Barbara Cueto

      Oh to be a fly on the wall of the heart and mind of one who believes they know when somebody else has or has not given their heart to God…

      • Hmmm…

        Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks … a scripture letting us know that people reveal their heart by how and what they say consistently, the attitudes revealed there. There are others. Ever heard of spiritual discernment? the fruit of the spirit versus the fruit of the flesh? Oh, that more would read their bibles and use their God-given discernment. Get saved and get equipped, or if you are or claim to be, use what you’ve got. No need to hang out on walls.

        • Barbara Cueto

          “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

          • Hmmm…

            The Bible calls upon us to judge a lot of things, like prophecy. No one’s condemning Mr. Trump, but praying for him, you? No stones being cast. Stringing a few verses together out of context to make a point is a classic example of not rightly dividing the word of truth. It is also written … comes into play here. It’s good to develop a working knowledge of the word, then it’s available for wisdom to select what applies to particular situations. But, if you’re happy judging me, help yourself. Paul responded that it’s a small thing that he be judged of the ones doing it. I agree. Pretty small stuff.

          • Barbara Cueto

            YOU”… However, it strongly appears to me that he has not taken the step that changes one on the inside, like giving your heart to God, committing one’s life. He appears to be doing that two step so many do for a season before finally deciding or turning away. It’s about kidding yourself that you’re alright because of some things you do for Christians and your agreeing thoughts, that you don’t really have to change anything much, like giving your heart to God.” GOD: “I the Lord search the heart
            and examine the mind,
            to reward each person according to their conduct,
            according to what their deeds deserve.””… For man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.”

          • Barbara Cueto

            Look, all I’m saying is that Mr. Trump has everyone judging his walk and intentions. Usually unjustly. I suggest we just do with him as God did with us and give the man a chance.

          • Hmmm…

            (response to your previous post which you removed) We are to be imitators of God, and I gave you one scripture which you ignored, but which speaks volumes on the subject. I am being Godly by looking to the heart. I am not a novice, and did you know we will judge angels. You do err, not knowing the scripture or the power of God. We have the mind of Christ. It’s understandable, the religious bent and surface reading and this splatter barrel quoting. New creation realities are grossly untaught. Why don’t you just pray for me if you think me so errant instead of misjudging my words and state. You who criticize, aren’t you doing the same thing you say I’m doing, like judging. Sorry, no conviction falls on my heart, and it is not hardened to it.

            And to answer your next missive, Mr.Trump has every chance in my book. You’ve gone off the rails with this. Why not get a nice drink of water, iced tea, whatever you like and put on some nice soothing music and thinks on what’s true and lovely and of good report and all of that . That’d be better for you.

          • Barbara Cueto


  • Sarah Pierzchala

    Also, his larger-than-life and brash personality makes more sense when learn about his very strict father who pushed him to be a success. And he really does seem to care for his family, which is a good sign.

    • Linda

      Care for his family? He’s had 3 wives and bragged about his affairs, his first wife raised the 3 children mostly on her own, and Ivanka became his prop when she got older because he finds her beautiful. If she was plain he would not be seen with her nearly as much. You rarely see the daughter he has with his 2nd wife. Also, the Trump business involves charging for use of the Trump name. It’s not a product that enhances the lives of anyone except himself.

  • Concerned Christian

    With the exception of one item, Proverbs 6:16-19 provides a very detailed description of the qualities of donald trump. Christians, who can see so much sin in gays that God is going to punish us, can’t see the qualities in trump that God calls an abomination.

    I know this may sound harsh but we should be thankful that trump is too ignorant to understand the extraordinary power he has. His most loyal supporters are also the only ones that can reign him in. But since you continue making excuses for him, he’s getting worse and worse.

    Again, luckily, he’s too ignorant to realize that he could basically be a dictator. After all, who’s going to stand up to him?

  • Lisa Ledbetter

    Yes, I agree.

  • O’Pinyon

    Firing Mr. Scaramucci also supports your analysis.
    And we need to pray for Anthony Scaramucci.
    He is at a point of great potential change for the better, if he feels the pain and repents.
    May his talents be used for a blessing.

    • Dean Bruckner

      It might save his marriage.

      • Jim Walker

        I think that was the real motive of firing. But if his wife’s love can be shaped by politics, its not love at all.
        My wife and me do not agree politically but that doesn’t change our love for each other, because Christ is in the center that binds us together.

        • Dean Bruckner

          It might have been “the last straw.”

  • Dean Bruckner

    What the firing of A. Scaramucci says about Donald Trump:

    1. In Trump’s eyes, a strong, faithful, and effective Marine Corps General has much more credibility in achieving results than a hyena of a man who just jumped from a second story window, metaphorically speaking, to impress all the wrong people.
    2. He believes when something’s not working, change it.
    3. He believes in giving people a chance to succeed.
    4. He believes ten days is more than enough to accomplish #2 and #3 above, in most cases.

    I like it!

    • Jim Walker

      To me the Mooch is just a hired plumber to drain the leaky Reince Sink.

      • Dean Bruckner

        Well, that could have been Scaramucci’s primary role. He probably scared more than one leaker. It also might be a negotiating technique with the unknown leakers, good cop/bad cop, arranged by President Trump.

    • David

      Does the boogeyman Hillary the right wing invented in their head have even a passing resemblance to the real Hillary Clinton? I’d love to know how the woman who worked with Seal Team 6 to kill Bin Laden is somehow less pro military than than the coward who used a phony excuse to not serve in Vietnam, and who insulted the parents of a soldier who gave his life for America.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Do I agree, Dr. Brown? With what part? I’m not sure what you were even trying to get at. I would assume you would try to make some point based on a Biblical Worldview that would be edifying to the everyday Christian trying to meander their way thru this life in God’s will. Didn’t see anything in the article that helps with that and might even disagree with parts of it because it seems to present the Unbiblical POV that “Might makes Right” and “There is a way that seems right unto a man and it leads to getting the job done and success.”

    The one part of the article that really stood out to me above all the rest is your “He genuinely wants” and “He genuinely believes” statements. Pardon me but when did God decide to share His omniscience with you? I can’t say one way or the other if that’s true and I question whether you know the man well enough to say so either? And even if you did know him extremely well could you still say that with absolute certainty?

    I’m also a bit perplexed by your Mafia Boss analogy. While I admit there is certainly some similarities between the two, are you trying to submit that we Christians should laud, or even appreciate and respect, those apparently benevolent acts?

    Personally, from all I’ve seen and heard from he himself is that Trump wants and believes in what’s best for him. The only thing I’ve seen is that he is genuinely foremost concerned with what’s best for Trump. Now that may work out well for the USA and even for Christians and Religious Freedom as a whole but let’s not confuse being an aside benefactor with being the focal point.

    Mark my words, Donald Trump showed himself in full true light with his tweet about Dr. Russell Moore during the campaign. From Trump’s repeated behaviors toward those who have crossed him coupled with the best predictor of the future being the past, I’d bet the farm that if any one of those “evangelical leaders” were to cross him somehow, or speak out against him in some way, he’d turn on them like a rabid dog and lash out with an excoriating series of tweets much like the one he gave on Moore.

    All that said, to your ending statement, “when you factor in that God often uses unlikely vessels to carry out His plan, it’s not that hard to understand. Do you agree?” – I would have to say yes. God often does use unlikely vessels to carry out His plan. And I think it is quite likely that God is using Trump to show His People just how gullible they can be and are being right now.

    There is a day coming when one will come on the scene and he is gonna appear at first to be the solution to all kinds of problems. He will do great and wondrous things and the people will flock to him. And he will bring alongside himself a great and mighty man who will “be a champion of many good, Christian causes” and his door be “wide open to committed people of faith”. And a great many of them will flock to him. And then he will turn on them like the ravenous wolf that he is.

    So maybe, just perhaps, God is giving us a picture of what is to come as a warning so that we keep our eyes fixed on Him.

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