Clinton, Trump, the Presidential Election and the Sovereignty of God

By Michael Brown Published on August 5, 2016

More than 2,500 years ago, the prophet Daniel declared that God “removes kings and sets up kings” (Dan. 2:21), and throughout the Old Testament, we see the Lord orchestrating history according to His plans, either to bless His obedient people or to judge His disobedient people. So, there is human responsibility and there is divine activity, but it is clear that God has the ultimate word.

What does that imply for the 2016 presidential elections in America? What is God saying to our nation today?

I understand that America, which is a Democratic Republic, is not ancient Israel, which was first a theocracy and then a theocratic monarchy. God made a covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai, and the whole nation swore allegiance to Him. That cannot be compared with the founding of our nation. And the children of Israel did not get to vote for their king whereas we get to vote for our president.

Still, since God remains sovereign, doing what He sees fit on the earth, and since America was founded largely on biblical, Christian principles (and still remains majority Christian by profession), it is only fair to ask: What is God doing in these elections? Put another way, if an Old Testament prophet was writing the history of our nation, what insights would He give us in terms of a Hillary or Trump presidency?

On the one hand, we ourselves will choose our next president, going to the ballot box and voting and making up our own minds, for better or for worse. From that perspective, we chose Barack Obama and George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

On the other hand, the Lord is not a passive spectator in world events, especially when His people pray for His will to be done “on earth as it is in heaven,” in which case we might conclude that we elected the presidents God chose for us to elect. If so, why did He choose Obama or Bush or Clinton or Reagan or Nixon or Kennedy? To what purpose? With what message? Or does He simply give us what we deserve (or choose), for better or worse?

Many Americans are upset that we are left with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as our major party candidates, figures who each have extraordinarily high unfavorability ratings. Yet on the Democratic side, Hillary has been the expected candidate for some years now, so that is hardly a surprise.

But how do we explain the Trump candidacy? He defeated 16 other Republican candidates, including respected governors and senators, some of whom had massive funding behind their campaign. And his campaign was hardly flawless, leaving him open to all kinds of attack that should have brought him down, yet he still defeated a strong, tenacious field.

Is any of this God’s doing?

As much as there are natural explanations for the ascendancy of Trump — his nationalistic appeal; his outsider appeal; his reality TV star appeal; his appeal to our fear and anger — there could well be supernatural explanations as well. Has God raised up Donald Trump for a specific purpose in history?

Others have speculated on what a Trump presidency could mean, pointing either to the Persian king Cyrus, who was used to bless Israel, or the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, who was used to curse Israel. Although I have written about this in the past, I believe the jury is still out on what the implications of a Trump presidency would be, although I would fervently pray for blessing rather than cursing should we elect President Trump.

But there’s another angle to consider, and that’s what concerns me most.

What if Donald Trump was raised up by God to defeat 16 Republican candidates, some (if not most) of which could have readily defeated Hillary Clinton? What if he was raised up, not to become president, but to pave the way for a Hillary presidency? And what would it mean if, after 8 years of President Obama, we would then have President H. R. Clinton?

To me the message would be clear: Despite President Obama’s radical policies, policies which have directly (and, for the most part, quite negatively) affected our families and our freedoms, the Church in America is still largely asleep, still largely oblivious to our nation’s steep moral and spiritual decline, still largely unaware of the perilous situation in which we find ourselves in the world today.

The bad news is that a Hillary presidency would mean divine judgment on a sleeping Church and a sinning nation.

The good news is that, with true repentance, that judgment could become a mercy, provided that we wake up.

The best news is that the elections are still three months off and we can wake up today, asking God to have mercy on our land, getting out of our self-satisfied complacency, and praying for the Lord to turn us in the right direction without the help of His smiting rod.

Obviously, I can only offer these thoughts as spiritual surmisings, also recognizing that the Lord has no political affiliation and that there is good and bad in each party. And whoever our next president is, that person will be my president and I will pray for him or her.

My hope, though, is that the thought of Trump being raised up to pave the way for Hillary, all for the purpose of divine judgment, would provoke us to a greater sense of prayerful urgency. It is certainly called for today.

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  • Gary

    The problems facing America cannot be fixed without tearing the whole system down and replacing it. That would prove to be untenable for anyone but God, and Christ will do that very thing when He returns at the end of the Great Tribulation. Of course by then, most people will be dead and it will be much easier to implement the changes. I believe we are getting near to the Great Tribulation. I am surprised it has not already come. But I think it cannot be far off.
    The Clintons are the most corrupt people to ever be in the position they are in. I don’t think even the Bush family is willing to sink to the depths that the Clintons are willing to go in order to get what they want. A Hellary presidency would be seen by me as judgment from God on America. I don’t know exactly what to make of Trump. I don’t believe he is a Christian, and I don’t know why anyone who is not a crook would want to be POTUS. I don’t know for sure what his motives are. But even if his motives are good, I don’t believe he will be able to help the country out of its many problems.

    • david Mills

      The article implies that God is in control of it all and YOU say God can do nothing through mr Trump, Hmmm?!? Gloom, despair, and agony on me…….The fact is that God IS the final authority. Men CHOOSE their own actions. Should the “great tribulation” come in our day, Gary, are you prepared? Are you looking to a man (or woman) to save you, or deliver you? Only true, unfeigned, faith in God will get you, me, or anyone else through those times. Mealy mouth whining about the present circumstance helps nobody. If your or my trust is not fully in God, we’re not gonna make it. Does whining and crying about anything help build your faith? Does it help to build the faith of others? Jude 17-24;Ro 3: 10-13.Therefore, we must seek God, trust God, and proclaim the Gospel that Jesus proclaimed. There is no fear, no doubt, or any despair in that Gospel!

      • Gary

        I don’t expect to be here for the Great Tribulation, so I don’t need someone to see me thought it. . The NT says that things will get worse and worse until the Tribulation arrives, and then things will get MUCH worse. AFTER the Tribulation, Christ will return and clean the whole mess up. I look forward to that, and to getting out of here soon.

      • SophieA

        I just have to thank you for the Hee-Haw moment. As a child, this show was a staple in my house. The best part of the song were the words you echo….”if it weren’t for bad luck at all, gloom, despair, and agony on me!” Of course, I agree that there is no fear but only hope in Our Lord. It is always prudent of us to be reminded of this hope when so much of the world’s news could erode our firm faith. Also it is nice to be reminded with a nostalgic smile.

    • cicada69

      well, that’s perhaps why some of the elements of Bernie appealed to aspects of justice, fairness and virtues, that have been empty in the “two” parties that have occupied for far too long..
      -“we” had a chance to elect something different, but the people clammored for a ‘king’ and that’s what they got, since they (we) didn’t want “THE King” in our hearts..
      -yes: some unavoidable reaping what we’ve sown; the blood of innocents cries out and will be heard in heaven; the USA can’t escape certain choices..
      but it’s not a partisan thing, it’s a righteousness thing…
      If righteous men & women were running for office, and little fault could be found, the rejection of a righteous-in-Christ leader (who wasn’t waving his ‘cross’ the way Sanders doesn’t pull on his judaism, but -lives out from it-), the rejection of the masses would be on their lack of desire for God-type/centered Righteousness.

  • NG

    Good thoughts from Dr. Brown. It’s now time to pray and ask for God’s mercy!

    I wonder if Trump was allowed to become the candidate, so the American people can finally reap what they’ve sown .. greed and materialism…

    • Trump The Everchosen

      Is it the American people who did such evil or is it the American leaders, did Ahab’s people die or did Ahab die, think about that

  • Mojigato

    The same thing I’ve been saying for a while now…

  • VL

    God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, his ways higher than our ways. That doesn’t say, they are out of reach.

    Keep reaching brother.

    Lean not to your own understanding.

    • cicada69

      rather looks like Dr. Brown was ‘reaching’ ; I agree.. but recommend he change directions of what conclusions he’s ‘reaching’ for. 😉

  • Really

    Before the 2008 election, D.G.S. Dhinakaran said that America would get a new president. He talked about how that president would be more after a good name, rather than the security of our nation. He said a few other things, but He said the reason we would get that president was because America had “rejected the crucified Jesus”.

    Welp… it looks like to me, with the choices we have before us, it’s happening all over again. As long as we keep doing it our way, we’ll get no more than what we do. I don’t believe that trump will be president, and that God may use that to teach is church a lesson about hearing His voice, and following Him only. He is mercy, after all. At this point, it’s still not to late for God to intervene, if we truly humble ourselves, we can still get a better choice. Regardless, no president can “save” us.

    I do believe that God has used trump to expose the corruption in the party that is no longer the party of Lincoln, the conservative movement, the church, and even in the media that we once relied on for good information. All that is gone now that many that have been viewed as conservatives would gladly set aside the godly principles our country was founded on in order to set up a king.

    If hard times do come, at least now we know who has held fast to their integrity, as opposed to those who have forsaken their conservative and Christian values, and I believe that’s important for the days to come.

  • john appleseed

    There are multiple reasons to oppose evil clown Trump: He has had multiple bankruptcies, has praised multiple brutal dictators, has uttered multiple ridiculous conspiracy theories, has had multiple adulterous affairs, has had multiple positions on each of multiple issues, has multiple left-wing policy ideas, & has donated big bucks to multiple leftist politicians, besides having encouraged violence multiple times recently.

    • john appleseed

      Besides, Trump is the most ego-maniacal, dangerous, hypocritical, grudge-bearing, left-leaning, gaffe-tastic, profanity-hurling, indecisive, tantrum-prone crybaby in GOP primary history.

      • Trump The Everchosen

        All ad hominem attacks that have no facts to validate them (how could an ego-maniac be ok with a large portion of the country hating him), God hates that too, heal thyself physician

    • fred2

      The irony of your statement is that the American church is guilty of many of the same things.

      * How can evangelicals bash Trump for being a divorcee, but are silent about divorce being rampant in the church?

      * Trump is pretty liberal on homosexuality, which reflects the worldview of younger evangelicals. Older evangelicals sadly aren’t better as shown by Black evangelical adults voting overwhelmingly for openly pro-gay Obama.

      * Pornography is too common among evangelical men. This makes it harder to slam Trump’s sexual past.

      This is why Dr. Brown has a point that church must get its act together before we start pointing fingers at others.

  • Patmos

    Prayer is one thing, speaking up is another, and probably more essential. For how can people believe if they have not heard? And how can they hear without a preacher?

    America today is as ripe for God’s grace as ever. Christ can to save, not to condemn, remember? For the doctor is sent to those who are sick, not those who are well.

    These broken candidates are a reflection of a greater sickness. The body of Christ has to speak up, with the aim to make well.

  • Betharoni58

    Trump seems more inclined to put down political corruption, said he would appoint conservative judges, immigration reform , help the economy. He chose a godly Christian VP. I see good things with his Presidency and only horrible things with Hillary. The media is horrifically biased and people should be not listening to them. In the meantime Hillary , the most corrupt candidate ever, gets a free ride.

    • cicada69

      there is not one righteous, not even one..
      Trump: co owner of a strip club, has -repeatedly- skipped payment on his contractors (God -hates- this repeatedly in the O.T.) and Ms. Clinton is -just- as corrupt /power hungry as Trump is erratic / unstable and immensely self-centered.
      -Do we really recognize the fallout from The Donald threateneing to bankrupt the country, use nuclear weapons (dont’ think there’ll be nuclear retaliation on U.S. soil?)..
      -How will the “least of us” in the USA; the 40% living check-to-check, as well as the seniors, children, sick/disabled & legitimately dependent… survive the backlash from other govts as well as economic disruption?
      True justice, and God-righteousness must be sought. It should be plainly apparent that -neither- candidate that .. the parties -offered- us, that the media -played- to us, are acceptable to the values & virtues in the flag, in the Constitution, or the country’s founding documents, let alone the Bible that either one can hardly quote let alone use as a mirror for their own faces/consciences..

      • Trump The Everchosen

        He never threatened to bankrupt the country, his economic policies are heavily inspired by Reagan, he wants to get along with Russia and is largely anti-war with exception to his approach to ISIS who has been killing and raping our brothers and sisters in the east, refute my argument with facts if you disagree

    • Really

      The media never vetted either candidate. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The media wanted trump!

      Trump IS the personification of political corruption; he is he’s own personal lobbyist. He has already said, as well as his surrogates, that he will punish his political adversaries, at least on the right. No mention of Hillary. He has backtracked on the economy, and his policies are detrimental to the economy.

      As for Mike Pence, he chose him believing that he could use him to manipulate Christian conservatives that hadn’t boarded the train, to get on board, in the same way he released the Supreme Court list. I believe that in the same way he changed his mind about Mike Pence the very night he selected him, (but was told that it was too late to go back), he cannot be trusted on the Supreme Court. It’s all about his popularity, and he will follow that.

      Hillary and Trump are two sides of the same coin. Pretending it isn’t so, refusing to hear truth or blaming others for pointing out facts is not going to change anything. Trump supporters have been doing this for over a year, and his demise is so certain, that the race is being called now.

      Time to stop praying God exalt trump into the presidency, and instead start praying that God’s will is done in this election, because it’s not trump! He wants to be good to America, but he can’t do it with either of these two running.

      • Trump The Everchosen

        Really, Trump is hated by both the republican and democratic establishment because of his anti-lobbyist proposals, the media hates his guts and has been misrepresenting everything he said, his economic policies would lower taxes, promote manufacturing businesses in America, keep young Americans from having their jobs stolen from third-world illegals and immigrants, and deregulate businesses, which is essentially Reaganomics 2.0, if you disagree with me, present a counter-argument that does not contain ad hominem fallacies. But if you cannot do this, feel free to shut your eyes and put your hands over your ears and remain blind and deaf to what is happening, just don’t try to justify your self-deception by pretending that you have been red-pilled, because you my friend took the blue pill.

  • cicada69

    this is so presumptuous!
    -God is dealing with more levels than this!~
    “bad news” / “good news”.. “what if”.. SO presumptuous!
    “What if” the the disciples of Christ have been working, but are so few, and less vocal (because of wisdom, or sheer busyness) in contrast to the loud & many who call themselves ‘christians’ but are merely “fans” of Jesus & not followers-disciples/disciplined ones?!
    What if: american has fallen to the same trap as broadbrushing “their god” of their own image into a symbol or flag or patch to tout and rally around a political figure of -their- choosing?! (ie: same as when we hear of “christian militants” in africa, formerly ireland, etc., using “religion” as a polarizing, militant, political identity to kill, steal, suppress, self-empower, etc.) < Nothing to DO with the LIving Christ that transforms hearts & minds, NOthing to DO with "Love one another" "Heal the sick" "Care for poor, widowed, orphaned, prisoners, refugees", etc..
    Consider that there are greater and deeper "what if's" to propose than this "article"~!

  • Rita Lovett

    I find more interesting the court case coming up in November concerning the transgender issue where the birth certificate is the determining factor in the use of bathrooms! How low have we sunk in the eyes of our children? The North Carolina law is fighting for the last ounce of common sense, decency and family values which use to be the determining factor in electing a President! Now ,we act as if there is no Hope in either politician! Christ in us is the Hope of Glory regardless of who is elected to the highest Office in the land!

    • Dear Governor McCrory:

      As North Carolinians and Pediatricians with specialty training in Endocrinology, we respectfully request that you reconsider Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB2).

      A law that defines biological sex as “the physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate” is inherently flawed and potentially harmful to a group of children that we care for in our pediatric practices.

      As professional experts in the field of chromosomes and genital anatomy, we provide professional consultation to our colleagues on babies in whom assigning sex may not be possible at the time of birth. For example, there are babies born in whom chromosomes suggesting one sex do not match the appearance of the genitalia. This can be due to multiple biological causes such as chromosome abnormalities, abnormalities in anatomic development, environmental exposures during pregnancy, genetic mutations in the syn thesis and actions of adrenal and gonadal hormones, and tumors that make sex hormones.

      For these children, gender assignment at birth is challenging and takes substantial time – sometimes requiring re – evaluation over months to years. Severe hormonal imbalances at birth may also result in gender assignments at the time of the birth that may require reassignment later in life.

      Our patients already face major medical and social challenges and HB2 creates unnecessary hardship for these vulnerable youth. We respectfully ask you to repeal this hurtful bill.

      Respectfully, Deanna W.Adkins, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Duke University Medical Center

      Evelyn Artz, MD Pediatric Endocrinology Mission Children’s Specialties Mission Children’s Hospital

      Robert Benjamin, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Duke University Medical Center

      Ali S. Calikoglu, MD Professor of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      Cathrine Constantacos, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Section of Pediatric Endocrinology Wake Forest Baptist Health Brenner Children’s Hospital

      A. Joseph D’Ercole, MD Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      Elizabeth Estrada, MD Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Chief, Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      Michael Freemark, MD Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Professor of Pediatrics Chief, Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Duke University Medical Center

      Nancy E. Friedman MD Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Duke University Medical Center

      Pinar Gumus Balikcioglu, M.D . Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Duke University Medical Center

      Nina Jain, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      Kateryna Kotlyarevska, MD Pediatric Endocrinology New Hanover Regional Medical Center

      Jennifer Law, MD, MSCR Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      Nancie MacIver, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Duke University Medical Center

      Shipra Patel, MD Adjunct Faculty of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      Elizabeth Sandberg, MD Incoming Fellow Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      Robert Schwartz,MD Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics Section of Pediatric Endocrinology Wake Forest Baptist Health Brenner Children’s Hospital

      Maureen A. Su, MD Associate Professor of Pediatrics Division of Pediatric Endocrinology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Gregory Peterson

    “Despite President Obama’s radical policies, policies which have directly (and, for the most part, quite negatively) affected our families and our freedoms, the Church in America is still largely asleep, still largely oblivious to our nation’s steep moral and spiritual decline, still largely unaware of the perilous situation in which we find ourselves in the world today.”

    Or perhaps, he hasn’t done those things. You just think that conservative Christians should be privileged to nullify laws at will and capriciously discriminate and defame minority groups with impunity and without criticism. You have actively advocated economically disadvantaging some minority families.

    It’s not America that is in a steep moral decline… conservative Evangelicals always claim when egalitarian movements are gaining some traction… it’s that you’re just looking through a spiritual fun house mirror that’s giving you a seriously skewed view of real morality.

    • Tex Taylor

      Anybody that doesn’t recognize America is in steep decline, is an imbecile. Being a Christian has little to do with recognizing massive failure and decay, both domestically, fiscally, and especially foreign. As we speak, there are more refugees walking this planet since any time since WWII. The debt has doubled in less than eight years. The middle class is quickly disappearing. The work force participation rates are at historical lows. ISIS, the JV, is now located in over 60 countries. Student loan debt is $1.3 trillion and climbing. Half of college graduates can’t find a job in their major. The infrastructure is falling apart.

      And if you don’t think America in steep decline, explain why 79% of Americans believe the country on the wrong path?

      What you are is a blind bigot and Leftist lackey. But that doesn’t change the reality of middle class wages stagnant and at 1996 inflated adjusted levels, or food stamp apportion has increased 43% under Obama. One in two families in America is in or near poverty. Millions are hurting. Millions more have lost hope.

      Frankly, it’s you that is lost…

      • Gregory Peterson

        An economic decline isn’t the same thing as a moral or spiritual decline. We’re a far more moral country than we were when I was young back nin the 1950’s and 60’s. Nobody has screamed racist threats at my mother since the 1970’s.

        The economic dislocations impacting the middle class began some time ago. Same with infrastructure decay. Paying for a war almost completely on credit wasn’t entirely the fault of liberals. Irresponsibly cutting taxes willy nilly hasn’t help matters.

        The economic and infrastructure problems are hardly the sole fault of us dreadful liberal lackeys (Lackeys…now there’s a blast from the past word.) You reduce revenue, and when the benefits that were suppose to come with reducing taxes don’t happen, you don’t have the money to address the infrastructure problems.

        Oops. gotta go.

        • Tex Taylor

          An economic decline isn’t the same thing as a moral or spiritual decline. We’re a far more moral country than we were when I was young back nin the 1950’s and 60’s.

          Good Lawd. You really are deluded. In the black community alone, the family unit has utterly disintegrated, and 3/4 of the babies born out of wedlock. Other races have naturally followed. Race relations are at the lowest point since I’ve been of age in the early 70s. Our culture is so coarsened, anything goes. Kids today send nude pictures of themselves and video people in desperate help. Ask any public school teacher whose been around more than 25 years if we’re a moral country than a few decades ago. They will laugh you out of the room.

          Paying for a war almost completely on credit wasn’t entirely the fault of liberals. Irresponsibly cutting taxes willy nilly hasn’t help matters.

          In addition to being blind and foolish, I read you innumerate too. Blue state models in nearing bankruptcy – Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut just to name few. Barack Obama will have accumulated more debt that the 43 Presidents before him combined. Where’s the beef?

          Give you an example of how woefully inept you Leftists are. In 2009, Barack Obama a stimulus package and without one Republican vote, it passed to the tune of $862 billion dollars – more than a trillion with interest. Three years later he joked the “shovel ready jobs” not shovel ready.

          That cost? More than entire Einsenhower Interstate System of the 50s in adjusted inflated dollars.

          As to taxes? The U.S. has the highest corporate taxes in the world – another name for high consumer taxes, as those simply passed on to the consumer.

          My friend, you and millions like you are what ails this country – in every regard.

          • Gregory Peterson

            I don’t know about public school children today. the children in my life are now busy with their careers and starting their families, but I do know about university freshman, most of whom went to public schools. (No, I’m not a professor.)

            They’re polite, bright, tolerant and highly competent. Their parents and schools did fine.

          • Tex Taylor

            They’re polite, bright, tolerant and highly competent. Their parents and schools did fine.

            So fine, that America allocates more funding per public student than any country in the world, and ranks in the bottom 25% of STEM scores.

            You’re hapless and ill informed. Of course, you also once believed your messiah Obama would usher in world peace with the magnificence of his panache, and slow the rising tide. Doesn’t get any dumber than that.

          • Gregory Peterson

            I never expected that from the President. I thought he was too conservative, for starters. I was right.

            At my age, I’ve long given up on utopia… which is a fantasy of white privilege, anyway.

            But nevertheless, he’s been the best President in my lifetime, which extends back to Truman.

            I work for science graduate students and professors when I’m not doing my own thing. We’re doing adequately. Could do better with STEM scores… but better would be very expensive and would take a generation or two to ramp it up.

            Conservatives never put their money where their mouth is, and yet demand instant results.

          • Tex Taylor

            But nevertheless, he’s been the best President in my lifetime, which extends back to Truman

            Because he’s black. You’ve been able to overlook a multitude of massive failures and gross incompetency on account of it too. #BlackLiesMatter

            Funny how people see things. The worst President in my lifetime. That takes some doing being Carter was a President. Obama is a buffoon and weasel with a teleprompted speech, with a penchant of Muslim sympathies and black racism.

            And most likely the worst President in U.S. history.

          • Gregory Peterson

            Actually, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland spend more.

            Conservative Evangelical anti-intellectualism and pseudo-science and pseudo-history clams probably don’t help us compete with top scoring countries.

          • Tex Taylor

            The public school curriculum has been managed useful idiots like you from the Left for 60 years. Predictably, everything you black racists touch turns to dung.

            Fortunately, my wife and I could afford to keep corrupt imbeciles like you at arms length with private schools – both daughters now physicians.

            Obviously it worked to keep you horrific and immoral influence away from them during the formative years.

            Mendacity becomes you, Goebbels. Either that, or you’re so dumb you don’t know any differently.

          • Gregory Peterson

            That goes too far. You need help.

          • Gregory Peterson

            The President’s Stimulus Package worked well. Not as many jobs were created as hoped, true, but the auto industry was saved, for starters, despite Romney’s advice to let it crash and burn. That still contributes today to the economy, and it would be gone if the GOP had had its way.

            Extended benefits kept people off the streets and jails. The Dow recovered. Obama didn’t add much more to the national debt than any president likely would have, at least without destroying the economy for decades and kicking grandma to the curb to steal her Social Security and Medicaid.

            Of course had we had stronger economic regulations, hadn’t let the GOP administration lie to us about Iraq, and had elected a competent President instead of a Republican one, the recession likely wouldn’t have been so severe and the national debt so high.

          • Tex Taylor

            The President’s Stimulus Package worked well. Not as many jobs were created as hoped, true, but the auto industry was saved

            ** GUFFAW ** Which side of the rainbow do you work? The bailout for GM wasn’t part of the stimulus. You don’t even lie well. The auto bailout cost the American $17 billion in losses, and Chrysler is now owned by Alfa Romeo. LOL. The stimulus actually witnessed the recorded unemployment rate go up 2.2%.

            You want to know what the market is going up, of which I have been a benefactor? $4 trillion of funny money pumped from the Fed, and artificial low interest rates, of which these very smart business folk borrow to buy back their stock. Real easy. You and I could pump the market.

            And this comment?

            Of course had we had stronger economic regulations, hadn’t let the GOP administration lie to us about Iraq, and had elected a competent President instead of a Republican one, the recession likely wouldn’t have been so severe and the national debt so high.

            So stupid to not even warrant retort. You’re unteachable, my friend. A true rube, profoundly ignorant, innumerate, not terribly bright, incredibly gullible.

            You are a caricature why America’s days are numbered.

          • Gregory Peterson

            Fiat owns Alfa Romeo.

            The bailout of GM was part of the response to the recession, like the stimulus package.

            Nobody expected the stimulus to immediately reverse the recession. It was aimed to make it much less catastrophic. It worked.

          • Tex Taylor

            Nobody expected the stimulus to immediately reverse the recession. It was aimed to make it much less catastrophic. It worked.

            There’s no empirical evidence the stimulus did anything but blow taxpayer money. You’re lying once again. You’re a poor propagandist.

            In fact, there’s no evidence that Obama’s accumulation of massive debt has done anything but slow recovery. The economy stinks and everyone knows it except Obama’s bootlickers.

  • Gregory Peterson

    “The bad news is that a Hillary presidency would mean divine judgment on a sleeping Church and a sinning nation.”

    Oooh! Does the smart Methodist lady scare widdle oocums? There there, pobrecito!

  • Jewish Watchman

    Democrats and Republicans are both wings of the same bird. Obama could not get most of his policies implemented without the assistance of the Republicans. A little less than a year ago I stated that Trump would be the broom to sweep the path so Clinton could enter the White House – and nothing has changed since.
    The US Christians have put their faith (material prosperity) in the hands on a godless man to “make Amerika great again.” One can not serve two masters, and the US Christian attempts to have his cake and eat it too. God will not be mocked. Period.
    Just as the Northern tribes of Israel attempted to solve their ‘problems’ and have wealth without God – so has the US.
    Until the US Christian gets on his knees and accepts Christ as their head, and leaves the godless actions of the actions of the nation, to the godless…..things will get very much worse. However, one suspects that the US has a long way down to go – before that happens.

    • Really

      Bravo! Our constitution was made for a moral people. Many people that call themselves conservatives would rather get rid of the constitution than repent and go in a different direction, and that’s the bottom line.

      • luke16

        You forgot to answer Gary.

  • VL

    God has historically used whatever vessel available for his purposes, even delivering his people and fulfilling his promises and answering their prayers. Cyrus and other Babylonian kings served in restoring Israel to their land after the period of captivity was fulfilled. He can raise up people with the winning ideas and work with them. Trump’s vision is in keeping with freedom’s ways in vital respects. It’s his immature character that’s in the way. Perhaps we should show maturity ourselves by praying, believing and speaking for his salvation and personal growth. Wouldn’t that be God’s will for him, same as he wanted and helped us be uplifted? We can’t just curse the darkness. We have access to the ability that turns on the light. Let us pray! Let us speak in love and faith’s languages as if we truly have a savior, which we do, if one be born again.

    • Really

      When trump’s attacks the first amendment, the second amendment, the fourteenth amendment, undermines the constitution and threatens to rule by his own stupid pen, not to mention being dug in with the establishment, you can admonish the rest of us for our lack of faith all that you want. One particular inventor of the cyrus keeps saying, “they just don’t get it.” Unfortunately, we do though, and it has nothing to do with faith. It has to do with trump’s own words. But hey, since you have such great faith, I’m sure that you can believe God can change trump before November. Otherwise, this is just obama all over again, and a lot of us our not going down that road with the rest of you. We didn’t follow the crowd the first time, and obama was a more slick, but we sure aren’t going down the road with little donald trump.

      • Gary

        Who will you vote for?

        • Really

          Tom Hoefling

          • Gary

            Never heard of him. But I looked him up. He seems like he might be a good man. If you think he is the best candidate, you should vote for him.

          • Really

            I think he has the most integrity, that’s for sure. He is new to me to.

      • Trump The Everchosen

        When has he attacked the first, the second, and the fourteenth and Trumps very pro-tenth ammendment

        • Really

          You must not pay attention to the news, or perhaps you only watch news outlets that are propaganda campaigns for trump. I’m not doing your research for you.

          • Trump The Everchosen

            Not an argument, if you are going to make accusations you need to provide facts to support them

  • Joseph M Leon

    It is somewhat sad, Mr Brown is implying that a Hillary presidency would be worse than a Trump Presidency. We need to get this straight: 1000 Hillarys or 1000 Trumps will not be a blessing for our country, either or will be terribly bad. Our country needs 2 Chr 7:14, specially the church. Like NOW!!

    I am so sadden to see a lot of so called “christians” have more nationalism than THE LIVE and LOVE of CHRIST in their hearts. They don’t feel the actual call and love for all souls, they just want “their country back”. This country is not even ours, this land is not ours!! Everything is HIS, and HE will do whatever HE wants with it.

    I agree with the fact that Trump is nothing but a “cheeto jesus”, a false god that so many are using just to justify their anger or passion, he is an unorthodox mix for fake conservatism and liberalism. Hillary is a liberal force by nature, none of them should have been the nominees for either party.

    Every single human being on this earth is a simple immigrant, and if we don’t learn to love all souls regardless of their color, creed, faith, religion, inclination, how are we going to reach them for the kingdom of God? Of course safety and security matters, absolutely!! But so many are manipulating the argument falsely accusing the whole, and just because of very few.

    There is no such thing as “white, black, yellow, brown”. There are only souls, that is what our God is fighting for, the soul of every individual. Because the color of your skin will not matter at all, without repentance everyone will perish, pretty simple.

    God bless our country!

  • Bee Judy

    Almighty God sent us a PRO LIFE candidate, the people cried, “Give us Trump or Hillary!”

    • 9MICHAEL9

      **** Luke 23:18 — And they all cried out at once, saying, “Away with this Man and release to us Barabbus!” (NKJV). Mobocracy in action, circa 30 AD.

      Two incompetent, left wing, corrupt, dishonest, pathological liars as the R & D presidential nominees. Mobocracy in action, 2016 AD.

      #NeverTrump — now more than ever.

      Vote your conscience and your true conservative principles.

      TED-CRUZ-4-PREZ-2020 *****

      • Trump The Everchosen

        You know its sad when pagans seek to protect future generations more than christians, if hillary wins, their won’t be an america

        • 9MICHAEL9

          **** Wow TTE, you REALLY love those semi-illiterate run-on sentences, don’t you….

          Donald “Mentally Unstable” Trump is an untrustworthy, liberal regressive, DemocRat-RINO establishment fraud. Don “The Con” Trump is a pathological serial liar, whose “word” is not worth a bucket of spit.

          In truth and reality, all of you worshiping disciples in the Trump Cult have become gullible, easy marks in the great confidence scam that your false, messianic, orange calf idol, Donald “Blasphemer” Trump is running on a minority of the American electorate.

          All of you non-discerning, blind, deaf and dumb Trumpkin Bumpkins are semi-living proof of what P.T. Barnum observed of fallen human nature 160 years ago — “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

          Lastly, you need to change your false Discus moniker from “Trump The Everchosen” to — “Lyyyyin’ Donnie Boy The NEVERchosen” — as come November 8th, the Orange Julius Flimflam Boy Trump will suffer a catastrophic L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E defeat. And all of you foolish Trumpidians will be solely responsible for 4 despotic years of the tyrannical regime of the Wicked Witch of the East, President Hillary Clinton.

          For all of you simpleton Trumpsters pigheadedly insisted that the GOP nominate the most dishonest, the most vile, the most vulgar, the most unqualified, the most ignorant, the most mentally unbalanced, the most non-presidential nominee in the 160 year history of the Republican Party.

          Now that the arrogant ignoramus Trump heads the ticket, the “GOP” should change it’s name to the “DOPE” Party.

          #NeverTrump — now more than ever.

          Vote your conscience and your true conservative principles.

          TED-CRUZ-4-PREZ-2020 *****

          • Trump The Everchosen

            Not an argument

          • eassa

            ew….yucky bucket of spit. Excuse me while I puke! LOL….. 😉

          • Really

            I agree with a lot of what you said, except, I don’t honestly don’t believe it’s going to be trump or hillary. I think they are just being used and we are going to be surprised by who ends up moving to PA Ave. I mean, seriously surprised. In a good way.

  • Will Coggins

    Why should we wait for the implementation of a new government? If we believe 2 Chronicles 7:14, then now is the time to align ourselves in word and in deed with the Kingdom of Heaven. If we recognize that “we are not of this world” and live as Kingdom citizens, then like Daniel of old, we bring the forces of the Kingdom of Heaven to bear in this world. Then we will expect and see the Kingdom of Heaven and the will of God being done “on earth as it is in Heaven” (regardless of who the president is at this time or in the future).

  • If the bible is believed, we learn that God left off “setting up and removing Kings” when He
    introduced the gospel of Christ (I Cor. 15:3-4) and concluded Israel in unbelief; somewhere around the time of Acts Chapters 7 and 9. In this grace period we get the Presidents that win elections “by hook or crook” so to speak.

    • Trump The Everchosen

      I agree but the OT can still teach us some things

  • eassa

    Dr Brown, I was at a prayer meeting Friday and heard an unusually powerful prayer. As the man prayed for this nation, he asked God Almighty to drive his church and all believers to their knees in repentance for our lethargic love of all things godly and good. But what caught my attention in his prayer was when he said, “May the soil of this nation be wet with tears until we all turn our eyes to the only One who can save our nation from destruction.” I wondered if this was a prophetic view of the next 4 years, regardless of a Hillary or Trump win the election, that our national decline will worsen to the point that our citizenry will finally humble ourselves the point of repentance, once again giving our hearts to our Beloved Jesus and praising the One True Living God.
    And with my thoughts expressed, I will dash off to the FCF building for worship on this wonderful Sunday morning. Michael, we all love you at IHOP and look forward to your next visit with us. 🙂

  • You have been weighed in the balance – and found wanting.

    • Rambler

      Drag queens’ opinions are worthless.

      Outside your own circle of self-gelders, you boys are a joke.

  • Istvan

    Interesting opinion although I dont think that most of the 16 defeated candidates had a chance against Hillary (and that applies to Ted Cruz as well).
    God bless the USA!

    • Really

      Well, one thing Cruz got right, is that trump loses to hillary by double-digits, and lo and behold, he’s doing it!

      • Istvan

        I was also cheering for Cruz, but that ship has sailed. Now it might be as Mr Brown says, and Trump has a reason, a very negative reason.

        Nevertheless, should I support Hillary now? (Directly or indirectly by supporting the GOPe factions against Trump).

        The best scenario is of course when Niniveh repents, finds the grace of God, and divine judgment is deferred. May God give us His grace again and let His will be done!

  • Dr. Mike, we MIGHT be experiencing a Romans 1 situation in this nation.

    • Trump The Everchosen

      I would argue otherwise, its the government trying to enforce the moral decay, not the people, if you look at the political left, it is really a small but loud group, plus I think the gospel has not been spread throughout america as of yet, most americans are gospel ignorant, not gospel hardened

      • eassa

        Trump The Everchosen. Moral decay is coming from everywhere. Hollywood is peddling evil in every form and as mindless robots the people sit and watch what would have shocked their grandparents and great-grand parents. The government is a reflection of the people’s morality.
        The corrupt government will not change until the hearts, minds and actions of the people change and turn to truth and goodness.

        • Trump The Everchosen

          Hollywood, the government, and the education system are both funded by the same people, if you break this iron triangle, we can bring about more reforms

  • Trump The Everchosen

    Yes, Ted Cruz a Canadian, who is hated by most people and is responsible for helping to steal votes from Georgian republicans, had an actual shot at beating Hillary, by the way if any of you think any of the 16 republican presidential candidates would have made a difference even if they were elected President, with the exception of perhaps Ben Carson, you are deceiving yourself, they would have ignored the border issue and allowed third world immigration to continue into the U.S. which would have demographically stacked the deck in the Democrats favor because third-world immigrants by and large support big-government programs and are willing to work for cheap labour and allowed ISIS send in its members into the U.S. with ease because no one is watching the border. Let me give my opinion on the situation in America, the Church in America got lazy, it relied on the Republican party to pass its agenda and when the Republican party lost or betrayed them, Christianity got silenced, democrats like Obama then used the government to pass along their agenda and Christianity could not fight it because it relied to much on the government to promote Christian ideals and Christians had allowed their children to be indoctrinated by public schools and colleges because they never taught them how to defend their faith. Now, right at the brink of America’s collapse, because guess what, 20 trillion dollars in debt, bad leadership, unregulated immigration, unjust wars, and 94 million people out of the workforce, is a recipe for disaster. Then Trump comes along and actually addresses core issues and brings the subject of immigration, trade, and lobbyism back to the front and the people love him because of that and the establishment hate him because of that, Paul Ryan, Mccain, Hillary, Obama, and Romney all hate him (which should really tell you that he is doing something right). Yet, the church had already thrown itself behind Ted Cruz, whose moral character is questionable to say the least, and had hoped Ted Cruz could pass the Christian agenda, so the church would not need to work as hard because why enforce christianity when the government is doing it? Now Trump is proposing to stop illegal immigration, decrease immigration as a whole, make better trade deals, not use the government to enforce crazy ideas like transgenderism, and wants to decentralize education which would prevent the federal government from controlling what your kids learn, Trump may be a pagan but he is trying to do a lot more for us all than anyone else in this country is.

    • Really

      Ever look up the word, idolatry?

      • Trump The Everchosen

        Did I demand worship of Trump? Did I say that he was more important than Christ himself? I made an argument explaining why Trump’s policies are beneficial and that if he hadn’t stepped in, this election would have still meant the end of America because both the republicans and the democrats are two-sides of the same coin. They both would have allowed cheap labor to flow into the U.S. in the form of illegal and legal third-world immigration which would have demographically changed the U.S. forever and would have prevented any sort of conservative from getting elected ever again. Refute my argument, take the red pill my friend, it’s scary at first but we are supposed to call wisdom our sister.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Hosea 8:4, 2nd Tim. 1:7, Hebrews 11:6, and Proverbs 14:12 are the four verses that come to mind. In every single instance without exception where I’ve seen folks make the claim that God is lifting Trump up to turn this country back to God, they invoke those four Scriptures without necessarily naming them. Those are the themes.

    There’s the “God turns the heart of the king…”, “God’s in control”, and “God’s will be done.” Don’t ya just love it when folks use their own wisdom to make a decision and then blame the outcome on God’s Sovereignty. Then there’s the innumerable folks who step up on the throne and exercise their faux omniscience by boldly proclaiming all that Hillary will do if Trump is not voted for. Or boldly prophesying what Trump will do if elected. Both being based on fear of what will happen if Hillary is elected and a sinful act of assuming that for a moment they can take the place of Almighty God and, not only know the future, but emphatically prophesy exactly what will happen. None of even considered for a nano-second that God could take Hillary out in a heartbeat as she’s taking the oath of office and before she’s ever even sworn in. So much for “first woman President” if that were to happen.

    In NO case have I yet to see anyone give a Biblical exposition as to why Trump should be voted for and done so from a foundation of faith. In the examples of Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar there is NOTHING in Scripture that would remotely lead one to think “The People” actually supported or enabled those leaders to come into positions of authority. And there is NOTHING in Scripture that shows God telling His people to approve, endorse, or support Evil Rulers. Submit to, yes. Support, no. In fact, I might argue that according to Romans 13 it is a sin to vote for someone who would govern contrary to God’s laws.

    Lastly, there’s the a No-Vote for Trump in any way is a Yes-Vote for Hillary. A clear and absolute lie on its very face and yet many professing to be Christian are preaching it. When has God’s truths or actions ever been based on a lie?? And yet that doesn’t speak to them either. Every single argument made by those professing to be Christian toward voting for Trump is based on a lie, a sin, or both. Quite to the contrary, God’s Word gives numerous instructions on who we should support as leaders.

    They always require Faith while leaving the consequences up to God.

    • Really


      I’ve seen where people don’t even like trump, have been led away by these trump charlatans. And now that they’ve been led astray, they see what a nutjob trump really is. sad

  • JTE

    I recently heard someone say that God has given us Trump and Clinton so that whoever wins it will result in incredible evil coming to America, with judgment to follow. What a sad day for America.

    (Hollywood, the government, big corporate America–we can blame anyone or anything for the wickedness in America, but it’s we the people that go to the movies, vote for the government and hyper consume any new gadget that’s for sale. It’s “we the people” who are the king in America–and God judges nations because of the wickedness of her kings.)

  • Ryan

    Except the times be shortened, there would no flesh be saved.
    Shortening the time would be accomplished easily by speeding up the events. No one can say that hasn’t been happening over the last seven years.

  • Jim Walker

    To all who wrote Never Trump are as daft as a dove.
    I’m totally surprise the little grey matter you all have.
    America is doomed and no thanks to all of you.
    Am so sad that your great country have been reduced to this.

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