Healing for Adult Children of Divorce

By The Ruth Institute Published on February 20, 2024

Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola are the co-founders of Life-Giving Wounds, a ministry to adult children of divorce, which has 20 chapters across the U.S. They are also authors of the new book, Life-Giving Wounds: A Catholic Guide to Healing for Adult Children of Divorce or Separation.

Even as an adult, the dissolution of his parents’ marriage was painful for Dan, and he saw the need for healing. Having gotten there himself, he and Bethany now help the many people from broken homes, still mourning the loss of an intact family, find healing for themselves.

The Meolas are unabashedly religious in their ministry because, as Dan points out, “The deepest core suffering is the absence of God. We’re all made for God. We desire more than just what this world can give us. [Therefore,] spiritual healing is the deepest level of healing.”

 “If you come from a broken home, you are less likely to consider yourself a believer,” Bethany says. One example of this is “someone with a serious father wound — if their father has abandoned them, or is not a good example of a father, it can be really hard to trust in the love of God the father.”

“Millions of people don’t have a family that was able to really image God’s love. Many adult children of divorce feel like their parents’ practice of the faith was hypocritical. They went to church, yet still their family fell apart,” Bethany adds.

“When we ask children of divorce, ‘What’s the core wound?’ two things came up: the loss of my parents’ love together, and feeling abandoned by God,” Dan notes. “We as Christians need to go into that mess, into those feelings. We know marriage is called to image God’s love, so when it doesn’t, there is a natural sense of, ‘If this is an image of God’s love, then I don’t want anything to do with this.’”

“We’re trying to enter into those deep dark places, and say, okay, our parents are not God. God transcends this image … God wants to heal you from those past memories and pain,” Dan says.

To learn more, including the differences and similarities between divorce and adoption, watch the full interview on Locals. You can watch the first half on YouTube, Bitchute, or Odysee.

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