Why All the Fuss Over the Trump Sex-Comments Tape?

Did anyone really believe that Donald Trump was not the man he so clearly once was?

By Michael Brown Published on October 10, 2016

I’m not writing this to defend Donald Trump or to minimize the despicable nature of his comments captured on video in 2005. Not a chance.

Nor am I writing this to convince NeverTrumpers to vote for him.

My own wife, Nancy, has told me repeatedly that she could not vote for him, despite the possibility of Hillary getting elected. (Of course, she will not vote for Hillary either.)

Instead, I’m writing this to ask those who once supported Trump, like my highly esteemed, Christian brother Wayne Grudem, a fellow-professor and theologian, why the video tape changed things.

Prof. Grudem wrote, “There is no morally good presidential candidate in this election. I previously called Donald Trump a ‘good candidate with flaws’ and a ‘flawed candidate’ but I now regret that I did not more strongly condemn his moral character. I cannot commend Trump’s moral character, and I strongly urge him to withdraw from the election.”

Certainly, I commend Prof. Grudem for his integrity and for acknowledging what he now feels was an erroneous endorsement of Trump. In fact, just a few days ago, I wrote a piece questioning whether I will endorse another candidate in the future, having previously endorsed Sen. Cruz.

But my issue is simply this: Why the surprise now? Did anyone really think the tape misrepresented who he was in 2005 and who he likely continued to be.? Did any of us think that he didn’t sexualize women, that he didn’t lean into his star power, that he didn’t boast about his many (alleged) sexual trysts? Why the outrage and shock now?

Even if Trump changed in certain ways since 2005 — perhaps he has been more faithful to Melania and more involved with their kids — the character he displayed throughout the election process indicated some very deep, moral flaws, making him the least likely poster boy for the evangelical right.

During the primaries, I issued numerous words of warning and concern about Donald Trump, in writing, on radio, and on video, also making clear that these warnings were in the context of the primaries, when we had other, more viable candidates for president. (Obviously, this was simply my opinion.)

Once it came to Trump vs. Hillary, my posture has been that I cannot vote for Hillary but that Trump could earn my vote, and that remains my position until today.

I would like to be able to vote for him, and I do hope that he will heed the godly advice that is being given to him and learn to humble himself before God and people. But his failings and flaws are such that I still have concerns about helping to elect him as president, despite the dire possibility of a Hillary presidency.

But these are just my personal opinions, and I do not write this to persuade or to influence. My purpose in writing is to ask those who once backed Trump but do so no longer: Why the surprise at his past conduct? Weren’t his weaknesses and flaws shouting aloud to the nation over the last year via tweet and spoken word?

I never for a moment bought into the “Saint Donald” rhetoric, questioning other Christian leaders who embraced him as such. (I don’t mean to deny that he has helped people privately and has a compassionate, caring side. I simply mean that to present him as a wonderfully Christian man is to be self-deceived.)

And I understand the convictions of the NeverTrumpers, although I have never identified with this group. (I once used the hashtag in a tweet but decided not to do so again.)

My issue is with the political leaders and Christian leaders who endorsed Donald Trump and who worked to help elect him but are now distancing themselves from him in shock and dismay. Who did you think you were dealing with?

I know he can be gracious and humble in person, and there are surely many positive qualities about him.

But if you’re going to endorse him, do so with your eyes wide open, or don’t endorse him at all.

The man who once boasted about his adulterous encounters with famous women and who opened a casino with a massive strip club inside but felt he didn’t need to ask God for forgiveness is the man you endorsed for president.

Had he renounced with shame his past life, that would be one thing.

Had he not insulted and degraded his political opponents (and other perceived opponents) in the most vile and cruel ways, crushing them at any cost so that he could advance politically, that would be one thing as well.

But he did not renounce his past or change his public ways, because of which, the only issue with the 2005 tape should not have been the tape itself but rather how he responded to it today.

I have colleagues who believe that God is raising up Trump the way He raised up Cyrus, pointing out that Cyrus was used by the Lord although he was a pagan king who did not know the God of Israel (see Isaiah 45:1-6, and note carefully the phrase “although you do not know Me” in v. 5-6).

I have no problem with this concept at all. As the old saying goes, let God be God (in other words, let Him do what He chooses to do in His way and for His purposes). So be it. As I’ve written before, I personally hope it’s true.

But for those who are having cold feet about Trump now, I ask again: Wasn’t it clear from day one that this was the man you were endorsing?

For all of us, then, from here on in, the lesson is simple and clear: Whatever we do, let’s do it with our eyes wide open and with our trust in God alone.

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  • Chip Crawford

    Makes sense. I didn’t vote for him, but see him being used and being drawn to Christianity with many such influences around him. It just stuck out how right he was about the pivotal about-face our country needs to take and right now. He shows genuine appreciation for the evangelical support, has their influence, and wants to support their cause. We need to be willing to work with people, be patient with them, pray for them as they develop in a path they’ve not known. We are too quick to make demands on people rather than appreciate that the man may be a provision we need to acknowledge God for.

  • Billy Chickens

    WWJVF? Who Would Jesus Vote For? Donald Trump, of course, because he is the candidate who will most uphold God’s moral law. He is pro-life, pro traditional marriage, and most important of all he will appoint Supreme Court judges like the great Justice Antonin Scalia, may he RIP.

    By casting a no-vote because of priggishness and holier than thou attitudes, one will be answerable to Almighty God if Hillary wins. She will murder every unborn child she can through abortion expansion (that the prudish people will also be paying for), she will pass further laws for homosexual and lesbian “marriage” by electing the next 3 Supreme Court Justices, and transgender equality is high on her list. No Christian will be able to earn a living if they do not provide abortions for employees, support homosexual and lesbian marriage and adoption, and bow to the transgender agenda. Hillary is a globalist – and Islam is coming our way and she’s on the Saudi’s payroll as well as the Islamic UN.

    People are so priggish that they refuse to vote, while doing so will further the anti-God hell we are hurtling toward. My conscience will be clear. Because I never let the mainstream media form my conscience and opinions, I will vote for DONALD TRUMP, the candidate who will most uphold GOD’S MORAL LAW.

    • cindiaune

      How can he uphold God’s laws when he has broken most of the commandments already? Or should he just uphold them for the rest of us and he gets a pass? Seriously hard to understand your logic.

      • Billy Chickens

        Cindiaune, So you want Hillary to win and appoint 3 Supreme Court justices so millions and millions of unborn babies can be murdered in the womb paid for by all US taxpayers forever, you want homosexuality to be passed into law in every state forever, you want men to use girls’ bathrooms, you want the government to go bankrupt, and so forth?

        God wants NONE of that. Donald Trump (who BTW has an IQ of 156 to Obama’s 102 and Hillary’s is not too far above Obama there) will appoint Supreme Court justices like Justice Antonin Scalia, may he RIP, who followed the constitution and was pro-life, not wanting to kill America’s children (the future). He will get America’s economy going again like it was (Hillary is not capable of doing that with her socialistic economic strategy), and if you ever get sick and need surgery, you’d better pray that Trump wins, because Obamacare will help you toward an early grave.

        And so, you have NEVER broken any of the Ten Commandments? Ever? You must be a saint walking on earth better than all other human persons. You pass judgement on the rest of mankind while you get a pass for being perfect. Seriously hard to understand your logic because a person who is perfect would never judge other people.

    • Paul

      Now we’re being told who Jesus would vote for LOL.

  • serenity

    As a Christian woman, I realize that Donald Trump is a sinner. Sinner’s sin. I know that in the locker room the talk is always about male ego and who is better than everyone else. (I raised two sons. I’m not naive.) Although disturbing from a Christian standpoint, from a Christian woman’s standpoint I find the fact that Hillary covered for a sexual predator AND threatened his already traumatized victims if they talked even more disturbing and despicable. It seems that we do not have a very good choice this election but we really have only one choice to make and that is to decide who is going to determine the makeup of the Supreme Court of this land for the next couple of generations. We better hope that it’s not Hillary or the church may end up going underground like it is in China. We will not have the right to defend ourselves if she has her way and the gov will have the power to run rough shod over the entire country, Democrats and Republicans alike. This is what our forefather’s warned us of. She is no friend of Israel either and I believe that the blessing this country has experienced directly correlates to our treatment of Israel. If Hillary wins, God’s hand of blessing will be even more restrained. On the other hand, we, as Christians also have to remember that scripture does tell us that ‘in the last days, things will grow worse and worse.” Perhaps this election is in the perfect plan of God. Perhaps our cup of iniquity is full and the return of Christ is imminently near. Perhaps the downfall of America is necessary. I don’t see any mention of America in Revelation. If America is still there and still a friend of Israel, why would she need to make a pact with the anti-christ? All I DO know is that my life is in God’s hands. God never promised us an easy road. God told Ananias to tell Paul at the very beginning how much he was going to have to suffer for His name. All I know is that we must focus on running the race and finishing the course as strongly as we can. In a moment, all the world’s history will be no more than a wink of the eye in eternity when Christ sets up His kingdom on earth and we will live forever with Him! Praise God!

  • Charles Burge

    You said exactly what I’ve been thinking since yesterday. For me, nothing has changed compared to last week. I didn’t watch the tape from 2005 (not interested) but from everything I’ve read, I haven’t learned anything about Mr. Trump that I didn’t already know. It perplexes me that people who threw their lot in with him are backing away now.

    • notfiveo

      Of course you weren’t interested in hearing anything negative about your billionaire draft and tax evader, it goes against your lack of common sense and everything you don’t believe in.

  • wil484

    I agree that with you that it is unsurprising, though disappointing, that such a tape exists. I imagine more dirt may surface as Election Day draws near. What I do find surprising, however, is the lack of scrutiny to which Mrs. Clinton is subjected on her uncharitable nature and scandalous actions. For example, Trump apologized for his comments during the debate. In contrast, Clinton did not apologize for her hateful characterization of his supporters. In fact, she doubled down, only suggesting that the percentage was off. She lied about scrubbing her server after being issued a subpoena, she lied about being involved in the “red line” policy in Syria. These are clearly things of which she would be aware. Somehow, “fact-checks”, such as one that Trump did not have all the details correct about the vetting of Middle Eastern refugees, are considered par with these falsehoods. They are not. Furthermore, she held one of the most prestigious offices in the country in which she illegally handled classified material (for which prosecution was not pursued by the Obama Administration – who’s surprised?) and she accepted donations to her private foundation from foreign entities while granting these same entities audience with her while in her official capacity as the U.S. Secretary of State. Does no one care? The list goes on and on: Lying to the American people about what happened at Benghazi. Incarcerating the man who made the video on which the lie was based. Looking a grieving mother in the face and lying about what happened to her son in Benghazi. What kind of a person does these things? One who is self-serving and narcissistic. A sociopath. There is something very wrong with our political culture when we all focus on a decade-old indiscretion said by a self-promoting celebrity, while overlooking the pathology of character exhibited repeatedly by Hillary Clinton while in public office.

    • notfiveo

      Hillary did apologize but your alternate reality just won’t accept it, besides what she said was true. How else can one explain the ignorance behind defending Trump. Maybe since Trump doesn’t go to church he is not held to that higher standard?

  • Mo86

    While I agree with all you’ve said here, this is the wrong angle to be taking.

    What we need to be doing is calling out these vile, hypocritical liberals who are now JUDGING him for this! Especially when these same vile, hypocritical liberals excuse BOTH Clintons for their much worse sins!

  • MofPennsy

    ok, when you mentioned Cyrus, I admit Mylie came to mind…But I would ask if HRC and her over-reach would bring about a rebuilding of the Constitutional Walls protecting us, and a revival of the Republic Ideals.

  • Terry Mather


  • Aaron Brown

    I never truly supported Donald Trump, though I did decide to vote for him. I mostly identify with the #NeverHillary crowd and I thought that Trump couldn’t be as bad as she was. I must agree with you when you say that this is not surprising.(I said the same thing when the tapes were released) I think that in many ways I willfully looked away from his many personal flaws and looked more at what his policies would hopefully be.(That shows you how bad this election cycle has been) I now think that this was the wrong mindset to take. I was in the #NeverTrump crowd for a long time but eventually, I decided that I could vote for him. I think that the release of these tapes has opened my eyes again to the major flaws in Trump’s character. Now, I never defended his character; merely that Hillary was worse on practically everything than he was. I feel like I can’t vote for either candidate right now. I can understand the views of those who vote for Trump on the terms that I was willing to do, but now many are coming out to defend what he said in the tape.I cannot understand how you can do this and stay inline with Biblical morality. I think that this is the last time to get off the “Trump Train” before it goes off the rails because these will not be the last thing of the scandals before November 8.

    • Eva Holiman

      Please, stay on the Trump Train. He us our best hope.

      • notfiveo

        Yes he is the best hope for the U.S to continue down the path of stupidity, ignorance, and conspiracy theories.

        • spadestick

          Whatever you say troll

    • spadestick

      Yup folks like you, just get off and join Hillary. Tired of lukewarm spew inducing double minded sheep.

  • Gary

    Most of the outrage over what Trump said eleven years ago is FAKE. This fake outrage and moral insult is being used as an excuse to not vote for Trump by people who were never going to vote for Trump to begin with. The fake outrage crowd is very happy with how things are, and they think Hellary will keep things as they are. They are scared that Trump will spoil the party and ruin what they have going on.

    • notfiveo

      Fake, if it were a Liberal the Bible thumping would be loud enough to cause an earthquake. Trump certainly has brought out the ignorant hypocrites.

      • spadestick

        Troll alert

  • zooks11

    For decades we have been living in a society which constantly reminds us not to judge others The hot button social and moral issues should be left behind in politics. We are all pagans now. The religious right needs to be purged from the Republican Party because the platform is driving young voters away and the base is shrinking. Now elected Republican’s are doing a 180 degree turn claiming they can’t support Trump for such outrageous, despicable lewd language. For me nothing has changed after hearing about the hot mike tapes. Hillary Clinton as president is a far worse option.

  • Eva Holiman

    Cruz, like obama, was not eligible to be POTUS or VP, as he was not a Natural Born citizen, as required by the Constitution. A Natural Born citizen is born on US soil to 2 US citizen parents. Cruz’ mom may not have been a citizen when he was born, Cruz sealed their records. Cruz did not give up his Canadian citizenship until 2014, Canada did not have dual citizenship when Ted was born, he was born a Canadian. Obama was born a British subject, was adopted at age 5 or 6, making him a citizen of Indonesia. I can find nothing that 0roves he is or has ever been a US citizen. Accepting 1 US parent, or none, as in case of Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, to be POTUS or VP, means the Prince of Monaco and the prince of Jordan and billions of others can be our President! Do you really think our founding fathers desired this?
    Our only choice to try to salvage what is left of this nation is Trump. Trump said unsavory things, but Bill and Hillary have actually done very, very things to so many. Ruined lives and even been the cause of many deaths.

    • notfiveo

      Get back in your basket and take your alternate reality conspiracy theories with you.

      • Eva Holiman

        Do you do any research? Or just watch msnbc and cnn and listen to the Clinton camp? Obama’s Kenyan BC and registration of birth are online as well his Catholic school registration in Indonesia. Info on Vattel’s Law of Nations is online, this was the recognized as the authority on natural law (the way things happen naturally), at the time of the writing of OUR Constitution, Ben Franklin had 3 copies of Vattel’s Law of Nations. John Jay wrote George Washington regarding the matter of the office of POTUS and VP being held to a higher level of citizenship than any other office. The founding fathers did not want the holder of these 2 offices to have divided localities. Blackstone, of England also wrote on what a Natural Born citizen is. Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution requires the POTUS and VP to be Natural Born citizens, born on US soil to 2 US citizen parents, period. Thus is not racial, it is abiding by the Constitution and our laws. No conspiracy at all. Rubio, Jindal, and Nikki Haley are all 3 Anchor Babies, not one parent was a US citizen when they were born. There is a huge baby business in California, mostly wealthy Chinese, pregnant women, come to US, have baby here, to get US anchor baby citizenship, then return to China. Do you not see where this is opening our country up to all manner of problems? This needs to end. I have been researching this issue for years. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullis, and atty Orly Taitz have done extensive research and have the info on Obama, but cannot get a judge to hear the case. We have been had. This is not rocket science. I want our nation to return to following our laws and our Constitution. I was briefly for Ted Cruz until my research showed him not eligible. His mom was born in Delaware, but serious questions regarding her citizenship when Ted was born exist, Ted has sealed their records, why? After college in Texas, mom, Eleanor and first husband, Alan Wilson moved to England, where Alan still lives. Eleanor had a child, Michael, he died at 5 months of age, in December 1966, or there about. She could have become a British subject due to birth of Michael. She returned to the US, went to New Orleans, met Rafael Cruz, they relocated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, started their own petroleum related company, Ted was born. Rafael became a Canadian citizen, did not become a US citizen until 2005. Eleanor and Rafael are on Canadian voter rolls in 1974, it is unclear when they became Canadian citizens. If Eleanor became a British subject, thus would have allowed her to become a Canadian in 1 yr. instead of 5, Rafael could also become a Canadian via her citizenship much sooner. Ted did not give up his Canadian citizenship until 2014. Canada did not have dual citizenship when Ted was born. It takes two US citizen parents, and birth on US soil to be a Natural Born citizen. US military bases and US embassies also qualify as US soil, how McCain qualified. Being a citizen is not adequate to ge POTUS or VP. I hope you have read my response and understand. Info is available, do research. Ann Dunham was 18 when Barry was born, law at the time required parent to be 19 to give child parents citizenship. Barry’s Kenyan bc and registration of birth are online, born in Mombaso, Kenya (was still a British colony, Coast Province, district of MOMMAGA, I think is the last word) . Grandmother, Sarah Obama said she was a witness at the birth in Mombaso. I just want the truth and a legal POTUS of this nation.

      • spadestick

        Hellary Troll alert

  • Roger in Republic

    The best thing I saw on this was a tweet that said: “When I was in college we only talked about sex about every minute or so.”

  • Suzanne Leong

    Disappointed in the people of the USA who used to be the model for the world in their christian walk….who have now become so weakminded… surprised they can still think that people can be perfect because NO ONE is perfect except Christ….But you have become people of NO faith in your God…you discarded Him and you chased after idolatry and even now you cannot trust that all things are possible with the Mighty and Holy ONE! His thoughts are higher than out thoughts and His ways are far beyond what we can imagine. That’s our God, only Him can change and mould a person but one who has sinned against God on what He abhorred, killing of unborn babies and pro-homosexuality and pro-same sex marriage and who does not repent will have no favor with Him. Our God is a gentleman and He will leave you to choose. You will have to know your God to choose well. The US has gone down the slippery slope for the past 8 years, just doing the things God does not like….and you could get out or stay in it for more slippery time. We pray for you and God bless America.

  • Dena

    I’m not happy that Trump feels he has the license and power to sexual degrade woman. What is more shocking is some Christians are defending this behavior. This isn’t right.

    The counter argument will be how horrible Clinton is. Yes, I will not vote for her either. However, character matters and if Trump is elected he will be a role model for our sons. His lewed comments and grouping isn’t an isolated incident. What is defending this behavior telling our Children? This isn’t normal behavior and not all men do this. Christians shouldn’t behave this way toward woman either. We’re not objects. We’re people.

    Character matters. Right now I can’t vote for either candidate. I can’t condone Trumps behavior toward woman as being ok.

  • Hmmm…

    Trump is changing and has changed from the man he was 11 years ago in the brag tape. The crush of women coming forth after someone sprung that tape are not coincidental or for real. One man on the same flight as that woman who claimed she was groped for some time in the First Class section of the flight has come forth to testify he was in that section and it did not happen. To me, that sounded an improbable that they would be the only two people in that section, and that no one noticed or that the woman did not get up or cry out long before she said she went to the back.

    In another case, a relative told on the Apprentice contestant, saying she was ambitious and tracked her motivation and refuted her claim. It is likely the host of others are also spurious. HRC brought the former Miss Universe to the US and schooled her to play her role in that caper. This is in line with that sort of thing.

    This is not fantastic — oh, it is — but the Clintons do these types of things. Mike Huckabee is from Arkansas and ran opposite Bill in a number of elections down there in earlier days. He said the Clintons filed malicious suits against him and literally did every kind of dirty trick they could, especially toward the end of the race. These types of things are definitely in their playbook. There are some other things going on, more serious, that may very likely come from the Clinton campaign. It’s in their history,

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