Is the FBI Covering up an Antifa-ISIS Connected Cell Responsible for the Las Vegas Massacre?

By Rachel Alexander Published on March 20, 2018

Many questions remain unanswered about last October’s tragic mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas. Even mainstream news outlets are reporting on the odd lack of details released to the public. Leaks from the FBI reveal there may be a cover-up going on within the FBI. Stephen Paddock may have not been a lone shooter.

True Pundit, an investigative news site, has talked to anonymous sources within the FBI. “It’s a movie script that was written after the shooting to rewrite what really happened,” an FBI agent told  the outlet. “The investigation is an entirely different story that we are not allowed to talk about. If we do and get caught, we get fired and probably charged (criminally).” Seasoned law enforcement and military experts expressed serious doubts to The Daily Caller about the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s initial report. They found it odd that police gave no motive for the shooter.

Agents were told to ignore evidence of accomplices.

FBI sources told True Pundit that agents were told to ignore evidence of accomplices, including other shooters. “One would-be target was never pursued despite pleadings from intelligence officials and agents that he was possibly the second shooter.” The inside FBI sources said as many as five shooters planned to fire from the suite. Police scanner recordings revealed officers reporting shooters at more than one location. Several witnesses reported other shooters as well.

The Antifas-ISIS Connection

Paddock may have been part of an Antifa-ISIS connected cell. Law enforcement found Antifa materials in his hotel room and photos of women in the Middle East. A Melbourne, Australia, Antifa group claimed credit for the attack on a Facebook post since deleted. “One of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay.” FBI agents told True Pundit that Paddock was anti-Trump. They said Paddock worked with Antifa and an ISIS-linked terror faction. They said the FBI knew Paddock targeted the country music concert because it would be full of Trump conservatives. But they were told not to talk about it.

The FBI declared there were no terrorist connections to the shootings. However, ISIS’s Amaq news service said Paddock was a “soldier of the Islamic State who carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting coalition countries.” He “converted to Islam months before the attack.” ISIS’s weekly Al-Naba news referred to Paddock as “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki.” Despite the FBI’s denial, President Trump has said he has “no idea” if ISIS played a role.

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Police have not released any of the surveillance coverage that might have caught Paddock transporting his guns and ammunition from the parking garage into the hotel. There were 18 AR-10 and AR-15 rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammo housed in bulky gun magazines. Police obtained 21,560 hours of video and 251,099 photo images from the hotel. MGM refused to share video surveillance footage from the casino. FBI agents were told not to reveal this to the media, or they would lose their jobs, agents told True Pundit.

The Unseen Autopsy

Other details are fishy. Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg is defying a court order to release Paddock’s autopsy. Fudenberg claimed he hadn’t finalized the autopsy. But Paddock’s body was cremated back on December 21 and given to his brother. Fudenberg claimed Paddock’s death was a suicide. Law enforcement released minimal details about the autopsy report on January 8, which mentioned a single bullet to the head. However, FBI sources told True Pundit that Paddock suffered two gunshot wounds. If so, forensic evidence would suggest it was not a suicide. The sources believe FBI agents likely killed Paddock.

Forensic evidence indicated Paddock’s death was not a suicide.

The brother of Andrea Castilla, a 28-year-old California woman killed during the mass shooting, said he still hasn’t received a copy of her autopsy. “We can’t even get a response from the coroner’s office,” Adam Castilla told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It’s been over 100 days and I’ve called at least 20 times. I haven’t gotten one call back. I feel like they’re definitely trying to protect someone or themselves.”

Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos, who Paddock shot in the leg, skipped five media interviews after the shooting. He could not be located for awhile. His family is under a gag order.

While many treat all speculation about the shooting as “conspiracy theories,” much of it is coming from law enforcement and sources within the FBI.


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  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Were I one to embrace conspiracy theories , the scenario Ms Alexander reports on certainly lends itself to such a consideration. Hey, in light of all that is being unveiled regarding “the deep state” Is it no longer beyond the realm of possibility that there may be something either covertly or otherwise happening here w/”deep state” involvement ..?
    Antifa ? Isis ? FBI ? Might there be a connection ? Only time will tell. Or will it …?

    • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Embrace or be destroyed by willful blindness. The forces at work are playing for nothing less than all of our freedom.

  • Char B

    I pray for justice, and the truth to be revealed.

  • TakuanSoho

    I think the obsession with finding a motive is what is driving the conspiracy theories. There doesn’t have to be one you know. Everything we do know about the guy shows him to be arrogant, smug, and had delusions of his own superiority.
    His motive was probably to do it and get away with it. To be the new D.B. Cooper.
    I doubt seriously he committed suicide in his room, my guess was that he tripped on some spent casings and accidentally shot himself.

  • Philmonomer

    Shame on you for publishing this.

    • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Shame on you for enabling conspiracy and lies.

    • Paul

      Yea, it’s shameful to seek facts, how dare she!!

    • Shame on you for being close-minded and continuing to drink the Kool-Aid given to you.

  • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Do conspiracies exist? Can anyone doubt that the do? And what is the proper response to them, if not to expose the actors in the shadows who mean to cause harm?
    It is the part of HEROES not madmen to shine the light of truth on these evil forces. God bless and prosper you, Rachel Alexander.

  • timeout31

    I don’t care what his mental state was. But I do care why he committed the murders! I want to know WHY the enforcement community is being mum on all the details. Don’t like conspiracies? Then tell us what happened that led up to the murder. Clearly, law enforcement is hiding something significant. If the murderer was connected to ISIS and/or antifa, we need to know that. If true, we need to ad antifa to the terrorist list, and go after them. While they remain silent, they remain lax and ineffective. They want us to go away and forget….there is a there there, and it may involve people they are covering for. Been happening all over law enforcement these days….called corruption! Look at FL.

    • stan schmunk

      If what you say is happening isn’t it the job of the president to push the DOJ to do something about it?

  • Steve

    One thing for sure is anyone who believes the media or cops in these things has to be seriously naive. Conspiracy or not there is so much more access to information now that even with a speck of curiosity one has to wonder about routine denials by authorities especially with so many trying to avoid dealing with questions. Its our world like it or not. Staying informed means wading through loads of crap unfortunately. But human nature and reality are not as simple as occam’s razor.

  • Aaron

    Well I guess this story went down the toilet after they released all the survalence of him bringing all the guns up to his room… conspiracy theory that holds no water. I would never personally publish stuff that was hear say. But that’s just me.

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