The Evil of Hamas and the Weakness of the UN

People attend the funeral of a baby who died after being prematurely delivered after her mother Shira Ish-Ran was wounded in a Hamas terror attack near Ofra settlement in the West Bank last Sunday, in Jerusalem, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018.

By Michael Brown Published on December 16, 2018

Try to imagine the scene. It’s a Sunday night in Israel, and you’re out with your husband near the Ofra Junction. Just 21-years-old and 7 months pregnant, you can hardly wait to give birth to your child. Suddenly, shots ring out, and you realize you’ve been hit.

Your husband is also hit, along with two 16-year-old girls, two 16-year-old boys, and another man in his 20s.

You don’t know the condition of the others, but you’ve been shot in the stomach, seriously wounded, and you’re bleeding heavily.

Rushed to the hospital, your mind is racing, but like any loving mother, your thoughts are especially focused on your baby, a boy. Is he alright?

Your husband, it turns out, is in stable condition, but you don’t know that right now. Nor do you know that your baby has been delivered by C-section while you are fighting for your life.

Thankfully, the others were not mortally wounded, and you too will recover. But within the week, your baby will die, the victim of a terrorist’s bullet in a random, drive-by shooting.

What makes this story all the more tragic is that it is absolutely true. Every word of it.

A Child is Murdered, and Hamas Celebrates

Your name is Shira, your husband is Amichai, and your son, now laid to rest, was named Amiad Israel. And the terrorists who shot your baby one week ago are still at large.

Who is responsible for this heinous, murderous act? It is none other than Hamas.

Yet this terrorist organization is making no apology for the shooting of civilians, including teenagers and a visibly pregnant woman, in cold blood. To the contrary, this is cause for celebration.

To quote the official Hamas statement, “The heroic Ofra operation is an affirmation of our people’s choice and legitimacy in resisting the Zionist occupation and its settlers. It proves that any attempt to condemn the Palestinian resistance will fail in the face of the desire and valiance of our Palestinian people.”

This is absolutely sick.

There is nothing “heroic” about a drive-by shooting of civilians. Nothing heroic about targeting four teenagers. Nothing heroic about aiming at a young, pregnant mother and her husband.

This is as cowardly as it is despicable.

There is nothing legitimate about this act and it is anything but “valiant.”

But this is who Hamas is. It exists to destroy Israel, and if you are a Jew living in the Land of Israel, you are a potential target.

Your death is for Allah’s glory. Your murder, under almost any circumstances, is justifiable.

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That’s why one of the terror tunnels dug by Hamas and uncovered in 2014 led directly beneath an Israeli kindergarten. The goal was a mass kidnapping campaign – if not much worse.

And who, exactly, built these tunnels, which, as of 2012, had resulted in the deaths of 160 Palestinian workers? According to a detailed report published by the Institute for Palestine Studies, some of the builders (including those who died) were children. In the tunnels, we are told, “much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies.”

To repeat: This is who Hamas is and this is what Hamas does.

And the UN is Silent

Yet the UN is so morally compromised when it comes to Israel that it could not muster sufficient votes to condemn Hamas.

As reported by Reuters on December 6, “A U.S. attempt to get the United Nations to condemn violence by Palestinian militant group Hamas for the first time failed . . . because the draft resolution fell short of votes needed in the General Assembly.

“The resolution required two-thirds support and while Assembly resolutions are non-binding, they can carry political weight. The U.S. text received 87 votes in favor, 58 against, 32 abstentions and 16 countries did not vote.

“In an earlier procedural move requested by Kuwait, the 193-member body narrowly voted to require two-thirds support and not a simple majority for adoption of the draft resolution.”

This took place on Thursday, December 6th.

Just three days later, on Sunday, the 9th, and almost as if empowered by the UN’s cowardice, the shooting took place in Ofra Junction. On Tuesday, the 11th – meaning, within one week of the UN’s failed vote – the baby was dead.

Shame on the UN for its failure to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization.

And shame on Hamas for its cowardly, murderous acts.

May the Lord bring comfort to the grieving and repentance and justice to the guilty.

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  • tz1

    DuckDuckGo “One Shot, Two Kills” to see Israeli Snipers celebrate using their bullets to kill pregnant muslim women – and they even had a T-shirt. (I can’t post links here but it isn’t hard to find). That was hushed and there was no outrage.

    Does Michael Brown celebrate Israeli Snipers killing both an unborn baby and its mother with one bullet?

    All I see is two culture of death, anti-life forces destroying each other, and no one even attempting to bring Jesus, the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE to them to have them reconcile and stop.

    Meanwhile over at AmConMag they point out the Yazidis were genocided because we invaded Iraq but failed to protect them, and many became sex slaves to ISIS or Dagesh. But they were Yazidis, not Israelis!

    And Israel has given Haifa to China to develop so they can steal the US fleet secrets when they dock there – and Israel hero American Traitor Johnathan Pollard was responsible for many deaths in Russia, and the USS Liberty was attacked but we shouldn’t care about American and Russian Goyim deaths because … I don’t know and I doubt you will even attempt to make a case.

    • Andrew Mason

      Sounds like propaganda to me. Shouldn’t be shooting innocent civilians, especially pregnant ones. If they were acting as human shields for terrorists that’s different.

    • Kathy

      I’ll only address your statement that “no one even attempts to bring Jesus, the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE to them….”

      There are numerous organizations that bring that message to the Jews in Israel… Jews for Jesus, Light of Messiah Ministries, The Jewish Voice, just to name a few. Not to mention Michael Brown himself. There are MANY missionaries sharing the message with Muslims as well.

      You can always join them or support them financially. It would certainly help if you, as a professing Christian, would obey God by blessing Israel and not cursing them.

    • You are quoting exceptions, trying to prove that they constitute the majority of the behavior. This is an absolutely ludicrous tactic, because just the act of describing it shows how weak it is.

      Now try to focus. Hamas, not by exception, but by consistent practice, murders people.

      • tz1

        They are not exceptions. Originally I found this meme lauded by evangelical Christians.
        IDF snipers, by the very definition of their purpose, and their consistent practice, murder people. Where is the army, where are the enemy soldiers? Oh, they are all civilians. So what? Kill ’em all and let God sort them out?

  • tz1


    What about “our friends the Saudis” – that were responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11, violate human rights, try to cheat us via OPEC and oil prices,…

    But they are “friends” of Israel.

    They could take all the refugees into the air conditioned Haaj tents – those that say “Death to Israel, Death to Jews!” who are coming here (thanks HAIS!).

    One thing I will give racist, nationalist, Israel. They know that if they allow people who hate them and wish to destroy them, or even just want to mooch, into their country they will fail. So they don’t. They have a wall.

    Meanwhile I have to listen to sermons on how walls are evil and how we are all God’s children.

    • Whataboutism 101. This is about Hamas. Try to focus, please.

      • tz1

        Who has and perhaps still supports Hamas? And 9/11 terrorists?

    • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

      Hence the old adage that one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist…..the battle is to the death between Judaism and Islam for which the zealots from either side embraced “no quarter asked, none given”. Islam is a politically globalist world view by which their sword of jihad is their choice of weapon, the modern secular state of Israel holds fast to the historic hope for a militant Messiah of their choice for Israel to prevail. Yes we are all God’s children but all too few will be counted among the faithful remnant as the Sons of God. All too many embrace the 2nd Greatest Commandment while rejecting the1st Greatest Commandment. You cannot hold to the 2nd without having first been embraced by the 1st.

      • tz1

        I embrace the 2nd amendment which protects the first.

        Why not have Israel and the Muslims fight it out while wasting themselves like we arranged for sunni Iraq and shiite Iran to do for a decade, until we removed Iraq? They would be busy and leave Christians alone or seek them as allies, not someone to exploit or destroy.

        Secular states don’t hope for anything except their own selves. Israel hates God and is trying to do what those at Babel tried – build a tower that would survive God’s judgment as a flood. Israel doesn’t depend on God for its defense, it depends on its weapons.

        • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

          By “amendment” it appears that you are referring to the “Right to bear arms” which is most applicable when Christians are in harms way given we are called to love those behind us somewhat more than those in front of us. For those in front of us, we are reminded that the sword of God is the tongue that we use in concert with the armor provided which suffices even though it does not include a back plate which is unnecessary because our faith and trust suffice that God has our back covered.

          As for Israel hating God you must be referring to the secular and liberal state of Israel which is true for all liberal, progressive secular states. As of the orthodox Jews they do love the God of Abraham whom we know and love as the Father though they dismiss both the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Trinity. There is one sense that the real tragedy of the Holocaust is that the secular state of Israel has placed their future in the materialism of weaponry rather than the historic redemption and salvation by the God of Abraham that many of the orthodox Jews have also embraced. Orthodox Judaism is not wrong, only that it not All Right whereas secular Judaism is all wrong for the same reasons that secularism is wrong.

          • tz1

            The Jews who love God should all move to Israel and fix it as Israel is a democracy. Instead they stay in places like the USA.

          • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

            Every homeland has more than their fair share of issue between the traditional and orthodox and the progressives and the moderns. No more than I, as an American of Polish discent, can return to Poland to address the issues that Poland is facing effectively. Better to remain in the USA while assisting Poland to the best of my abilities and opportunities from this side of the pond.

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