Donald Trump, President of the United States by the Sovereign Intervention of God

If God has raised Trump up for certain divine purposes, it behooves us to ask what those purposes are — and to pray for divine restraint on his life.

By Michael Brown Published on November 9, 2016

As the political pundits weigh in on the many sociological and ideological factors that contributed to Donald Trump’s stunning victory, allow me to weigh in on the spiritual side of things.

I believe Trump has been elected president by divine intervention.

I’m aware, of course, that some people believe that everything happens by the will of God, which means that whoever wins the presidency wins by God’s express will.

Yet there are times when there are so many odds against something happening, when it so greatly defies logic, that it is easier to recognize God’s involvement.

That, I believe, is the case with Donald Trump winning — and remember, this comes from someone who endorsed Ted Cruz and was one of Trump’s stronger conservative critics during the primaries.

Just think of the obstacles Trump overcame, including: 1) The massive baggage of his past, including the release of a vulgar video with his tremendously offensive sexual comments along with numerous women accusing him of sexual assault (as reported by no less than the New York Times); 2) his myriad campaign errors, with enough misstatements and inappropriate remarks to sink several candidates; 3) a very strong Republican field, including governors like Bush, Christie, Kasich, Huckabee and Walker, senators like Cruz, Rubio and Santorum, and outsiders like Carson and Fiorina; 4) the massive power of the Clinton political machine; and 5) the overwhelming collusion of the mainstream media.

There are times when there are so many odds against something happening, when it so greatly defies logic, that it is easier to recognize God’s involvement.

To be sure, some will say, “Yes, God has raised up Donald Trump, but it is to judge America, not bless America. He has given us what we deserve, and it is not good.”

That is certainly a possibility, and either way, Trump’s many negative qualities are still glaring and our nation remains terribly divided.

But if, indeed, God has raised Trump up for certain divine purposes, it behooves us to ask what those purposes are.

First, consider this post from Pastor Jeremiah Johnson, now just 28 years old, dating to July of last year.

Jeremiah knew very little about Trump when he wrote these words:

I was in a time of prayer several weeks ago when God began to speak to me concerning the destiny of Donald Trump in America. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days. Trump does not fear man nor will he allow deception and lies to go unnoticed. I am going to use him to expose darkness and perversion in America like never before, but you must understand that he is like a bull in a china closet. Many will want to throw him away because he will disturb their sense of peace and tranquility, but you must listen through the bantering to discover the truth that I will speak through him. I will use the wealth that I have given him to expose and launch investigations searching for the truth. Just as I raised up Cyrus to fulfill My purposes and plans, so have I raised up Trump to fulfill my purposes and plans prior to the 2016 election. You must listen to the trumpet very closely for he will sound the alarm and many will be blessed because of his compassion and mercy. Though many see the outward pride and arrogance, I have given him the tender heart of a father that wants to lend a helping hand to the poor and the needy, to the foreigner and the stranger.’

Obviously, Trump’s policies regarding immigration would seem to contradict the final sentence here, but if the rest of this proclamation is true, then perhaps this part will prove true too as well.

Second, consider the perspective of Dr. Lance Wallnau, a Christian speaker and leadership coach who often thinks outside the box. He too felt that God was raising up Trump to be a Cyrus-type leader — someone used by God to help the nation, even though he himself was not a believer — feeling directed to read a passage from Isaiah 45 to Trump (this passage speaks of Cyrus), and say that Trump was called to be the 45th president of the United States.

Wallnau believes that God is using Trump as a “wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness,” claiming, “His emergence is such a destabilizing threat to the vast deal making machinery embedded in both parties that he has the unique distinction of being rejected by both liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans at the same time.”

In Wallnau’s words, Trump is God’s “chaos candidate.” (For my 90-minute interview with Dr. Wallnau on this subject, where he took calls from critics, see here.)

If, indeed, God has raised Trump up for certain divine purposes, it behooves us to ask what those purposes are.

But here is the major caveat, even if all (or most of these things) are true: If Trump, indeed, is a divine wrecking ball, then he could do as much as harm as good, and to the extent that he is appealing to the fears and frustrations and anger of a nation, he is channeling some potentially dangerous emotions.

That means that we should pray that: 1) he will continue to surround himself with solid men like Mike Pence, his Vice President, or Rudy Giuliani, possibly his Attorney General ; 2) he will listen to the godly leaders who have been speaking into his life, like James Robison and Tony Perkins; 3) he will humble himself, recognizing that the pride that has brought him this far is the pride that could destroy him; 4) he will keep his word about the Supreme Court justices he will nominate; 5) he will not compromise the Republican Platform in some misguided effort to prove his moderation; 6) he will do his best not to alienate those who are horrified by his presidency, instead pledging to be the president of all Americans (that would mean, for example, declaring war on radical Islam without declaring war on all Muslims); 7) he will demonstrate that he will ultimately help our nation as a whole (for example, with good economic policies or by proposing something better than Obamacare); 8) he will learn to act presidential (rather than vengeful and impetuous) on both a national and international level.

In short, if Trump indeed is president by divine intervention, we should pray for divine restraint on his life as well, lest this divine wrecking ball wreak havoc on the nation while tearing down what is wrong. May he be a divinely guided wrecking ball!

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  • Gary

    If Trump makes the kinds of changes that are needed, the “apple carts” of a lot of people will be upset. They won’t like that, of course. We’ll see how it goes. I have no idea what to expect from Trump. He could turn out to be a disaster. But if it did nothing else, his election stopped the Clinton’s from occupying the White House, which is why I voted for him.

    • johndoe

      Sorry gary, trumpy wont be running the gays out of NC!

      • Wayne Cook

        I would say you ventured to be a prophet…dangerous ground.

        • johndoe

          Not a prophet….more of a realist

  • Hmmm…

    God has heard from Heaven. He will heal our land, using us for our parts, so we need to be available.

  • Earl Baker

    Seriously? “Trump is my trumpet” that sounds just like the vain imaginations I heard just this Sunday at my church. A missionary came to our church in Springfield and said “Springfield… Springfield… Springfield… I just feel God saying you’re going to be a field of springs.”

    With all due respect this is just blatant nonsense Mr Brown.

    Brown… Brown… Brown… I see something brown… I sense that you like chocolate. (That’s what this sounds like)

  • D Sims

    I have seen on social media all morning by well meaning Christians so many comments about how America is going to be great again because this particular person was elected President. As it has always been throughout history there are a few that realize the delusion of this kind of thinking. America is not God’s special and favorite nation as many seem to believe. There was a reason that many of sincere faith in Christ felt that in the truest sense there was no choice at all. In spite of what you feel the Lord has spoken to you, these two uniquely different yet arrogant and godless candidates were given to America as a reference to what we have offered to God as a nation for the last several generations. We have been arrogant, godless and in our prosperity have built altars and pillars to our success and the more God called us the more we turned away. So both candidates represent exactly what we have become.
    I love what John Piper posted this morning.
    ” I gave you a king in my anger” ~ Hosea 13:11
    God have mercy on us all.

    • johnbrooks3

      But… the better of two choices. So I challenge you to pray for Mr. Trump daily that we may live a quiet and peaceful life here.

    • Manny V.

      I agree with you.

  • Ana

    There is no doubt that God has raise up Trump. The why is indeed what we must ask. I am not convinced The Lord is as concerned about political correctness in the political parties as He is with tearing down the political correctness inside the church. Every king and leader the Lord has placed in history has centered around doing some for or with His people- to teach, to humble,to free, to bless etc.
    So why would God be raising up a wrecking ball for the church now? Why might we need that? That’s the real question- what’s in this for your church Lord? What are you speaking to us about us? Judgement starts with the house of God not the secular political system.

  • “Obviously, Trump’s policies regarding immigration would seem to contradict the final sentence here”

    No, his policies do not contradict. America has to understand this simple truth – immigration happens through authorized ports of entry. Wall is for border control.

    Giving “path to citizenship” for illegals while keeping those who respect law in endless wait, is not ‘helping hand’.

    • Mo86

      Thank you! Well stated! I cannot stand how even Christians are supporting this lawbreaking. It sickens me.

      • kikikins

        He is a lawbreaker? Hillary kills babies in the womb even till nine months. She is a baby killer and what about Bengaze and so much more. Trump is the right choice and yes i am Christian and so very happy to be…

        • shacreva

          My read was that Mo86 was speaking of Christians supporting the lawbreaking of illegal immigration. Many do, “out of compassion”. Thankful that Trump will be our president.

          • Mo86

            My read was that Mo86 was speaking of Christians supporting the lawbreaking of illegal immigration. “Many do, “out of compassion”. ”


            Now, I have no good reason to believe he’s going to actually do anything about these lawbreakers. I hope I am wrong. I guess time will tell.

        • Mo86

          Please read accurately.

          Those who sneak into the country without going through the proper procedures are, BY DEFINITION, lawbreakers.

        • Missy

          How does she kill babies in the womb up to nine months? Have you read the reports on bengazi?
          You have a right as everyone to prefer one over the other. But you might find it interesting to investigate whether than pass judgement based on rhetoric. I also have issues with Hillary but I try to form my opinions on accurate knowledge.

    • Sonnys_Mom

      The insistence of so many faith leaders that enforcing immigration law is “uncharitable” continues to baffle me.

      PS Walls are also mighty useful for controlling contraband, including narcotics, and unauthorized entry of jihadis, “coyotes” and narcotraffickers.

      • Missy

        I am sure you all know that Obama was called the deporter n chief because he has deported more people than any president in history. I think the only exception was during WWI.

  • Mo86

    “Obviously, Trump’s policies regarding immigration would seem to contradict the final sentence here, but if the rest of this proclamation is true, then perhaps this part will prove true too as well.”

    Nonsense. Trump’s stance on immigration is one of the few things I agreed with him on. These criminals coming into our country need to be stopped! And by criminals I mean those hear illegally! By definition they are criminals. It’s wrong to jump the line, as it were, ahead of people who have spent money, effort and often YEARS trying to come here the correct way.

    • Manny V.

      Why you are so angry at immigrants?? I really doubt GOD feels the way you feel, actually HE COMMANDS YOU TO LOVE THEM:

      “DO NOT OPPRESS A FOREIGNER; you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt. (Exodus 23:9)”

      & God “loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt. (Deuteronomy 10:18-19)”

      Jesus bled for immigrants, believe it or not, and in the Bible, God implies that we are foreigners in a dark world. We are passing by. We don’t belong here.

      Trump’s nomination last night, hurts Mexico to such an extent, that the Mexican currency and investment plummeted overnight. This IN TURN implies some Mexicans will try to migrate to the USA, NOT because they want to be criminals like you imply, but because they want to feed their family.

      So please, enough with the rhetoric of hate. God is NOT glorified through it. You remind me of that U2 song: “You give love a bad name.” If Trump was elected by God’s will or not, at least try to act like a son/daughter of God for goodness sake!

      • Sonnys_Mom

        You are confusing legal immigrants and lawful permanent residents with illegal border-jumpers who come here to take advantage of social benefits to which noncitizens are not entitled.

        Sorry, but’s not our job to prop up Mexico’s economy.

        • Mo86

          I stopped reading at the first line. How these trolls sicken me.

      • Mo86

        “Why are you so angry at immigrants??”

        LOL! Show me where I am “so angry at immigrants”.

        Be gone, troll. Address what I actually SAID. Aggravator.

        • Sonnys_Mom

          What do you know, a Central American SJW.

      • Jim Walker

        No one is oppressing the foreigner. If they go in US legally, they should be welcomed. If they are poor in their own country, do charity drives to donate to them and help them to be stand on their own 2 feet to work and feed themselves and family.
        If they go into US illegally, they have to be deported. Why would they go into US illegally ?

      • Missy

        Don’t let bigoted comments minimize your point. It is valid. Though relative to the Christian heart, Jesus said we are to obey the laws of the land. So we need to handle a bad situation with wisdom and compassion while at the same time doing what is best for the country as a whole. Its really not a simple task. In reality there are many layers, causes and effects personally politically economically. And while they speak of building this wall, the fact is the majority of people in our country illegally are not Mexicans. We need to keep praying that we handle the past correctly and be consistent in enfourcing current laws.

    • Wayne Cook

      Yep. I don’t often agree with Dr Brown either. There’s quite a bit of stuff that somehow, he misses. Facts.

  • T Barnes

    I’m puzzled by the logic behind comparing Trump to Cyrus. Israel was judged and in exile and God mercifully used Cyrus to allow them to return home. The people of Israel did not vote for, nor herald Cyrus as some type of gift from God and their desired leader. Neither did they need to compromise their own morals and message to exalt Cyrus the way many Christian leaders have for Donald Trump. Why are Christian leaders so willing to blur the Gospel message by celebrating the victory of a man whom many of us wouldn’t trust to be alone with our own wives and daughters for 15 minutes? I wonder if perhaps the church in America has already been judged?

    • Wayne Cook

      I absolutely would trust Trump with my family. He not only raised his own kids to work hard, but every accusation leveled against him was debunked by family of accusers, inluding the last lawsuit when the woman was shamed by her family for lying. Who gives a d*** what the leftist NYT says? I cannot believe that people have not yet seen the truth. Good lord, you myopic idiot. Look at the big picture.

      • faithntrust

        name calling?

      • T Barnes

        I lived in NJ all my life and might be a little more familiar with him than those living in other parts of the country who are just getting to know him. I have a personal friend who was taken advantage of by Trump’s businesses. I think I see the big picture and therefore think it is always dangerous when Christians blur the Gospel by lifting up men and excusing/justifying bad behavior to reach a certain end.

      • Missy

        Um actually his x wife and boarding schools raised his children with acception of his youngest son and current wife. Wife 2 also moved far away to raise her daughter. Though he always had involvement, he did not raise them. Not that it matters. Just clarifying

      • Missy

        Also accusations were only debunked by trump. If one has followed trump and his treatment of women over the years, then add his own admissions from interviews its kind of hard to believe all these women are lying

      • Missy

        You know what they say about people who call names

  • Victoria West

    Excellent prayer request!

  • johnbrooks3

    Psalm 93:4

    The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.

    God raised up a standard last night against the flood of evil coming against the USA

  • Schaubhuth Lana

    As a Christian I see Trump winning as answer to the prayers of SO many to kill the root of the dark stronghold that has been in our nation, so that the poison it has been feeding people and our children would cease!
    Surly this win is also in God’s timing for the world as well, God works in layers, but as a parent, seeing our Kids who have lived /grown up only knowing this past administration and the lies it spread, who don’t even know if they are male or female at this point. Talk about spirits of deception! This admin opened a pardora’s box, but I’m seeing (and we all can see) the Majority of Americans are against it!
    Our Kids need to see what integrity, dignity and civility means (‘not’ how low can you go (hillary etc) -!- Enough!
    “Drain the swamp” is exactly right!
    The Lord said that He would contend with those who contend with us and save our children! Is 49:25
    We need to be humble and not arrogant about this victory (answered prayer!)
    God has blessed us and we ought to behave as His ambassadors :
    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that., Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that. “(MLK)
    Keep praying for the elimination of hidden things of darkness, that the enemy’s influence will weaken greatly in every town so people can hear the Voice of Truth (and also come to know Him! ) <3

    • Missy

      Did you hear anything trump said. It was all hate and lies.

      • cynic728

        People I know who have personally worked with Trump have said that the man on the campaign trail is very different from the one they dealt with privately. They were very happy to cast their vote for him based on their personal experiences with him.

        • Missy

          Yes I have known people over the years that had gone both ways on him in knowing him personally. But think of this, the person on the caimpaign trail is the person that was voted into office. He never made a secret of what he was either way. And clearly stated if he were to run for president, he would run republican because they are so dumb all he has to do is continously lie all the way to the White House. He said it. He did it. Whats scarier trump as president or those that voted him in.

          • RWS

            Interesting. Trump until recently was a life-long Democrat, as most of the super-rich. Let’s hope that his political conversion has been sincere, and that he is genuinely liberal — that is, a principled defender of the freedoms of the people — and will work to restore the liberties vouchsafed to Americans.

          • Missy

            Trump is pretending to be a Republican right now. Thats how he won. If he continues on his platform he will be attempting the reverse. However since winning he has already removed some of his bluster from his website. We don’t really know what he will end up being because he lies so much and changes like one of those little lizards.
            We can only pray for him, our country, and the world. One thing hopefully while being breifed he will gain some humility and understand that what he does effects the world.

  • Yossi

    Another analogy might be with Jehu (2 Kings 9-10) whom God raised up and anointed to judge Jezebel and Ahab, and remove Baal worship from Israel. He was not a godly man, and still “walked in the sins of Jereboam” (i.e. the alternative worship system in Bethel with the golden calf idol), but clearly God used him to come against and eradicate a far worse evil.

    • Dean Bruckner

      I had not considered that. Good point! He ended the tyranny of Jezebel and Ahab, excel for their daughter Athaliah.

  • David Weston

    On the day that Trump announced his candidacy, I heard a voice speaking through him that I have only heard three times. The other two occasions were from the mouths of Tony Blair and David Cameron. Neither they nor Trump have ever lost a national election. (Brexit was not an election, but a referendum; I believe Cameron was the only electable politician who would ever have given the public a choice in the matter, and thus he became God’s instrument to achieve the last thing he personally desired; God gets things done in ways no-one else would imagine).

    Their politics share almost nothing. In each case, the actions which they intend to take or have taken have been the subject of a great deal of outrage. Some of them are considered by the public to be the outstanding mistakes made in the recent history of Britain. However people are very fond of saying what God ought to think and have no interest at all in listening to what God actually says. After you have heard what He says, then it is your business in life to come to understand why – but the primary thing is, what did God say?

    I did not have the privilege of a verbal explanation such as that given to Johnson or Wallnau, but having quietly sat back and spent my time trying to work out what God meant by the thing He did say to me, I am in 100% agreement with what they are saying on the Lord’s behalf. I would also add this: Babylon is falling. Spiritual Babylon is many things, but among them are global (rather than national) power, expressed as wealth gained through trade. Spiritual Babylon is falling, and this MUST result in corresponding events which are visible on earth, since the spirit of Babylon is what empowers the agencies which are now threatened by the revolt against globalism. Brexit and Trump’s election do thus have one common cause; the Almighty. This does not make Trump, Cameron or anyone else perfect or even good people; it displays God’s sovereignty over the plans of mere men. Who hopes in Trump will be disappointed; who hopes in the God who raised up Trump will live to see why He did so.

    The thing which most saddens me is that almost no-one has any interest in finding out what God thinks, only in telling Him what He should think. For as long as they continue in that way, the future of the world will be a mystery to them, whereas for me, knowing the future in advance causes the present to be a strange land with no clear way to the future I know must be. Only today can I see the path to the place I already knew the country would end up in on November 9th.

    Among the tribes of Israel I proclaim what is certain.~ Hosea 5:9.

    • RWS

      Mr. Weston, thank you for telling this. As one who voted for Mr. Trump only because he knew that was what God would have him to do (on my own initiative, I’d have voted instead for a third-party or even a write-in candidate), I know too that your observation is completely in keeping with the sovereign will of God: “Who hopes in Trump will be disappointed; who hopes in the God who raised up Trump will live to see why He did so.”

      I continue to pray for Mr. Obama, even as he leaves office, and for the ancestral motherland, England. I know that God’s hand of blessing continues to rest upon us all; let us be true to his calling.

      • David Weston

        The last thing a prophet ever expects is to be believed, even after the event. Half a lifetime of not being believed (yet continuing to correctly say what will be) causes one to expect nothing but indifference or hatred. Indeed the more often one is right, the greater the hatred becomes, for all people love is their own imagination.

        Since you mention praying for Obama – during the 2008 election, far away in England, I had a fever; something that never happens to me. I was actively praying about that election and it is my honest belief that the fever was the answer. To this day I cannot say what that means, but it filled me with foreboding, and everything I have seen since then has made me feel figuratively sick about the results of that election, even though, as you have guessed, I am British and for most of the intervening period I had no stake in the results.

        When God called me, I was essentially a socialist. That I am not one today is because I have considered listening to Him more important than telling Him what to think. I actually think He is smarter than I am.

        • Missy

          May I ask, in your opinion is God a Republican?

          • David Weston

            No, and according to most of the Republicans I know, neither is Trump. Trump is deeply and actively hated by very large numbers of committed Republicans, many of whom will have eventually voted for him only because he is not Hillary Clinton. They think he is unacceptably at odds with them over a whole range of issues.

            The Religious Right is mostly religious in the worst sense of the word. In my view the vast majority of its political representatives would crucify Jesus as fast as they could if He were present in person, unnamed, and repeating everything he said 2000 years ago, just as the religious did at that time.

            Telling the Religious Right that God was behind Trump cost me the one longstanding friend I had who identifies as a Republican. I am not here to tell people what fits their agendas. I proclaim what is certain. That has never won me any friends, but I do keep actually saying what will be. Apparently that just makes it worse.

            In my opinion Hillary may have been the only human being who could get Trump elected, and she did a fabulous job of making it happen. But that’s just my own opinion.

  • Eve

    There’s hope for America

  • Sonnys_Mom

    She didn’t name the source, but Dr Grace Vuoto (“American Heartland”, Salem Radio Network) said today that 52% of Catholics, 56% of Protestants, and 61% of active military service members voted for Trump.

    • cynic728

      The Catholic vote made a difference in getting Trump elected. As a group they voted for Obama the last two times. Pew has this election numbers at 60-37 White Catholics for Trump; 26-67 Latino Catholics for Clinton. While Fortune is reporting: “In spite of reports indicating that Trump was having “problems” with the Catholic vote, exit polling indicates that he won Catholics by 52% to 45%. This marks a substantial change from the previous two presidential elections when Catholics voted for Obama by margins of 9% in 2008 and 2% in 2012.” I would imagine that the Wikileaks e-mails between Palmieri & Podesta played into this shift as well. I also believe that our clergy played a huge role in speaking from the pulpit this year about what voting as a Catholic meant and how important it was to exercise the right to vote denied to so many around the world.

  • ingoditrust

    I do believe that God answered the prayers of the Christians who prayed continually for Donald Trump to be President. God’s ways are not are our ways, and we can never, with our human understanding, understand the plans God has for this world. I am humbled that He answered our prayers, we put our hope in Trump that he would put good constitutional judges on court, he would not bow down to polical correctness and lead us away from destructive policies of Obama. For many it was jobs, economy, hopelessness in inner cities and rural America, immigration, terrorism, on and on, but it came down to the unborn for my Christians friends and we knew what Hillary felt about life. In OT the three things that stuck in my head about what caused God’s wrath was murder of children in Baal worship, sexual immorality, and injustice. America is guilty of all three and we have sat back and allowed it. I will contemplate and remember God had a reason to intervene and we need to pray and reflect why and pray for this man and hold him accountable for his promises. Jesus said, paraphase, “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”. Trump may be that sword. God bless

    • Dean Bruckner

      Hundreds of thousands of Christians fasted and prayed for 30 to 40 days for God’s mercy and God’s intervention for the good of America and the glory of God.

      Millions of Hillary supporters drank, fornicated, cursed and doped their way through the last month of the election. Jayz chanted “Givin’ the middle finger to the Lord” in the “concert” at Hillary’s campaign event.

      The Almighty has his own purposes, but they do not include enabling the rebellion and blasphemy of the heathen. But it does include loving them and leading them to repentance and faith.

      • Missy

        I can see why your a trump fan. You lie the same way. I have not known one Clinton supporter who has done what you say. You lie like trump and those that listen will belive just as trump said about him lieing all the way to the White House. You are no better than he. Dont put yours or his lies and deceit on God.

        • cynic728

          Yet, many of the supporters who Hillary held up to represent her to the world and promote her message did.

          • Missy

            And how do you know this? And how do you know that trumps supporters didn’t have one big crack party. Since we know trump had big hands and how much he loves sex with 10s, we can be sure he joined just for the fornication. See this is a big problem. People that get so full of themselves that they become mentally ill. Narcissistic minipulative lying con artists. And because they stand in a certain spot it makes it all ok.

          • cynic728

            Wow! You are so blinded that you fail to see what you accuse Trump & his supporters of in your own candidate & her supporters. Narcissistic manipulative lying con artists. How do you think Hillary got as far as she did…she’s every bit as Narcissistic as Trump is, lies and has conned the public for more than 30 years. She had an opportunity to say Yes to God instead she chose the path of the world in supporting partial birth abortion. When Mother Teresa was canonized, Clinton talked about having to say “Yes” when Mother Teresa asks you to do something…maybe she should have said “Yes” when Mother Teresa asked the US to stop abortion @ the National Prayer Breakfast back in 1994.”But not everyone applauded. The president and first lady, seated within a few feet of Mother Teresa on the dais, were not applauding. Nor were the vice president and Mrs. Gore. They looked like seated statues at Madame Tussaud’s. They glistened in the lights and moved not a muscle, looking at the speaker in a determinedly semi-pleasant way.” Maybe Clinton should talk to Congressman Zeldin & meet his 2 daughters she might get off her Pro-Choice platform. Maybe that’s why she lost the election because she lost favor with God.

          • Missy

            My candidate was John Kassich. I won’t comment on the cowardice of the republican party.
            Just so you know, our country does not have abortions. Individuals make choices they may very well make with or without healthcare. No one knows the walk or life of another or why one makes the choices they make. If you do not believe a woman has the right to make that choice then teach, help them to see there are other choices and how you may help them with those choices.

          • Missy

            Of all the supporters on both sides that I know and have witnessed none of them would behave in that fashion. Another insane form of bigotry.
            What couldn’t be missed during voting and after the election was the boldness of the KKK and other white supremacist groups and the actions taking of harrassment intimidation racism destruction of property graffiti etc. By trump supporters. A 1960s display after their candidate won. Now I could understand if they in their emotional resentment of Clinton winning having a lapse of judgment. Maybe too much beer or their sister rejected them because she was depressed. But their candidate won. So what was that about?

        • Dean Bruckner

          You apparently don’t hang out with secular millenials on college campuses, do you?

          • Missy

            No do you? But if those are the millions identified then I am sure all sides were behaving as they would otherwise. As with Gary Johnson supporters stayed HI thru his whole campaign.
            Just kidding

          • Dean Bruckner

            Actually, yes, I do see today’s Progressive millenials close up. May God bring them to repentance and then bless them. We need them to succeed in their life he’s and in doing the right thing!

    • Missy

      The entire world has been guilty of all those sins since the beginning. Do you seriously believe that abortion will stop because it can not be done safely. Do you believe that people that are born wired differently than the masses as in homosexuality will suddenly stop being who they were born to be. I am not sure what you mean by injustice. The world exists in one big hypocrisy. There are no borders. The realities of humanity are handled differently by different societies.
      If it were not for progression within our country our brothers and sisters of color would still have chains around their necks. We need to be carefull how we venture in our attempt to do what is best for all but pretending the realities do not exist makes no sense.

  • Jon Mount

    This is a brave attempt at trying to rectify the impossible . I have been an intercessor for Donald J Trup for 10 years and can tell you He is the Man !
    Nehemiah ?

    • RWS

      That you’ve been interceding for Mr. Trump for so long is admirable. I confess that I found the man repellent and simply ignored him. Now that he’s been elected, I’ll try to follow your lead — while continuing to pray for the salvation of ungodly Barack Obama.

  • Joan

    Of course he was chosen by God. “The government rests upon HIS shoulders”

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Twist not Scripture lest you be like Satan. If you have bothered reading Isaiah 9, which you erroneously quoted to provide a false premise, you would have possibly seen that it doesn’t even apply to the USA, Trump, or even “Government” as a whole or in a generic sense. Hosea 8:4, Jeremiah 7:31, 19:5, and 32:35 are much more likely to be applicable.

  • markd4lyph

    Looking down the road, I feel that Trump will serve to build a new door in politics for people who actually know how to run things to run for president. His courage will blaze a new trail for entrapenuers who once feared the political process to bring talent and values to give Americas voters better choices.

  • Missy

    So as this story goes, God is using trump with his extreme darkness, pervasive, dishonest, bigoted, corrupt nature to show America the direction to go? Ok got it.

    • RWS

      You read too quickly, “Missy”. The author stated that Trump, who is not godly, nevertheless has qualities which can be deployed as divine instruments for renewal of the land. (“Extreme darkness, dishonesty, bigotry, and depraved — not simply corrupt — nature” would even more easily describe Mrs. Clinton, wouldn’t they?)

      At the very worst, be glad that we elected the clown and escaped the witch’s curse.

      • Missy

        I clearly understood the author. Have you followed both people for the last 30 years and done a comparison? I base my opinions on what Jesus would ask of us. His teachings, his walk. Its not that complicated.

        • RWS

          If you understood the author, you miswrote: for your bitter and flippant summary is not what Mr. Brown stated.

          As for following the two for thirty years: Mrs. Clinton, yes; Donald Trump, not even cursorily before this century. More than enough about Mrs. Clinton to be glad that she was not elected — and that, indeed, the title of this article is accurate.

          Now, both you and I have the responsibility to pray for God’s blessing upon the life of each former candidate and to pray that the Lord will work through Mr. Trump for the good of the country and of the world.

          • Missy

            I did not feel I was being flippant or bitter. I am praying for our president and our country and will continue to do so regardless of who is president. Its interesting that my comment is out of order yet ther are people calling others names continually. Actually my first comment was responded to by insult.

          • Third World Thinker

            Judge not so that thou shall not be judged for with the measure you judge, the same shall be used unto you.

      • Third World Thinker

        ‘….that we elected the clown and escaped the witch’s curse’


    • cynic728

      God has often used “sinful” for good. Study your Bible; there are many examples there; a good example is King David through whose line the Son of God, our Savior Jesus Christ, was born.

      • Jon Mount

        He is not sinful ! You are so far from God you cannot recognise the truth …?

        • cynic728

          Who are you speaking of Trump or David? And are we not all “sinful”? How would you know how close or far from God that I am? A bit judgmental on your part.

        • Missy

          That is a very odd comment. Evidently you believe God is using you as a judge of others relationship to God. Heavy responsibility.

      • Missy

        Ok so lets watch and see if God is using this wretch of a human being for good.

        • cynic728

          Wow! For someone who claims to have studied and taught the Bible, I am shocked at your judgmental and harsh comments on Mr. Trump. No one knows his heart except for God, and yes, God may use anyone for good. St. Paul persecuted many, and approved the stoning of St. Stephen, before he was converted and won many souls for God.

          • Missy

            Notice the word Wretch

          • Earl Baker

            Have you ever heard of Nero, or maybe Caligula?

            Sometimes evil rulers turn out to be… *drumroll* evil!

            Take a look at Caligula of Rome, I think you’ll be surprised at some parallels. Now I’m not saying Trump is Caligula, I’m saying is you need to open your eyes. People struggling financially, or frustrated with corruption will put up with just about anything as long as they offer them reforms.

            What reforms will the Antichrist bring, and will you have the fortitude not follow him? You realize he will come along in desperate times offering people what they’re desperate for. Your reasoning will lead you to vote for him. Just saying.

          • cynic728

            I had an excellent education and am well aware of who Nero was as well as Caligula. Sometimes evil rulers are evil and time will certainly tell; however, given the choice between two evils, I chose the one who I thought was less evil and less corrupt. There are many instances of Trump’s personal generosity that have not been reported by the media that I am well aware of. I also have first-hand friends who have dealt with Trump personally who have told me that the man campaigning bears little resemblance to the man they worked with and know. That, along with the witness women who have worked with him and have risen to greater positions within his organization have given on his behalf convinced me that he was the correct choice for me. I could not support a woman who eviscerated her mentor in front of other WH administrators which may have contributed to his suicide, who used a personal server (for her own personal benefit to hide information) potentially endangering the safety of our nation and continuously lied about it, who had the audacity to shout at a Congressional committee meeting, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”, who ridiculed and belittled women who accused her husband of untoward acts, who as First Lady in her arrogance put together a very flawed health care plan that failed even to get a floor vote in either chamber of Congress, who called Trump voters a basketful of “deplorables”, and who was willing to accept debate questions from Donna Brazile prior to debating Bernie Sanders. I am very comfortable with my vote and doubt that our country can do worse than we have done in the last 8 years.

          • Earl Baker

            You lost me… that was way to long of a rant. I know the history of Clinton.

            The fact I’m trying to point out is that Trump, while being the better choice of the two, may be a horrible president. So far he’s done good and stayed on track, and I hope I’m very VERY wrong about the man until the day he leaves office, but his character IS a problem.

            Power almost never makes flawed people good.

      • Missy

        I have studied my Bible and taught it for many years. Are we to assume that every person that seems so contrary to the teachings of Christ is really being used by God for the good of mankind?

    • Jon Mount

      You’ve been fooled!

      • Missy

        By who? Trump?

    • donna

      you are an idiot please if you can provide one verifiable just one fact to which substantiates such scurrilous claims. Refer yourself to assange who told kelly there was NOTHING on him to publish. what a disgrace. Ever heard of ‘bearing false witness” i think it made the top ten

      • Missy

        Lol more name calling. Donald Trump was a household name in our home for 40 years. Believe me I have nothing to gain by identifying trump by his actions both business and personal since he was in his late 20s. If he is your new savior that is fine but you can’t change the truth. His reputation can not be hurt. Don’t worry.

        • donna

          as he was in mine and I am a native new yorker. You won’t answer my questions because you are unable. What has been notable about him for all this time in his capacity as international businessman/socialite is how very little gossip and claims have been laid at his door. Jesse Jackson and other black leaders in the past decades have made public speeches speaking of him as a man of character. I am perfectly able to change my mind about someone if presented with verifiable facts. Not liking someone Missy is not cognate with claims against their character. My mother and I fought about him in the 80s but realizing my reactions were based on style i had to back down. what you have to gain is not bearing FALSE witness against someone. One imagines if there were any credibility to your inferences the serial rapist would have beaten him into the ground. Bubba has voluminous files on everyone. I know this for a fact as I knew someone who was in his publicity team’s office. Do you actually think the clinton campaign would have held back. You are very naive if you do.

          • Missy

            Great go back in time and watch his various interviews over the years. Read about his business endeavors and how he handled them. Inquire on his freindships and attitudes. Read about the manipulations law suits cons he has perpetrated over the years. How he broke our laws concerning the Cuban embargo hiding behind others to do his dirty work. There is just too much over his adult life. Not to mention the blatent public display of constant degradation and narcissism, which by the way he is very proud of. The total hypocrisy of everything he pretends to represent when he is so far the opposite and his last 35 years proves it. For someone so intuned with trump, you obviously do not believe what he has professed of himself over the years. Yet you expect me to ruffle thru 30 plus years to
            To substantiate what he has already substantiated with his own words and actions. What a chuckle

          • rustybeth

            You make the accusation, the burden of proof is on you.

          • Missy

            This is very funny. I don’t accuse the man of anything.
            I am only saying what he has already and always professed and shown himself to be and with great pride. And No I do not fear the Lord. Why do you people take offense at who he is yet also say that he is God’s intervention. Very strange.
            My only point really is here is a man that is and always has been totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ yet he is God sent.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Are you kidding me? Next you’re gonna come back and profess to be a Christian. Or perhaps you don’t think Matt. 15:18 & Luke 6:45 apply to women? I got some news for you, Matt. 5:22 applies to women as well. Have you no fear of the Lord at all?

        That said, since you evidently don’t see, and can’t come up with ONE example of how Trump is ALL those things Missy mentioned, you might wanna look at Matt. 7:1-5 because she’s not the idiot.

        And since you can’t come up with ONE example it is YOU who is bearing false witness and since you’re so blind, I’m not gonna cast any pearls here though I could easily list a dozen or more without even having to think about it.

  • Jon Mount

    This is a time for the anti christ to arise

    • Missy

      Are you speaking of trump?

  • Donna Diorio

    Can agree with this completely: “if Trump indeed is president by divine intervention, we should pray for divine restraint on his life as well, lest this divine wrecking ball wreak havoc on the nation while tearing down what is wrong. May he be a divinely guided wrecking ball!”

    • Missy

      Perfect. I never looked at it from that point of view.

  • David Weston

    As a recent immigrant to the USA, I have to say that I find the law regarding my case to extremely fair. Compare for a moment with Britain. In the USA, I have to prove that I am really married to my wife, and pay relatively small fees for paperwork. Whereas in Britain the government doesn’t care whether she is married to me or not, only whether she can support herself for two years to the tune of (I think) $60k total, which has probably gone up since I last checked. To me, this means the US system is an honest one, whereas the British system is a racist system dressed in economic clothes; made to keep brown people out without admitting to it.

    The thing which is astonishing to me both in the USA and in the UK is that the law is not enforced, and that enforcing the law is thought of as somehow unfair. If it is unfair then it should be repealed, not ignored, but instead we get the hypocrisy of making a law and then refusing to enforce it. It should be repealed or enforced, one or the other.

    In both cases it appears to me the law is not enforced only because it suits politicians not to enforce it, whereas enforcing it is vital to the interests of their voters. Politicians themselves are in the pay of global corporations, and either because they want to keep wages down or because they want more electors who are likely to vote their way, they turn a blind eye to mass immigration, which drives wages lower and undermines the desires of the long term residents.

    That the electorate has been bamboozled into thinking illegal immigration is a good thing, bears witness to four decades of propaganda paid for by globalist corporations and repeated by both politicians and media outlets in their pay. They have all (politicians and media) sold the idea that opposing illegal immigration is racist; indeed the whole machinery of political correctness has come into being for the purpose of ensuring left wing votes and higher profits for major corporations. History shows it has done very little for those it proclaims as victims. Why should it? The point is to create a complaining mindset but do nothing effective in response, else the complaints would end and the votes would dry up.

    That, rather than any underlying reality, is the reason that the media – and many Republicans – have spoken with one voice against Trump. Never mind what else he says – he will reduce their profits and their kickbacks in the course of doing what is in the interests of the country.

    Thus I do not see Trump as unfair to the potential immigrant, only to the dishonest politician and the global corporation. Without an end to their hegemony, I believe that America would have been unable to control its own destiny by 2020.

    Having said that, we have yet to see whether Trump can or even will put his policies into action. He may have said what he said to get elected, and he may be unable to get past the bought politicians in his own party to do what he spoke of. I don’t know. But out there lies the future in which the Lord knows the events Trump will have to respond to. Unlike us, our Father can tell whether a man is fitted to the job because he knows everything that will be placed before him to do. This, above all, is the issue; God chooses for the reasons He knows of which we do not. Time will prove God wise. Trump’s wisdom, or lack of it, are nothing compared to the choice of the One who knows the future.

    • Missy

      I don’t believe anyone is in favor of illegal immigration. I have never heard that one before. As a matter of fact Obama was dubbed the deport president. He had more illegal immigrants deported then any other president in our history. That said the immigration problems in America needs to be broken up into several categories to handle it properly and with good conscience. Trump went after immigration and the Mexican border to build his platform of fear
      and anger. The majority of illegal immigrants do not enter over the mexican border. As a matter of fact border crossings are at a historic minimal. Blaming stagnant wages on immigrants is a falshood as the jobs they take so many Americans do not want. There are problems presented by illegal immigrants that could be handled much differently, most prominently criminal activities.
      We shoould not forget the addition to the economy in certian areas which can be credited to immigrants. Its a big subject and problem with multible facets. Your input is greatly appreciated. Welcome to our great country.

      • David Weston

        There are a lot of things here which one could endlessly discuss. So I will answer some, not all.

        “I don’t believe anyone is in favor of illegal immigration.”

        There appear to be plenty of people in favour of ‘open borders’ and what ‘open borders’ means, is illegal immigration, for as long as they do not repeal the existing laws in order to achieve their ends.

        Whoever votes for those who are against enforcing the law, and whoever argues for an open borders policy without changing the law, is by definition in favour of illegal immigration. From my limited experience, that seems to be a awful lot of people.
        “The majority of illegal immigrants do not enter over the mexican border.”

        No – but that isn’t the point. The point is twofold:

        – For as long as you cannot police the border, there is very little point in deporting anyone. Only secure borders can make deportation meaningful. How people cross the border now is not the issue. To deport people and keep them out, you have to have a secure border, else they will use the weakest link to get through. At present the weakest link is deliberate refusal to enforce the law. If it is enforced, then the border will be used instead. Why cross a desert when you can fly in and never fear you will be thrown out?

        – The other issue is the traffic in illegal goods and (possibly) conventional smuggling. I do not know anything about tariff dodging, but neither that nor drug smuggling can be effectively prevented without physical barriers.

        So even if someone wants to support an open borders traffic in humans, and yet desires to prevent traffic in illegal goods, one MUST have a border which can be policed effectively.

        Which leads to the next issue – human trafficking. In Britain, women from Eastern Europe are openly bought and sold at Heathrow airport. Ineffective immigration control goes hand in hand with putting women and children into forced prostitution. No country could ever spend too much money on preventing such a problem. And where would they begin with ending such a problem? By having defensible borders and enforcing immigration law.

        A country without defensible borders ceases to be a country. America has been fortunate in not having to find this out, having had oceans to guard it and for many years, opportunity for all who came. Once the oceans can easily be crossed and the continent is mostly opened up to economic activity, those conditions change. Then you find out what it means to be open to invasion by those do not share the objectives of the existing inhabitants, and in some cases actively wish to kill as many of them as possible.

        Dealing with such things runs counter to the personal interests of the globalists, who do not share the problems of immigration with the common man, and as far as possible do not share the profits of globalisation with him either. Instead they spend vast sums buying the media and individual politicians in order to ensure that the public are not allowed to say what they think and the questions which need asking are never asked.

        To the globalist, who cares about those forced into prostitution as long as there is money in free trade and the low wages which follow from open borders?

        An important part of ensuring the right questions never get asked is raising the wrong questions. An example of this is: why build a wall when most illegal immigrants do not enter through the Mexican border? That’s the wrong question. The right question is ‘How can we enforce the law?’ It is impossible to enforce the law unless borders are secure. Once you have secure borders, you can then work out your terms for allowing people into the country – and I believe those required at moment are FAIR and far more fair than those encountered in Britain, where I need to find $60k to let my wife live with me LEGALLY, but nobody cares whether we are really married or not. But until you have secure borders you cannot enforce the law, and until you enforce the law, what the law says is completely meaningless.

  • Earl Baker

    Did God use Caligula?
    Was he an instrument of God, or was that Satan using peoples desperation for reform to get a truly warped man into power?

  • Tracy

    I assure you that GOD did in fact have an influence on Trump being elected and winning the election.
    God gave every man that very freedom to choose and make decisions. Then, MAN chose Donald Trump to be primary candidate for the election.
    Let’s not misrepresent The One who truly represented freedom in every way….and as people, let’s assume full responsibility of who our next president will be.
    Articles like this is what gets folks all worked up and angry at the Christian community.
    God can work in and through a humble Trump, He could’ve done the same with a humbled Clinton. But seeing how neither are too humble, I highly doubt God did much else in regards of this election…. Other than maybe shout from on High how He gave GREAT minds to discern knowledge and wisdom.
    But HE will be here when WE humble ourselves and take responsibility for MANS doing and stop blaming God for mans choices.

  • Gay Forrester Phillips

    Let’s remember that Moses and David both committed murder. Noah got drunk,etc. The Bible is full of men who were less than perfect whom God used mightily. As for the “crude” part, think of Harry Truman, George Patton or even Winston Churchill. Trump may not be perfect, but who among us can claim to be. When you put his sins beside those of the Clintons, he is close to an angel. I do believe that he is God’s man for the hour, and his election is the result of a great deal of prayer from millions of Christians.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Biblically speaking that makes NO sense at all. I’ve seen that same exact thing written before and it’s been addressed thoroughly to show the flaws in that thinking. I know Dr. Brown has spoken previously about comparing Trump to Moses and David. Wrt to comparing Trump to other crude folks, that’s NOT the comparison any Christian should be making. The comparison should be with Trump and the Word of God as to how he meets the requirements God gave for His People to choose. Moreover, comparing two people who are both sons of disobedience and children of wrath headed for Hell is a ridiculous comparison to make and really shows how far you are missing the mark.

      As far as God hearing prayers, He don’t hear the prayers of the disobedient except for confession and repentance nor does He honor prayers that ask Him to go against His own word.

      That said, it’s all water under the bridge now (except for the confession and repentance part) for Trump has been elected, most likely will be POTUS, and God has clearly said what the duty of Christians now is to Trump.

      • donna

        Are you kidding me is a better question. Almost all of the most ridiculous remarks on these sites are made by people throwing around biblical justifications. Please provide verifiable facts to substantiate your accusations. Do not bother with any on his style. If you are imagining the DNC did not have people engaged around the clock investigating him and his activities you are, to state it charitably, naive. I can think of some others less so. My religious affiliation is none of your business and I find those attempting to justify their arguments thru the generally incorrect citations of scripture risible. He is brash but to date no major news media outlet, the DNC or Julian Assange has been able to find any evidence to compromise him. So they revert to name calling.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          I’m not gonna waste much time on you because explaining the obvious is usually an exercise in futility and a violation of Matt. 7:6. However, just to show your complete ignorance and blindness I’ll list a few of the most obvious.

          1) The obvious mocking of a reporter with a disability
          2) The obvious derogatory remarks to a variety of females (and I hope to God you aren’t so stupid and blind as to not know what I’m talking about! Think Carly Fiorina, Megyn Kelley, Rosie O’Donnell, Ms. USA, etc etc etc!)
          3) Calling Russell Moore a “nasty guy with no heart!” and a “terrible example of an Evangelical (That is analogous to punching the Bride of Christ in the mouth.)
          4) The numerous times that various obscenities and profanity spewed from his mouth (See Matt. 15:18, Luke 6:45, Col. 3:8, Eph. 4:29)
          5) The numerous vulgarities, personal attacks, and outright lies that Trump spewed throughout the nomination process.
          6) Bragging about bedding married women and sexually assaulting others
          7) Showing himself in just about every way as the epitome of a son of disobedience and child of wrath who walks according to the course of this world and the prince of the power of the air as described in Eph 2:1-4.

          That’s a nice round even number to end on. And thank you for telling us all that you are not a Christian because a Christian would know they are part of The Body and therefore it IS our business. So that just leaves us with the question of why you are even on this site.

          Btw, you’ll notice in stating all those truths I didn’t resort one single time to name-calling.

        • Missy

          Why would assange be looking to get something on trump when he was working with putin to make sure trump was elected. As far as the democrats looking for something on trump, most of what would have been brought out and much of what was would need to be substantiated by records or witnesses. As trump refused to release his tax returns and the last one that could be reviewed was 95 then they would essentially be running a campaign on hot air.
          That said the things that did come out did not turn off trump supporters. I understand his bromance with putin. I get why he would send reps into Cuba during the embargo and spend 65000.00 to buy in where no American company was allowed to go. I get why people are afraid to come out against him. I get why he paid off an official in florida. I get why he started a university to con folks of their money. That is actually a very popular gimmick. Most wouldn’t call it a university. But trump has to be presented in a big way. I get why he has everything he markets or builds from other countries. I get why he has invested so much in other countries. I get why he thinks small breasted woman can never be a ten and why he thinks money and fame turns all women on so he can do anything he likes. I get why he thinks its ok to bring people down and make fun of them and demean, belittle. I fully understand his brash disconcern for anyone or anything that is not his. I get the premeditated calculated delivery of lies innuendo accusations aimed at anything that stands in his way. I get his love for the alt right leaders and the likes of clowns like Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christy who are so far into him they can kiss his lipps from the inside. I get why he wouldn’t release his tax returns and it has nothing to do with paying taxes. What I don’t get is why any form of Christian could with good conscience support him. Or why any one who loves our democracy would support a man that not only welcomes but asks for the interference of a foreign entity in our process especially putin.

          • donna

            there is not one scintilla of evidence that Assange has been working with PUtin.
            your comments are frankly ridiculous and unverifiable. There is no evidence he paid off anyone in FL quite the contrary every city he had rallies in attendance was in the tens of thousands with may being turned away. Only suspicious thing there is margin of win. Now it is well known that Soros owns the companies which manufacture electronic voting machines and is likely behind result. He has no bromance with Putin he is merely suggesting that the Clinton saber rattling is not the way to go. He is concerned as am I with the provocations of NATO in eastern europe and the coup in Ukraine after a UN monitored election. Your remarks about his “brash disconcern” for others are preposterous. His behaviour toward the press was model of restraint in view of the provocations he was subjected to; what lies and innuendos are you talking about Missy ? I don’t see anyone suing and all the things he said about hillary are frankly quite accurate and true. I dislike christie myself but calling Giuliani a clown is beneath contempt.My brother was FDNY liaison to city hall for years I suggest you speak to him. Trump is under NO legal obligation to release his tax returns and was advised with ongoing punitive persecutorial audits by the IRS which are now a form of gov control, not to do so. When you find any verifiable evidence that he has invited Putin or any other foreigner into this process get back to me. Now Hillary has done this as a sitting SOS she has: taken a 32 million payment for Qatar to help facilitate a natural gas line thru region which Assad has refused in syria (guess that explains a lot) and for which many believe she allowed the murder of Stephens as he was reported to be ready to publish;; a massive donation from a Tony CHeung tracked back to the red army (reason John Ashe from UN was murdered day before he was going to testify on the day after his death); sold 1/5 of the US uranium supply to Russia which was also an illegal transaction; her foundation is a slush fund which is legally obliged to have an independent board (it does not) and to submit to audits they have stonewalled over which takes massive donations from people and countries. Scam there is they report a small proportion of what is raised for charity and pocket rest under highly suspect categories See Jermone Corsi on subject. They cannot go to Haiti as they defrauded billions of donations and siphoned into other sources. This is easily seen on a simple google search with Haitian activists attempting to rectify in courts. Your claims about trump are at least slanderous shameful for a “good Christian”.

          • Missy

            Lolololol ok I have said nothing about Clinton. But you have said alot. Time to do your fact check. But I seriously doubt you will.
            I have no blind spots when it comes to the Clintons. In all honesty I would love to see a decent non politician make it to the White House.
            A decent man that loves his or her country and shows respect for all its citizens. One who is guided by the Spirit and teachings of Kesus Christ to best of their ability. Not too complicated.

          • Missy

            Every thing I have said is verifiable. Everything you have noted is rhetoric from conspiracy theories that mirror complete lunacy. I completely understand that level of madness as I have one in my family. Its like everything else in life. Every family gets to have at least one. I love him anyway and he has the right to choose what to believe and I have the right to roll my eyes and present him with facts that he refuses to acknowedge and so on it goes. Its okay

          • ADDgolfer

            WOW. You get why…You get why…You get …You get…You get…
            You get nothing. All you have if your formed opinion. An opinion spouted out with spittles of spit as you go on and on and on and on…….kind of like the opinion spouted by the MSM, just uglier

          • Missy

            Actually I didn’t give an opinion. I stated facts and said I get it. Look em up. In correction Christy is no longer stuck a brother of love so much as Bridgegate is a slight problem. The facts remain and my question remains. If I shared my opinions I would be here 48 hours easy.

      • Gay Forrester Phillips

        You completely missed the point. And I am completely clueless about who Dr Brown is. My point was that God can bring things about using anyone he wants to use. I definitely was not putting Trump in the category of Moses and David from a spiritual standpoint.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Actually, it’s not I who missed the point. “The point” would be the one made by Dr. Brown in the article. Missing the point would be to bring in specious sophistry by referring to individuals that are completely irrelevant.

          “The Point” is clearly whether God intervened to make Trump POTUS. Not whether God can use the ungodly for His purposes. So the references to Moses and David were way off base.

          Just as I said.

          • The references to Moses and David are squarely ON base. Just because you don’t like them does not make them wrong.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            No, they are not. Just because you say they are does not make it right. As I told Gary, this has been thoroughly proven false many times and one of those times by Dr. Brown himself.

            I’ll leave it to you to exercise the effort to go read that for yourself as it was one of the best written.

          • Wayne Cook

            Royce, you’ve cast rocks on every single submission. Your arrogance is exploding. Go back to your closet and pray.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            What crawled up your six today? I’ll comment on any submission I please thank you very much. You’ve let your god-complex get way outta hand.

            And btw, you don’t see to have a problem spouting off at the mouth on quite a few posts yourself. The difference between my posts and yours is that mine actually have substance and yours is just ad hominem.

            And that speaks volumes.

            Of course, you’re making it very apparent why you have such a problem with the light shining and truth correcting error.

        • Wayne Cook

          Royce is just peeved.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Once again you show your faux omniscience and pathetic attempt at being a god. Thank you for showing everyone your heart. It’s always nice to see the Posers discredit themselves.

    • WakeUp

      PLEASE have some humility. The Russian Orthodox Christian leaders in Russian are in thrall to an ungodly dictator Putin. Ungodly Evangelical Christians in the American South justified slavery, and many Evangelical Christian leaders across America continue to justify White Supremacy, explicitly and implicitly. Ungodly South African Christians justified Apartheid. Ungodly Roman Catholic bishops justified slaughters of Jews, God’s own first beloved people, a non-White people. Etc etc etc.

      Look to the Biblical witness: God is always at work in the world of humanity and in all creation! In the world of humanity sometimes a leader of this or that nation is swept into God’s work, for a time, for a moment, and as we see, never perfectly. The world of humanity is swept into God’s work in creation, and as we see from the Biblical witness and the wisdom God gives us God loves creation do dearly that God created it to be billions of years before humanity with billions of created things that God loved, even before humanity, and perhaps after humanity.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Those who “believe that everything happens by the will of God” simply haven’t read their Bible and applied simple logic/reasoning skills to their reading. I’ll prove it with two quick examples. First, does a Believer ever marry an Unbeliever? And two, do Believers ever sin? That should be case closed.

    Dr. Brown, you would be far better off to look at Hosea 8:4, Jeremiah 7:31, 19:5, and 32:35. Understanding the Trump victory is not hard to explain with logic at all when one simply looks at the way Trump tapped into the anger, hatred, disobedience, and rebellion of those on the Right. Hardly attributes that we see God recommending in His chosen leaders.

    You can believe in the prophetic word of Pastor Johnson if you like but, as for me and my house, we will listen to the written word of God – especially when it contradicts the spoken word of any man – and that includes those who now use the title “pastor”. The only heart I see God giving man is the Ezekiel 36:26 heart that replaces the Jeremiah 17:9 heart.

    You say, “Obviously, Trump’s policies regarding immigration would seem to contradict the final sentence here, but if the rest of this proclamation is true, then perhaps this part will prove true too as well.” And I ask, “Since when does the Holy Spirit speak in half truths?” Either ALL of the prophesy is true or it’s NOT from the Holy Spirit.

    You start out by saying, “I believe Trump has been elected president by divine intervention” and then with “if Trump indeed is president by divine intervention…” Which is it? Do you believe it or not? That sounds double-minded to me. What does God say about being double-minded?

    • Wayne Cook’re just nit picking his wording. Give it a rest..your personal pride has been pricked and your sore. Yawn…

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Your faux omniscience has failed you. You make a lousy god. And since you’re so bored or tired, why don’t ya take your cantankerous, truculent old butt somewhere else and pester some other spiritually-dead cretin who’ll maybe give ya the time of day.

        • Liz Litts

          Oh and you make a better god?

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            That the best ya can do? Got ANY idea whatsoever as to what God has to say about that kind of a remark?

            A wise man once said it is better to keep your mouth shut and not show your ignorance than open it and remove all doubt. You should work on your wisdom a bit.

            “Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools speak because they have to say something” – Plato

  • Hmmm…

    God is sovereign and He can do whatever He wants to do. His inspired Word is what he wants to do, and that does not say that it is all up to him. It tells us our valuable and necessary part. We prayed in earnest and acted this time, rather than reasoning about a candidate’s Mormonism, for example, and drifting off. We need to learn not to have to be desperate before we obey God’s call to prayer and all that he indicates to us both personally and corporately as our part. It is assured that he will do His part, but He has assigned us a part, and He will not do our part. He set it up that way. Let’s keep up our prayer, our calling on Heaven, raising up our nation before the Lord AND listening for his directions to us, that He may continue the work of healing our land. It’s no time to quit. Look in the streets …

  • mews

    I believe God wants to rid the government of the most grievous criminals so his attorney general will be the most important appointment. Those criminals include Republicans as well as Democrats. So I don’t trust the establishment Republicans like Giuliani and Christie. Can we promote Pam Bondi? She is also the only woman being considered for his cabinet as far as I know.

    • Int’l J

      Just realize that Christie and Giuliani stands to possibly have high cabinet positions so that will not change!

  • KAKA Msimango

    This abuse of scriptures is unforgivable. Hitler’s supporters rationalized his anankastic personality, and believed he was savior for German. America is where America has always been, diverse and combative as a world power. When did it become sissy that it needed a defective persona for the Almighty Jehovah God to use to save it?. Fixation results in prophesies that are delusional. America, you will always have gays, you shall always have women seeking to terminate their unwanted pregnancies. You will have your racists. Rich and poor, drugs, and mafia , gang murders and prayer. Of course you millions of great people. That is how we know you from the outside. You are trying to cut and run on what you have been. Stop dreaming of the lost garden of Eden. Trump is no Cyrus and as the outside world, we are worried about the loss of reasonableness, when you appear to clean your house after you turn it into a pigsty. I love America and Americans. I have lived in American cities. But I have always come out with the firm belief that, the great innovation of modern governance and society has not reached a state of equilibrium. Trump is only the curtain raiser. Until you begin to trash the very values the founding fathers proclaimed and think the empire is great and freedom is an antithesis to a good society that is when you shall realize how far you have missed the boat. I still love America and believe the Petition against King George was right and so was the Philadelphia Convention, ill-attended as it was and amendments you have made to that great constitutional project. The station is still ahead though. Wish us all well but deception, nay. You have outdone yourselves!

    • Have you forgotten the passage that says that God uses the foolish things of the world to humiliate the wise and the weak things of the world to conquer the strong? There is nothing that those men said, or that Mike Brown wrote that contradicts Scripture, only your own sensibilities.

      • KAKA Msimango

        William Maddock, let’s agree on some scriptural ground. Let us justify God not man. We all are agreed that all authority comes from God. I do agree and hope you do too that his designs are carried out by his instruments, the rulers of the earth be they Good or Bad. Justifying Trump before we understand God’s design is the beginning of pride which withdraws our hearts from our maker, God. As it is written in Sirach today’s king is tomorrow’s corpse. Every arrogant show off becomes empty. Hate speeches do not justify God. If some Americans lifestyles have offended your sensibilities, it will not please Jehovah God to celebrate inciting harm to them. It is written, ” Odious to the Lord and to mortals is pride, and for both oppression is crime. Sovereignty is transfered from one people to snother because of the lawlessness of the proud” Sirach 10:7-8. Let us idolize and justify rulers. Let us justify God. (Job 36.) God bless you.

        • Instead, let’s agree to stop casting judgment and aspersions on someone that we have ZERO personal exposure to.

          • KAKA Msimango

            “Zero personal exposure” that is a humbling description for me. If my life has taken me to places in the world few have been, if America’s most conservative Senators like J. Helms have in person, commended my ideas, Donald Trump is my backyard. Easy then William. I am no lemon intellectually, politically and spiritually. About Paul, since you did not refer to specific scriptures, I cannot comment. Instead in reference to your zero personal exposure, I refer you to 2Corinthians 12: 7-11. I am a Christian and a Health Scientist and know Missouri very well since I once lived in St. Louis during Reagan times. Trump, I still insist is no Messiah. His narrative may even be anti-Christ.

          • Of all those who ran for President in this cycle, there is only one that literally surrounded himself with a bevy of Christians in counsel for him, and they have been actively feeding him the Word of God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He even selected a Christian for his running mate. That man is Donald Trump. None of the rest could be bothered with it. Something tells me that if you had lived in the times of the Apostles you would be stoning Paul rather than being a Barnabas to him.

            There are very few people who see Donald Trump as a Conservative, so your Jesse Helms endorsement means ZERO there. It seems very clear to me that you know nothing more, personally about Donald Trump than I do. You are certainly, though, the one casting aspersions on him.

            Stop it.

          • KAKA Msimango

            When discourse is conducted on the basis of privileged premises, that are immune to facts, it is within our ethical sensibilities to concede that such discussions yield little in real understanding. It was a pleasure interacting with you and I fully respect your beliefs and opinions. Wish President elect Trump well as he takes on the burdens of not only American but global governance.What a global village!

          • You don’t know Donald Trump any better than I do. Stop judging a stranger.

          • RebelMonk

            Ironic, isn’t it, that you’re castigating KAKA for judging Trump (although I, personally, did not see any “judgments of Trump” in the interactions above) because he has no personal knowledge of the man himself. I don’t disagree with that, actually. However, he did not judge Trump, he called out the pridefulness that is inherent in identifying Trump as a modern day Cyrus when we don’t understand God’s will. The difference is that GOD called out Cyrus and told us, explicitly, that he was used for the will of God. Other than you and Dr. Brown, I’m not aware of anyone else saying that trump is being used that way.

            However, the words written by KAKA are a fraction of the words spoken and written by Trump, yet you seem fine with judging KAKA based upon them.

            Interesting, huh?

          • He was saying some pretty foul things about someone he has no personal knowledge of. Trying to prove to your audience that such a person is not Christ because of past activities is the same as saying that the Apostle Paul was no Christian, and i take it personally because that same, completely unbiblical argument says that I am no Christian, but, like Paul, I have been washed, I have been made clean in the blood of Christ, and he has zero knowledge of whether Donald Trump has or not. The reports I have are that he HAS, and in such a recent time span that he is still in the process of change. I have not judged him at all, but have merely tried to call him down off of his self-idolatrous high horse to stop his judgmental pronouncements about someone he does not know. If you can’t handle that, then go have an argument with Paul over publicly confronting Peter.

          • KAKA Msimango

            I had decided to leave this exchange with integrity and respect for your opinion, especially that I knew we do not walk in the same corridors, but I now know your sense of judgement may equally be anankastic. First year Tort in addition to my scientific logic attracts me to the conclusion that I may injure your ontological security and give cause to damage. I restrain as I have other very global matters to attend. I will not block you. My spirituality does not permit me but I sign off.

          • Irene Neuner

            Trump is a good man KAKA. Go watch his interview and his daughter’s interview on Letterman 7 years ago. To me that is all I need to see. Obama and Clinton were our anti-Christs.

    • Liz Litts

      Before you go crazy with the ‘Hitler’ stuff, I suggest you read some real history. Hitler hated the true church–he got the apostate church in line with him. Read about Bonehoffer and others that stood up agianst hitler.

  • From what I have heard and read, Donald Trump prayed to receive Christ as his Savior less than one year ago. If true, then he is in spiritual diapers, and will grow as Christians do. As such I also find it extremely disquieting that people who claim to know the Scriptures would so totally forget the teachings of the Apostle Paul so as to seek to drag a brand new Christian back through the mud of his pre-Christian past. Stop being pawns of the devil.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Thanks for showing that you don’t understand what it takes to be saved or what the Scriptures have to say about those who have been. Stop being a pawn of the Devil.

      Try reading your Bible and perhaps seek wise counsel yourself on what it takes to actually be Born Again.

      • Wayne Cook

        Actually, you leave the field wide open as to WHAT you believe, since you included not one scripture. You judge where no one has tread. That alone is un-Biblical, not to mention immature. Stop whining and smell some coffee…maybe even drink a bit. Maddock is right.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Matt. 15:18, Lk 6:45, Jn. 7:24, and especially Matt. 7:6. There’s a few for you. See if you can find them.

          • Liz Litts

            Last time I looked it said ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved”. Who do you think you are? Do you think you really know this man–from the way you sound all you know is what MSNBC and CNN say about him.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Thanks for asking. I am a Born Again, Blood-bought Saint, Co-heir with Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God.

            As for what you looked at the last time (which apparently has been quite some time), you’d do well to actually understand it!! Even Satan and his demons “believe”. (That’s in the Bible, btw).

            Since you obviously didn’t understand that, I suggest you find a good Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church where you can submit to godly men as your leaders, (as commanded to do so) and be properly discipled. They may be able to even point you to a good Titus 2:3-5 woman as well.

            While you’re at it I suggest you also do a little study on what God has to say about those who speak falsely for Him and use His Word to falsely teach others and lead them into disobedience. Here’s a hint: The penalty for a false prophet was death and they only got to be wrong one time! Satan quoted Scripture to Jesus and all with the same goals.

            As for knowing “this man”, I assume you’re speak of Trump, and therefore know him just as Jesus said in the Scriptures I referenced. Which you evidently are obliviously ignorant of as well.

            So, the next time you decide you wanna spout off at the mouth, ya might try being a little better prepared AND since you decided to open up by referencing Scripture, ya might wanna take those above suggestions seriously.

            Or you can just continue to walk in your Flesh, ignorance, delusion, and denial in which case I suggest you read Matt. 7:21-23 too because you’re likely standing in line.

    • Elaine

      Because you heard and read it does that make it true?

      • If you don’t like him does that make it false?

        Of all the candidates for President he is the only one that surrounded himself with an entire council of Christian leaders. He even chose a devout Christian as his running mate.

        Watch his behavior and see if it does or does not change more and more into the image of Christ, but don’t expect it to be an overnight, flip a switch, square wave event. I am speaking from experience. It’s going to take time. Have some patience with him.

        Boy! Some of the bull-headed, pigheaded, judgmental replies I’ve seen from people in this thread throwing around one-liners and Christian doctrine like a two-edged sword! They would have rejected the Apostle Paul!


      • Because you don’t like him, does that make it false?

  • ADDgolfer

    “I have given him the tender heart of a father that wants to lend a helping hand to the poor and the needy, to the foreigner and the stranger.”
    The authors response “seem to contradict ” operative word is seem.

    How can a country help these people if the country had been decimated in the process? Only when that country has the strength to do so can it help. Help not in the form of opening our home to feed them fish each and every day, but to go to their home, clean their ponds and lakes and teach them to fish. Assist foreign people to clean up their gov’ts so they can eat.

    Only a strong respected peoples (country)can influence others to act. Evil will continue the fight, as it does in our country after the election. It has been hit and seeing stars from the blow. Donald Trump’s cage rattling (sensationalism) gets everyone’s attention, he then opens the cage to expose the beast, pulls back the curtain so we can see what is behind it. His boastfulness, his calling some of them rapists, murderers, criminals(many are)has everyone’s attention. They are not the best of their countries peoples. In this country they are used as pawns for the left. 100s of millions of new citizens to vote Democrat and put this country on the fastest part of the slope to Socialism.
    just my $.02

  • WakeUp

    Thank you for the effort of this writing. I was looking for some spiritually-minded analysis and you helped with my own. The Holy Spirit does not only speak with, and though you, or a few, but with and through all believers in the Good News of Jesus Christ. In that power of the Holy Spirit I am asked to admonish you of error. While the analogy to the Biblical figure of Cyrus may – we hopefully pray! – be prophetic your foray into political partisanship is NOT godly, and in fact is un-godly. Many faithful Christians in the US are not Republicans and do not support the policy platform of the
    Republican Party in all it details. You conclude your otherwise helpful analysis with endorsement of that Platform and architects of that Platform – and seem to regard that document as Biblically-founded ‘truth’ – which it is not! You should fall down in prayer for forgiveness for that deviance from the Good News of Jesus Christ. Further, you have abandoned – as if they are non-existent – the lives of MOST LIVING CHRISTIANS!: who do not live in the United States, and who ARE NOT WHITE PEOPLE. You should fall down in prayer to the God of ALL CREATION AND ALL LIFE! God is PRO-LIFE BECAUSE GOD IS AUTHOR OF ALL LIFE, spoken into being by the Word of God. Your deceiving reduction of the Good News of a LIFE-GIVING GOD to the Platform of a Political Party in one particular Nation is idolatrous. Please fall down in prayer!

  • Irene Neuner

    Sir, love this article. My family made a practice of getting on our knees day and night along with many other faithful, Christian Americans to pray for Mr. Trump. We still do everyday and will not stop praying the very list that you proposed. Satan will try to sabatoge this victory. Furthermore I do see many unfortunate things happening because dealing with sin and evil is not a pleasant thing to do.

  • Juan Lopez

    God? The murderous, racist, sexist, illogical one of the Bible? Yeah, I can believe he would “raise up Trump,” if he existed at all.

    Conservative Christianity raised up Trump. Along with open Klan Members and self proclaimed Nazis.

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