It’s Dangerous for Christian Leaders to Endorse Political Candidates

If we have sought to walk carefully before God and man for many years, doing our best to keep our testimonies unsullied, is it wise for us to be so closely associated with a political candidate?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds up his Bible during a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015. Many Christian leaders have endorsed Trump for president, but is it really wise for Christian leaders to endorse a political candidate?

By Michael Brown Published on October 8, 2016

Last year, for the first time in my life, I endorsed a political candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, but I’m not sure I’ll endorse a candidate again in the future. This, however, has nothing to do with Ted Cruz himself, who I still believe was a fine candidate and whom I hope will have a bright political future. Rather, it has to do with the baggage that comes with endorsing a candidate, and that baggage can be problematic for Christian leaders.

In my view, the issue is not whether pastors and ministry heads should have a voice in politics. I believe we should, and for obvious reasons I oppose the Johnson Amendment.

And I believe we have a responsibility to our congregants and followers to offer scriptural guidelines for choosing a candidate and even to say, “Because of these considerations, I will be voting for candidate X, but you need to give this prayerful consideration and then vote accordingly.”

That is different from endorsing a candidate, which goes even further. With an endorsement, you are attaching your name to that candidate, which means that your reputations become intertwined.

If the candidate says or does something stupid, or if new, damning information comes out against that candidate, your own name is tarnished in the process, with your critics mockingly asking, “So, what do you think of your man (or, woman) now?”

When I announced my endorsement for Ted Cruz 11 months ago, I offered three reasons for my endorsement: “1) he is a man of unshakable, conservative moral convictions; 2) he is willing to take on the Washington establishment; 3) we need a radical shift in the direction of our country, and his team has asked me to help get out the evangelical vote.”

Additionally, because I live to see a gospel-based moral and cultural revolution in America and because I felt that Sen. Cruz was the kind of politician who could help advance such a godly revolution, the invitation to endorse him was also an invitation to be of potential help to him in the future.

Of course, I gave the endorsement with clear caveats, stating that our hope must be in God, not in man, also stating that “I’m not opposing other godly candidates; I’m not here to become the apologist for Ted Cruz, and as a radio host and writer. I’ll do my best to report fairly on the elections as they unfold.”

But I immediately began to see problems with making an endorsement. First, everything I wrote or said agreeing with Cruz or disagreeing with one of his oppponents was filtered through this endorsement, as in, “You’re obviously biased since you’ve got your heart involved in this election.”

Since my primary calling is to be a voice, I felt that my ability to be a voice was somewhat hindered by my endorsement, even if what I wrote was fair and impartial.

In the same way, pastors and leaders need to ask themselves, “Will I compromise my ability to minister to my flock and fulfill my responsibilities by endorsing a particular candidate?” This can be especially relevant during the primaries, where the choices between right and wrong might not be as stark.

But that leads to a second issue. Was I truly being impartial in my political statements and writings? Was I actually being an apologist for Cruz or a critic of his competitors? I certainly hope that was not the case, and I used as many checks and balances as possible to ensure objectivity. But I’m only human, and it’s possible that, on some level, however small, my objectivity was compromised.

Third, endorsing a candidate stirs up more division within the Body, especially when there are not clear moral choices, as was the case, say, between Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee or Ben Carson. Yet believers become so passionate defending their candidate and attacking the others that an endorsement seems to exacerbate the divisions. In contrast, discussing the issues and evaluating who appears to strongest on those issues can be a more constructive approach.

Fourth, when it was revealed that Sen. Cruz had not tithed to his church, I was now expected to defend his Christianity, even though I had stated that I was not going to be his apologist. But now his apparent lack of Christian generosity somehow reflected on me.

In more extreme form, the recent release of an 11-year-old video tape containing extremely vulgar and misogynist comments from Donald Trump, coupled with his initial, quite tepid apology, cast an ugly shadow on the prominent Christian leaders who endorsed him.

Is this a risk we are willing to take? If we have sought to walk carefully before God and man for many years, doing our best to keep our testimonies unsullied, is it wise for us to be so closely associated with a political candidate?

It’s one thing to serve in an advisory capacity, either before the candidate is elected or once that candidate is in office. By all means, let us have the maximum godly influence we can have, and let us walk through every good door that is opened for us. But an endorsement speaks of something more than advice, and with that, there are pitfalls.

Having said all this, I’m not criticizing other leaders who regularly make endorsements, and I can’t guarantee that I’ll never endorse a candidate again. I’m personally glad that I did endorse Sen. Cruz, since I learned a lot from doing so, while I continue to raise my voice against Christians voting for Hillary Clinton.

But it’s essential as leaders in the Church that we keep the first things first in our lives and callings, being careful not to engage in any behavior or actions that distract us from those callings.

It’s possible that endorsing political candidates is one of those things.

What do you think?

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  • Paul

    How any Christian leader endorsed Trump boggles the mind. A foul mouthed cheating husband, casino and strip club operator, at least he can read from two Corinthians lol. I understand his oponent is truly despicable, I understand voting against Hillary, but that’s quite different than endorsing this train wreck of a candidate.

    • Billy Chickens

      Paul, Are you so perfect that you, being able to read the future, never committed ANY transgression at all because you knew that one day you’d run for President of the United States? Rather, I think your case, as with all of us normal people, is, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

      The Democrats would do ANYTHING to get rid of Trump because they know he will win. If this latest doesn’t stop him, look for Hillary to pull a Vince Foster on him.

      Go Trump!!!

      • Paul

        You crack me up, misapplying scripture and attacking anyone who shines light on your beloved candidates disgusting behavior. Do a little Bible study next time, be it about King David or the overall topic of judgement.

        • Billy Chickens

          I was merely shining light on King David’s indiscretions. I am a devout Catholic – not the Tim Kaine kind – but the orthodox kind, therefore I do study the Bible, as well as the Catechism, and have a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Glorious Mother of God, our Mother and your Mother. How about you?

          • Paul

            I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ

          • Billy Chickens

            So am I. A Catholic one. Read the Bible. Evangelicals seem only to grab a verse or chapter of the Old Testament, barely moving forward into the New Testament.

          • Paul

            What are you even talking about? It’s like listening to a stream of conciousness rant from your hero Trump.

  • Billy Chickens

    King David was an adulterer, he stole Bathsheba from Uriah then committed murder by having Uriah killed, yet God still found David a worthy leader for Israel. So far Trump hasn’t murdered anyone, which is more than we can say for Hillary and all the feminists who have killed their own children through “inside the womb murder” of their unborn children, that is, abortion.

    Incredibly feminists will vote for Hillary who is pro-Islam, a religion which subjugates women, murders them by burying them to the waist in the sand then having people throw stones at their head until they are dead. In Islam women are chattel, can be raped at the drop of a hat, beaten and killed for no reason.

    At least trump LIKES women. What if he liked MEN? Or little boys? Animals? Dead people? I doubt seriously that he would have Monica Lewinsky visit him in the Oval Office.

    Grow up. And remember, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” That goes for you as well, Dr Brown. Did you never do anything in your past when you were younger that you regret? Nothing at all? I did. And plenty of them.

    • Paul

      Trump is no King David.

      • Billy Chickens

        How do we know that? He hasn’t become King…er…President yet.

        • Paul

          Read their books.

          King David:
          -about 1/2 of Psalms with great focus on loving God

          -The art of the deal
          -Think big and kick a$$
          And about a dozen other self absorbed puff pieces focused on money, power and self aggrandizement

          • Billy Chickens

            As opposed to, say, Hillary’s abundant love for murder in the womb by beheading (partial-birth abortion), mass immigration of Muslims who, in case you are politically correct thus unaware, consider women to be property and living only for the pleasure of a man, and the de-Christianization of deplorables. Hmmmm….YAY TRUMP!!!

          • Paul

            Hillary’s filth doesn’t make Trump clean

          • Billy Chickens

            Ah, but you do not see the larger picture. You have Trump stuck in the year when he said that and make your decision based on assumption that he is still the same, has not changed for the better. In contrast, Hillary’s past filth is still her present filth.

          • Paul

            past performance is generally a pretty good indicator of future behavior. It’s as if Trump supporters expect people to abandon reason when examining their hero.

          • smclindsey

            Trump is not “clean”, but Hillary is the dirtiest, so ….

          • Paul

            Yea, that’s what it boils down to, casting a ballot for the lesser filth.

          • smclindsey

            Iff Hillary wrote a book and was truthful it would have to be “how to become the most powerful woman in the world no matter who I have to kill, lie to, cheat, or step on to get there.”

    • Daryl Kelly

      Well, let me ask you Mr. Chicken…….is there a line you could never cross with your vote? Meaning, will you always vote for “your candidate” no matter how bad they are just so long as they`re not as bad as “the other guy”?….OR will you at some point say…..”I just can`t go there!”? Btw, King David truly love God and was repentant. I`ve seen no such evidence from Mr. Trump. If at some point he does….fantastic. If at some point Hillary asks for forgiveness and repents…..fantastic. God`s mercy and grace knows no limits to anyone.

      • Billy Chickens

        Nope. No line for me for this election at all whatsoever in any way. I can go there. Definitely.

        • Paul

          Wow. Quite an admission.

  • Dove

    What Trump said has totally changed my vote!
    I will now vote for Hillary!
    I cannot abide the thought of some vile, creepy old man who gropes women living in the White House.

    Oh, wait,…

    • Billy Chickens

      As opposed to some vile, creepy old woman who kills womens’ “product of conception” (baby) and want to mandate that globally so that even sovereign nations which oppose abortion MUST change to join Hillary’s global vision of mass murder. That is, genocide.

  • Gary

    It is rare that anyone who is what they should be runs for political office. Most moral people want nothing to do with politics. They don’t have political ambitions. They just want to live a quiet life without government interference. Some candidates are better then others, but in my lifetime, I know of no candidate for President, Senator, or Congressman who I could endorse today. I almost always decide which candidate running for an office is someone I don’t want, and then I vote for who is running against them. And I admit that I have voted for some devils out of ignorance. Had I known what they were, I would never have voted for them. But, at the time, I thought they were the lesser of two evils. I long ago gave up the fantasy that whoever is elected will be successful in making things better because I always find that thing only get worse.

  • Billy Chickens

    Well, Everyone, as fascinating as this has been I have to go shopping now because I’m not a guy chicken but a hen, and the shops are open after Hurricane Matthew. Besides, I’m winning hands down and after awhile it gets tiresome to be right all the time.

  • Chip Crawford

    I do not believe Trump’s 11 year old prospect is the identical one he holds today. To automatically assume that he lives and breathes to grope and plunder women is kind of dumb actually. People change. To not note his absorption with the people and their concerns he has met, especially the family of slain illegal border jumpers, is so lame. It plays right into the PC playbook. I realize it is a more serious offense than a wrong word used and some of their slight excuses to take offense, but it should not terminate the mental process of thought. He’s not there today, folks. He’s elevated from that.

    He does have problems that concern, of course. His pride and independence are entirely more likely to steer him into wrong choices. And don’t forget the obvious that HRC is certain to be behind that and the tax return pages and the Miss Universe and whatever new stuff comes up. Someone covered by the current administration from prosecution which is being carried out for others all around for less, is certainly able to get you that tax return as well. Her buddies in California no doubt helped her out last recent visit there with this video. Her team is devious enough to come up with these schemes. It all plays into the Clinton M.O. from way past.

    Will be interesting to see how Trump comes out in such a contest. He has a lot arrayed against him, with most of the media the most aggressively anti in a long time. The clash of Titans! The battle of the pit bulls! One has to vent, even facetiously. It is quite something, especially in light of the serious Russian challenges in Syria, the hurricane all coming the same day. Lord, have mercy — and more extended prayers are certainly in order.

  • Joe

    Trump kinda reminds me of Back to the Future. McFly goes to some casino/strip club and Biff is running the whole thing! Buff is running for president now.

  • Barbara

    So, by this logic, I should cease to endorse King David, who was engaged in pornography when lewdly ogling Bathsheba, and only feeling conviction and the need to confess after being confronted by Nathan. And his boy, Solomon. With 700 wives and 300 concubines, or those he preferred to use only for sexual reasons

    • smclindsey

      *David isn’t on the ballot. *David was an outstanding man for God until he did those things. *He repented and although did not lead a perfect life afterwards, he was a devout follower of God.

      • Barbara

        No, he wasn’t on the ballot. He was handpicked by God even though God knew in advance what David would do and that He, God, would not be able to allow David to build His temple because of all the blood on his hands. In other words, God did not take into account David’s shortcomings, but rather his heart and all the good he would do for the kingdom in contrast to all the personal wrongdoings. I see only one person on the ballot who is dedicated to stopping prenatal genocide. I don’t have to endorse his wrongdoings to know what matters most to God.

        • Hmmm…

          You are right. God sees the heart. If you compare the hearts of the two people, having listened to them a while, I think it would be obvious. People are very slow to see the way the campaign and its new associations, new people have enlarged Mr. Trump in a good way. I saw the Lord putting very strong people around him with strengths complimenting his. When Mike Pence came along — double wow. Post scandal tape: The indignation of a righteous man is going to be in his face from now on, unless he loses. A man like Mike Pence is gentle and kind, but nobody’s fool. Me thinks he is one to tell Mr. Trump off as very much needed in multiple areas at the pivotal moment. Not the ideal Mr. Pence first envisioned before this eye opener, but a ministry, an assignment from God I pray he will heed acutely and stand up to as is his character I think.

  • Elizabeth Faircloth Grimm

    Dr. Brown, I appreciate your post very much. I don’t see why a person, minister or not, shouldn’t have a voice about candidates without being destroyed for that voice. I don’t know if you remember E.T Corbin, but one night after a fiery message by Steve Hill, I was feeling very convicted about my past. I tried to “confess” to Bro Corbin and he stopped me right away. He ask me if I had ask for forgiveness, when I said yes, he said he didnt want to hear any confessions. He said God hears “I’m sorry” whether you whisper it in a silent prayer or shout it from a revival platform. He also said, “Everyone has a past!” And it’s called a past, because that is what it is, and if you ask for forgiveness, then God remembers it no more, (you are brand new every morning) but you can be sure the devil doesn’t forget and he will remind you daily. My choice was also Ted Cruz, but he was not the people’s choice. I will vote Trump/Pence, to vote against Hillary. People change, and I don’t believe Donald Trump is the same person as 10 years ago, Christians can approach him, but not so with Hillary! If I’m wrong about that, we will see. I posted a video of the sound of abortion, using BBs to make the point. Abortion issues and the Supreme Court is the reason she can never be elected. Thank you for your ministry! God Bless you and your family!

  • HisChild

    Pray for Donald Trump to grow stronger in his walk with the Lord. His faith journey has just begun, don’t trample him down. He knows he was wrong and though his apology seemed weak to our ears, let him have his heart before God. Trump is a man, who not too many months ago, said he has nothing to be forgiven. He made an apology and in my eyes, that’s spiritual growth. I’m continuing to pray that Mr. Trump will grow in the strength of the Lord.

    • Paul

      I admire your perspective, the same prayerful approach is needed for all leadership in our nation, including his opponent.

  • Beth Moll

    Dr. Brown, Thank you for your perceptive insight on this topic. I have often struggled with the issue Christian leaders who have endorsed certain candidates and was actually little surprized when you did so with Ted Cruz. I think my biggest concern has always been really knowing how a Christian leader would decide to endorse a certain candidate to begin with. To me, the only acceptable answer to that would be if they shared that they had prayed about it, that they felt they had received a direction from the Lord about doing so. Then finally once they shared that they had endorsed a certain candidate under direction of the Lord through their time in prayer. Any future misgivings would have to be filtered their spiritual ability to receive such direction during their prayer time. The problem with being a prominent Christian leader is that endorsing a candidate may come with other advantages to that person’s affiliations or organizations. So in such cases, Christian leaders may decide to endorse candidates for a variety of unhealthy and spiritually immature reasons. Astute lay people are well aware of this. Young sheep new to the Christian fold may follow more blindly.
    I, personally saw the fact that you would personally endorse Ted Cruz as a huge step of faiith to take in an election year such as this one. It was something I had expected that you had taken to prayer, knowing your ministry over the years, as I have. Personally, I cannot say that Ted’s lack of tithing is something that would make me feel you were right or wrong in your decision to endorse. However, the influence a Christian leader has over the followers the Lord has entrusted to him is very substantial and significant. I’m afraid many Christian leaders rush to endorse candidates out of their own spiritual immaturity and not out of a genuine concern for the body of Christ within the political realm. However, your desire endorse Ted Cruz I believe, came from the motivation in your heart to point our nation toward someone who would uphold the constitution the way it was written and that was a noble motivation, in my book.

  • Kelley H

    Mr. Brown, I have a great appreciation for your wisdom and your voice. Your article is food for serious thought… And … at the moment … I am pondering that there potentially are so many lives in the balance for this election that your endorsement of Cruz was the right thing to do and… If an endorsement of Trump could make the difference in the chance for life and freedom for even one could be worth risking a stronger statement from you in the form of an endorsement… … This is coming from a middle class man that has a comfortable life compared to many in this world BUT imagine if I was a child in the womb who was fighting for a chance at life and you were on the outside the camp that I was in and awaiting the gas chamber and you were the one who could take the risk and ….. …Need I go on!? So now I am talking to my self… I AM voting for trump with all my might but ! I have not been able to bring myself to put my Vote Trump bumper sticker on my car… maybe it is time you and I both get over our concern for the risks and

  • Nelson Banuchi

    I am glad you have come to such a conclusion and decision. I personally do not think it wise for a minister to endorse, and further, to reveal for whom they are voting.

  • Can I just say, it is embarrassing that Trump is on the cover of Charisma Magazine this month of all months. Especially with Fridays revelations.

    It is such a bad witness to muslims and those of other faiths. They are going to think that Christians support and affirm sex crazed, vulger, and racist leaders.

    I for one don’t!

    And non charismatic Christians are going have a field day with that cover as well…

    Sadly, I think God has determined harm for this Union (the USA) – not good. For He has given us over to wicked and deplorable leaders, and ones that are despised by the other nations.

    But there is hope for the church, always will be…

    So my prayer now is “Lord revive your church and turn our eyes from looking to man for the answer”.

    • Billy Chickens

      There will be no church if Trump doesn’t win. He will protect religious freedom while Hillary will restrict it. Remember, she said that churches have to change their teachings to be more accepting of homosexuality, transgenderism and killing of the unborn. You choose.

      • Billy, beware of the leaven of Herod.

        It is short sighted to say that there’s will be no church of Trump doesn’t win, Trump is not our savior, Jesus is. And on the contrary the church grows under persecution.

        Don’t put your trust in Trump, Trust in God.

        The disciples made this mistake when they thought Jesus was coming to be a political leader, they were quite disillusioned when He died on a cross instead.

        Trump may say he stands for religious freedom but if he makes us so odious to the nations that they abhor doing any business with America or if he tweets something hateful about a leader of another nation at 3am from the Oval Office, there won’t be a nation to have religious freedom in.

        • Billy Chickens

          You are lost in Never neverland. Of course Jesus is the Savior of the world, but He isn’t here in the flesh at the moment running for political office is He? Only 2 people are. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And the majority of leaders of other nations have said they would prefer Trump mainly because they like him and can get along with him better than Hillary. Try to have more hope in your heart and a bit more loving kindness for your neighbor.

          It sounds as if you prefer Hillary to win so Christians can be persecuted! Is that what you really want to happen for the future of America? The church will live regardless (the gates of hell shall not prevail) but America won’t.

          • Billy,
            Lobing insults at a me as fellow Christian saying I’m lost in never never land and accusing me of wanting Hilary to win is not true and frankly childish.

            the Bible talks about there is more hope for a fool than someone who can’t control their mouth.

            So I can’t vote for trump, I don’t trust him, and I have traveled outside the country and talk with many people, they all have simular feelings.

            I can’t vote for Hillary because she is a corrupt liar and stands against everything I hold dear (family values, rights for the unborn, religious freedom).

            I will be still voting, there are many other offices to exercise my voting rights with. But I can’t vote for our presidential choices with a clear conscience.

            As I said in my original post, I believe that God has determined harm for our Union and not good. So you can pick your poison or pick neither.

            Trump is not a Cyrus, he is more like Mile Cyrus with his crude sexual comments and behavior. It is insulting to every woman and every married man, not only here but also abroad. Just read Aljazera or the Jerusalem post.

          • Billy Chickens

            I do read those as well as Pravda and many others. Trump said that over a decade ago and if that’s all the Dems can drag out of the dung heap it’s really pathetic because they support Islam and Muslims who kill women, enslave women, stone women and perform female castration on girls and women even here in America. Feminists murder babies (some of whom would grow up to be WOMEN if not slaughtered.)

            BTW, I was feeling bad for the Never neverland sentence so edited it out, then saw your post and put it back in so you wouldn’t look as if you were making it up.

            Yes, God will chastize America for abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and all the rest of the filth. But while some of us are trying to get America back on the right path toward God, others are so staunch and stiff in their condemnation of others (Trump) that they cannot see the forest for the trees, cannot see the leader who will get us back on a better path because of their self righteousness.

            Unbeknownst to you, maybe you are the one working against God. God certainly does not want Hillary to be President, or are you thinking He does and she will be our punishment. Self-preservation is human nature, however you seem to want devastation to fall upon the nation.

          • I don’t want devastation to fall on the nation, but I am making an observation that based on on presidential choices, I think that God has determined harm for the nation (which is very sad).

            I would like America to get on the right path, but I don’t believe Trump possesses the leadership qualities or wisdom to do such. (if he wins, I hope I’m wrong)

            Despite these things, we can still obey the gospel, be salt and light, love the Lord with all our heart and our neighbor as ourself, and we can even love our enemies (with his help).

            He is the only constant in our ever changing world.

            “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an Everlasting Rock” Is 26:4

          • Trip – you’re not the only one who sees things as they are. By their fruits shall ye know them, and the insults and spite sent in your direction, to which you have replied in mild tones, demonstrate for all to see who is on at least approximately the right path, and who has missed the point, lost the plot.

            Yes it’s a pain to have to take the fertiliser flung at you. But please have compassion for the flingers, they’ve gone astray. This has become obvious to all – Trump on the cover of Charisma magazine.

          • Wayne Cook

   already set the standard, Mooky.

        • Wayne Cook

          You don’t get out much, do you?
          Damn Pharisee.

    • Gizmo

      Stop getting your drawers in a wad. At one time Miley Cyrus was on the cover of Christian magazines. Look how that little angel turned out.

    • Wayne Cook

      Coward. The church isn’t in the world to stay safe, and last time I checked, the Apostle Paul had worse past than Trump. In fact, all the names you listed for Trump you could say double for Saul.


      • mrsbarb


        Check your facts!

    • mrsbarb


      Do not be deceived the largest consumers of filth and pornography is the Muslim world. In their culture women nor children have any value outside the pleasure they may bring a man. If the community feigns outrage, it it plain hypocrisy!! No, Mr. Trump is no the answer, repentance is.

  • ” Was I truly being impartial in my political statements and writings? Was I actually being an apologist for Cruz or a critic of his competitors? I certainly hope that was not the case, and I used as many checks and balances as possible to ensure objectivity. But I’m only human, and it’s possible that, on some level, however small, my objectivity was compromised.”

    What do I think? I think that everyone, especially myself, could learn from you Dr B. I think that as long as you keep on thinking like this, seeking for truth with honesty and integrity, while you may get it wrong, you won’t get it *very* wrong. I myself try however falteringly to follow the same principle.

    As regards Cruz – he fell in with Trump, (temporarily) abandoning principle for pragmatism. He doesn’t deserve your endorsement, he isn’t worthy of it. You and I have deep disagreements, but you’re better than that.

    I hope this heartfelt article gets circulated widely. You have been weighed in the balance, as have many Evangelicals – but unlike them, not found wanting.

    • Patriot


  • Len Hummel

    STAY OUT of the dirty, dirty “political process” and PRAY for GOD’s will, … and then vote your best Christian conscience, … KNOWING that GOD CAN use “unsanctified (and imperfect) men” for His purposes.

  • mrsbarb

    Growing up I remember my Father being a very strong conservative. Made sense, he was an exile from Castro’s Cuba. I remember he making contributions to the Reagan Presidential campaign in the name of each of his four children. He wanted us to feel that we too were part of the political process. My father only voted on one issue, Life. He understood that issue alone could define a nation. Today, I vote pretty much the same way. I know that God cannot bless a country where there is so much innocent bloodshed. I too care about immigration, healthcare, the economy, the debt, the definition of marriage, the size of government and I can pretty much be very flexible on any of those issues if the sanctity of life is preserved. I, like Mr. Dennis Miller, also believe that our ship has already sailed. We are too far gone. There are no politicians alive that can fix this! No, I will not endorse any politician, but I will vote for the one who has stated values human life!!

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