Catholic School Hit for Canceling LGBT Play for 5-Year-Olds

The play features an 8-year-old boy who dresses as a girl and questions his gender.

By Todd Starnes Published on May 7, 2017

LGBT Canadians are furious after a Catholic school district canceled performances of a play about gender identity — meant for children as young as 5 years old.

“I fear these cancellations may be based on misinformation, grown out of fear, intolerance, transphobia, homophobia and misogyny,” wrote Jessica Carmichael, the artistic director of the Carousel Playhouse.

The playhouse had been scheduled to perform a play called, Boys, Girls and Other Mythological Creatures. The show had already been booked in five elementary schools in the Niagara Catholic School District.

It turns out the Canadian government believes it’s appropriate to discuss transgenderism with small children — without their parents being present.

The play features an 8-year-old boy who dresses as a girl and questions his gender, The Globe and Mail reports.

“In the play, Simon(e) feels boxed in by the restrains of gender,” Carmichael wrote in a letter posted on the playhouse website.

It turns out the Canadian government believes it’s appropriate to discuss transgenderism with small children — without their parents being present. I’m surprised the actors didn’t try to give the kids condoms.

Carmichael defended the production by referring to guidelines approved by the Ontario Ministry of Indoctrination … pardon me — Ministry of Education.

The curriculum states: “It is also critical to student success to create an atmosphere in which students of all body shapes and sizes, abilities, gender identities and sexual orientations, and ethnocultural, racial and religious backgrounds feel accepted, comfortable and free from harassment.”

A Catholic School Fights Back

The play was initially performed for one Catholic grade school — and it did not take them long to realize the content was definitely not age appropriate.

The school district released a statement explaining that the play “was not originally presented as a play about gender identity.”

Kudos to Catholic educators for standing their ground and ordering the playhouse to pack up and get out of their schoolhouses.

And while LGBT groups are accusing the Catholics of being homophobic and transphobic, others are applauding their resolve.

“It’s appalling for any school board, let alone a Catholic one, to use a cutesy play to force gender ideology and whatever the latest social fad is on kids who are nowhere near equipped to process this information,” education activist Tanya Allen told LifeSiteNews.

As I wrote in my new book, The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again, grade schools have been turned into left-wing indoctrination centers. It’s imperative for parents to engage with educators so they can fight back against the social justice warriors.

Otherwise, American and Canadian schools will simply become playgrounds for the gender and sex revolutionaries.


Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary. His latest book is The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again. Follow him on Twitter @ToddStarnes and find him on Facebook.

Originally published on Reprinted with permission.

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  • Gary

    It wouldn’t have been necessary to cancel if the play had not been scheduled to start with. Somebody made a mistake.

  • Billy Chickens

    I agree with Gary (for a change). I mean, really…a school schedules a play without reading it first? They schedule it without knowing what it’s about? They didn’t look the play or the playhouse up on the Internet first? I just looked it up and red flags are all over the place.

    • ImaginaryDomain

      They knew exactly what this play was about. They just got caught by some irate parents and feigned surprise and outrage. They’re plans to poison some young minds minds were foiled – for now. This is the state of the CC.

  • samton909

    Go to youtube and view the “play”. Only sick minds could have come up with this sort of thing. They want your children. They want to sexualize your children and plant in their minds that they can decide to be a boy or a girl, that your guidance as a parent is faulty. The sick clowns that came up with this designed it for four to ten year olds, and they are very proud of it. In years past, these sick people would have been run out of town on a rail. Now Catholic schools invite them to give their sick propaganda.

  • Yankeegator

    They need to draw a line in the sand. Stand and fight! Do not be bullied by evil!!!

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