Can You Help Me Crack the YouTube Code? You Get a Free Gift If You Can!

By Michael Brown Published on November 23, 2018

I’ve been tracking this for more than a year now, and I still can’t make rhyme or reason of how YouTube enforces its policies. Perhaps you can help me figure things out? If you can, there’s a free gift waiting for you.

In case you’re not aware, in August 2017, I reported that “YouTube Just Demonetized Hundreds of Our Videos,” meaning that they marked the videos (roughly 900 of them!) as “Not suitable for all advertisers.”

Over time, after manual review, most of the videos were approved while others were confirmed as not suitable. But the pattern was unpredictable, leading me to announce this past July that, “I Cannot Make Any Sense Out of YouTube’s Policies.”

What’s the Logic?

Since then, the pattern, if there is one, is quite inscrutable. Why does one video get approved and another video get disqualified? Based on what criteria?

I’m quite aware that certain videos awill be deemed too controversial for all advertisers. But other videos contain no offensive or controversial content.

My only conclusion is that it all depends on the person doing the manual review.

But even if that were true, the logic behind the decisions is beyond comprehension. Are there no internal guidelines that are followed?

To be sure, I appreciate every video that is approved after manual review, even if there was no reason for the video to be flagged in the first place. And I’m quite aware that certain videos will be deemed too controversial for all advertisers. At the same time, I’m quite aware that other videos contain no offensive or controversial content. Why, then, do they get demonetized?

Some Get Approved

Here are some recent examples. These videos were all approved for all advertisers after manual review:

Again, these videos were all approved as “Suitable for all advertisers” after manual review, which I do appreciate.

What of Those ‘Not Suitable’?

But the following videos were not approved after manual review, including these two, which I could possibly understand.

So, perhaps there’s a reason for these two videos to remain demonetized after manual review. But how in the world were these videos deemed unsuitable for all advertisers?

  • The Amazing Story of David and Don Wilkerson (In this inspirational and enjoyable video, I interviewed Don Wilkerson’s daughter Julie Klose. We talked about her new book, which tells the amazing story of the birth of Teen Challenge, the world’s most effective drug-rehab ministry. This was not suitable for all advertisers?)
  • Brown Takes Your Calls (Yes, this video, answering random questions from my listeners and callers, did not pass the manual review. Meanwhile, many other shows, just like this, were deemed suitable for all advertisers. Why, why, why?)
  • You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers (Exactly the same as the previous video!)

Perhaps You Can Crack the Code

Again, we are not on YouTube to make money. We are on YouTube to get our message out and to help equip each of you. And any income that does come in goes right back into our non-profit ministry.

More importantly, to date, none of our videos have been banned or removed by YouTube, which is also positive, and which I appreciate.

Unfortunately, when I have reached out to YouTube for clarification of their policies, I have received none. (To be clear, I have received responses from YouTube customer service. The responses, however, have been virtually useless and provided no guidance at all.)

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So, here’s how you can help. Perhaps you can find some thread of logic I’m missing. Perhaps you can crack the YouTube code (if, in fact, there is one). If you can, as a token of appreciation, we’ll send you five of my recent books as a gift.

Feel free to post your comments here, and, if you’re convinced that you’ve figured things out, write to us at If you’re the first to discover a coherent answer, you’ll get the gift package of books, with our appreciation.

Thanks for the teamwork and the interest in our videos. We’re here for you!

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  • Ray

    I think the way it works, is at first they don’t need a rhyme or reason. They just enjoy their power. Later on, the agenda takes form.

  • Ray

    What we should have is many you tube type platforms, controlled for the most part, independently. What would keep them independent, I’m not sure.

  • Nick Stuart

    Freedom of the Press is guaranteed only to those who own one.

    Ray is correct. With all the brains and money in conservative and religious organizations it should be possible to band together to build alternatives to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Nick Stuart

    Then again some of the sites on which Dr. Brown’s articles appear remove comments for no obvious reason relating to their stated commenting rules or terms of use.

  • phist

    “Machines are easy. People are hard.” I don’t know who first said this. I first heard it when I was very young just starting to figure out personal computers in 1985. Now I have a bachelors of science in information systems and a masters of science in psychology. If it was just a matter of getting your content past the programmed filters, I could tell you what you need to know. However, its a matter of getting your content past a random gatekeeper. And like every person, this gatekeeper has a biased world view of how the world of people should be and a subjective view on right and wrong. I understand you make your video presentations with an audience in mind and you’re wanting to use a media platform that has the potential of reaching many more people as a way to increase your audience. I count myself as a member of that audience. If I was the gatekeeper, I’d have no problems clearing your content. But some people have this world view in which religion (any religion) is at the core of just about all the fighting and wars. And to some extent, that’s true. And so that is most likely why your content is being rejected at the random subjective gatekeeper level.

    • commonsensebeliever

      I applaud you getting IT degrees nicely balanced with Psychology…what an asset you are to your employer! Interesting thoughts on the issue…it’s too bad it has become so complex and cut throat to share Free Speech on what is supposed to be a public forum.

      • phist

        Thank you. As it turns out, I am self employed as a private contractor. On the surface, youtube appears to be a public forum. But actually it is a private forum available on a public channel (the internet).

  • Mike, they’re messing with you because they can, and because you’re Christian. That’s about the depth of it that anyone will find.

  • username_daniel

    I believe this is a form of “Gaslighting”?

  • Paul

    Host your own videos and stop feeding the beast!

    • tz1

      But Gomorrahvision makes things so convenient and it’s free!
      Just ignore the periodic LGBTQ+ advocacy like when they rainbow their logo.
      Or that all your and your viewer’s web activity is tracked as well as your location and preferences so they can target ads, and maybe something more?
      Germany would have found almost every Jew in Europe if they could have just watched YouTube back then.

      I know it doesn’t look like 666, but those who follow the Anti-Christ’s line have no trouble buying or selling.

  • tz1

    There is likely an anti-Christian SJW or two going after the videos because they don’t like Michael Brown’s ideas.
    Castalia House had things removed from Amazon without explanation, but they probed and found after a few days there was an employee that just delisted them because they don’t like the people at CH.
    It might take some effort to find the person or people (it can be external like with bots thumbs-downing that help).
    Here where you “wait forever for approval” a comment and the only thing I know that causes it is a link, but there may be keywords or phrases.
    YouTube uses AI to create captions, and perhaps a keyword is being misunderstood or hit.

    • Woobiefuntime

      He just has to misspell some words .I know because I seen some liberal channels do that to get around the censors

      • Andrew Mason

        If there are particular trigger words you could start subbing vowels with squiggles on the top as used in various European languages rather than standard English vowels. Using ä instead of a for instance will enable some words to bypass filters.

        • Woobiefuntime

          I seen that too.

  • JD

    You’re a Christian sending out a gospel message of both grace and objective truth on a secular platform hostile to Christian belief and doctrine.

    Code cracked…now where’s my prize? ; )

  • Conr

    I suspect the answer is close to this – If YouTube demonetizes videos by applying policies inconsistently, it makes it much more difficult for someone to pursue them legally. If you’re not sure the specific reason they demonetize a video than you can’t ‘fix it’ and they can continue to make subjective decisions instead of objective ones.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Should you figure it out, I’d like to ask that you take on FB bans next!! There is NO rhyme or reason to their bans. Worse yet, as far as I can tell there is NOBODY actually reviewing the bans when an appeal is made. I’ve even taken twice to going thru the BBB to get resolution because the attempt to request an appeal function is broke! There is now documented evidence that whoever or whatever responds to the BBB does NOT even bother reading the actual complaint.

  • Lisa Evanoff

    There is no rhyme or reason, just chaos and confusion. It is called the spirit on the anti-christ

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