#100forLife — One Hundred Hours of Remembering the Millions Denied Their First Baby’s Breath

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[UPDATE]  Join in our prayer and moment of silence as we mourn The Awful Silence.

One hundred years ago this Sunday, Eugenicist Margaret Sanger opened her first center, opening the gates for what would become Planned Parenthood. This anniversary cannot go unanswered. The millions of murdered children won’t let us be silent. So today we launch #100forLife.

#100forLife floods The Stream. Starting at 9 a.m. EDT Wednesday, The Stream is unleashing a 100-hour flood of articles and stories that focus on the blessings of life and the tragedy of Planned Parenthood. We’re telling inspiring stories of those who survived the murders planned for them. We’re posting easy-to-share infographics. We’re teaming with others who hold dear the cause of life and reporting on their own commemorations. We’re offering tales of horror to songs of hope. We’re shining a light on Planned Parenthood’s shadowy practices. We’re sharing memories of those who have fought the darkness of abortion on the front lines. And we will pray.

#100forLife is also a 100-hour prayer vigil. For those who are so led, we ask you to set aside a specific hour between Wednesday at 8 a.m. and noon on Sunday, October 16 to pray for:

  • the nation to rid itself of this evil
  • the hearts of those who reject the preciousness of life
  • the scared who face an unexpected pregnancy
  • the women who’ve experienced an abortion
  • the Lord’s forgiveness for accepting and glorifying a culture of death
  • each and every precious and sacred baby’s breath.

#100forLife needs you. Five things you can do.

  1. Commit to a time to pray. One hour. The time it takes to watch a TV drama.
  2. Read and share the articles and stories we will be posting at The Stream. Not only will they appear on our home page as they are published, they will be aggregated on a special tag page: Stream.org/tag/100forlife.  
  3. Follow us on Twitter @streamdotorg  and especially follow and use the new hashtag  #100forlife.
  4. Spread the word in your churches, community groups, Bible studies and schools.
  5. Very Important: Share your own stories! Get engaged with your own tweets, Facebook posts and pictures. We want to know your experiences. Chose life when you could have had an abortion? If PP had its way you would have been aborted? Just grateful to be alive? Let us know via the hashtag #PPDidn’tGetMe

Check back often with this page. We will keep you updated on events, feedback and new ideas that emerge as we help lead our nation to repentance and to cherish every baby’s breath. Exposing the darkness for what it is necessitates more than just a few people here and there — it requires a community of courage that will stand and share the truth about what we can’t not know.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” (Psalm 127:3 KJV)


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