The 100-Year War Against the Unborn

The 100-year war begun by Sanger has reached in zenith — a holocaust of unimaginable proportions.

By Linda Royall Published on October 16, 2016

The longest war in the history of planet earth churns on, claiming just since 1980 more than one and one half billion babies. In the United States alone about 60 million innocent unborn have been legally slaughtered since the legalization of abortion in 1973.

The number of casualties of all the wars in the history of the world is estimated at somewhat less than 500 million — less than one-third the amount of unborn lives sacrificed in the last 36 years.

The only winners in this war are the abortion industry moguls who make money coming and going off mostly government provided funds for abortion, or worse yet from the lucrative process of harvesting, brokering, buying, selling and providing commercial laboratories and industries the carcasses of the war dead. Many of these organizations operate from Federal funds and grants.

The War’s Instigator: Margaret Sanger

The entity that would become the largest abortion mill in the U.S., Planned Parenthood, was founded by Margaret Sanger 100 years ago this week. Her rules of engagement have been used time and again for political advantage and legislative leverage, most particularly by N.A.R.A.L. (formerly known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Law — now NARAL Pro-Choice America). This organization was formed and forwarded by Sanger’s most ardent disciples, who used her huge global following and effective political persuasion methodology to achieve an endgame of mass annihilation of unborn life.

In her last biography (1955), Sanger described traveling the world and building an international coalition of the wealthy, powerful and recognized — and the morally liberal. In 1916 she returned to America after a lengthy trip abroad, where she had consulted and consorted with prominent people and powerful leaders across Europe and Asia. The topic of discussion — population control. Armed for battle by her successes, Sanger began a three-and-a-half-month tour of the U.S., “making her way through the country by fire and sword.” [1]

Sanger’s strategies included captivating the press under the guise of being denied her constitutional right to free speech — she attracted news reporters who were quick to cover her rallies. She admitted to manipulating the media and hence the public as part of her long-range campaign for birth control in which she employed tactical press coverage, “agitation, education, organization and legislation” [2] using her powerful political endorsements as salvos against all resistance.

Sanger died in 1966, and soon after her followers founded NARAL, the organization that used Sanger’s weapons of war to forward the Abortion Rights movement, adopting their mentor’s manifesto, “The woman who goes to the abortionist’s table is not a criminal but a martyr … given the choice between the surgeon’s instruments and the sacrificing of what is highest and holiest in her — her aspirations to freedom, her desire to protect the children already hers … is an act of nobility.” [3]

Sanger’s legacy organization Planned Parenthood has become the primary provider of abortions, and an essential supplier of baby body parts for the global abortion aftermarket industry. Planned Parenthood has received a large portion of its operating capital from Federal funding since 1970.

The War Continues: Hillary Clinton, Political Failure and the Sale of Baby Body Parts

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award, recently admitted that she is in favor of partial birth abortions up to the full term of pregnancy, also stating that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of abortion.

The American political system has proven ineffectual in altering the course of abortion industry and the mass carnage that roils in its wake. Congress appears powerless in any change making that favors sanctity of life or prohibits the commercialization of aborted babies.

A former legislator involved in Congressional hearings regarding the selling of baby body parts scandal in 2000 revealed to The Stream in an off-record interview that he does not believe that Congress will ever be able to suspend federal funding to the abortion industry nor stop the selling of baby body parts, stating that these are “executive and bureaucratic rulings which Congress could reverse if Congress wanted to do it. But it requires a large, overwhelming vote to do that, and there are not enough in Congress who care to support a solution.”

Using campaign tactics identical to those of Sanger, NARAL began the process of lobbying for the legalization of elective abortion in 1967, storming state courts across the U.S. — from New York to Texas to California to Oregon, engaging the press as willing lackeys to drive their messages home to America; “A woman has a right to choose what she does with her own body,” “Abortion is a medical choice between a woman and her doctor,” and borrowing from Sanger’s script the objection diffusing mantras of “reproductive rights” and “women’s health issues.”

In the first year after the legalization of abortion (Roe v. Wade, 1973), Planned Parenthood began offering abortion services. No one is really certain when the process of baby body parts brokering began, but by the turn of the century when the matter was brought before Congress for the first time, selling baby body parts had become a burgeoning industry worth approximately $85 Billion dollars — by 2016 the abortion industry was financially immeasurable.

Margaret Sanger had schooled her disciples well in the “new rationalism” — science was religion [4], and people had to learn to fight government and religious opposition, not with one’s mission but rather with scientific evidence and the political stance of “defending constitutional freedoms.” [5] This battle strategy carried over into the fight to legalize abortion and beyond into abortion being used as a means of providing scientific fodder.

The War Today: A Choice Before Us

In 2016 the war against the unborn has become a holocaust of unprecedented proportions. America’s choice for President wields the power to either end this war or usher in an era where women are bred to abort their babies immediately prior to birth for use as industrial materials and organ transplant products.

According to Presidential candidate Clinton (whose husband was responsible for founding the Abortion for Profit business), the unborn have no constitutional rights. And Clinton has promised to select Supreme Court Justices who will ensure a “woman’s right to choose” remains constitutionally intact.

The world population is currently 7.5 billion — it would be 9 billion if the 1.5 billion aborted babies had not been denied their right to life due to legalized abortion. The 100-year war begun by Sanger has reached in zenith — a holocaust of unimaginable proportions. And this war will be won or lost in a matter of days.


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