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Linda Royall has worked in major market secular journalism and Christian media for more than 20 years.

Passionate about “finding the truth and telling it,” Linda is known for her well-researched political exposés and thoughtful Christian talk shows and writing. In addition to political investigations, Linda’s academic research efforts have been focused along the lines of global communication, pro-life causes, early childhood communication as well as non-profit and world mission organizations. She also has worked as a media director and professor of communication and journalism. She is particularly familiar with the Washington, D.C., arena, where she continues to assist in religious, pro-life and political justice causes.

Linda earned her Master’s degree in Journalism from Georgetown University in 2009 and received a Ph.D. in Research Journalism and Strategic Communication from Regent University in 2016. She teaches journalism at Oral Roberts University, where she is also the faculty director for the student newspaper, The Oracle, and the Perihelion yearbook.

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