‘Where’s Your Little Arm?’: Abortionists Can’t Hide Behind the ‘Clump of Cells’ Line Anymore

By Nancy Flory Published on March 13, 2017

Planned Parenthood’s abortion providers know full and well they’re not removing just a “clump of cells.” That’s the clear verdict from two former clinic managers in new video interviews posted last week. 

Sue Thayer and Marianne Anderon shared their first-hand experience of watching abortion providers for Planned Parenthood dismember then reassemble the so-called “products of conception” following the procedure, to make sure they “got everything.” The women spoke with Live Action about what they witnessed, and how Planned Parenthood knows they’re killing babies.

Thayer described what happened to babies after the abortion — a gruesome process of rinsing and sorting baby body parts. After putting the parts in a glass jar on a shelf under a light, “You kind of piece it back together and try to see if you got all the parts” she explained. She recalled standing over the aborted baby and asking, “Why are there three arms? …The gal training me said, ‘Twins, it was twins.'” When Thayer asked whether they told moms about twins, her trainer said, “No, it usually just upsets them.”

Following the sorting, the aborted babies were “flushed” down a sink into the city’s septic system, Thayer said. “I just remember standing there thinking, ‘All those babies are in the Des Moines sewer system.'”

Talking to the Baby Parts

It is clear, when looking at the so-called “products of conception” after an abortion, that it is a human baby with arms, legs, a head and other recognizable parts — not a clump of cells. Nurse Marianne Anderson said she witnessed abortionists talking to the baby body parts and excitedly putting pieces of the baby back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

“There was one doctor that would sit there and he would sometimes talk to this,” said Anderson. “I’ll never forget him saying, ‘Now, where’s your little arm? I didn’t see your — I’m missing this arm,’ and he would sift through it trying to find the pieces. And then I remember him saying, ‘Oh there you are, now where’s the head?'” 

Another abortionist asked for a special light to illuminate the body pieces, Anderson recalled, and he seemed particularly excited when he was able to put the baby back together. “He really seemed to get into it,” she said. “I’ll never forget the first day he was there. He goes, ‘Look at this! This is so cool!'” He would describe how he could see blood vessels and other intricate body parts.

Masking the Truth to Mothers

The line about the pregnancy being a “clump of cells” is a way for Planned Parenthood to mask the truth to the mother, much in the same way that preventing the mother from viewing the ultrasound prior to the abortion is a way to keep her from seeing life in her womb, said Abby Johnson, former executive director for a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Johnson told Mike Huckabee in an interview how she assisted an ultrasound-guided abortion and saw the profile of a baby — face, arms, legs, tummy —  and recognized life. The baby tried to get away from the doctor’s probe  — fighting for its life — before it crumbled in front of her eyes. She dropped the ultrasound probe in shock. It was the last abortion she attended and she quit shortly thereafter. “I can’t help but believe if [moms] saw that they might be running out of those clinics,” said Huckabee.

From false euphemisms to turning an ultrasound away from the mother (or fighting legislation requiring one prior to an abortion), Planned Parenthood goes to great lengths to keep women in the dark on what really happens during an abortion. But it’s clear they know exactly what they are doing — and it isn’t scraping cells.

See the Live Action interviews below:



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  • Gary

    Only wicked people murder their children. It is better that wicked people don’t reproduce.

  • Autrey Windle

    After I throw up and my heart stops pounding I may have something coherent to say about this hellish truth

    • Dean Bruckner

      God bless you! I have a sick feeling after reading it. God stop this, and help me to stop this!

  • Triple T

    I remember hearing my son’s heartbeat in utero for the first time and thinking “I dare anybody to listen to this and tell me that this isn’t a person”.

    • … and yet it wasn’t a person when it started. There’s a spectrum here–not a person as a single cell, but very much a person as a trillion-cell newborn.

      If an abortion is to be the end of an unwanted pregnancy, let’s make it happen as soon as possible rather than delaying it, as so many pro-life strategies do.

  • Autrey Windle

    There also ARE prisons for the criminally insane and if these monsters don’t qualify I don’t know who does.

  • justfeddup

    PP is the 21st century equivalent to Medieval Executioners, with the exception that the medieval victims may have deserved a beheading.

  • Del-Raye Hollister

    Normal people know that elective non medical abortions is genocide and that abortionists have literally sold their souls for a dollar.

  • Patrick O’Malley

    And “Pro-lifers” aren’t pro-life. They’re pro-birth.

    They let 21,000 people die every day from starvation. That isn’t pro-life. Catholics alone could literally cure hunger for 10 cents per Catholic per day, but they don’t. Include all Christians, and it becomes 5 cents per Christian per day.

    That is not a typo.

    For proof, Google

    how many peoploe die of hunger every day
    how much would it cost to cure hunger

    $30 Billion divided by 1 billion Catholics is less than 10 cents/day.

    • Jodie

      “They” let 21,000 people die of starvation every day? I find this appalling. You have put this squarely​on one group of people. These children are being murdered and all you can do is blame those trying to save these children’s lives for starving Americans. What are you doing to help these people from starvation? Are you donating money? Food? Getting donations to help? You specifically called out the Catholic Church, do you know how much they are already doing to help? The charities they give to? They shelters they support? The soup kitchens they support? The orphanages they support? You should not speak about things you obviously have no knowledge on.

      • Patrick O’Malley

        I clearly know more about it than you, and my facts are accurate, and I showed you how you can prove them.

        I give at least $1000 a year to an actual hunger charity, not a filthy rich church.

        And if the Catholic Church was “God’s church”, they wouldn’t blame everybody else, as you’re doing .

        Instead, it’s so much more convenient for you to judge those who have abortions.

    • Jenny Elaine Lamson

      There’s also euthanasia going on around the world. There’s starvation. There’s people being executed for either being gay, watching an American movie, trying to escape the famine in their country and all sorts of atrocities. As moral sentient beings we should be appalled at ALL OF IT! At least in the US we don’t execute people for petty things. But we kill our own children. Our own future. Abortion is a form of eugenics targeted at minorities and the poor. Its sick. And I feel sorrow for people that are either too self absorbed to care or they justify it by saying that we only care about children being born. Not true and if you really looked at the facts you’d see that. If the mother doesn’t want them, then adopt! There’s too many couples that WANT a child!

      • Patrick O’Malley

        You are a Cahtolic master of distraction.

        Name a problem that kills more than 21,000 people per day. Because if you can’t, then hunger is the number 1 problem, and Jesus told you to fix it (if you care about what Jesus said), and it would cost 10 cents per Catholic per day, unless you’re comfortable telling God that was too much.

    • atmosphere1823

      I give to a homeless shelter as well as to other programs to help the needy. I am also prolife for the unborn because I’m adopted and might well have been aborted if not for prolife legislation at the time of my birth. I agree that more people, Christians and non-Christians alike, should give to the needy. However, you should be aware, since you know so much about global starvation, that a great many people starve each year due not to food shortage, but to the political withholding of relief funds allocate to the purchase of food for the starving, or due to wars or neglect (North Korea). Global starvation is decreasing, but there is still much to be done, as there also is with regard to abortion. No one should starve, and no one should be aborted. EVER (for either).

      • Patrick O’Malley

        then you’ve found comforting Catholic excuses, which is also why it’s ok for the pope and cardinals and the rest of the church to live in filthy, filthy riches

        • atmosphere1823

          I was merely pointing out that you’re wrong that “Catholics could cure hunger”. Not on your life.
          BTW, Mr. O’Malley, I’m not Catholic, not one whipstitch, and neither has ever been anyone in my ancestry, that I know of. Of course, before the Reformation, my ancestors must have been Catholic, but we are Protestant going back a very, very long time. My objections to member of the Catholic Church living in “filthy, filthy riches” are identical to yours. I also have a number of quite strong doctrinal objections to Catholic teaching. It seems laughable that from my comment, you assumed I was Catholic. I take interest in defending a whole class of people when someone maligns them in an unjustified manner as you did, regardless of who they are. You see, Mr. O’Malley, I don’t feel it is kind nor charitable to paint a group of people in broad strokes which deliberately give rise to incorrect impressions of the group of people. Are you not aware of all the Catholic missions to the poor, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, orphanages, etc.? Many true Catholics, who shun birth control, ARE the poor, or at least, struggling. If they aren’t true Catholics (and controlling the births of their children), I wouldn’t hold them accountable for not giving to the poor, because they’re disobeying the authority of the Church, anyway.

          • Patrick O’Malley

            Yes, Catholics could cure hunger, they just find an excuse not to (like that in some places the money may not get to the target)m, and use that as an excuse to not feed all of the others.

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