Was Trump Trolling With Suggestion Election Be Delayed? Did TDS Media Do His Bidding?

Trump again gets media to swing at pitch off the plate.

President Donald J. Trump attends the opening day of little league with Mariano Rivera Thursday, July 23, 2020, on the South Lawn of the White House.

By Al Perrotta Published on July 30, 2020

Once again the media and political class are in an uproar over a tweet from President Trump. Early Thursday, while blasting the Democrat’s fraud-friendly scheme to employ mass mailings of 2020 ballots, Trump wondered whether perhaps the November election should be delayed. 

The hysteria was immediate: Outrageous! Only Congress can change the date! (Trump didn’t suggest otherwise.) Trump knows he’s going to lose! (As if the guy you keep calling an egomaniac thinks he could lose to the shell formerly known as Joe Biden.) 

Now, you’d think after four years, the TDS media and Swamp-nosticators would have learned their lesson by now. If Trump tweets something that is causing a hyperventilated reaction, you must ask, “Is he trolling? By reacting instinctively and hysterically, am I, in fact, doing exactly what he wants?” 

We’ve also learned after four years, that sometimes the “crazy” tweets prove right. (Remember the reaction to Trump saying Obama had wiretapped him and his campaign? Oh, the hysteria. But oh, my, the proof.)

Sure, Trump may have also woken up this morning, and floated the delay idea without much thought. But there’s reason to believe otherwise.

If Trump really wants something, he says it. With an exclamation point. If he tosses something out as a question, he’s stirring the pot. Trying to generate attention. The question is always, “to what end?”  

Drawing Attention to the Mail-In Scheme

The first thing to recognize is his tweet is drawing sudden attention to the Democrat’s mail-in ballot scheme.  Notice that Trump is making a clear distinction between absentee ballots, where a voter requests a mail-in ballot, and the Democratic scheme to simply mail ballots to the addresses of registered voters (whether they’re there or not, whether they’re living or not, where there is nothing to stop the ballots from being scooped up like corn for fraudulent ballot harvesting.) 

Notice also that media coverage is not making that distinction. Deliberately. Dishonestly. 

Trump followed with another tweet talking about the mail-in scheme’s dangers.

Trump has also tweeted a sample of just how awry the Democratic scheme can go. It’s a mail-in voting experiment by local news station WRDW in Augusta, Georgia. 

If this mail-out, gather-up scheme is allowed, this will indeed be the most “inaccurate and fraudulent” presidential election in U.S. history. (The ballot harvesting horror in California in 2018 was just a taste. The original vote provides a Republican winner, but late mail-ins start getting added in, boxes of ballots are found in closets, and somehow an unnatural percentage of all these extra votes are for the Democrat.)

That’s what Trump was getting at in a later tweet. “Must know Election results on the night of the Election, not days, months, or even years later.” 

It may be Congress’ duty to set an election date. It’s Trump’s responsibility to ensure a fair federal election. Trying to force the issue on the mail-in ballots, trying to draw attention to the likely disaster as he later did in his afternoon press conference, is helping fulfill his responsibility.

Getting the Democrats and Swamp Insisting on November 3rd Election Date

Could Trump be up to something else? Again, perhaps his tweet was a passing brainstorm at the start of a busy day. But let’s kick it around a bit. Especially now, that he seems to be admitting he was trolling.

What do we know? It’s a scientific certainty: Whatever Trump expresses support for, there will be an unequal and opposite reaction against. Trump knows that too. If Trump said, “We’re holding the election November 3, come hell or high water, COVID be danged,” what would the reaction be? Democrats would immediately chant, “How dare he say that! If things get bad, it might have to be held off.” 

By wondering if election should be delayed, Trump now has a unified chorus insisting there be no election delay. Loudly! Emphatically! “Two-Four-Six-Eight! November 3rd’s Election Date!” Soon they’ll be socially non-distanced in the streets: “Ho-Ho, Hey-Hey! Don’t You Change Election Day!” 


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This election is going to be a war. A general shapes the battlefield to his advantage. He also wins battles by getting what he wants without having to fight. With one tweet, President Donald Trump has ensured the November 3 date is locked in, no matter what happens. 

And what could happen? Picture the middle of October. Democrats and their media comrades can protect Joe Biden only so long. By October, it will be undeniable to voters he is physically and mentally incapable of serving as president. He will have either dodged the debates or been destroyed in them. Or at best will be exposed as the empty vessel for extremist positions only AOC could love. It’s even possible he would have an episode so severe he must step down as nominee. The Democrats would be in chaos.

By October, you will see further evidence of an economic rebound. You will see confirmation of successful COVID treatments and vaccines nearing completion in record time. You will see the full exposure of the Democrats as the party of Marxists and rioters, not Main Street and Americans. You may well see the indictment of several Obama era officials … or more importantly, the guilty plea and confession of a key player or two in the Trump Russia Collusion black op. 

In other words, Democrats will not want to see November 3. In the weeks, leading up there will be a full court effort will be launched to disrupt the day, throw it into disarray. There will be calls for delay. Election chaos serves the party of chaos and anarchy.

Trump beats Biden in a fair fight. In a landslide. But Trump has to act now to secure there is a fair fight. And that starts with blocking the Democrat’s willy-nilly mail-in scheme and ensuring the election is held as planned. 


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you arenโ€™t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg

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