Time, Trump and the Great #PieGate Conspiracy

By Al Perrotta Published on November 27, 2017

If you were expecting turkey and stuffing to offer a relief from the media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome, I’m sorry to disappoint. While the rest of us were enjoying left overs, hanging with relatives or braving Black Friday, others were feeding their obsession to attack anything or anyone Trump.

And it starts with #PieGate

CNN’s Bake News

On Thanksgiving, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders innocently tweeted: “I don’t cook much these days, but managed this Chocolate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving at the family farm.”

A southern girl makes a pie. Surely that can’t cause a ruckus. Yet, CNN political analyst April Ryan smelled a rat. “Show it to us on the table,” she tweeted back. Yes, CNN, which can’t bother to demand full revelation on things like Uranium One or Benghazi or FISI warrants or illegal leaks or Fusion GPS, wanted proof Sanders made dessert for her Thanksgiving gathering.

Actually, , Ryan, you should be thankful Bernard Shaw isn’t around CNN anymore to have you thrown off his once proud network.

Ryan should also be thankful Sanders has three young kids, so handling childishness is old hat. Sanders assured the world she did, indeed, bake the pie and “because I’m nice” she even promised to bake one for Ryan this week. Perhaps instead of Chocolate Pecan, Ryan can try a little humble pie. That is, after she gets the egg off her face.

Also, I’m curious what “folks” were questioning the pie? And why would Ryan be listening to them? Were they the same folks who were apoplectic when Melania Trump wore heels when departing for her trip to Hurricane Harvey?

And really, does anyone truly think the daughter of Mike Huckabee doesn’t know a thing or two about fresh backed pies?

Huckabee himself weighed in on the great #piegate scandal of 2017.

Time‘s Person of the Year

On Friday, Donald Trump sent out one of those tweets that likely makes Sarah Sanders put down the chocolate pecan pie and put up her hands to the heavens. You know, “Even if it’s true, why stir up that nest?”

Naturally, this sent the media world into a tizzy. Time quickly issued a tweet that was taken as a rebuttal to what Trump had said.

We are supposed to believe they don’t interview the year’s movers and shakers for their special issue? Is it unthinkable that in trying to set up that interview, they’re not going to mention to the President — who was Man of the Year last year —  he’s up again for the honor? For that matter, do you think they wouldn’t try to butter up Trump to land the interview?

Still Trump’s tweet ignited a frenzy like $5 TV Black Friday sale at WalMart. Both CNN and The Atlantic wrote about Trump’s “obsession” with Time Magazine‘s “Person of the Year” issue.

Former President Obama’s photographer Pete Souza trolled Trump with the 15 times the Obama’s were on Time‘s cover, saying “Someone has a lot of catching up to do.”

Celebrities had to weigh in. Star Wars star Mark Hamill got a fun jab in at the President’s expense.

The Farce was also with former Seinfeld star Julia-Louise Dreyfuss.

So what’s the irony in all this?

If Time stayed true to the principle of the Person of the Year designation, Trump’s the only reasonable choice.

The Obvious Choice

Anyone trying to argue that any other figure or group on the planet influenced world events this past year more than Trump is lying through their teeth. It’s not just world events or domestic politics. What’s the biggest story in sports this year? The NFL protests. Who blew that up from a few flag haters to a league wide protest? Trump. What generated the most friction and activity on social media? Trump. Who gets mentioned by the media in any conversation about Democratic harassers and abusers? Trump. Why did SNL have one of its biggest seasons yet? Trump. What was one of the year’s biggest movie moments? Meryl Streep going off on Trump. What was one of the year’s biggest musical moments? Eminem’s rap about … wait for it … Trump.

Even if Trump has taken himself out of the running, if such a thing is possible, you can bet that whoever or whatever Time names as Person of the Year will be a reflection of or a response to Trump. Colin Kaepernick? The Resistance? The Protester? Robert Mueller? “Me, Too”?

Or maybe, in the end, it’ll just go to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her Chocolate Pecan Pie.

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