Tim Kaine: The Whitewash on the Sepulcher

By John Zmirak Published on July 23, 2016

Would anyone have dedicated their lives to building Communism if its partisans had been candid about what it entailed? Lenin won power by promising “peace, bread, and land for the peasants,” not “gulags, purges, and famines.” Even Hitler came to power with talk of economic renewal, national pride, and a peaceful Europe led by its “natural” hegemon, Germany. The death camps were dreamed up in secret, beneath the fog of war, once resistance was seemingly futile.

On our own shores, Hugh Hefner sold the Sexual Revolution as a blessed respite from frustration, hypocrisy, double standards and repression. While the Playboy Foundation spent millions working to strip away any protection for the lives of unborn Americans, its public face was always a charming seducer in a tuxedo, not a blood-spattered abortionist — killing over and over and over again, a million times a year.

So Hillary Clinton has chosen to sell us her new America wrapped in a lovely latex mask of inclusiveness and compassion. His name is Tim Kaine, of Virginia. There is just so much to love about Mr. Kaine, just enough genuine virtue to quiet millions of consciences, to ease that sick feeling we have in our guts about the woman he chose to serve. He is a “moderate” Democrat. A lifelong Catholic who did missionary work in impoverished countries. His son is a Marine. He is quite unlike his mistress, whom millions of even liberal voters see as a crabbed and misanthropic elitist obsessed with accumulating money and power in secret.

What should we Christians think of Mr. Kaine, who first won office as a pro-lifer, until it blocked his rise in Democrat party politics? May we hide under that frayed 1980s poncho, the Seamless Garment? Can we pretend that stripping a million Americans per year of legal protection from murder is something Mr. Kaine can redeem by purchasing an indulgence?

How would we even price them? Should we say that for each 1,000 children whom his allies kill and dismember, then sell piece by piece for profit, he will increase the school lunch budget by another $1,000,000? Perhaps the many Jesuits who make it their calling to serve as courtiers and apologists for the abortion lobby could invent something like “carbon credits,” and set up an exchange through Georgetown’s credit union.

Mr. Kaine repeats the yellowed talking points of Teddy Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi, insisting that he is “personally opposed” to abortion, but sees no role for the government in restricting it. Let’s do a thought experiment. For each of the following issues, let’s see if we can imagine what such a stance would mean. Would we accept it if Mr. Kaine worked closely with organizations that promoted and profited from any one of the following practices, while claiming that deep in the secret recesses of his pristine, virtuous heart he really opposed them:

  • Slavery.
  • Jim Crow segregation laws.
  • Psychiatric conditioning to “cure” homosexuals.
  • Mandatory sterilization of Americans whose IQs are lower than 80.
  • Laws permitting marital rape.
  • Medicaid funding for female genital mutilation.
  • Child labor in American mines and factories.
  • Dog-fighting as a televised sport.

Every time Mr. Kaine repeats his politically convenient pro-choice stance, plug in one of those other issues, and roll it around in your mouth. See how it tastes.

As a Catholic who considers human life the first and most critical issue, with freedom a very close second, I can cut some slack to secular atheists and agnostics who don’t see what’s wrong with abortion. Their worldview tells them that life is cheap, man is a mutant, and we should grab what pleasure we can before our skulls fall to rot with Darwin’s. That’s an ugly view of life, but at least it makes sense. I feel profoundly sad for people who see their own lives this way; they’re like a primitive tribe that forgot why cannibalism is wrong, which proudly shows a visiting missionary their jewelry made out of human fingers.

But when a highly educated Christian, himself a former Catholic missionary, slaps on such a necklace because it will help him win elections — that’s something else entirely. Tim Kaine’s is the face of a man who knows better, who by his own admission realizes exactly what Planned Parenthood is doing, and who they are doing it to: innocent children, who hide in the womb as each of us, and as the baby Jesus, once did. It should be the safest place on this fraught and fallen earth — but in America, it has become a killing field. Not because of men like Lenin, like Hitler, or even like Hugh Hefner.

Because of men like Senator Kaine.

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  • Gail Buckley

    Great article, John. Well put. He will answer to God one day and I pity him. I pray now that America will wake up and stop putting lying Democrats in office.

  • Mtherien

    Hilary actually uses the same strategy that Obama used when selecting Biden. The selection is not based on Kaine’s actual personal qualities but simply to garner the votes of “faithful” fence sitters. I love how faith is now at the forefront of everyone’s lives now but in actuality is diabolical political gymnastic at the sake of proclaiming faith. It is a mockery plain and simple.

    • Dean Bruckner

      What will he say if Jesus says, “I’m personally opposed to your millstone taking you to Davy Jones’ locker, but….”?

      • Paul Burgett

        He’d probably say thank you, since Jesus did say that that would be a good thing (i.e. they would be lucky to receive that) for anyone who put caused one of these little ones to stumble (or be ripped to pieces with a toothed pliers). Lord help us, God send revival. I just spoke with a family member, a professing Christian, about voting for Hilary because of this issue. She responded that the Bible isn’t clear about when life begins. I guess Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1, and Luke 1 don’t count…

        • O’Pinyon

          And yet, if it came down to it, your relative would probably be much more willing to assist with someone’s choice to have their aching tooth extracted, than to be involved with an actual abortion.

          • Paul Burgett

            Agreed. Thankfully she did take a pamphlet from me that explains what abortion really is. It is shocking but one person, a college professor, actually thought abortion was “a spoon scraping a blob of cells up.” Wow!

          • O’Pinyon

            Thank you for giving her that pamphlet.

        • Cecile Perry

          John The Baptist was alive in Eliz. womb…he leap when Mary and Elizabeth saw each other…if there was NO lilfe that would not have happened…but IT DID!!

          • Paul Burgett

            Exactly! There is a heartbeat after only 18 days. Now, how can we use the presence (or lack thereof) as a basis for determining if someone has died, but not to confirm the presence of life? The hypocrisy is troubling.

  • Deacon Keith Fournier

    Dear John
    Once again, you have used your pen to expose the evil lurking behind the façade of this political chicanery. Thank you for this hard hitting piece.
    Deacon Keith Fournier

    • SJPublius

      Amen and Amen. Hoping you will expose the long dark history of proclaimed Catholics in public offices who have long held similar stances and how the Kennedy clan and a few bent clerics fostered this “winning” strategy

    • BXVI

      Lay people have been using their pens to expose the Kaines of the Catholic world for years. Has it slowed down Joe Biden one little bit? Nope. Has it slowed down Nancy Pelosi one little bit? Nope. It has absolutely ZERO effect. In fact, these politicians regularly receive a majority of the Catholic vote in their state or district.

      Until these types face public and serious ecclesial consequences (e.g., excommunication) for advocation abortion and gay marriage they will continue to do what they do and they will continue to “get away with it”. They will be applauded (and voted for) by the majority of Catholics.

      With all due respect, someone in the Church needs to grow a pair and cast out the wicked from among us. See, 1 Corinthians 5. Otherwise, its all just talk and the message sent (and received) it that the Church just isn’t all that serious about this behavior. The recent statement issued by Kaine’s bishop was about as weak-sauce as it could possibly be, and it even concluded by saying Catholic pro-abort politicians should decide for themselves whether to take Holy Communion.


  • North Carolina Reader

    I have just read John Zmirak’s powerful article above. So Tim Kaine is seeking one of the highest political offices in the land stating that he is “personally opposed to abortion” while seeing no role for government restrictions of it? Where is the public outrage for such a moral inconsistency?

    • RaymondNicholas

      You assume too much. Why is it that non-Catholics of all stripes should care? The essayist is correct. There is no moral center, only “morals” each of us define individually. Thus, the Catholic Church is the enemy free-thinkers and freedom everywhere.

      • Sonnys_Mom

        A real profile in courage writing in! The description, “I notice all the people who are for abortion have already been born,” certainly applies here.

    • Sonnys_Mom

      Isn’t it fascinating how the corrupt “Democratic” party champions overregulation of virtually every aspectof our personal and business lives– but redefine extermination of developing babies as “practice of medicine”… and fight tooth-and-nail against any safety and infection control regulations.

      There is simply no end to the lies these people spin to cover up whom they really and truly serve.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Citizen Kaine…Instead of Rosebud it is metaphorically Rose, the aborted little sister.

  • BXVI

    Don’t you realize he’s a “Pope Francis Catholic”? At least, Pope Francis has effectively given permission to Catholic Americans to vote for Kaine and his ilk. We are in deep trouble, and it starts at the top. Or maybe it ends there?

    • Andrew

      I don’t need the pope or any religious leader of any faith to tell me how to vote. I will vote my conscious. I would rather have Clinton/Kaine over Tump/Pence. Yes, we are in trouble, when we blindly follow and don’t question our political and religious leaders.

      • BXVI

        Good for you, Andrew. Are you Catholic? If so, may I suggest reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

        • Andrew

          Thanks, but no you may not suggest reading the catechism of the Catholic Church. I am Catholic but a very liberal Catholic, I have read and studied the catechism, which I don’t agree with some of the teachings. I find the current pope to be a breath of fresh air in our stifulling church of rules upon rules, follow blindly without asking questions.

          • BXVI

            I am sorry if someone taught you that Catholics should “follow blindly without asking questions”, because that is certainly not the position of the Catholic Church.

            Nevertheless, as a brother Catholic I direct your attention to the following paragraphs of the Catechism that discuss sins against the faith (particularly the definitions of the sins of incredulity and heresy). Pope Francis has repeatedly described himself as a loyal son of the Church and that he views the Catechism as an authoritative summary of the Church’s teaching.

            CCC 2088 The first commandment requires us to nourish and protect our faith with prudence and vigilance, and to reject everything that is opposed to it. There are various ways of sinning against faith:

            Voluntary doubt about the faith disregards or refuses to hold as true what God has revealed and the Church proposes for belief. Involuntary doubt refers to hesitation in believing, difficulty in overcoming objections connected with the faith, or also anxiety aroused by its obscurity. If deliberately cultivated doubt can lead to spiritual blindness.

            CCC 2089 Incredulity is the neglect of revealed truth or the willful refusal to assent to it. “Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same; apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith; schism is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.”

          • steve j.

            No, you are not a Catholic; you cannot call yourself Catholic if you do not agree with Church teaching, period. That IS Church teaching.

  • 6thinclass

    Instead of being a heartbeat from becoming President if Hillary is elected, his goal is to become President when she is impeached for lying under oath? What else would motivate a person to run as her vice?

  • Luket

    Oh, nicely done. JZ

  • Tziggy

    God can make straight our crooked paths. Does it not seem like evil and hypocrisy are being exposed more every day? We can pray Kaine has a Saul moment and publicy renounces his parties positions at a very inconvenient time for his wicked mistress. What delicious irony that would be. Either way, its never too late to pray for those blinded by vice. Pray

  • Ford

    My wife and I just had a conversation on Cain, I mean Kaine, where we did just that, plugged in various atrocities to his evil formula. What a coincidence to read this article ten minutes later.

  • PlanetJuggler

    Please consider signing this petition to the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, so they will publicly correct Sen. Kaine.

    The petition is at CitizenGo (with a “.org” at the end, not “.com”). The rest of the link is “/en/36053-hold-senator-and-vp-candidate-tim-kaine-publicly-accountable-pro-abortion-policy-positions” (since I’m not allowed to put full URLs in this combox).

    • BXVI

      They’ve done nothing about Biden or Pelosi or Cuomo or any other high-profile pro-abort or pro-gay “marriage” Catholic politician so what makes you think they’ll do anything about Kaine? Seriously, you are wasting your time.

      There are a few – like Tobin – who have the courage to actually say something meaningful, but why is it never the bishop who has actual ecclesial authority over the Bidens or Pelosis or Kaines? I suppose these slimes know better than to take up residence in a diocese where they may be sanctioned. And we all know Cardinal Weurl won’t do anything once Mr. Kaine gets to Washington.

      Men without chests.

      • PlanetJuggler

        I recognize this, but I have to try.

        “If I say to the wicked, You shall surely die—and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade the wicked from their evil conduct in order to save their lives—then they shall die for their sin, but I will hold you responsible for their blood.” – Ezekiel 3:18

        • BXVI

          Yes. It’s just my frustration coming through. I’ll sign.

          • PlanetJuggler

            I completely understand.

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