The Drop Box: A Stunning Pro-Life Documentary

By Robert Moeller Published on April 30, 2015

There is a powerful new documentary called The Drop Box. It was made by some young men from our home church here in Los Angeles (Reality LA). It tells the story of a pastor in South Korea who has been taking in the unwanted, discarded babies of Seoul and caring for them as if they were his own.

And it will change your life.

This remarkable story was made available in theaters nationwide only between March 3-5th but now is available to churches and other groups. Produced by Focus on the Family, and distributed by Fathom Events, The Drop Box is one of those projects that Christians around the country would do well to support. We can vote at the ballot box, but we can also vote with the dollars we spend and the content we watch and download online. Sending a message to talented filmmakers that we recognize their talent matters. Sending a message to the entertainment industry that we desire more high-caliber, God-honoring content matters.

My wife and I attended the L.A. premiere of the film in January and were deeply moved by what we saw. There has been such a positive response to The Drop Box in recent months that the gentlemen behind the film created a non-profit orphan ministry called Kindred Image that works to defend the “dignity and value of all human lives.”

The Drop Box can now be brought to your church and community. But don’t merely invite your Bible study or church community group. Bring your non-Christian friends, neighbor and co-workers. This is a story that even the most skeptical person in your life will be touched by.

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