The Brew: We Get a New Boss, as Lady Pool Player Shows Trans Activists Who’s Boss

By Al Perrotta Published on March 1, 2024

A wonderful welcome to March!

Before we get Brewing, a quick “Hail and Hallelujah.”

On the Arrival of New Head Streamer Karla Dial, and a Thank You to You.

This morning marks the start of a new chapter in the adventure story known as The Stream. Today, we officially welcome to the family our new editor-in-chief … or wrangler … Karla Dial.

We’ve posted a longer, more official welcome earlier this morning, where we touch upon the miracles that brought the Karla to us. Have no doubt. This is God’s doing.

But if I may share a more personal note with you, those who so kindly share each weekday morning with me. Nobody expected our search for a new editor-in-chief to last 20 months. Or more accurately, that the Lord would put us through 20 grueling months until His pick became available. Never added it to my bio, but I’ve been acting editor-in-chief since our treasured John Melton left. I can admit now, carrying out all three of my roles took a brutal toll. And a toll on the entire Stream family.

I suspect some of that seeped into The Brew over the past 20 months. If so, I apologize. However, I know that being able to meet with you guys every morning to share my wares really made pulling off these months possible. So thank you for your patience and inspiration.

I also knew, and must have said this once a week to my fellow weary riders, “God casts.” God was going to bring us someone special. For much of 2023, the Stream underwent intensive research and reflection. The field was being prepared, our muscles stretched and strengthened, all for this day. I use that imagery deliberately.

Karla, aside from her wide-ranging editorial background, faith and conservative bona fides, was actually once a body-builder and fitness writer. Today, she sets to work developing not only the Stream body into a lean-mean Kingdom-powered machine, but to help us and you build the Body of Christ.

So while there is unquestioned relief in my own body this morning, it also trembles in excitement for what is to come under Karla’s leadership.

I hope you will share that excitement and join me in a hearty tip of the cup to Karla! Welcome!

State Dept. Urges Staffers to Avoid Words Like “Father” and “Mother”

Sodom and Gomorrah have nothing on our State Department. The U.S. State Department sent out an official cable to staff instructing them to avoid gendered language. As first reported by National Review, staffers are warned terms like “father/mother,” “son/daughter” or “husband/wife” are “problematic.”

Not to 99.9% of humanity through all of history.

Right now, Vladimir Putin is threatening to go nuclear if NATO puts troops on the ground in Ukraine, as French President Macron recently suggested. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s response to the prospect of World War III? Telling diplomats to avoid phrases like “our men and women on the front lines.”

Madness? On Tuesday, the State Dept. tried blowing off concerns about the “gender identity”-obsessed cable by calling it “standard government practice to try to encourage people just to be respectful of others and use the terms with which others are comfortable and talk to people the way that they would like to be addressed. And nothing more than that.”

Really? Dismissing motherhood and fatherhood is now “standard government practice”? Do we really want our foreign policy — our national security — in the hands of people who are uncomfortable with the words “mother” and “father”?

Lest we get too troubled, here are another two signs that sanity may be gaining steam.

All-Woman’s Catholic College Abandons Plans to Allow Trans Students

“Male and female He created them.”

Kind of a basic one, you’d think, especially for a Catholic college. Fortunately, the all-women’s St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana has finally remembered.

Last June, the school announced it would begin admitting trans-students in the fall of 2024. After a massive outcry, in December St. Mary’s College backtracked. Now St. Mary’s President Katie Conboy, who has been pushing the LGBT agenda and anti-traditional Catholic doctrine since arriving in 2020, is facing calls to resign. The National Catholic Register publisher Michael Warsaw wrote:

A breach of trust of a different sort has taken place at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana. And the damage it’s caused at the all-women Catholic school, located next door to the University of Notre Dame, is so serious and irreparable that the consequences ought to be just as severe: President Katie Conboy should resign, along with the entire board of trustees.

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Newsmax details St. Mary’s descent into gender madness: “The university also has opened an LGBTQ+ Center on campus and installed Franciscan Rev. Daniel Horan, an academic and author who promotes gender ideology, as the head of the college’s Center for Spirituality.”

Scratch: Female Pool Player Forfeits Rather Than Compete Against Biological Male in European Championship Final

Breaking News! (Get it? “Breaking”?)

At the European Pool Championship women’s final, Kim O’Brien put down her cue and forfeited rather than compete for the title against a trans-identifying male called Harriet Haynes.

Swimmer-turned-activist Riley Gaines celebrated O’Brien’s decision. She also said she is keeping to her promise of paying any prize money a female athlete lost out on by refusing to compete with a biological male. Megyn Kelly, former ESPN personality Sage Steele and Babylon Bee honcho Seth Dillion have also vowed to put up cash for female athletes who refuse to compete on a biologically uneven playing field. Or billiards table.

Along The Stream

John Z compares the differing elite reactions to the self-immolation of Aaron Bushnell and to the suicide of combat vet Jake Gardner: “Aaron Bushnell is the Barabbas Our Pilates Want Us to Worship.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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