The Brew: Skinny Dipping Presidents, Dubious Ambassadors and Racist Newspapers

By Al Perrotta Published on February 18, 2022

Happy Friday!

Yeah, we’re dropping the “Morning.” Don’t want to get confused with another daily effort focusing on financial news. Besides, we’ve got a nifty new logo! 

Let’s celebrate by heading into this President’s Day Weekend with gusto! How about with a little Presidential history quiz?

Pop Presidential Quiz

  1. Which U.S. president had the most children? (Hint: It’s not Bill Clinton.)
  2. Which U.S. president had the ability to write Greek with one hand while writing in Latin with the other?
  3. Which U.S. president had been an All-American football player? (For real. Not in the movies.)
  4. Which U.S. president first used the term “First Lady” to describe the wife of the president?
  5. Which U.S. president liked to sneak out of the White House to swim nude in the Potomac? (Hint: It’s not Bill Clinton.)
  6. Which U.S. president claims to have seen a UFO?
  7. Which U.S. president refused to ride Dumbo at Disneyland?

Answers below.

Biden Knows How to Pick ‘Em: U.S. Ambassador to Germany Posed With ‘Terrorist’ at Party … Then Fudged the Facts About It

Maybe one more question: Which U.S. President seems incapable of hiring anybody who isn’t a screw-up, basket-case or tone-deaf?

Nobody’s perfect, and you want to salute anyone willing to serve and represent the United States. But can Joe Biden pick anybody for any job who isn’t a head scratcher? Last week, we had the bestiality-promoting gender bender “Sister of Indulgence” named to a top post at the Department of Energy. This week, our newly-named Ambassador to Germany, Amy Guttmann.

Here is the University of Pennsylvania president at a 2006 costume party at her home with a Syrian-born student dressed as a Palestinian terrorist. At first Guttmann expressed no regret for the photo, defended the student, and said the shot was snapped “before it was obvious to me that he was dressed as a suicide bomber.” When that didn’t work, she changed to an apology with the new claim she did not realize the “full extent of his costume.” You buy that, I have a bridge in Philly to sell you.

Especially since, according to Militant Islam Monitor, Saadi originally posted on Facebook “I asked if I could take a picture of me pointing the gun at her, but she refused.” Also, according to Saadi, Guttmann asked him when he arrived “How did you get past security?” Also, Saadi and a friend held several mock executions at the party inside her home.

So Try to Assassinate a Jewish Mayoral Candidate, You Get Bail. Take a Selfie at the Capitol on J6, You’re Locked Way in Solitary for a Year Without Bail or Trial

A darling of MSNBC and Obama’s Foundation named Quintez Brown tried to assassinate Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg on Monday. Brown opened fire on Greenberg in his campaign office. Thankfully, Greenberg was unscathed. Not surprisingly, Brown made his bones as a gun control advocate.

Nauseating as it is to report, this would-be assassin is already out on the streets, bailed out by BLM via the Louisville Community Bail Fund.

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BLM’s Louisville chapter has been defending the release in a series of tweets. (Including one calling for the elimination of all jails.) Greenberg is not impressed. He said in a statement, it is “nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday.” He then goes on to spew Democratic talking points. 

Chanelle Helm, a BLM Louisville activist and co-founder of Louisville Community Jail Fund, claims the case is about “mental health issues.” So Brown was mentally ill? Well … Helm reportedly claimed activists suffer from PTSD because of their activism. How can she say that? Easy. Because of yahoos like the editorial board of the Las Vegas Sun.

The Las Vegas Sun blamed Brown’s actions on “extremist Republicans.” Brown, said their editorial, was driven by the “violent rhetoric” from the right. That’s right. A progressive BLM member tries to gun down a Democratic candidate and Republicans are at fault. 

Soon they’ll be blaming Tupac’s murder in Vegas on the MAGA movement. 

Meanwhile, when the would-be murderer Brown was released, supporters sang the gospel song “Oh Happy Day.” The song became an anthem during the Civil Rights Movement. The peaceful Civil Rights Movement. Which tried to change people. Not kill them.

Can They Be More Racist?

In a news story discussing Biden’s upcoming Supreme Court pick, the Washington Post described Clarence Thomas as “the Black justice whose rulings often resemble the thinking of White conservatives.” In other words, “That colored boy can’t think for himself.”

Some progressives are worried that Black District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs, a rising candidate who has the support of Rep. James Clyburn and even the bipartisan support of Lindsay Graham, may end up being a secret conservative. Another congressman responded that nobody supported by Clyburn would “end up being a Clarence Thomas.”

So the context of the article, all they needed in describing Thomas was “conservative justice” — or at most “Black conservative justice” — since Biden’s ruled out anybody but a black woman. So to go out of their way to add the phrase? Out and out racism. A slur. Calling Thomas an “Uncle Tom.”

The Post did retreat after being called out for the slur, changing “white conservatives” to conservatives. Note this is a “clarification,” rather than an apology.

Coincidence? California Truckers Prep Freedom Convoy as California Governor Announces Downshift to ‘Endemic’

Right as California truckers gear up a protest to government mandates, California announces plans to gear down its COVID response. California is shifting to the nation’s first “endemic” approach that emphasizes prevention and quick reactions to outbreaks over mandates, Gov. Gavin Newsome announced Thursday. Naturally, though, Newsom has no plans to lift any of the remaining executive emergency orders he’s used to impose his will since March 2020.

VP Harris Off to Europe Trying to ‘Keep the Peace’

Nothing offers more hope to an anxious world concerned about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine than knowing Kamala Harris is on the case. Yes, Harris jetted off to Europe Thursday for the Munich Security Conference. She’ll speak with leaders in the region, including Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, in what Just the News calls a “last ditch effort” to stave off a Russian invasion or incursion.

Setting up speakers to blast her cackle at Russian troops on the border? GENIUS.

Seriously, if Russia is planning to invade, we must pray her efforts are successful.

Pop Presidential Quiz

  1. John Tyler had 15 children.
  2. James Garfield was Mr. Ambidextrous. 
  3. Gerald Ford was the top jock.
  4. Zachary Taylor. He used the term to describe Dolly Madison. And the term caught on. Before then the spouses of the president were known as “presidentress.”
  5. John Quincy Adams. In fact, one time a female reporter swiped his clothes from the riverbank and wouldn’t give them back until he granted her an interview. 
  6. Jimmy Carter claimed in 1976 that he had seen a UFO in 1969, “the darndest thing I’ve ever seen.”
  7. Harry Truman. He visited Disneyland in 1957, but refused to ride Dumbo because as a Democrat he didn’t want to be seen having fun on an elephant, the symbol of the GOP.

Along The Stream

Tom Sileo catches us up on his daughter Natalie, who’s celebrated two huge milestones this month. “Down Syndrome Awareness: Standing Tall.”  I’m not crying. You’re crying.


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