The Brew: Joe Catches Rebound COVID, China Threatens US Over Pelosi

By Al Perrotta Published on August 1, 2022

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Biden ‘s Tested Positive for COVID Again.

Three days after testing negative and declaring himself COVID-free, Joe Biden up and tested positive again the last two days. His White House doctor Kevin C. O’Connor thinks it’s “not surprising.” Well, given how Joe’s term is going, yeah, it’s not surprising.

Medically, apparently snatching a case of “rebound” COVID happens occasionally with patients who take Paxlovid. Biden says he’s not feeling any symptoms. He is being kept in “strict isolation.”

Biden is accused of playing “too loose” with COVID guidelines. After being declared virus free Wednesday, Biden was immediately spotted maskless … which violates CDC recommendations. CDC says you should wear a mask for 10 days after you’ve contracted the virus.

Here’s the historical irony. Remember in 2020, Joe Biden ducked his second debate with Trump because he claimed Trump was unsafe to share a stage with even though he’d been medically cleared, and the candidates wouldn’t be anywhere near each other.

That was, incidentally, going to be the foreign policy debate, which would have pitted the guy who tamed North Korea and was signing Middle East Peace Treaties like autographs at a book signing vs the guy who Obama’s own Defense Secretary declared was wrong on every major foreign policy issue for 40 years.

Speaking of foreign policy, we’ve got some drama brewing with China.

Pelosi Off to Asia. Taiwan Not Listed After China Threatens US Over Visit. But Will She Still Go?

Early Sunday morning, Nancy Pelosi posted the itinerary for her current trip to Asia. Taiwan is not listed. China has been acting apoplectic about Pelosi’s plans to go to Taiwan. Xi even told Biden, the U.S. “Those who play with fire will perish by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this.”

A Chinese propagandist named Hu Xijin even warned in a tweet that Pelosi’s plane could be shot down if she went to Taiwan.

“If US fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is [an] invasion. The [People’s Liberation Army] has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the US fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction. If ineffective, then shoot them down.”

He deleted the tweet, after his Twitter account was locked down.

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the very real threat from a known mouthpiece for the Communist Chinese. She refused to answer, saying, “I’m not going to speak to a hypothetical.”

I know she’s no rocket scientist, but I figured she knew the definition of the word “hypothetical.”

Why They Worried About Nancy?

Why is China so worried about a geriatric, barely comprehensible politician who won’t even be in power in six months? Or are they just trying to dictate the travel plans of the U.S. Speaker of the House because they can? (China is now conducting live-fire training during Pelosi’s junket.)

One sign this is just a show of power, and has little to do with Pelosi? And that Pelosi’s no enemy of China? Pelosi hasn’t punished in any meaningful form or removed from the House Intelligence Committee, Eric Swalwell for sleeping with a Chinese spy.

Biden to Finish 4 Open Sections of Trump Border Wall

Speaking of people in bed with the Chinese …

“Not another foot!” of Trump’s Border Wall, the Big Guy vowed. Like his promise of “unity,” that vow’s out the window. Biden’s now going to finish off four open sections of the border wall near Yuma?

To stop the flow of illegals from south of the border? No, to try and stop the flow of Hispanics from the Democratic party. And perhaps stop Mayors Eric Adams and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser from whining so much about the few thousand illegals the governor of Arizona (and governor of Texas) sent their way.

Let’s Get This (New) Party Started!

Oh, boy. Here comes a new political party. It’s called the “Forward” party, and hopes to reach out to those not pleased with the Democrats or the Republicans. The party is a merger of the political organizations of former Republican Congressman David Jolly, RINO Republican Christine Todd Whitman and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

They’re certainly excited about this party in the Big Apple: New York Times: “Why Andrew Yang’s New Third Party is Bound to Fail.” New York Magazine: “Andrew Yang’s Third Party is Going Nowhere.”

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