The Brew: British Teen Schools Teacher on Gender Issues After Getting Scolded for Questioning Classmate Who Identifies as a Cat

By Al Perrotta Published on June 20, 2023

Today, the Brew is going to school!

But first …

Anheuser-Busch CEO to Its Customers: “We Hear You”

Do you realize you can’t spell “woke” without “woe”? Anheuser-Busch knows that to the tune of $27 billion. That’s how much the beer giant has lost in market value as a result of teaming with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Bud Light sales are down nearly a quarter, costing the brand its spot as America’s best-selling beer.

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth, in another attempt to stop the hemorrhaging, released a statement Friday, declaring to customers, “We hear you.”

We recognize that over the last two months, the discussion surrounding our company and Bud Light has moved away from beer, and this has impacted our consumers, our business partners, and our employees,” he wrote. He laid out three moves the company is making. The first two involve their employees and distributors.

As for their “valued customers”:

Our summer advertising launches next week, and you can look forward to Bud Light reinforcing what you’ve always loved about our brand – that it’s easy to drink and easy to enjoy. As we move forward, we will focus on what we do best – brewing great beer and earning our place in moments that matter to you.

What we didn’t hear was Whitworth acknowledge Bud Light’s mistake. And it wasn’t the “discussion” that moved away from beer. It was Bud Light’s decision to move to woke activism.

Score One for the Brits

The U.K. is recognizing the danger of the transgender cult to children. On June 10, the National Health Service announced it will stop routinely offering puberty-blocking drugs to children. The country’s only gender identity clinic catering to children is scheduled to close this year. And now, U.K. schools will be banned from allowing students to change their gender if their parents disagree. The new policy will also ban schools from calling students with their preferred pronouns without parental consent.

“The wellbeing and safety of children is my top priority,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told The Sun. “We have to recognize that any degree of social transition could have potentially quite a significant impact and consequences for a child.”

Score One for a British Student Who Mic Drops Woke Teacher

A teacher at Rye College in East Sussex was caught on tape shredding a 13-year-old student who refused to accept that her classmate identifies as a cat. And the 13-year-old girl goes on to school her teacher.

The trouble began when a classmate said she identifies as a cat. “How can you identify as a cat when you’re a girl?” The teacher lights into the student, at one point calling her “despicable.”

This is an amazing exchange. The audio picks up when the student denies saying she thought her classmate should be in an asylum.

One highlight, “Where did you get this idea from? That there’s only two genders?”

The student replies, “There’s only a boy and a girl. There’s no other private parts,” adding, “I just said my opinion. If I respect their opinion, can’t they respect mine?”

The student continues to parry anything the teacher throws her way, to the point the flustered teacher plays the power trip, saying she’s going to write the student up, that she needs “proper educational conversation about equality, diversity, and inclusion” and no longer belongs at the school.

True, that kid doesn’t belong in that school. She belongs in Parliament.

Bananas Republic: Porn in School Libraries is Good. Chocolate Milk in School Lunchrooms is Bad

Will somebody stand up for Milk of Color? The U.S. Department of Agriculture has proposed banning chocolate milk from elementary and middle school lunch rooms, and limiting it for older students.

But go ahead, serve up the kiddies graphic sex books and twerking drag queens.

The USDA made the proposal last month, arguing that sugary beverages contribute to childhood obesity. Another possibility is allowing options with no more than 10 grams of added sugars in each 8-ounce portion to be served. According to the New York Post, “more than 90% of the school milk processing industry agreed last month to adhere to the new sugar standards.”

But an outright ban is still on the table. Even if milk, flavored or unflavored, helps meet protein and calcium needs, among other nutritional benefits.

“We want to take a product that most kids like and that has nine essential nutrients in it and say, ‘You can’t drink this, you have to drink plain?’” Katie Wilson, executive director of the Urban School Food Alliance asked. “What are we trying to prove?”

How about the federal government again trying to prove it owns your kids?

Even His Own Staff Doesn’t Know What Biden Means … and That is Dangerous.

Last week, a day after saying we were building a railroad over the Indian Ocean, Joe Biden inexplicably closed a speech by saying, “God save the Queen.” The fact the queen died last year made the remark even more baffling. According to Axios, even White House staffers don’t know what he meant by it. In fact, the staffers admit they don’t know what he’s talking about a lot of the time.

But — Axios races to note — this is not a sign of any diminished capacity. They say it’s part of a long history of “offbeat Biden proverbs.” “Biden being Biden.”

Yeah, he has come up with some beauties. But now that he’s Commander-in-Chief, being this addled can be dangerous. The “God save the Queen” wasn’t the worst of it last week. Biden actually suggested the Chinese spy balloon that traversed the country and maneuvered around sensitive military sites was “more embarrassing (to China) than it was intentional.”

Is he saying China didn’t intend for their spy balloon to spy? Isn’t that what a spy balloon is for?

Why is this dangerous?  Because it sounds like Biden is making excuses for an aggressive, hostile action by China. And he did it right before Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in China for the first high level visit there by American officials since before COVID.

What does Blinken do when he’s there? He declares, “We do not support Taiwan independence.” Yeah, he went onto say “We remain opposed to any unilateral changes to the status quo by either side.” But when Chinese planes are infiltrating Taiwan airspace on a regular basis, the U.S. is working on evacuation plans for American citizens there, and the U.S. president is blowing off China brazenly floating spy balloons over our bases as unintentional, what’s the signal to China?

Except that Joe Biden has also reiterated repeatedly that U.S. forces would defend Taiwan in case of an invasion. Statements that the White House has consistently walked back.

Biden being Biden is fine when it comes to ocean-bound railroads and “lying, dog-faced pony soldiers.” But when it comes to our security and stability, not so fine.
God save the queen? God protect us all …

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