‘Spoils of War’: ISIS Has Price List for Sexual Slaves

Sexual slaves are priced according to their age with the most expensive slaves aged 1-9 years old.

By Nancy Flory Published on August 19, 2016

ISIS now has a price list for its sexual slaves — captured Christians and Yazidis — with a cost breakdown for slaves ranging in age from 40 years old to as young as one year old, reported the Knights of Columbus and the nonprofit In Defense of Christians. A document purportedly laying out the prices for the slaves first surfaced in 2014, but was dismissed as a hoax. However, a UN official confirmed the authenticity of the document last year, saying that she saw the price list passed around between ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq. The Knights of Columbus and In Defense of Christians vehemently denied the hoax theory and, in a lengthy statement to Secretary of State John Kerry in March, 2016 provided a copy of the document as well as witness statements.

Spoils of War

UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zainab Bangura said that the slaves would bring in up to $165 for young children, while the older slaves cost less.

Slaves are initially offered to ISIS leaders, then offered to foreign buyers for purchase, often for thousands of dollars. Finally, they are offered to ISIS fighters at the rates listed on the price sheet. According to Bangura in an interview with Bloomberg, the girls “get peddled like barrels of petrol.”

The price sheet titled, “Prices of Selling Spoils of War,” states that the demand for sex slaves has decreased, which has hurt ISIS’ budget for terrorist attacks.

We have received news that the demand in women and spoils of war market has been experiencing a significant decrease, which adversely affects the Islamic State of Iraq revenue and the financing of the Mujahideen assaults. Therefore, the Committee of Treasury considered setting regulations and prices with regards to selling women and spoils of war. And it makes it compulsory that those who practice this business should abide by these prices. Otherwise, whoever violates the price controls will be executed.

A Father’s Heartbreak

The report sent to Kerry contained witness statements, one of which was from a father describing the harrowing experience as ISIS took his daughter:

They took us from our home in a small bus to the Health Clinic under the pretext of doing medical tests and then they took our daughter (child) from our hands by force. Someone named Fadhil took her and gave her to the Amir (prince) who was a foreign person. Mullah (Imam) Abdul Hakim who lives in Baghdida was present. Then they brought a muddy bus and forced us into it. They took everything we had such as money and gold and identification and official documents. When I asked for my daughter, they threatened to slaughter me. Then they let us go to Khazir and from there we walked on foot to Erbil.

The Knights of Columbus reports that the “Caliphate” uses sexual slaves as a recruitment tool and a means to exterminate religious groups. The Knights of Columbus requested, in their report to Kerry, that ISIS be held responsible for the crimes against humanity performed on both Christians and Yazidis.

On March 17, 2016, Kerry made a formal declaration that ISIS’ actions constituted genocide against Christians and Yazidis. It was the first time the United States has declared genocide since Darfur in 2004, CNN reported.

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