Solving the Immigration Problem

We believe this proposal reconciles the rule of law with compassion, conviction with courage, and policy with pragmatism.

Young immigrants and supporters walk holding signs during a rally in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in Los Angeles, California on September 1, 2017.

By Samuel Rodriguez & James Robison Published on September 6, 2017

For four years, we’ve worked on the immigration problem together. Here is what we propose. We don’t offer this as the perfect solution. But we do seek diligently to encourage the President, his Administration and Congress to come together at the table of reason and hammer out a good solution to this challenge. We have presented this to the President, Vice President and others in the administration.

Illegal immigration has been festering for decades. Much of the blame rests on our politicians who won’t enforce the law. But we now have a chance to fix it. Millions of employers of immigrants, as well as the Hispanic community and Christians, will rally around a plan that combines rule of law, decency, and common sense.

To speak in biblical language, the immigration cause no longer resides in the Egypt of political apathy or the desert of expediency. Today, this just cause stands before the Jordan called reform. With prophetic courage, spiritual fortitude, and political will, we can cross into the promise land of “Just Integration.” This will protect our values, our borders, and the American dream for future generations.

As Christians, we believe it’s time to reconcile border security with the security of our values — values that include faith and family. 

Secure Borders and Enforce the Law

First, we must secure our national borders. To do that, we must stop illegal immigration. This should include the construction of a wall that incorporates both physical elements and technology, as well as a firewall against tunnels and other intrusions. This will win the trust of the American people and prevent more illegals from arriving.

Many countries, such as Mexico, treat illegal immigrants as foreign enemies. The least we can do is secure our borders. But it hasn’t been a priority.

We should deport all undocumented individuals engaged in crimes, while making sure God-fearing, hard-working, undocumented families stay intact.

Many illegals didn’t sneak across the border. They overstayed their visas. This is a problem with law enforcement and record-keeping rather than border control. If the government can keep track of Social Security checks and income tax returns, surely it can keep track of these immigrants.

We should secure the unity of the immediate family by deporting all undocumented individuals who have or are now engaged in crimes such as murder, sex related, drug related, gang activities and so forth, while making sure God-fearing, hard-working, undocumented families stay intact.

What do we do with the thousands who have just crossed the border? If we do nothing, we will inspire many more to make the same costly journey across Mexico. A better option is to give recent arrivals food, water, a change of clothes, emergency health care when needed, and transportation back home. This should be part of a message to our neighbors to the south: No one can hope to become an American in this way.

Legal Status, Not Amnesty: Guest Worker Program

Second, establish a non-amnesty path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify. Those who wish to become guest workers can apply to become permanent residents. This guest worker program would apply only to those who are now employed or contributing to our economy. 

Adults who came into this nation illegally and who are not dependent on government subsidies can apply for permanent residency status. But they can only apply for citizenship if they return to their country of origin, go to the back of the line, and proceed with the application process without special accommodation. The children of these individuals, however, would not have to return to their countries of origin to become citizens.

Employers Must Take Responsibility

Third, employers must accept their responsibilities. They should be required going forward to use e-Verify to document that every employee they hire is legally entitled to work.

Employers can be incentivized to sponsor only workers with proven track records and good character who contribute to our country.

Those who have current employees who are not legal to work, but whom they consider crucial to their operations, should have the option of sponsoring those immigrants. Many employers would jump at a chance to fix the problem without losing reliable employees. The provision for this already exists in law. It allows friends or family members to file an Affidavit of Support, promising that prospective legal immigrants will not become a “public charge.” [Immigration and Nationality Act sections 212 (a)(4) and 213A.]

As another part of this reform, that sponsorship should become more robust. Congress should revise laws to make it easier for state and local governments to refuse benefits to “sponsored” immigrants. Instead, states should be able to refer them to their sponsors — who have agreed to help them in times of need.

This balanced proposal will help employers keep key employees, provided they will assume the responsibilities of sponsors. That requirement will prevent employer involvement from being a meaningless exercise in “box-checking.” It will incentivize them to sponsor only workers with proven track records and good character who contribute to our country.


Fourth, we must assimilate immigrants and guest workers. This should include training in civics and English. There’s nothing magical about English. But it’s the primary language in the U.S. A common language unites people. Immigrants are much more likely to succeed if they learn English. The other option is what Mark Steyn calls “reverse assimilation” where the immigrant culture displaces the native culture. This is already happening in Muslim immigration to Europe.

We must roll back anti-Americanism in our public institutions, or create other institutions to help immigrants assimilate.

Many of our schools now attack rather than build up our culture. If people come here from Vietnam or Venezuela and enroll in an American history class at a nearby college, they are likely to learn about the faults but not the virtues of our country. This is not the way to make new citizens.

We must roll back anti-Americanism in our public institutions, or create other institutions to help immigrants assimilate. Anti-Americanism harms immigrants. It keeps them from embracing our culture. There are many ministries that work with immigrants and refugees, and they should play a role in this effort. This is an area in which ministries and the government could work together.

Work, not Welfare

Fifth, we should reform programs that discourage work. As Milton Friedman once said, “You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state.” Some come to the U.S. as political refugees with help from Christian ministries. Rather than seek gainful employment, though, they get sucked into Supplemental Security Income and other benefits. This prevents them from contributing to society. It also breeds resentment. People of faith should take the lead in helping immigrants find jobs, and help them fight the temptation to become wards of the state.


In the last few decades, the US government has failed to secure its borders and enforce immigration laws. It’s also become a vast welfare state. Even immigrants who want to work can end up on the public dole. Many of our schools and government agencies now reject American ideals and prevent immigrants from assimilating. These policies often have turned immigration into a burden rather than an asset.

No solution to this challenge will be perfect. Some twelve million people live in the U.S. illegally. Many of them have been here for years, have jobs, and have children in public schools. That makes the problem different from a crime like shoplifting. What we do with illegal immigrants who have been here for years is one thing. How we handle future illegal immigration is another.

We can’t deport twelve million people. But blanket amnesty would discourage the law abiding and encourage even more illegal immigration. It would also be unfair to the millions who have entered, live and work here legally and millions of others still waiting in line.

We believe this proposal reconciles the rule of law with compassion, conviction with courage, and policy with pragmatism. It can help make America great again. 


Samuel Rodriguez is the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and the Hispanic Evangelical Association. James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International and the co-host of the LIFE Today Television program. He also is the publisher of The Stream (, a web site that presents breaking news, editorial commentary, inspiration and cultural analysis from a biblical perspective.

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  • Jfolk

    From your mouths to God’s ear.

  • Paul

    I think that would certainly be a positive change, but one thing is missing. What is the penalty for those illegal aliens who are allowed to stay and transition to a legal status? People are illegal aliens because laws were broken and crimes were committed.

    Also note the correct term is illegal alien. I’m an immigrant myself and after my family went through the bureaucratic processes surrounding immigration, I and each member of my family were granted permanent resident alien status. And after the required time had elapsed I applied for and was accepted to be a naturalized citizen.

    ‘Undocumented’ is the language of liberals who are trying to obfuscate the crimes that led to being an illegal alien. Can we please call things what they are?

  • Jim Walker

    Illegals should not be given a free pass. No employment, no welfare, no driver’s license and no voting rights, basically no nothing.
    Make all efforts to drill into the minds of would-be immigrants to think twice before they cross the border or overstay their visas.

    • Rosanna Pulido

      But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong.

    • Jesus First

      My concern is how do we stop them from voting as legal residents when they are already voting as illegal aliens? As soon as these ideas would pass, people would be screaming about two classes of people and equal rights. It would be best to just enforce the law. Moving back to their country of origin is not that big of a deal, especially since they know the language, culture, and already have family there. Allowing them to stay here is splitting families. I have seen men come as they want to make money and send it back home. Instead, they become adulters, start a new family, and abandon their original family. I would hope that we would feed them, clothe them, give them immediate medical attention, and help them get back home in a kind way.

  • Charles Burge

    I think this is a very fair approach. I completely agree with the other comments that we need to enforce the rule of law. We must send (and enforce) a clear message that you cannot become a citizen by flouting the law. At the same time however, there are people here who were not complicit in breaking the law, because their parents brought them here when they were minors. I think compassion for these people is reasonable, as long as we set a cut-off date, and make it clear that no person who comes here illegally or overstays a visa after such date will ever have an opportunity to become a U.S. citizen. That strikes me as a fair compromise. Going forward however, it’s important that foreigners understand that they cannot gain citizenship for their children by bringing them here outside of normal procedures.

    By the way, this isn’t just a problem with people from Latin America. Asians are doing it as well. There’s even a booming business on the west coast for wealthy pregnant Chinese women to travel to the U.S., stay in posh hotels, and give birth. Surely liberals would be aghast that rich people are exploiting a loophole unavailable to poorer people.

    • Paul

      Yes, while statistically speaking this will probably impact more people from Mexico and the rest of Latin America due to proximity and population numbers, this situation really isn’t specific to them. I once worked with a white guy from Canada here on a work visa. if he overstayed that visa and became an illegal alien he would be just as much a part of the problem as any other illegal alien. Canada, Norway, England, Australia, Spain, Italy, it doesn’t matter, respect the immigration laws and do it right or just stay away.

    • Sovereignty First

      “Compassion” does NOT mean weakness or setting ILLEGAL precedents! Get real…

  • roundtownbob

    One other item, is the ending of automatic citizenship being granted to babies born to illegal immigrants.

    • Sovereignty First

      Thank you! If it were not for that loophole which is DISGUSTINGLY EXPLOITED by foreigners, there would be no illegal immigration. Commandments 7, 8, and 10 are being broken by MILLIONS!!!!

  • bbb

    Wow! Super article.

  • benevolus

    I could buy into this.

  • Carol Anne Martinez

    I find this extremely balanced and at the same time with great heart. It had deeply disturbed me how so many Christians seem to have hearts of stone on this matter… thank-you Samuel Rodríguez and James Robison.

    • Rosanna Pulido

      It deeply disturbs me how Christians can turn a blind eye to the law and what the Bible says. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong. Enough of your touchy feel-ly garbage it has nothing to do with Christianity! We have veterans suffering who paid for your freedom with their lives, they are being forgotten while billions go to help these law breakers.

      • Anne Jones

        “Welcome the stranger”, repeated in multiple places in the bible, does however have everything to do with Christianity. Looks like you are turning a blind eye to what the bible says too.

        • TanaFaval

          The people who come in this large groups, often are not escaping anything and some of them are taught to hate USA. They think the Americans are “suckers” who give money away and goodies. Some, come here to cause trouble, were paid for that. I have lived in Countries who opened their doors to immigrants and as a result these Countries are today in terrible shape, because of
          hoardes of invaders who have different values and care not for the Country that generously open the doors but they take advantage and may even take over!

          • Anne Jones

            Sio are you saying that Israel, Australia, Canada and America are terrible places to live in? All four were built on immigration and continue to accept large numbers of migrants to this day. They are also some of the MOST prosperous and wealthy countries today with very high standards of living. How does that fit into your theory? Evidence?

          • srh1965

            You can’t seriously ask a racist for evidence. Their whole world-view is built on prejudice and ignorance. They will defend to the last their “right” to ensure their country stays one particular ethnicity, no matter if that means it falls behind all others by every measure.

      • srh1965

        You seem to have never read the Bible.

        Deuteronomy 10: 19 You shall love the stranger, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt.

        Leviticus 19:34 The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.

        Matt. 5:43-44 You have heard that it was said, ‘you shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy’. But I say to you, love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.

        Romans 12:13 Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.

        Matthew 25: 35 I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

  • Rosanna Pulido

    This is a RED HERRING ARTICLE! Thats not what they asked for!! Evangelical Leaders Ask Congress to Give ‘Dreamers’ Citizenship

  • Sovereignty First

    I CANNOT concur with this. This is the same tripe I’ve been hearing FOR YEARS by these cowardly politicians. Of course, this article would have a permissive, amnestying tinge given a coauthor’s ethnicity…. NO ILLEGAL ALIEN IS LAW ABIDING! I cannot abide this “criminal alien” vs. “law-abiding” foolishness!! What kind of doublespeak is going on here? And in what’s supposed to be a “Christian” site.

    If we can’t be honest about this subject IT WILL NEVER BE RESOLVED! This nation’s laws and sovereignty SHOULD NEVER EVER be arrogated by ethnic loyalties or sensibilities…

    • Anne Jones

      You off your meds again?

      • Sovereignty First

        No, but I think you need some. That marijuana crap is all the rah now…try some. Your brain is already missing.

        • srh1965

          I am so glad there is an ocean between us. Your vile, ignorant racism will soon be in the past, as demographics consign you and your kind to history.

  • Joe K

    Also, amend the Constitution. You are not automatically a citizen just because you were born here. If your mother/parents are here illegally, so are you.

    • greatjoy

      The Constitution is fine. The interpretation of the Constitution by the Supreme Court is the problem. The Constitution has the necessary wording, but the court does not have the necessary will to follow the Constitution, a problem that extends far beyond the 14th Amendment.

    • srh1965

      Equally, if you, Joe K, were born in the USA, you should not be a citizen either. Who decides? And what amazing things have you done with your life to deserve citizenship? You are a racist, pure and simple. You hate people with browner skin than yours.

  • srh1965

    Both the comments BTL and the dispassionate terms of the article itself do nothing but reinforce my conviction that, when I escaped ten years ago from the Christian faith that my evangelical parents inculcated into me, it was the best decision I ever could make. Your hatred for people different than yourselves, allied to your ill-concealed smugness at what is nothing but your own good luck at being born in a relatively free, prosperous society, are repugnant.

    • greatjoy

      This article does not evoke hatred for people “different than yourselves.” You are reading into the article your own interpretation, while making assumptions about your own thoughts that are ill-informed. Your rejection of the truth due to emotional “escape” from reality, is causing you to have intense feelings that are not in the article at all. It would be interesting to have a conversation with you and see if you are able to focus on facts.

      • srh1965

        MY emotional reaction to the self-satisfaction poorly disguised in this article was entirely rational. “Many of our schools and government agencies now reject American ideals”: what does that mean, exactly? I’m disappointed that my own government in the UK has set up an anti-terrorism programme, ‘Prevent’, that explicitly promotes something vaguely labelled ‘British values’. No-one knows what that means. What are your American ideals? Are they something to do with the supernaturalist religion that spread like a cancer over your country in the twentieth century, against your own Constitutional values?

        And what “truth” am I rejecting?

        • Paula

          And you aren’t even American. …I think you are a very young, very opinionated person who doesn’t really understand Christian ethic. We do not “hate” people different from ourselves.

          • srh1965

            I was brought up as an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian. I know the Bible very well. I rejected it much later than I should have, by the age of 40 (I’m now 52 and regard my decision to leave supernaturalism behind as the best decision I ever made). There is plenty of hatred in this opinion piece that I criticised. Your response to my comment offered no reasoning.

            Please, define for me what these “American ideals” are that your schools and government agencies are allegedly rejecting. Which schools and agencies in particular?

          • TanaFaval

            Since this article regards USA and you seem to live in UK ? do not worry to understand. Hope you will return to the LORD of your Fathers…

          • srh1965

            Why not the LORD of my Mothers? Or is that too modern a concept for your deluded, faith-filled brain to understand?

          • BillClintonsShorts17

            Them too.

        • Pez Borracho

          British values? Free speech and a free press, for one. Read Tennyson’s ‘The Third of February, 1852’:

          “My Lords, we heard you speak: you told us all
          That England’s honest censure went too far;
          That our free press should cease to brawl,
          Not sing the fiery Frenchman into war.
          It was our ancient privilege, my Lords,
          To fling whatever we felt, not fearing, into words.”

          Then observe the treatment of Tommy Robinson by the government of the UK, and weep for the England which is gone

          • srh1965

            Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon is a racist, through and though. Anyone who follows him is a racist, through and through. If the racist England you “weep for” is gone, I am very, very glad. “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs” – no more of that hatefulness, thankfully.

          • BillClintonsShorts17

            Stephen who?
            The England which used to value free speech and a free press is the England for which I weep. Nothing whatever to do with the ‘racism’ you perceived everywhere in the cosmos.
            And you are deluded if you think you will always be top dog in the new England. Consider the fate of Robespierre.

          • srh1965

            “Stephen who?” Clearly you don’t even know your violent hero’s real name. England never valued free speech; that was only for the wealthy, the landed, the entitled, the male and the white. What “new England”?

          • BillClintonsShorts17

            Bushwa. If England did not have a free press then what was Tennyson talking about? And in his time, everybody in England was white. It is OK to be white, you know?

        • TanaFaval

          You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. Read the New Testament and you will find your answer. Pray and seek GOD’s face. HE is waiting for you…

          • srh1965

            errr… WHO are you talking about… there’s no such entity.

    • TanaFaval

      Sorry you feel this way, but do not run from THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. HE loves you, read the Gospels and see what HE said.

      • srh1965

        WHAT are YOU on about? I used to be a CHRISTIAN, having been brought UP in the faith by foolish parents, but as reality became too obvious to ignore, I escaped. Best decision I ever made.

        Now then: provide one scrap of evidence that your LORD JC and GOD exist, and I will believe. Evidence; not words from your religious text. Evidence that your deity exists, compared to, say, any of the gods that the ancient Greeks or the Aztecs believed in. I bet my life you cannot.

  • Pawel66

    This proposal makes sense. US is the country build by immigrants. Legal immigration has been good for the country and the immigrants.
    In contrast, illegal immigration breeds lawlessnes and destroys the society.
    The prime reason that people from all over the world continue to see US as an appealing place to live is its sound legal system, which supports the society and economy.
    Destroying the respect for law in the US does not serve America, nor, in a longer run, potential immigrants.
    Congratulations to the authors for their clear vision and efforts to find a solution to this complex problem.

  • fritz62

    When Americans on the right hear “compassion”, we know we are going to be asked, once again, to pay and pay dearly – Not to mention forgive politicians for the promises about to be broken. Am I wrong, or is chain immigration not touched on here? One immigrant bringing in 20 families members IS the whole ball of wax…unless of course thats also an issue of compassion, as it would be inhuman to ask him to live without his/her loved ones.

  • Sad American

    I sent this to Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and President Trump. I never heard from any of them.

    Letter To Congress:

    Concerning Illegal Aliens and their Children

    Having been here all these years why haven’t the parents of these DACA children applied for citizenship? It costs about $600.00. The average time between application and citizenship is about 10 months based on the information available on the .gov website on immigration. I don’t think that’s unattainable for them if they truly wanted to become legitimate citizens. Do you? Considering what some pay to cross the border illegally, it sounds like a bargain to me.

    Seeing how important it is to paint the children in an acceptable light, and I understand why as it wasn’t their decision that brought them here, we call them “dreamers” now while their parents are still illegals with no apparent thoughts of becoming citizens or we wouldn’t have 10 million illegals to deal with. How in the world did it come to this?

    I lay the entire matter at the feet of Congress. They are the reason for the mess it’s become and only they can fix it–the sooner the better. Just close the door and let immigration work like it was designed to and deal with those here in a humanitarian manner and get on with it already! We all know exactly what Congress is aiming for, so, seeing as there’s no real solution for the children other than the humanitarian one, just bite the bullet, but we’re imploring you to do it soon because you’re causing the American people undue duress and you’re fostering a foreign element within our borders that is rising up against us and I see absolutely no wisdom in that!

    … and please don’t be preaching to me that “we’re all immigrants” because I sure don’t wake up in the morning being grateful for my immigrant status. I’m an American. This generation of illegals doesn’t know what it means to be an American because they haven’t pursued citizenship, either for themselves, or so that their children don’t have to bear the consequences of their behavior in disregarding the laws of a sovereign nation, a nation, I might add, that has treated them very well…contrary to the narrative being promoted these days. This can’t go on forever though, it’s ridiculous. We’re in limbo–they’re in limbo and I think it’s sad that they’ve come to “demand” things from our government and the kindhearted citizens of our country. It’s our goodwill that’s supporting them; they’ve lost sight of that and so has the Democratic Party. Give us some credit, please, as the American people have always been and always will be great humanitarians. You need to reevaluate your rhetoric and stop demonizing those of us who want a permanent resolution to this enormous problem.

    To those keen on preaching the Bible to those of us who have opinions different than the liberal one, let me point out that the Biblical mandate is to treat the alien as the home born, that means they abide by the exact same laws and follow the same rules, that includes immigration laws. It’s that simple. “File your papers today and get yourself free.” Could it be their loyalties lie in their home countries and not here? Why else would they have delayed for all these years? I’m really trying to understand it and I just don’t get it.

    All other ethnic groups who’ve migrated to this country had no qualms about learning English, they didn’t come expecting a hand out, they came sometimes out of necessity and other times out of a sincere desire to live under and embrace our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy–or used to. They wholly embraced America and were grateful to be here. The majority worked hard and were determined to become assimilated into our society as productive members of it, probably because they saw the intrinsic value of being an American citizen and they desired the opportunity to fully enjoy the benefits of that status. We never demanded that anyone deny their identity or their affiliations or even their affections for their original countries, but it went without saying that once they were granted citizenship they melded into our culture which transcends ethnicity. There are, however, those elements of our society that make us uniquely “American” and if there’s anyone who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of that they shouldn’t be here.

    Sheila Caldon

    • Sad American

      My letter was posted to them the latter part of 2017. I see I stand corrected, the article has the number at 12 million. 12 million…and Congress has yet to do anything to change that.

  • kristinechristliebcanavan

    Why should we think that a NEW immigration law will be enforced? There’s no evidence that will happen. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss. We won’t get fooled again!”

  • lfc3822

    There’s much about this article to like; it is well written and conveys its message in a non angry, non discriminatory, calm toned.

    For the most part, I agree with the content of the article, but think that the good ideas it conveys should be complemented by the following comments:

    1.) The provisions of our immigration laws are the only provisions that are discussed in terms of rewarding those who have violated them – this is what the authors propose by saying that those who came in and reside in the country illegally, but who are not on the government dole should be allowed to apply for permanent status. In other words, they are promoting AMNESTY. This is exactly the wrong prescription. I do not believe that it is compassionate to reward people who have already entered or overstayed their VISAs in defiance of our immigration laws. The compassionate course of action is to communicate in the clearest possible term, and especially through our official position, as communicated through our actions, that America understands and pays more than just lip service to the concept and importance of the rule of law – in the sense of having laws that are known to all and applied equally to all.

    I encourage the authors of this article to abandon their view that compassion requires amnesty and adopt the position that no one who has broken our immigration laws is to be rewarded, instead of facing the law prescribed legal consequences.

    2.) The authors miss the point when they write that “We can’t deport twelve million people”, or perhaps they do more than miss the point and really betray their disagreement with deportations and with their favoring amnesty. Deporting illegal aliens, or more precisely, enforcing our immigration laws, will convey clearly and unequivocally that the US is committed to the Rule of Law – which means, that once we have choose ways by which we will conduct our affairs and live our life within specific areas of human endeavor, 1.) we will communicate these so that they are known to all and 2.) they will be applied to all equally, that no one will be treated more equal than anyone else.

    The goal need not be to deport 12 million illegal aliens. When deportations reflect our commitment to apply the law consistently and equitably – to the rule of law – these serve as an incentive for millions who currently reside illegally in our country to return to their native countries – self deport – and discourages millions more who are watching to decide whether the US is serious about protecting its borders and enforcing its immigration laws.

    Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Robison are also encourage to check their number, as when they assure us that there are “12 million” illegal immigrants. Perhaps they should become familiar with Ann Coulter’s argument for claiming that the number of illegal aliens is much greater than 12 million, and understand how incorrectly pegging the number of illegal immigrants at 11 or 12 millions serve to advance the progressive message.

    3) Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Robison also fail to share their thoughts on how our immigration laws should be changed to protect and improve America and Americans. Since the article prescribes solutions to the ‘immigration problem’, it is reasonable for readers to expect their views on how to remake our immigrations laws in ways that ‘solves the immigration problem’. But these thoughts or views of their, to the extent that they have them, are absent from the Article.

    I encourage the authors to follow up with a well written article articulating their thoughts on how our current immigration laws should be changed to benefit and protect America and Americans, including our superior culture.

  • disqus_DuodFE1miO

    CCC 2241

  • Paula

    I like your ideas…Thanks for sharing them.

  • Jerry Brickley

    Birthright citizenship and chain migration must be revoked. As long as a pregnant woman can secure safe status by dropping a baby, the attraction to enter illegally wil be just as attractive. Chain migration admits undesirables who would not be welcome as individuals.

    • srh1965

      so… where were you born? Why should that give you the right to citizenship? What did you do with your life to earn it?

  • realvegasdawn

    All immigration should be immediately halted while there are many years of assimilation as was done in the 1920’s through the 1960’s.

    • srh1965

      You really do hate other people, don’t you?

      • realvegasdawn

        Wow – you’re really dumb. It took you 4 days to come up with such a stupid comment. I think I prefer not to engage with you. Enjoy block/ignore. If I thought explaining facts to you I would, but I know it would be a lost cause. Enjoy your life of stupidity. Bye idiot.

  • realvegasdawn

    English should be made the official language. All ballots should only be in English. Implement a National Voter ID. Stop early voting. All government forms only in English.

    • srh1965

      What is your problem with other languages? Why be so unhelpful to other people, who don’t have your unearned advantages? Here in the UK, a country with plenty of racial discrimination (if nothing like the amount in the USA), the national and local governments do all they can to provide information in different languages. It’s called being nice. You need to give it a go.

  • Very Stable Genius

    What is happening isn’t immigration. An immigrant is invited and accepted into a country. We are being invaded. The only answer is shut down our border, build a wall, and DEPORT everyone that invaded our country.

  • Very Stable Genius

    “We should deport all undocumented individuals” and that is where the sentence should end. All “God-fearing, hard-working, undocumented families” can stay intact in the country they invaded from.

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