The Sixth Day Was When God Created Man and ‘The Creatures That Move Along the Ground’

By Austin Roscoe Published on April 28, 2018

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Day Six. This is the part where we come in.

“And God said, ‘Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds'” and “Let us make mankind in our image.” (Genesis 1:24a, 26a)

God Created Man

On the sixth day of creation, after piecing together the universe and all the facets of earth, God made the pinnacle of His creation: Mankind, in His own image.

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I can hardly imagine God’s joy when He finished making Adam and Eve. I suspect the closest reference we have is the love parents feel when they see their newborn child for the first time. But it can hardly compare, for He already knew how the story would end β€” and every moment in between.

He knew each of us, and the lives we’d live. He knew the choices every child of His would make. He knew of the glorious conclusion, when the remnant would finally abide with Him forever. And He knew the cost.

He decided it was all worth it.

On the Sixth Day…

Let’s thank God today for His great sovereignty. For His mercy and compassion towards us. For His provision, and yes, for our furry friends too.

Genesis 1.24-31 Living Creatures and Mankind - 900

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