Obama: Shut Up, Girls and Let the Boys In — No One Cares if You’re Uncomfortable

By Jennifer Hartline Published on May 13, 2016

In the wake of King Barack’s hardly-veiled new threat against every public school in America, I have to marvel at the screaming silence from liberal feminists. I suppose this means concern for women is sooo yesterday.

All over this country, at breakneck speed, girls and women are being thrown under the bus in order to appease the demands of an extremely small group of people who want to use the facilities of the opposite sex because it’s how they “identify.” Anatomy aside, if a man says he identifies as a woman, then he simply must be permitted to use the Ladies’ room, and the dressing rooms, so saith the new tyranny called “LGBT rights.”

The privacy and safety rights of our daughters do not matter anymore, but I don’t hear the liberal feminists raising a fuss. No, they’re chirping like crickets while the rights of women to decide when and where they are exposed to undressed men are discarded like so much curdled milk.

It doesn’t matter that there are far better ways to provide accommodations to those individuals who don’t want to use either the Men’s or Women’s restroom for whatever reason. Nothing matters except that the totalitarian demands of “LGBT” ideology are satisfied.

Any father who is comfortable with his daughter sharing restroom and locker room facilities with boys and men is failing as a father, period. FAILING.

Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams cancelled their concert tours in North Carolina citing their principles of tolerance and equality, and their disgust at those who must want nothing other than to treat others with cruelty and hatred. It couldn’t possibly be that people simply want to exercise common sense, common decency and the good judgment God gave a goose. And it couldn’t possibly be that women don’t want boys, or worse, grown men, using the facilities with their daughters (or themselves for that matter.)

No, it couldn’t possibly be that women are entitled to privacy when in a state of undress.

It couldn’t possibly be that young girls are absolutely entitled to not have to see a naked man. And it couldn’t possibly be that as a society, we are duty-bound to protect young girls and women from predatory men to the fullest extent possible.

Nobody seems to care about women who’ve been raped and assaulted, and how they might feel about stepping out of the locker room shower to find an unclothed man in the room with them. Bruce and Bryan seem to think women are being hateful bigots if they object to sharing such intimate space with a stranger of the opposite sex. To them a woman’s very natural discomfort at such a prospect can only signify nasty-hearted discrimination.

And if our young daughters are uncomfortable sharing facilities with the boys — as they rightfully should be! — then they, too, are just little bigots. Mean, hateful people, they are for not being completely cool with taking their clothes off in front of a boy and letting him undress in front of them. Who needs modesty anymore? No, the “LGBT” mandate says that such outdated values as modesty have no place in the modern world of gender-fluid people and no-boundaries sex.

Any father who is comfortable with his daughter sharing restroom and locker room facilities with boys and men is failing as a father, period. Failing. Any husband who wouldn’t mind his wife sharing the dressing room at Macy’s with another man is not protecting his wife’s dignity.

The society that wants to completely jettison the necessary boundaries separating men and women in situations that demand privacy and propriety will disintegrate and see a spike in females violated and assaulted. That isn’t fear-mongering, and it won’t happen overnight. But it’s the writing on the wall for anyone honest enough to read it.

Every sane and honest person knows perfectly well this new Emperor is walking down the street naked as a jaybird. There are no magical new clothes here, and it’s not unenlightened to say so out loud. We’re being swindled and hoodwinked by a dangerous delusion.

Women will be the ones to suffer the most from this madness. The message to women is that their concerns for safety no longer warrant consideration. Women’s fears are dismissed as irrational. Women’s discomfort is mocked and ridiculed, and we are branded intolerant bigots for not wanting to allow biological men into our private space. Our daughters must be made to squash their healthy instincts toward modesty and ignore their own needs for safety and privacy, or else face public shaming and punishment.

(I’m making the argument for women’s needs here because I’m a woman, but I’m by no means dismissing the privacy needs of boys. Our young men also deserve to be considered, and not forced to sacrifice their right of privacy and modesty. Propriety goes both ways.)

Laws that leave no possibility for safety precautions are being passed with a bizarre sense of urgency in schools, health clubs, universities, and businesses all over the country. In saner times, if a man was seen entering the women’s restroom, someone could call security and even intervene immediately to protect the girls inside. But now, with these mad new laws, how can anyone possibly know whether the man going into the Ladies’ room “identifies” as a female? What is the objective criteria? There are no Bathroom Guards standing watch, and even if there were, what could they say or do?

How is anyone to know whether that man going into the Women’s dressing room is “transgendered” or just a predator taking easy advantage of a stupid law that allows him full access to vulnerable victims?

It’s already happening. 

Will people really remain so complacent and bullied by this madness until women start being raped? Until their daughters start getting assaulted at school? Is that really what it’s going to take before we wake up and figure out that Open-to-Everyone multi-user bathrooms and locker rooms are a terrible idea?

The biological differences between men and women are real, and they are not inconsequential. That fact used to be common knowledge and such obvious good sense that needing to articulate it was laughable. But America is being taken over by madness, and women and girls will be the ones to pay the highest price. So much for feminism.

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