Report: FBI Investigation Into Trump-Russian Connects Instigated by Clinton Opposition Researcher

But wait, there's more.

By Al Perrotta Published on March 21, 2017

The FBI investigation into potential connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government began just weeks after a former British spy doing opposition research for Hillary Clinton supporters briefed bureau agents on evidence he had collected on such ties, Yahoo News reported Monday.

According to Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff, Christopher Steele, a former British MI-6 intelligence officer specializing in Russian operations, had been hired as an investigator by Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm working on behalf of Clinton. On July 5, 2016, Steele went to the FBI with what he’d compiled on contact between Trump advisers and Kremlin officials.

The early contact between Steele and the bureau now appears to have set in motion a chain of events that led to Monday’s extraordinary testimony by Comey that the bureau has been actively investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin since “late July” — or more than three months before Election Day.

If true, this would put the match of the fuse for this Russian business in the hand of someone with a vested interest in helping Hillary Clinton take down Trump. Further, the calendar raises an intriguing possibility.

The Curious Timing of the Plane on the Tarmac

Why is the July 5th date significant? For starters, it is the day FBI Director James Comey stood in front of the nation, explained all the egregious ways Hillary Clinton had violated and flouted the law in the handling of classified information, then said he was recommending against prosecuting her.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch quickly accepted the recommendation.

Days earlier, on June 27, Lynch had secretly met on a tarmac in Phoenix with Bill Clinton. In the dust-up after the rendezvous was revealed, Lynch recused herself from the Hillary email investigation.

But perhaps all eyes were on the wrong prize. Perhaps emails had as much to do with the meeting as photos of grandchildren. Let’s add Steele into the mix.

Would Steele have taken his bag of goodies to the FBI first? No. He would go to his client, Fusion GPS. The opposition research firm then goes to their client, and soon the Clinton campaign has their hands on explosive allegations that Donald Trump is in cahoots with the Russians. What are the Clinton’s going to do with the information?

Naturally, bring the goodies to someone who can do the most damage with it. Namely, their old friend, the Attorney General of the United States.

Bill’s pitch would be pretty simple: “We have information to share about potential criminal wrongdoing and interference in the election by a foreign power, and I have to deliver it to you personally.” (This would also explain the still-simmering mystery over why Lynch would agree to meet with Clinton, knowing that, given the on-going Hillary investigation, such a meeting was a gross breach of ethics.)

If Lynch Bites

Here’s the beauty. If Lynch bites, you have Donald Trump under investigation during the final months of the campaign. You have justification to have friendly electronic ears and eyes trained on his operations, and who knows what will emerge? Even if she doesn’t bite, you and your billion dollar campaign war chest still have Steele’s information to use politically.

Or maybe Lynch just says, “Bill, don’t get me involved. If you really have something, have your guy take it to the FBI.”

Is that what happened? We do know that within days of that prearranged secret meeting, the Clinton opposition researcher was knocking on Comey’s door and an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia was set in motion with all the snooping and surveilling that would entail. We also know the fruit of that intelligence was spread around the administration and friendly media outlets like orange slices at a youth soccer tournament.

Questions for the Attorney General-Turned #Resistance Champion

If Lynn has a few moments between her calls of support for the anti-Trump resistance, perhaps she can answer a few questions:

  • “When did you first hear of any Trump-Russian connections?”
  • “From whom?”
  • “What action did you take with that information?”
  • “When did the White House get wind of it?”
  • “Did you discuss in any way shape or form Donald Trump, his associates and/or the Russians during your secret meeting with Bill Clinton?”
  • “Would you care to say that under oath?”
  • “Given you met with the husband of Donald Trump’s opponent right around the time the FBI got involved in investigating Trump, did you recuse yourself from that investigation?”
  • “Do you consider yourself a political opponent of Donald Trump?”
  • And finally, “Do you agree with The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway that ‘we really should be having a conversation about the surveillance of a political opponent during a campaign and what that means’?”

Perhaps Lynch already did have a conversation about the surveillance of a political opponent during a campaign.

“A Big Gray Cloud”

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif) says the FBI bombshell announcement of the on-going investigation — presented by Comey with the permission of an Obama hold-over at the Department of Justice — has left a “big gray cloud” over Trump’s White House.

So let a full investigation continue. And as more sunlight enters into the situation it’ll be curious to see who, despite the clouds, ends up burned.

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  • Autrey Windle

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Al. Good work. I did get a funny visual from the orange slices!

  • Jim Walker

    So much filth coming from US agencies…

    If I were Putin, I would kill Hillary’s chances of winning, without Trump connection, for FREE, she is after all a Nasty woman.

    • Autrey Windle

      BTW we know Jarret lives at the DC mansion; do we know where Lynch is? I do ask God to watch over our President because I do believe this constant onslaught of mass disruption is just the beginning. I think Trump is giving as good as he’s getting so far, but those at the mansion have many distinct advantages. I breathe a sigh of relief each time they stop someone before they get over the fence…

    • faithntrust

      I understand your thinking…but, no, Hillary Clinton didn’t need Putin’s interference to get defeated. She had already lost & did not know it – neither did her supporters!!! We experienced a miracle from God – have we accepted that yet???

      James Comey said that Putin was [hates] against Hillary — not necessarily in favor of Donald Trump. Except in that Putin favored anybody else to Hillary.

      • David

        He said Putin hates Hillary, and also said Putin likes Trump. Those are two separate things.

        And remember that part where Hillary got three million more votes? That’s not a miracle from God, that’s a broken system.

        • faithntrust

          ‘He’ [Dir. Comey], if he said Putin likes Trump, he later qualified it with Putin preferred anyone to Hillary Clinton. 6 of 1 or 1/2 doz of another.

          No, the miracle was the Electoral votes that DJ Trump got & elected – not Hillary’s 3 million which did not get her elected — the votes were cast where they really counted!!!

          Today [03/23] I may have read a personal letter to Hillary Clinton from God: Isaiah 47.

          Pres. Trump is annoyed by those muddying the water; those walking in the swamp. Their’s is not ‘light’ – it is everything from fog to outright deception.

          • David

            Considering that Trump has heaped praise after praise on Putin, and attacked Nato, and even now is attacking the US intelligence offices that we use to contain and stop Russian influence abroad, it’s pretty clear Putin has every reason to actively like Trump.

            Once more faith, you seem to have so little respect and reverence for God. Surely if God had wanted an outcome, then it would not have been a technical victory that went against the will of the people.

            And if, as we know, all things are by God’s will, then surely these investigations and prosecutions, and courts overturning Trump’s travel ban, surely this is God’s will as well. We are not blessed to hear the Metatron, so none among us could ever claim to truly know the will of the almighty. But as these investigations happen, they surely happen by God’s will.

            And Trump seems to be doing an awful lot of muddling on his own. Looks to me like a criminal who hates people getting closer to exposing him.

          • faithntrust

            1) assumption
            2) a victory is a victory – a miracle [the will of His people – separate category from ‘the people’]
            3) trials & tribulations [by God’s Words we know His will]
            4) President Trump is not letting it slow him down – he is working on his promises.

          • David

            1) how is it an assumption that he said the words “I’ve already said he is very much of a leader” and “If Putin likes Trump, I consider that to be an asset”? That he said these things are facts.

            2) so Obama winning twice with legit victories due to the votes of the people was a miraculous victory, and the Will of God’s people?

            3) and what makes you think Trump isn’t a trial and tribulation for America, and impeach ing him will be America’s triumph?

            4)he promised to be the most openly corrupt president ever?

          • faithntrust

            1] fog statement: who is ‘he’?
            2] God’s will; correct
            3] Pres Trump is experiencing trials & tribulations; to be expected. Impeachment will not be God’s will.
            4] WOW! where did that come from? Explain in detail.

          • David

            1. Trump, obviously. Yes, he talked about himself in the third person. I think because he’s crazy.

            2 & 3 – what proof do you have that Trump is not God’s trials and tribulations for America and that impeachment is not God’s will?

            4. He is taking bribes from foreign governments, is deeply tied to Russia as we see here, has a cabinet full of unqualified billionaires, gives his children offices in the White House and high security clearance when they don’t even have a job in government -all stuff that the fake news doesn’t want you to know. You should try to keep more informed, faith.

          • faithntrust

            1]Pres Trump is contemplating working with Russia against ISIS. I’ve heard DJT say (your) similar statements. (chuckle) I’ve been known to refer to myself in the 3rd person – I may be eccentric but not crazy.
            2/3] I am persuaded in DJT being a modern day Cyrus: Isaiah 44:28, 45. I re-read it for reassurance!
            4] I have heard these allegations (illegal leaks) & MSM loves to talk it up. It’s being investigated – nothing proven & won’t be. This is the Globalist trying to discredit DJT & his administration. Ain’t gonna happen. If I were DJT, I would prefer people around me I trusted (i.e. his children). Not the leftover Obama/Clinton flunkies!

          • David

            1. Yes, Trump does want to cozy up to a dictatorship that interfered in the election to get him elected.

            2 & 3. What evidence do you have to support this beyond that you like him? It seems to me that the Lord would not chose a vain braying fool and an adulterer to be a modern Cyrus. One whose only claimed skill is that he is a deal maker, but today proved he cannot make deals at all.

            4. Staff members talking to the press is not illegal. People who wish to be dictators and despots will tell you they are illegal, because they hate the truth and want it to be illegal, but it is not.

            Manafort being on Russian payroll was just proved, if you’d check outside fake news.

            This is the truth discrediting Donald Trump, it is your choice if you wish to hold his lies up as truth.

            The term for that is nepotism. It is a big part of being corrupt. And you’ll note Ivanka does not have a job, instead she is just inserted into the deepest and most sensitive goings on in the world so she can make money off the information.

            And this isn’t even mentioning Trump firing the prosecutor who was investigating his fake charity.

          • faithntrust

            2/3] Samson [& Delilah], Moses [killed an Egyptian], Solomon [& Bathsheba], Saul [hunted down & killed Christians], Abraham lied that Sarah was not his wife, Peter denied Christ, Noah got drunk, etc.

          • David

            So every despicable awful person must be chosen by God? Was Herod also chosen and annointed by God?

          • faithntrust

            Herod was ‘chosen’ to fulfill prophecy. We are ALL sinners saved by grace & by grace we continue our journey with Jesus Christ – because we all stumble, fail, & choose to repent.

          • David

            Okay, then it’s a distinct likelihood that Trump was chosen to have the election rigged in his favor by Russia and then to be impeached. So the people investigating him are doing God’s will.

            Also, what prophecy included Herod? Do you mean Pontius Pilate?

          • faithntrust

            LOL – you do have a sense of humor!

          • David

            What is your proof that this is not the case, outside you personally not wanting it to be the case?

          • faithntrust

            I am willing to answer sincere questions but DO NOT make judgments about me/DO NOT put words I did not say (i.e. ‘you personally do not want it to be the case’ & other similar ones). [You did not respond to my reply to nepotism.]

            Proof? The Bible. The Jews were given Israel as their Promised Land by God. The USA, as a country, was turning its back on Israel. Christians were awakened to/by this realization. Christians went to their knees & repented on behalf of the actions taken & prayed for a turn-around. God gave a reprieve for the USA’s support of Israel & Jerusalem as their capitol. A POTUS’s attitude toward Israel is a litmus test for any Christian to recognize. DJT very vocally supports Israel & Jerusalem as their capitol!

          • David

            Leaving aside that you may very well say that God empowered Hitler and gave his blessing to the holocaust (which I do not want to discuss and you don’t want to discuss, I’m just pointing it out), when did the US ever turn it’s back on Israel? The Obama administration set up a deal in September to give them $38 billion in defence aid. $38 billion – more money than you, I, or anyone reading this site will ever make in our lives, combined, 4000 times over. How can you possibly say that America ever turned their back? And note I’m saying turned their back, not always defended and excused their behavior like a bratty child.

            And Hillary Clinton has a long history of defending Israel. When she was secretary of State, she once managed to pull an all night flight to Israel, get leaders from both Israel and Palestine in a room together, and prevent all out war. So there’s no reason why God would not have chosen her.

          • M.

            Wake up – you are getting steamrolled by a serial liar who promised you salvation but is destroying whatever is left of civility in this country. He is a con artist who has been repeatedly caught in so many lies that he cannot keep track of them anymore. Again: the Bible didn’t specify drumpf, you’re interpretations could be applied to Felix the Cat, as well.

          • faithntrust

            I am believing God. Whatever you believe is between you & God.

          • faithntrust

            Nepotism: How many in Congress’s paid staff are family members?

          • David

            I thought you were a mother. Did you seriously just try to excuse bad behavior with other people doing it too? If you wouldn’t accept it from a 5 year old, why accept it from the president?

            And a key phrase you used there is staff. As in, they have an actual job, with an actual title, and actual functions. Ivanka has none of these things. She has an office, a salary, and clearance to us government classified info, but doesn’t do anything even nominally for the US government.

          • faithntrust

            Ivanka does not receive a government salary. I am not going to make assumptions of what capacity she fills for her father & husband.
            BTW, nepotism is still nepotism – you brought it up.

          • David

            She doesn’t have a capacity because she doesn’t have a job. If she does work for him but is not telling the US people about it, that is shady, and should be investigated.

          • M.

            Don’t expect others to do your citizen’s due diligence. the Bible didn’t know anything about the corrupt man in the WH. Try reading real reportage and the book about him by David Cay Johnston. Despite that drumpf (his real name, and no, his family didn’t come from Sweden as he tried to claim) threatened to sue Johnston, he couldn’t because everything in the book was meticulously fact-checked. It also helps to know many of his associates have been Mafioso, including his family lawyer, the infamous Roy Cohn.

          • faithntrust

            time will tell the truth

          • M.

            …by playing more golf than any other president ever. And shoddily implementing bigoted, anti-constitutional bans targeting innocent people (yes, innocent until proven guilty), except from countries where he does business, by sending his family off to do business on our dime. Let’s be as clear, as he’s was about his religiosity: his only god is himself, he didn’t claim to be observant until he was running, and he does not go to church.

          • faithntrust

            There are many who are here on ‘visas’ that just remain after their visas expire. Our government has no idea where they are or what they are doing or wouldn’t they be extradited?

          • M.

            He is a greedy, exhibitionistic, crooked, nasty man who also has nothing but contempt for women. He’s now happily trying to bring the most needy to their knees, is totally shredding our constitution, and favor his already-mega rich cohort with even fewer taxes It’s deeply sad to me that you’re sticking by this man who has played you for fools.

          • David

            Why did you reply to me instead of the people who don’t think Trump should be impeached?

          • M.

            Intended to back up your points. Will re-post as a reply to faithntrust, as you prefer.

          • M.

            He is a greedy, exhibitionistic, crooked, nasty man who also has nothing but contempt for women. He’s now happily trying to bring the most needy to their knees, is totally shredding our constitution, and favor his already-mega rich cohort with even fewer taxes It’s deeply sad to me that you’re sticking by this man who has played you for fools.

          • faithntrust

            “He” is vague. Are you speaking of Director Comey?

  • faithntrust

    Al Perotta, I am watching/listening to this committee investigation as I can on C-Span. First, I was shocked with James Comey’s strong allegation that Putin HATES Hillary Clinton without explaining how he came to that conclusion. I, too, was concerned about the ‘gray cloud’ over Pres Trump’s administration because of the Russia allegation/investigation. I went to my Bible to re-read Isaiah 45 concerning Cyrus which some have referenced the connection to Donald Trump. God is in control. A lot of money is being spent to create chaos & suspicion surrounding Pres Trump & trying to defeat him…the more brighter the light shines on these events; the less darkness there will be. Let’s remember to keep Pres Trump’s administration in our prayers!

    The effort of the ‘evil forces’ is bordering on entertainment when you believe it will not succeed!

    We are often reminded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    Another prayer we should remind each other of is Luke 10:2 in part ‘…pray to send out laborers into His harvest’.

    • David

      “the more brighter the light shines on these events; the less darkness there will be. ”

      Is that why Trump hates the press, leaders, and anyone else who spreads light on his Administration?

      Comey did not explain his conclusion for the same reason I don’t need to explain that water is wet. As Secretary of State Hillary put in place the sanctions that have utterly destroyed the Russian economy – the sanctions Trump wants to remove. So of course Putin hated Hillary and interfered against her.

  • John A.

    This is a fine piece of connecting the dots. The picture is becoming more clear.

  • GPS Daddy

    Al, listen to yesterday’s Eric Metaxas show. In his first hour he broke some news on this topic that might be bigger than watergate.

  • GPS Daddy

    Also, Al, do you know anything about a Hillary-Ukrain connection? This might be bigger than the claimed Trump-Russia connection.

  • Jenneffer Dozier

    Did Loretta Lynch recuse herself? My understanding is that she was called to recuse herself but refused saying she would accept the recommendation of the FBI.

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