Refuting the Lies of the ‘Abortion Truck’ During the March for Life

As hundreds of thousands united to defend and protect vulnerable lives in the womb, the pro-choice side sent a truck with their best retorts. If that sounds ridiculous, well, it was.

Pro-abortion truck parked outside DC headquarters for March of Life during the historic march, January 24, 2020.

By Dr. Brent Boles Published on January 27, 2020

It is easy to see through pro-abort lies if only you think about it for just a moment. This message board truck was parked outside of the hotel that was the headquarters for March for Life 2020 in Washington, D.C.

The messages are downright Orwellian. And completely nonsensical.

“Abortion is Health Care”

Uhm, no.

The Prime Directive of Healthcare is ‘Primum non nocere.’ First, do no harm. It is the opposite of ‘No Harm’ to starve or poison with chemicals or crush and dismember with instruments a living, innocent, helpless member of the human race. The first version of the Hippocratic Oath — sworn to by physicians for thousands of years — included a solemn pledge to not give any woman an abortifacient drug, device or procedure.

Photo credit: Dr. Brent Boles

Also, legitimate healthcare submits to and respects the laws and regulations that ensure safety, accountability and oversight. The abortion industry is desperate to be thought of as health care. However, if they were truly interested in health care and patient safety, they would stop fighting in court every single effort to hold the abortion industry to the same standards held by legitimate medicine.

“Abortion Is A Human Right”

Uhm, no.

Life is a human right. Any ‘liberty’ that takes an innocent human life is not a ‘right’ but is a tyranny. And when that unalienable right to life is violated and life is taken, then an entire lifetime of other rights and choices and experiences is taken away as well.

It is a travesty of incomprehensible proportions to call abortion a human right in light of the clear scientific evidence that a human life is taken by each and every abortion.

Photo credit: Dr. Brent Boles

“Abortion Is Freedom”

Uhm, no.

Abortion may feel like a ‘freedom’ when you consider it may have freed you from some of the consequences of sexual choices that you’ve made. But it is not freedom for the women who struggle for years or even decades with the aftermath of that ‘choice.’

It is not freedom from the thousands of ‘what if’ moments that cause post-abortive women and men pain. It is not freedom from medical risks that can cause short-term difficulty with infection and bleeding and pain. Or long term problems such as the dramatic increase in the risk of extreme preterm delivery in future pregnancies, problems that harm future fertility, and even possible increases in the risk of breast cancer.

Photo credit: Dr. Brent Boles

“Pro-life is Pro-hate”

Uhm, no!

Why do you think there are millions of people across the country who volunteer for pro-life pregnancy centers and ministries? Why do they give millions of dollars to these entities who then provide services to pregnant women and young moms free of charge to them … proving the ‘forced birthers don’t care about the babies once they are born’ myth is a lie? Why did those centers give more than $160,000,000 in tangible goods and services to them last year?

It’s because we Love Them Both.

Photo credit: Dr. Brent Boles

I submit to you that what is hateful is to tell women that abortion is their best and easiest choice for a difficult problem and then demand their cash before killing their baby. It is hateful to then kick them to the curb by refusing to care for any complications that occur and going so far as to deny that medical and mental health complications even occur.

Tossing human life in the trash to rake in over a billion dollars a year of cash. That’s hateful.

Abortion is not healthcare, is not a human right, is most certainly not freedom and pro-life is pro-love. Abortion is Supremely Wrong. No Orwellian slogan can change that.


Dr. Brent Boles has been practicing medicine for two decades as an OB/GYN in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He served as a volunteer spokesman for the Yes on 1 initiative and currently serves as medical director at Portico, a pregnancy help center. His new book Supremely Wrong is now available.

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