Popular Sports Host Shares Key to Broadcasting Success: Faith

James Brown's ministry extends beyond the walls of his church into his work place.

By Allegra Thatcher Published on August 1, 2018

“I vowed that in the game of life I would never let an opportunity pass me by that I wasn’t prepared for,” said award-winning sportscaster James Brown. Pursuing excellence in work in order to glorify God will also satisfy man, and that’s the reason for his success in the secular work force, he told Randy Robison and Sheila Walsh of LIFE Today.

Brown has won two sports Emmys for his work on Fox NFL Sunday, narrated eight Super Bowls, and is the popular face of sports on CBS.

Brown is also a youth minister at his current church in Washington, DC. When asked about how he shares his faith differently with the two settings, he said God provides appropriate opportunities. “Most people want to see a good sermon rather than hear a good sermon,” he said.

A Champion

Though he had a career lined up in professional sports, Brown said he wanted to be “a champion in the game of life.” The field was not to be his playing space — the studio was.

“There’s no such thing as standing still,” he said when describing his lack of effort in college sports. After four years of college basketball, he wasn’t trying hard anymore. “You’re either getting better or you’re regressing.” He explained how this applies to both sports and faith. He turned down a professional sports career overseas to focus more on living his life.

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Since then, Brown has become one of the most well-known anchors in the American sports network. Though he sees broadcast as a ministry platform, he doesn’t think he needs to explicitly proclaim the Gospel on the air to do that.

Brown shared how his mother instilled a faith-filled lifestyle in him. “When she grabbed a hold of Jesus Christ, or maybe it was vice versa, so did we, and that’s the foundation of everything we do,” he said.

Making His Faith His Own

Brown also briefly shared how he made his faith his own. This choice, he said, happened when he found a solid church to attend. It satisfied him more than his former hedonistic pursuits at parties or happy hours. Because of his former life, he has a testimony to share with those he ministers to. For example, having a child out of wedlock gives him a start to speak with men about being a father.

Toward the end, Brown also credited his recent weight loss to his faith and a program with a Christian doctor. “Everything I do now has a Biblical tie-in.”

Brown has written a book, titled The Miracles of Christ. In it, he details Scriptural miracles as well as those that happen today.

To enjoy James Brown’s full appearance on LIFE Today, please click here.

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