Only a Sovereign Gracious God

By Michele Bachmann Published on November 13, 2016

Hours after Donald Trump’s stunning upset victory, former Rep. Michele Bachmann recounted her election night experience, witnessing what she saw as “the strong right arm of a merciful God” and the undeniable impact of prayer turn the tide of the vote tally. As Americans gather for the first Sunday services since the election, we share that experience with you.


Only a sovereign gracious God could have delivered a President Trump victory last night.

No man can take credit for this. Believers fasted and prayed, confessed their sins and asked God for His mercy on our nation.

We saw the effective fervent prayers of righteous believers availing much.

Believers were gathered in Jerusalem interceding on behalf of this election.

I did election coverage in Dallas with David Barton for the Daystar channel, hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

They, and many ministries spent the days and weeks leading up to the election in intercessory prayer.

Last night, a large group gathered in Dallas for prayer and intercession. As results came in we sent specific prayer requests to the intercessors. We watched the Lord do battle in the heavenlies and deliver victory after victory.

At the precise moment we began broadcasting on Daystar, and a national audience of believers corporately joined together and agreed in prayer (the polls were still open), we literally saw the race break in favor of Trump.

At that very minute.

The New York Times documented the shift in voting from that minute.

The ’s Forecast graphs, highlighting 7 p.m. EST. The Daystar broadcast began at 7:30 p.m.

The New York Time’s Forecast graphs, highlighting 7 p.m. EST. The Daystar broadcast began at 7:30 p.m. (Credit: The New York Times, screengrab)

That is the story of last night’s victory. I have no doubt. The strong right arm of a holy God heard the prayers of His people and graciously answered our prayers.

We were told more believers came out to vote in this election than ever before.

That shows the necessity of believers voting for biblical principles in the voting booth.

This is not the time for believers to celebrate and turn away from doing our part affecting our society with the salt and light found in the Bible.

Now is the time for pastors to preach biblically from America’s pulpits on the various issues we confront in America.

This is a beginning for people of faith. It is an opportunity to share the gospel and educate people on the fundamental primacy of the foundation of Western civilization: the Bible.

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