Notes On Our (So Far) Cold Civil War

It's getting worse

By William M Briggs Published on June 26, 2018

The left did not expect to lose to Drumpf. Some leftwing government officials did their best to keep it from happening. But nobody bats a thousand. The left’s cry-ins and days of rage after the election served notice that they were not going to take their hurt feelings lying down. The right veterans of the Meme War reciprocated by doing their best to rub salt into the left’s wounds.

Conservatives and the right are called fascists, Nazis, white supremacists, racists (regardless of their race), gun-nuts, terrorists, more. The left are libtards, snowflakes, morons, more. The right is called by what the left fears most. The left is called out for their lack of intelligence.

The left has lobbed far more insults than the right, though through over-use most F- and other-bombs have the impact of fireworks we used to call ladyfingers. (You could explode them in your hands without injury.) The right’s barbs, though fewer in number, sting more, because there is no progressive who does not see himself as above average in smarts.


A conservative government official had a decapitated cat left on her porch. Leftwing journalists are booed. The left calls for rocks to be thrown at right journalists.

Leftwing celebrities, whom none would call our best or brightest, stoke anger at every opportunity.

A PR official on the right gets booted from a left restaurant, one of many such incidents. The event should not be very interesting, especially now that right businesses are allowed to refuse participation in fictional marriages. But the booting encouraged a Congressperson, whom the President labeled “a low IQ person,” to call for the left to boot the right wherever and whenever they see them.

Following Low IQ’s lead, some on the left threatened worse was coming. “My fascism-enabling friends, this is only the beginning,” they said, with the heavily implied threat that violence looms.

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We could save ourselves much grief if we restored Freedom of Association, which recognizes anybody could turn away anybody from their business for any reason. People would then have to be more civil to one another. It costs money to be uncivil, as Thomas Sowell long ago explained. But the left loves too well the power of forcing association, which is the engine of identity politics.

People of Color and People of Light?

Speaking of identity politics, the left juices the field by playing it like there isn’t anything wrong that cannot be blamed on whites.

Square dancing is racist. Little House on the Prairie is racist. Saying “It’s Okay to be White” is racist. Keeping irresponsible parents from illegally crossing the border with their children is racist. Saying “there are two sides to every story” is racist.

The running joke on Twitter is to say “Damn white people and their … ,” then pretend to pick a card out of a hat and pull out the latest racism accusation. That’s how we learned, for example, “Civility is a tool of white supremacy.”

White people has variant spellings, like wypipo, nicknames which are used to pour endless scorn. Examples: “i love … making wypipo uncomfortable lol,” “Working with wypipo was a mistake.” The silliest anti-white insults come from leftwing whites who hope their virtue signaling has washed out their whiteness.

Some of the right countered with “People of lightmemes, and insisting that the use of the word “white” is racist. They figured that complaining about insults would be labeled racist anyway, so why not return hit for hit?

Hit Me

Speaking of hits, there has been violence, though it is not β€” yet? β€” general. A conservative government official was gunned down but survived. Masked leftwing anti-fa groups pick fights with random folks on the right.

It’s becoming hard to escape the notion that if red-blue geographic boundaries were just a tad sharper, we’d already be shooting each other.

A Pennsylvania State Representative, and thus like Low IQ a member of government, “welcomed” our Vice President by posting a picture of himself proudly flipping the bird.

It’s becoming hard to escape the notion that if red-blue geographic boundaries were just a tad sharper, we’d already be shooting each other. Some on the left would call on government officials with guns to do their shooting, and some on the right presumably would answer with their own. The weapons of rightwing officials who are being urged to arm themselves and who oppose the Deep State would be added to the mix.

The Edge

Speaking of boundaries, they are becoming clearer. A Blue Cheka on Twitter said, “I love how Trump has to keep finding more and more remote places for his MAGA hillbilly jerkoff rallies. Tonight: Duluth. Next month: Some trailer park in Huckleberry, Mississippi.” The left never liked the places where conservatives live, but the disdain is now open.

The leftwing media goads its followers. Who doubts they would welcome the violence they’re tacitly encouraging?

We need to pray and seek ways to talk people off the ledge, before it’s too late.

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