No Black Firewall for Hillary in the South

By E.W. Jackson Published on February 16, 2016

Practically every pundit in the mainstream media has opined about Hillary’s “firewall” in the South. These comments intensified after the shellacking she got in the New Hampshire primary at the hands of a confessed socialist. The firewall they refer to is the black vote. As usual, white liberals assume that when they say jump, black voters will submissively ask, “How high?”

However, the firewall for Hillary Clinton may prove a mirage. Black voters might not be in a mood to jump, sing or dance to Hillary’s tune. They may not be asking, “How high?” They may be asking, “Why should we?”

They might ask, “If you and your party have done so much for us, why is poverty increasing in the black community. Why is there no economic development? Why are there no jobs? Why is the unemployment rate among black citizens twice the national average? Why is there a 50% unemployment rate among black youth?”

And black Christians in particular will want to know, “What have you done for us? Why have you embraced same-sex marriage when you know we believe in the biblical definition of marriage? Why are you such an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood and admirer of Margaret Sanger when you know she was a racist eugenicist who wanted to stop the growth of the black population?”

If these questions get asked, it will be another disappointing election day for Hillary in the southern primaries because there are no reassuring answers. Of course she will demagogue the issue of race, believing she can manipulate black voters. But that tactic may not be enough this time.

The election and reelection of the first black president has taught black voters a lesson that more and more are taking to heart: Democrat policies do not work. They are based on the false premise that every bad thing that happens to any black person in America is the result of racism, that the government must step in with more funding and more control, and that doing so will always make things better and never worse.

That approach is a gargantuan failure. It has not solved the economic and educational disparity. It has not kept young black people off drugs, out of gangs, out of prison or out of the morgue. It has not reduced the scourge of out-of-wedlock pregnancy or the disproportionate number of abortions in the black community.

In fact, government programs have left people more entrenched in poverty and despair. For example, the welfare policy that rewards women for the absence of a man in the home is still operating and has all but destroyed the black two-parent family.

Black Christians, the largest voting block in the black community, should be particularly incensed. Democrats voted God off their political platform. And the Democratic establishment’s minions sue practically every time they see a Christian praying in a public setting. When they are in control, they sanitize their proceedings from all mention of the name of Jesus because they find it “offensive.”

­­They persecute Christians who dare hold to the biblical definition of marriage, and marginalize them as bigots and haters. As Kelvin Cochran, a black man and former Atlanta Fire Chief learned, they will even take away your job for what you preach in church if it does not comport with their amoral worldview.

The Democratic Party is not looking for black men and women, but for good boys and girls who never contradict their liberal masters, not even in church. Just ask the preachers who do their bidding.

I am black, but I am a Christian first. Over thirty years ago God loosed me from bondage to a party that defends the killing of unborn children and opposes Biblical principles at every turn.

I’ve already made the case that Democrats do nothing for the black community but use them to stay in power. However, even if they were providing significant benefits, is it worth it? To paraphrase Jesus, do not worry about who is going to feed you or who is going to clothe you, for the Godless worry about all these things. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.

Mrs. Clinton must not be allowed to put her grip on our sacred pulpits with the blood of innocent babies on her hands. And the black Christians of South Carolina and the other southern states must no longer do the bidding of a Democratic Party that opposes so much of what the Bible teaches.

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