Memo to the Global Ruling Class: Trashing The Sound of Freedom Looks Bad

By The Ruth Institute Published on January 10, 2024

Ruth Institute founder Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse responds to YouTube removing her video defending The Sound of Freedom until The Ruth Institute appealed.

January 8, 2024

The Sound of Freedom is a popular film about child sex trafficking, but major news outlets trashed it using the exact same words: “Qanon” and “conspiracy theory” — anything to discredit this film and the horrors it depicts.

However, let me remind you of one thing every serious person knows: Child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. Someone with the connections, money, and power to get into a federal prison arranged for Epstein’s death, clumsily making it look like suicide.

I somehow doubt Epstein was killed by White Christian Nationalists. Let’s face it: Epstein had too much dirt on too many rich, powerful, influential people.

These same people no doubt have the power to influence the media on which stories to cover and how to cover them, including trashing The Sound of Freedom.

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The rot goes even deeper. Pedophilia has been baked into the Sexual Revolution from the beginning. Some of its pioneers, high priests, and priestesses advocated for children to have active sex lives. This includes Wilhelm Reich, author of the book The Sexual Revolution and the man who invented the term; Alfred Kinsey, who taught Americans to believe that “everybody is doing it” back in the 1940s, and radical feminist Shulamith Firestone, who believed the monogamous family oppressed women and that women shouldn’t be held down by children.

With the possible exception of Kinsey, none of these people were pedophiles themselves, but Kinsey and Reich, especially, believed that all the old sexual taboos were unreasonable, unnecessary restrictions on sexual freedom. They all believed people need to express themselves sexually, that sexual repression harms people and makes them neurotic or worse, fascists, and that there was no need to be married before having sex or to be confined to one sex partner for life. 

All this freedom for adults translates into chaos for children.

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Dr. Morse Responds to the Vatican Statement on Blessing Gay Unions

A lot of Catholics are upset about the recent Vatican document Fiducia Supplicans. Let me help you guard your peace of mind.

Pope Francis has not changed the teaching of the Church because he doesn’t have the authority to do so. However, he can change the pastoral practice so much that the teaching is obscured.

Watch or listen to Morse’s full statement.

Hope for Healing Homosexuality

Therapist Andrew Rodriguez is the owner and director of Integrity Christian Counseling, and the creator of the YouTube channel, PsychoBible, which he uses to discuss psychology, theology and sexuality through a Christian counseling lens. He is certified in Reintegrative Therapy, an approach for trauma and addictions found safe and helpful in exploring sexual attraction fluidity.

Andrew’s mission is to educate the public on the truth about sexuality and therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction, advocate for client rights, and equip the church to effectively help sexuality strugglers. He is on the board of Voice of the Voiceless, which amplifies the voices of ex-LGBT.

“We’re seeing the church more and more buy into the narrative of the world that people can’t change, they’re born that way. They either just to live with it, or be celibate by default, or just embrace it,” Andrew says.

He and his colleagues are “pushing back against the narratives in the church that are actually robbing people of hope. Why are we doubting that God can bring healing and change to people’s lives?”

“The more the world hates that I do this work, the more it actually motivates me,” Andrew says. Many people don’t want to touch this controversial issue or offend anyone, he points out, but “Aren’t we called to be warriors for God, to stand for what’s right and true?” he asks.

Andrew explains why he doesn’t take either a pro-gay or anti-gay approach to therapy. He doesn’t affirm the behavior, calling affirmation therapy “very coercive,” nor does he shame the client and tell him to squash his feelings.

To find out how he does approach his clients, and why he said, “I kind of thank God for the trans movement,” watch this video on Locals, YouTube, Bitchute, or Odysee.

Three Things I Learned About the Transgender Issue in 2023

COMMENTARY: Sadly, there is no discussion on the intrinsic beauty of male and female in God’s divine plan.

By Jennifer Roback Morse December 28, 2023 at National Catholic Register

In 2023, I learned three things about the political push to enshrine transgenderism in U.S. society. 

My line of work takes me into some unusual situations and allows me to talk with some fascinating people. I thought I’d summarize the year 2023 with a few things I’ve learned about the transgender issue.

  1. The transgender political push was driven from the top-down. 
  2. A man can have a positive pregnancy test. 
  3. Feminism has a complicated but real responsibility for the transgender moment. 

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