Liberals Love to Celebrate Motherhood — When it’s Glamorous

It's nice to see celebrities so supportive of Beyoncé and her unborn children. If only they supported everyday expectant mothers with the same enthusiasm.

Beyonce accepts the award for best urban contemporary album for "Lemonade" at the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, in Los Angeles.

By Liberty McArtor Published on February 14, 2017

Fans everywhere raved about Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night.

Just weeks ago, the singer had announced via Instagram that she is expecting twins with her husband Jay Z. Her first performance since the announcement was an obvious celebration of motherhood. She dressed as Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility, her golden gown highlighting a sizable baby bump. Over the space of two songs, she honored her own mother Tina Knowles and her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

Even though British singer Adele ultimately bested Beyoncé for album of the year, the Lemonade artist’s performance dominated the evening buzz.

Celebrities and Media Praise Pregnant Beyoncé

The Hollywood Reporter compiled a list of breathless Tweets from the famous:

Media outlets like USA Today and Mic praised Beyoncé’s performance. The New York Times called it a “jaw-dropping, multimedia homage to motherhood.” The Associated Press acknowledged the star’s celebration of “her femininity and motherhood,” saying she “invoked images of both a goddess and the Virgin Mary.” The Washington Post called the performance “an ode to womanhood.”

The “Single Ladies” singer even garnered praise from some pro-choice organizations, including the Women’s March, which unceremoniously shunned pro-life groups that applied to participate in last month’s historic march in Washington, D.C. NARAL, the organization dedicated to protecting and expanding “reproductive freedom for all,” shared Mic’s praise of Beyoncé’s “ode to black motherhood.”

The Sad Hypocrisy

Don’t get me wrong — Beyoncé definitely deserves kudos for pulling off yet another compelling performance, complete with complex multimedia choreography, dance moves and even chair stunts — all while visibly carrying twins.

It’s sad, however, that so many of the people, organizations and even media outlets gushing over Beyoncé and her pregnancy are so quick to defend abortion.

It’s sad that so many of the people gushing over Beyoncé and her celebration of pregnancy are so quick to defend abortion.

In fact, the reaction to Beyoncé’s performance underscores the very hypocrisy that plagues pro-choice advocates. When babies are wanted — like when they belong to cultural idol Queen Bey — those babies are adored. Fans can’t wait to see what she will name them. They’re eager to speculate whether the twins will be boys, girls, or one of each. They aren’t talking about Beyoncé’s “fetuses,” as several pro-life outlets have already pointed out. No, these are Beyoncé’s babies. 

But what about babies who aren’t wanted? Who prove a hardship? Or when the circumstances of their conception are painful or unplanned? When that happens, the same people currently elated over Beyoncé’s pregnancy will march in the streets demanding unlimited access to abortion. All of a sudden, to equate pregnancy with womanhood is offensive. Saying “babies” instead of “fetuses” is backward. And anyone who dares to suggest that all unborn life should be protected is silenced.

When You’re Beyoncé

This hypocritical message from the Leftist elite is incredibly harmful to women — especially the everyday, underprivileged, and often minority women they profess to care so much about. 

When you’re Beyoncé, motherhood is glamorous. You can post photos of your growing belly on Instagram and garner over 10 million likes. You can dress up as a golden, glowing goddess of fertility and perform for millions on live TV. You can slip into a sparkling red gown after a team of professionals has freshened up your pregnant body and still have paparazzi rave about how “smoking hot” you are. And when you’re Beyoncé, you have all the resources, support, care and advice that money and adoration can buy.

I’m not undermining anything about Beyoncé’s motherhood. I’m just being honest. When you’re Beyoncé, it’s easier.

For normal women, motherhood may not be as glamorous as it is for Beyoncé. But it’s every bit as meaningful.

Most women aren’t Beyoncé. Many who get pregnant are underprivileged, with little money, no one to offer loving advice, and no partner to share the load of raising another human.

For those women, motherhood is not as glamorous as it is for Beyoncé. But it’s every bit as meaningful. The Left must not see that though, because its organizations such as Planned Parenthood target those women with zealous sales pitches for abortion.

Those mothers and their unborn babies need all the love, care and assistance the rest of us can offer — not the tragic “way out” so often advocated by wealthy coastal elites.

If we as a culture reserve our celebration of motherhood for the rich and famous, then we’re sending a dishonest and harmful message to millions of everyday women and girls. Normal motherhood isn’t glittery, glamorous, or Insta-famous. But it’s every bit as good, valuable and worth it. 

It’s nice to see celebrities so supportive of Beyoncé and her unborn children. If only they supported everyday expectant mothers with the same enthusiasm.

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  • Autrey Windle

    If Beyonce or any pregnant woman who supports abortion were to go incognito to someplace like planned parenthood to ask what they should do with their baby, I bet they would be surprised at the pressure to kill their child. But they won’t go because they already know I am right.

  • Paul

    I can just imagine the news cycle if she chose to abort them right now and talk about them like a tumor

  • Laura Ann Register

    It’s sad when she dress’s herself up like that so called goddess of fertility. How dare she mock God! And the celebrities who are praising her, it’s pure blasphemy! There is no goddess of fertility, the Greeks made that up, and look where it got them with all their false gods and everyone else that worships them, need I speculate on those who are worshiping Allah? Yeah, when they want a child, but when they don’t, they call them a fetus or just a clump of tissue!

    • Dean Bruckner

      Worship of a fake deity never ends well.

      • Laura Ann Register

        You got that right Dean, worshiping a false god will only get them into BIG trouble with the Lord.

  • Elizabeth Aideyan

    You said ” Many who get pregnant are underprivileged, with little money, no one to offer loving advice, and no partner to share the load of raising another human. For those women, motherhood is not as glamorous as it is for Beyoncé. But it’s every bit as meaningful. The Left must not see that though, because its organizations such as Planned Parenthood target those women with zealous sales pitches for abortion.”

    Could you write an article on what the “Right” is doing for those mothers who keep their children that the Left isn’t? I want to learn about what makes the Right so much more loving towards these mothers and children, other than just wanting to ban abortion. Basically what makes them pro-life vs pro-birth. Thanks.

    The reason I ask is that I think that to truly value the lives of babies means actions towards helping the poor, underprivileged children but I want more proof before I make up my mind about which side. Thanks.

    • Shaune Scott

      My community has several Heartbeat International locations, to which I donate regularly. My Archdiocese has a Respect Life office, and all parishes have a respect life ministry, which I also support. They donate time, money, material goods, and personal support, such as the “Gabriel Project”, which offers an “angel” to expectant mothers during pregnancy, to help with job training, food, housing, etc. After the birth, the angels continue to aid their mommies and babies for the first year, to make sure all is well. They support expectant fathers as well. We regularly have baby showers and fundraisers to get much-needed baby supplies to families who need them. I’m sure my city isn’t the only one with these kinds of services.

    • Paul

      The only side worth being on is the side of God.

    • Dean Bruckner

      The fact that you are judging based on actual results and not merely intentions is heartening. Please continue applying this in every issue, including sex, welfare, education, etc. You will be amazed at what you see through those eyes.

    • Laura Ann Register

      First off, abortion is MURDER, I don’t care what these planed parernthood people are saying, “That it’s not a baby until they are born, and that there is not a heart beat into the first 5 weeks after conception.” What God says in His Word,”I will destroy those who spill innocent blood>” and that means anyone who participates in an abortion, whether you are the mother( or the one wanting the abortion ) or whether you are the doctor performing the procedure or you are the nurse who is assisting the the so called “doctor”. The Word of God (Adoni) is not just a bunch of Fairy Tale stories all put into one big book, the Word of God states the Facts, it is God’s own words that have been written down by men and women who have had an acounter with Him, and anyone who does not believe that He is real or that the the Bible is not true, I feel pity for you. A baby is a True MIricale and they are a Gift from God, if those women do not want to get pregnant or they cannot afford to keep the child, then give them up for adoption so that they can have a chance at life. They didn’t didn’t ask to be conceived, and it is a proven fact that they feel real pain while they are still in the womb. They feel the severe pain that is used to kill them. There have been several babies that have survived the attempt of abortion and I have read articles from nurses that have seen these tiny , not fully developed babies that were brought in to the E.R. and they hear these little ones screaming from the pain, so please, rethink what you have been told, that they are nothing but a clump of tissue that can’t or don’t feel anything because they are not fully developed? God is a loving God that will forgive anyone who has had or has thought about having an abortion. I say all of this in love. I am not a Christian that sits and judges others, only Jesus can and will be doing the Judging.

      • James Doyle

        Laura your post is Truth and it also contains to me some deep disturbing facts of Humans ,whether they believe in God or don’t . Deep inside us all is a conscience as Christians we have it also in writing with The 10 Commandments. When in a society we say such things as Abortion is not only ok but good Millions of women are being Lied to . When I see Abortion rally’s with signs such as – Keep your Rosaries off our Ovaries-held by young teenagers it would make you weep. No one but no one gets away with anything in this life ,and I don’t care what The Feminists say . Even in thought towards life we don’t get away with it . It shows in the Face and none more than in that Women’s rally against Donald Trump. The ugliness and demonic expressions came through even in the Women whom the World would have considered beautiful.

    • Marcia S. Smith

      My Friend take some time to Google

  • thushjz

    So if you’re a pop star and pregnant that worships Idols motherhood is cool. But if you’re a Christian with 4 kids and an SUV you should be ashamed…

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