Keith Olbermann: The NFL and NCAA Should Leave Indiana

The progressively-minded sports commentator wants Indiana punished for its Religious Freedom legislation.

By Robert Moeller Published on March 31, 2015

Keith Olbermann is an unapologetically liberal news pundit, masquerading as a sports commentator. Despite the fact that Mr. Olbermann got his big break co-anchoring Sportscenter with Dan Patrick in the 1990’s, his considerable broadcasting talents were hijacked long ago by his ideology.

Even when it comes to sports.

On the Monday broadcast of his ESPN2 show Olbermann, Keith had this to say:

“The NCAA needs to move the Final Four out of Indianapolis and the NFL must warn Indiana and the Colts. Because ultimately you and I have a choice. Do we participate in these laws or do we do only as much as even the narrow, prejudiced sports leagues of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s did? Opt out. Stay away. Keep our business elsewhere until the laws of hate are gone.”

You can watch the entire segment below.

For a little perspective on this very important topic, here is Joe Carter at the Gospel Coalition Blog with the facts about the religious freedom law signed by Governor Mike Pence.

As a sports fan, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to learn that so many of my favorite sports anchors, columnists and commentators went to the same schools of journalism that produced the overwhelmingly left-of-center class of political pundits and journalists that dominate American news coverage. Sometimes, as with Olberman, their bias overtakes them.

Such a bummer.

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