Judge Jails Kentucky Clerk for Refusing Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis remains jailed after refusing to promise she wouldn't interfere if deputy clerks issued licenses to same-sex couples.

ASHLAND, KY - SEPTEMBER 3: Protestors opposing same-sex marriage hold signs in front of the federal courthouse September 3, 2015 in Ashland, Kentucky. Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk of Courts, is expected to appear at a contempt of court hearing at the courthouse today. Citing a sincere religious objection, Davis, who is an Apostolic Christian, has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling.

By Published on September 3, 2015

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  • Dean Bruckner

    We have become a lawless people.

    Kim Davis broke no law, only the legally and morally disembodied opinion of five robed masters of the federal government. Without a statute duly enacted by the legislative and executive branches of government, there can be no moral or legal penalty executed by the judicial branch of government. A judge’s opinion is not a substitute for a constitutionally-created law.

    David Bunning’s ruling is both illegal and immoral, an exercise of raw judicial power that was sure to come after that similar exercise of raw judicial power that enshrined the sexual revolution, Roe v. Wade. All that is left of the end of democracy is to crush the dissenters, which Judge Bunning is doing with high hand.

    This ruling is also unwise. Countries have disintegrated over this kind of travesty of justice. Please God, let it not happen again here!

  • howard bell

    I hope that David L. Bunning is punished to fullest extent of God’s law.

  • TruthTeller

    America might as well realize with the GLBT there is no live and let live. They want your hearty approval and celebration of their lifestyle. If not, they pledge destroy you. Enjoy it while you can, some of us have had enough. Jailing this courageous woman is a travesty. And I don’t care who says I’m a homophobe bigot. You don’t celebrate my heterosexual lifestyle, and I wont celebrate your homosexual lifestyle.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Federal judge enforces federal judges’ lawless fiat and says he is enforcing state law, which federal judges ruled unconstitutional but is still somehow in effect enough to send woman to jail who is following the state law and state constitution and federal law and federal constitution as written and as followed when she took her oath, which he declares her to be disregarding but which she is actually keeping. Today is upside down day!

    If anyone has broken an oath, it is faithless Judge Bunning.

  • Kathleen Tuttle

    According to Judge Bunning’s own words logic dictates that the trials at Nuemberg should be rescinded and all the Nazi’s should be exonerated because they were only following their government’s laws, right? “Oaths mean things”, and an oath to Hitler was just as beholding as an oath of office anywhere.
    “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” -George Orwell

  • Ann D

    Regarding Bunning’s statement “The legislative and executive branches do have the ability to make changes,” Bunning said. “It’s not this court’s job to make changes. I don’t write law.” Why can he not see that his own incorrect decision is in direct opposition to what he said.
    There is NO LAW in Kentucky that allows for same-sex marriage. This entire situation has come about because of the ridiculous practice of treating a supreme court decision AS IF it were the law when it is NOT LAW. His statement above IS right…he doesn’t write law and neither does the supreme court.

  • Ann D

    Bunning said. “I myself have genuinely held religious beliefs … but I took an oath.”

    Then it might help to realize that he was bought & paid for by Christ’s death on the cross and owes allegiance to a higher authority than the government. It appears that when one has compromised God’s morals & truth for convenience’s sake, they apparently want to force others to do so as well.

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