Joy Break: Hero Dogs to the Rescue

By Nancy Flory Published on February 12, 2019

When we turn on our television or smart phones we are bombarded with news that brings us down. Where are all the good stories? Those stories are still there. Here’s one that we hope will bless you.

Maureen Hatcher would tell you that her dogs are heroes. When she had a stroke recently, Bella and Sadie helped save her life. And it was all caught on her Ring camera.

‘Mommy Needs Help’

On December 3, Hatcher collapsed in her Florida home. “I just went face-first onto the floor,” she told First Coast News. A blood clot was cutting off blood flow to the right side of her brain. “I remember Sadie coming in and I said, ‘Mommy needs help,’ and then they were gone.”

Her two Labradors went out the front door and took off across the street, where they got the attention of the neighbor. A few minutes later, Hatcher’s neighbor came to check on her. When she went inside, she found Hatcher on the floor. She called paramedics.

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Paramedics noticed the signs of a stroke. Instead of taking her to the nearest hospital, they took her straight to Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville. Her doctor, Nima Aghaebrahim, said the decision to take her immediately to his hospital probably kept her from having significant brain damage.

Why? The hospital has a comprehensive stroke center. The doctors performed a new procedure that wouldn’t have been available at the nearest hospital. They injected her with dye and located the clot in her neck. Then they cut her femoral artery in her leg, put a stent retriever into the artery and removed the clot. “It’s one of the highlights of our career that we’re able to help people such as Mrs. Hatcher,” said Aghaebrahim.

Not a Coincidence

Several things came together so that Hatcher got the treatment she needed at just the right time. Normally, her front door locks automatically, but the dogs were somehow able to get out and go for help. Her neighbor was home and came to check on her. Paramedics took her to the best hospital for her condition. The specialists performed a new procedure and removed the clot.

“By rights, I shouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in,” said Hatcher, hugging her dogs. “I am blessed, very blessed.”


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