Joe Scarborough Claimed Trump and His Policies Have Been Worse for US Than 9/11 Terrorists Were. Seriously.

By John Zmirak Published on September 12, 2018

You probably know that morning TV host, and former RINO congressman Joe Scarborough, wrote on the 9/11 anniversary that Donald Trump and his policies are more of a threat to America than the terrorists of al Qaeda. Remember them? Those illegal immigrants never got deported. They walked through lax airport security to hijack jets and murder more than 3,000 Americans in a single day. Scarborough called Trump “maniacal” and claimed that he has

savaged America’s vital alliances, provided comfort to hostile foreign powers, attacked our intelligence and military communities, and lent a sympathetic ear to neo-Nazis and white supremacists across the globe. …

Osama bin Laden was killed by SEAL Team 6 before he [destroyed America]. Other tyrants who tried to do the same were consigned to the ash heap of history. The question for voters this fall is whether their country will move beyond this troubled chapter in history or whether they will continue supporting a politician who has done more damage to the dream of America than any foreign adversary ever could.

Commentators, even on the left, have condemned Scarborough’s shameless disrespect for American victims of 9/11. And his hateful, vicious contempt for half the voters in America. Scarborough even published a hasty, half-hearted apology.

The Sickly Sweet Reek of a Death Camp, in Manhattan

I wonder what my old friend Paul would think. Paul was racing to a breakfast meeting at Windows on the World that day. Because he’s disorganized and always late, he arrived at the Towers just in time to see a plane crash into one. He stared up at the sky, then ran for cover to escape the plummeting, flaming wreckage.

I never dreamed that a fellow American would dare to compare half of his fellow citizens to those Islamist killers

Or my old friend Chris, who worked in a nearby tower, and evacuated with tens of thousands of others through ashen streets, watching bodies fall from the sky to land just block or so away. He spent months addicted to tranquilizers, just so he could make it to work.

Or the good Fr. George Rutler, who was hearing confessions in Tower Two well after it was already on fire. He was called out to the sidewalk to give Last Rites to a fireman, only to hear the Tower collapse behind him.

For a more wrenching testimony, check out Michael Caputo’s essay, about a 9/11 survivor whose life was ruined.

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I was over in Queens. So my first-hand experience of the attack — apart from panicked crowds in the streets — was the smell that lingered over my hometown for weeks. The acrid stench of chemicals. The sickly sweet reek of burnt human flesh. My father had told me about it. He’d marched through concentration camps with General Patton in Germany. I’d never expected to know it for myself.

The Myth of the Stab in the Back

And I never dreamed that a fellow American would dare to compare half of his fellow citizens to those Islamist killers who did this. Honestly, I expected more of my countrymen.

Maybe I shouldn’t have. Political frenzy has driven people to scapegoat their fellow citizens in vicious ways before.

I’m reading a chilling, fascinating book, The Death of Democracy, by Benjamin Carter Hett. It uses the latest documents (some recently retrieved from old Soviet archives) to solve an historical mystery. How did the most highly educated country in the history of the world, with the most democratic constitution on earth, succumb to Nazi tyranny? And do so without a fight, through legal procedures that followed its constitution to the letter? All this, when the Nazi Party had never even broken 50 percent support in any free election.

The book drove me to watch again a 2002 movie classic, Max, starring John Cusack. This freely fictionalized account of real events depicts Jewish art dealer Max Rothman, who really did befriend and try to help the penniless failed artist, Adolf Hitler.

Both the scrupulous history text and the gripping film tell the very same tale. What goaded German elites and the institutions they led into embracing the blood-soaked utopianism of Hitler? What captivating story was Hitler telling which they were desperate to believe? It was simple:

We didn’t lose. We were stabbed in the back. Germany didn’t make a supreme effort in World War I then fail in an honest fight. It wasn’t the fault of the army’s leaders, or the Kaiser’s reckless government antagonizing the U.S. No, we actually won that war fair and square. But foreigners worked with traitors in our midst to bring on catastrophe. These millions of people are not really our countrymen, but aliens with an evil agenda, from whom we must cleanse ourselves, like lice or bacteria. And the leaders whom they elected are illegitimate, foreign-imposed tyrants whom we are right to imagine impeaching, imprisoning, or killing.

Foreign Collusion Everywhere

Which is exactly what the left (and parts of the GOP establishment) have been saying about the 2016 presidential race since 2 a.m. on election night. It wasn’t that Hillary Clinton neglected to campaign in half the country. Or that her squalid corruption and haughty arrogance turned off voters. Or that Americans were sick of elitist policies on immigration and trade, plus useless foreign wars.

No, we were stabbed in the back. Now it was time to find the murder weapon. Democrats fumed with rage that their “fundamental transformation” of America might be interrupted. So they kept pulling theories out of their orifices, and throwing them at the wall. But none would stick.

First, the Russians had hacked our voting machines. Then Trump had openly colluded with the Russian government to sway the vote. Then elements in his campaign had quietly colluded with Russians to hack the DNC computers. Each theory, however expensively peddled — with help from special counsel Robert Mueller — has peeled off the wall to the floor.

Foreigners worked with traitors in our midst to bring on catastrophe. These millions of people are not really our countrymen, but aliens with an evil agenda, from whom we must cleanse ourselves, like lice or bacteria. And the leaders whom they elected are illegitimate, foreign-imposed tyrants.

But that hasn’t stopped the “Resistance” from harassing government workers trying to eat in restaurants. From assaulting teenagers for wearing “Maga” hats. Or beating up Republicans who encounter hooded Antifa storm troopers. Nor from publishing murder fantasies about the president. Or targeting the livelihoods of “deplorable” Americans who dared to vote differently from them. It hasn’t stopped the New York Times from hiring an editorial writer who damned an entire race, hoping that “white men” died of skin cancer.

Trump @ War

Want a brutal picture of just how thuggish the left has become? Tune in to Trump @ War. It’s a powerful new documentary by Stephen K. Bannon. (I appear in it as a commentator.) The film documents the vicious, ongoing attacks of “Resistance” members against their fellow Americans. It shows the profound contempt our elites have been stoking against those they consider “traitors” who “stabbed them in the back.”

It premieres on One America News (OANN) TONIGHT (September 12), at 8 pm ET. Soon after, it will be available free on Youtube. Currently it’s rated “X” for violence and profanity. That’s all from handheld camera footage of direct political violence committed against Trump supporters. Its message? That these upcoming congressional elections are far more pivotal than any of us expected. They tell us whether a successful president can be driven into impeachment by violence, lies and elite conspiracies.

(WARNING: Trailer contains very graphic language.)

TRUMP @WAR Official Trailer from TRUMP@War Official Trailer on Vimeo.

Whether that happens or not, of course, is up to you and me.

This article has been updated.

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  • Chip Crawford

    Morning Joke has indeed sickened itself trying to live off of the negative energy they are producing. Just toxic. Others are doing the same. Galatians 5:15 But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.

    Voting your local ticket from the federal all the way down to dog catcher was never so important indeed. The inmates need to get better, become well, not be released to take over the asylum.

  • handydan

    All of the left-wing commentators are shuffling about trying to gain the spotlight with a catchy line or outburst. They are getting really ridiculous in trying to out-do each other. It will lead to no good. You can see so much demonic influence in the division of our society these days. From social “media” to “news” to sports to politics, it is all going to one side or the other.

  • Nick Stuart

    Forget all the chin-stroking pieces bemoaning “How can Christians support Trump?”

    These are the people who will be in charge the next time the Left (that is to say the Democratic Party, same thing nowadays) wins the House, Senate, and/or White House.

    Christians (defined as anyone who would unreservedly confess that Jesus is Lord and believes that He is risen from the dead) need to realize that the Left hates us and anyone who shares some or all of our values. Yes, they really do.

    Christians, along with others who would decline to go where the Left would lead us, are in an existential “fists-boots-and-all” cold war with the Left that is showing every sign of turning hot. Examples from just the last week include: a knife attack on GOP congressional candidate Rudy Peters, yesterday’s rape and death threats against D. C. McAllister for expressing anti-abortion sentiments on Twitter, and a Republican campaign office in Wyoming set on fire. Not to mention all the Left-wing celebrities joking about President Trump being assassinated, the White House being blown up, etc. Stream commenting policy precludes adding links, but the stories are easily found.

    Christians may not be interested in this conflict, but this conflict is interested in them. It will not be possible to play “Switzerland.” We will be made to care. Ask Jack Phillips and Baronelle Stutzman.

    So what to do? Firstly and lastly pray. In between vote Republican [I can visualize the shrieks in the comments section already]. Sadly the Democratic Party has become the party of: Socialism; abortion at any time for any reason paid for by the taxpayer; same sex marriage; use whatever locker room you like regardless of your physiology; etc. The choice is which side of the line will offer a better result? Yes, the Republican party stinks like a dead dog, it’s a question of which is the least worst choice.

    • Chip Crawford

      I like and respect a lot of Republicans myself. Glad to see the old guard bowing out, nice guys, but sad sacks out of step with the call on today’s leaders. The party platform is very good to excellent actually. It’s about the most Godly one ever. David Barton of Wallbuilders had significant input into it.

    • Vincent J.

      Well said.

  • Nick Stuart

    Too bad Trump @ War will not be available until after the November elections. Maybe you can persuade the filmmaker to make it available a couple weeks before the election.

    • Chip Crawford

      Premiering Sept. 12 at 8 pm. on One America News Network (“OAN”) . Today. Coming to youTube soon after. It’ll be there.

      • Nick Stuart

        OOPS, sorry, for some reason I read “September” as “November”

        • Chip Crawford

          Ha, done that for sure myself. Saw the preview – strong stuff.

  • tz1

    Paul told the questionable Titus “I appeal to Caesar!”. Was Caesar righteous much less a Chirstian? No, but Paul considered him fair enough to be a righteous Pagan (unlike Pontius Pilate).

  • tz1

    You ought to add the Banksters that brought on the Weimar Hyperinflation.

    Again, Usury is the just less than Cardinal sin which is now apparently a righteous act of creative destruction and progress for the last century or so, when it was a grave evil before.

    Complain about Francis altering Divorce or Homosexuality, but realize that Usury has long already been removed from the list of even venial sins.

    God will not bless lesser evils. The South was right in its cause of secession – but evil in that Slavery was the reason (see the actual text of the articles of secession). The Jews weren’t the “nice merchants” – they wanted their pound of flesh. But the greater evil won’t succeed either.

    The only evil Catholics are more ignorant of (or would deny or avoid) than contraception is Usury. It isn’t even in the most recent Catechism.

  • Jim Walker

    I now believe these people are puppets doing their masters’ bidding. They care more about their paycheck than anything so they do it willingly.

  • GLT

    Really, does anybody take Joe ‘Beeker’ Scarborough seriously, even for a second? The man has zero credibility and even less integrity.

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