Jemele Hill, ESPN Undermine Their Credibility — and Cause of African-Americans

By Thomas J. Nash Published on September 19, 2017

Our increasingly toxic culture wars in America took another bad turn when ESPN’s Jemele Hill called President Donald Trump “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” Hill greatly devalues the meaning of the term. Thus, ironically, she undermines the cause of African-Americans.

Given the opportunity to temper her remarks, Hill apologized to ESPN, but not the President, saying her comments convey her “personal beliefs.” ESPN accepted her apology. Her tweets violated the network’s standard against “inflammatory or personal” social commentary, but the network did not discipline her.

Understanding Hill’s Anger

While almost 14 years older than Hill, I also grew up in Detroit. I share her concerns for the black community, including for the unjust actions of some policemen in the deaths of black men.

WHITE SUPREMACIST: A person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.

— Merriam-Webster

I also understand that Hill is likely upset by Trump’s initial response to the racial clash in Charlottesville, Va., in which he criticized protesters on each side, and by his comment a few days later that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the protest.” Having lived in Montgomery, Ala., “The Cradle of the Confederacy,” in 1986, and then in Birmingham from 2007 to 2015, I think I understand what the president meant by the latter remark, although he could’ve made his point better.

I’ve met many Alabamians who believe that issues like states’ rights and taxation were greater than slavery in precipitating the Civil War. They oppose the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue in Charlottesville on those historical grounds. They don’t share the hatred of the Virginia protesters who are Klansman or neo-Nazis. While I don’t share my friends’ views on Lee and the Civil War, I also know they’re not racists who desire the subjugation of blacks.

White Supremacists and Bigots

Donald Trump isn’t a white supremacist. The problem with Hill’s calling him one is that she conflates the lesser offense of bigotry with those who desire to legally oppress — or worse — blacks and other minorities.

Adolf Hitler was a white supremacist of the worst sort. The variously named leaders of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) were and are white supremacists. Governor George Wallace of Alabama, when he proclaimed, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever,” to rousing cheers in his infamous inaugural address in 1963, made clear that he was a white supremacist.

In short, “white supremacy” means racism and the political will to enforce it. The old George Wallace espoused and advanced that in his policies. Donald Trump is not and won’t. And unlike the old Wallace, Trump has repeatedly condemned the KKK before and after his election. To equate a politician like Wallace with a politician like Trump needlessly inflames a discussion of real problems.

You can take issue with issue with Trump’s immigration policies and criticize him for discrimination in some past business practices, as well as bigoted remarks he has made toward other groups like Hispanics and Muslims. But don’t defame him with the term “white supremacist.”

In addition, a white supremacist never would’ve been given an award in 1986 for promoting legitimate diversity and brotherhood. Even Snopes has grudgingly but commendably acknowledged this. And a white supremacist surely would not have had a photo-op with Muhammad Ali and civil rights icon Rosa Park. Trump did.

Converting in Heart

I remember meeting George Wallace in 1986, wheelchair-bound because of an attempt on his life in 1972. He had been converted in heart and was back in office as governor. He’d been elected in significant part because of black support in the 1982 election.

Wallace changed, in part because of the persistent goodwill of his one-time opponents. If an avowed white supremacist like him could change, Donald Trump can also change for the better. He’s more likely to change if constructive criticism replaces reprehensible rhetoric.


Thomas J. Nash is a Research Associate at Ave Maria Radio. He formerly served as a Theology Advisor at EWTN. He is also a contributing blogger at the National Catholic Register and a contributing apologist for Catholic Answers. Nash is the author of What Did Jesus Do?: The Biblical Roots of the Catholic Church (Incarnate Word Media) and The Biblical Roots of the Mass (Sophia Institute Press).

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  • Wayne Cook

    Her construction of a false framework to support her work undermines her history. Eventually it would come out and leave her in a morass of indefensible positions, notably, she ain’t the polished brass bell she claims.

  • Concerned Christian

    Jemele Hll simply pointed out the great hypocrisy of those on the right. You’re saying that Trump is not a racist, however, the racist claim him as one of theirs. Also, Trump has no problem calling anyone else a racist, accept of course the actual racist:

    Trump loves to call people racist on Twitter, but not of course if you’re an actual racist.

    His latest act was to forward a video of him hitting Hillary Clinton in the back of the head with a golf ball.

    So the hypocrisy that she pointed out is that you’re not bothered by someone being called a racist. You obviously have no problem with Trump doing it. You don’t like the feeling that you’re supporting someone that’s perceived to be a racist by people of color and most importantly ACTUAL racist.

    You’re also not easily offended as Trump is by far the most offensive person that has every held the power of the presidency. You’re just bothered when someone points out the fact that you’re supporting an offensive (flll in the blank) individual.

    Last point, the great majority of you go to churches that would never allow someone like him to hold any type of leadership position precisely because of this behavior!

    • Patmos

      You’d make an awful lawyer, because nothing of what you say is relevant at all. Get a life.

      • Concerned Christian


        So Donald Trump called Barack Obama a racist and you’re not upset. He was elected president. Yet Trump was called a racist and you believe the person making the comment should be fired?

        Well, that is consistent with what we see from jury trials so you do have a point.

        • Patmos

          No I said get a life, not, continue to be a nitwit who puts words into people’s mouth. It’s like you have this imaginary battle playing out in your mind. Go outside and get some fresh air. You need it.

          • Concerned Christian

            maybe so. Some help me understand your point? Should she be fired? if so, why?

          • Patmos

            I don’t think she should have been fired, but there is a clear double standard here from ESPN as they suspended Linda Cohn earlier in the year for something far less, which ironically kind of proved Cohn’s point (she speculated left wing politics were playing a role in their ratings decline). Hill represents ESPN and what she said was ignorant and uncalled for, a reputable company would have taken stronger action and been more consistent.

          • Concerned Christian

            Linda Cohn committed the cardinal sin of commenting on business strategy in a public forum. Having worked in the corporate world it’s not surprising. It’s a don’t bite the hand that feeds you type of thing.

            However, even if that were true, would that compare to conservative Christians support of a man who has done and stated the following:

            –Called Obama while Obama was president a racist.
            –Retweeted a video of him hitting Hilary Clinton in the back of the head with a golf ball.
            –Bragged about groping women
            –Talked about blood flowing from a woman
            –Little Marco, Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary, Low Energy Jeb
            –consistently calls people fat, stupid, etc.

            For good measure, just google:

            “donald trumps greatest insults”

            This is your comment:

            “Hill represents ESPN and what she said was ignorant and uncalled for, a reputable company would have taken stronger action and been more consistent.”

            So you’re holding ESPN to a higher standard than conservative Christians are holding Trump?

            That I can prove in court. So maybe I would be a good lawyer!

            In all seriousness, I’m really trying to understand how you can be so upset at anything that’s said about Trump considering how he hurls insults at others? Has Jamele embarrassed ESPN more than Trump has embarrassed America?

  • Howard

    It’s a bit too late to be warning ESPN that they are losing credibility. That’s like saying the Titanic has a problem with excessive moisture.

  • Thomas J. Nash

    1993 Webster Dictionary definition on “white supremacy” even more precise than 2017 online version: “A doctrine based on a belief in the inherent superiority of the white race over the black race and the correlative necessity for the subordination of blacks to whites in all relationships.”

    Can’t convict Trump of that.

    I certainly recognize that President Trump has room for improvement.

    Bigot? Yes, sadly. White Supremacist? No. That’d be the old George Wallace and various others, as noted in my op-ed. Neither being a bigot or a white supremacist is good, but there’s a big difference, especially when you’re an elected official with the power to pursue making your beliefs into public policies.

    • Concerned Christian

      Wow, just Wow!

      A Bigot with power is ok? It’s only an issue if he’s a white supremacist?

      • Thomas J. Nash

        Now you’re acting like a sophist, Concerned Christian. I didn’t t say that, but I’m glad you’re at least conceding my point that Trump is not a white supremacist.

        And “Wow, just Wow!” is not a substantive reply to what I said, including
        that voting for Trump made more sense than voting for Hillary.
        Meanwhile, you’ve shown nothing that Trump is using his power to
        discriminate against blacks as a black supremacist would. To the
        contrary, he’s striving to offer better school choices to poor
        African-Americans, and also striving to reduce abortions that
        disproportionately impact African-Americans, both in significant
        contrast to Clinton(s) and Obama. Best not to engage in commenting if
        you won’t make a substantive point and also do it in Christian charity. God bless

        • Concerned Christian

          First, I’ve never heard of someone being a bigot against blacks and not being a white supremacist. So that’s a new one for me.

          Second, I don’t believe Trump is a white supremacist. I believe he’s much much worst. All evil requires a face that doesn’t look evil. You say Trump is not a racist, but racist are empowered because they believe he is. He has done nothing to discourage them. He only speaks out when forced to with a wink wink “that you know I’m just playing the game”. Furthermore, the only person that Trump cares about is Trump. Those individuals are among his most loyal supporters. Just like conservative Christians. So as long as you love him you’re fine. However, he will say and do anything to anyone that refuses to kiss his ring of loyalty. Just ask Jeff Sessions. That’s why he’s much much worst!

          Third, school choice is not for poor black kids, it’s for middle and upper income class parents who kids can’t get into certain private schools. Unlike public schools, private schools very much discriminate based on intelligence and income!

          Fourth, the abortion rate failed dramatically under Obama. Not just for blacks but also for the majority of people that get them whites!

          Now you can believe that blacks are stupid and are being led by leftist or you can accept the fact that blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and racist all believe that Trump is a racist.

          • Thomas J. Nash

            If you don’t understand there’s a difference between bigotry and white supremacy, please check a dictionary. See the 1993 dictionary definition I provided–and wanted provided in my piece beyond the 2017 one that was

            And if you think that school choice is just about middle-class and upper-income kids, whose parents are taxpayers too, then just google voucher programs for poor kids in Cleveland and Milwaukee, for example. And how Obama and Clinton removed those same vouchers for poor blacks in DC.

            You’ve that you’ve lost credibility on just these two issues, sadly. Ditto with abortion.

            Nothing further to add. Let’s agree to pray for each other. God bless you.

          • Concerned Christian

            You’re right i don’t know the difference. When i was growing up there was no difference between a bigot and a member of the KKK. In the age of Trump we can apparently be more technical in our definitions.

            There’s a difference between school choice which i was talking about and vouchers which is what you’re referring to. Not every black person going to school is poor. I live in a heavy school voucher/choice state. It’s not all income based it’s also based on the child’s grades. Guess what it’s not all black. You’re taking the inner cites and extrapolating that to all blacks which is what trump does.

            Abortion Rate:
            Barack Obama 2009 – 2017
            Abortion rates plunged from 15 per every 1,000 women in 2009 to 12.5 in 2013, the latest year for which we have data. The abortion rate is now the lowest on record since 1971, two years before Roe v. Wade established a woman’s right to choose. It is also half the rate in 1980.

          • Ryan

            Ultrasounds started being used during the Bush administration, that is when the abortion rate began going down. people seeing that the thing in their womb was a human being and not a blob, as pro abortion people liked to report, along with education, was what caused the abortion rate to go down.
            The Obama administration had nothing to do with the rate dropping.

          • Concerned Christian

            I heard a minister say that there is nothing bad in God and nothing good in the devil.

            Apparently, that applies to democrats and republicans as well. Is it possible that the use of ultrasounds in conjunction with making the pill more readily available is why the rate dropped? But in reality it really doesn’t matter. I see now that the path of the country is somewhat set.

            It seems like conservative Christians can’t see any bad in republicans and certainly can’t see any good in democrats, pro-choice individuals, members of the LGBT community, Christians who identify as democrats, basically, the entire democratic coalition . So no need in trying to work together. Just like the civil war, somebody’s gotta win and somebody’s gotta lose.

            We’ll just see what happens!

          • Ryan

            “This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind. Having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart; who, being past feeling, have given themselves over to lewdness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. Ephesians 4: 17-19
            There is no political affiliation mentioned here, but that pretty much describes the left and all who are in rebellion against God.
            Verses 20- 24 describe what those who accept Christ are to seek for in their lives. I know what it is like being persecuted and I know what it is like being in favor with the Lord. It is a much harder choice but I still choose the later.
            No one looks forward to war, only those not smart enough to think about what happens after it is all over and all you have is nothing to start your life over. There won’t be a United States to come to your aid, it will be gone and you will be left with a big hole where that nation once stood and offered hope and help to the nations. That is what the ungodly seek, to tear down nations like the U.S.
            Where do you stand in that?

          • Concerned Christian

            1. I would say that fear allows a person to only see the worst in people who disagree with them and only the best in those who they perceive to agree with them. But God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear.

            2. “We are the light of the world” not the US. If the US ceases to exist, the light from God will not go out. Christianity has survived atrocities, scandals, etc., yet it’s still here because it’s true. I also believe the same about the US. This statement was true before Jefferson wrote it and it’s still true today:

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            The preamble is still true as well:

            We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

            3. This is what unifies us. These statements are what allowed blacks to fight for equal rights, women to fight for equal rights and members of the LGBT community to fight for equal rights. Only in the US can one express an opinion and not be considered evil or a threat to society that needs to be silenced. We allow all voices to be heard because we respect individual rights above all else.

            4. This belief in individual rights comes from God. God gives us the power to choose or reject Him. John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-10 makes this clear. Matthew 13:24-30 makes it clear how God will gather his people.

            I don’t fear because God hasn’t given me that type of spirit to, that’s where I stand!

          • Ryan

            No one has said the LGBT crowd didn’t have equal rights, they just want the Christians to legitimize them so they will be equal to God. Even Christians aren’t equal to God. He is sovereign, what He said is sovereign, in His sight they are an abomination. Their problem is not with Christians, it is with God. If their standards don’t line up with God’s standards, as He set the standards, then they need to come up to His standards or just go on with what they want to do and when the judgement rolls around they don’t have a say in how He judges. They have their chance just like everybody else. The choices we make are the choices we are judged by, plane and simple.
            A person can’t live in a lifestyle God has already judged and think He will change His mind because said person couldn’t or wouldn’t change to meet the standards God has set. Being good doesn’t change God’s mind, living life as He leads will lead a person away from such lifestyles, not deeper into it. Christ is the one who leads us to the Father, it is the Holy Spirit who cleans us up so we can be in the presence of Christ. Jesus said; “Be ye holy as I am Holy.” When people come to Christ, they are to make a change that can be seen to be as Christ like, not as what the world wants to see, but what Christ wants to see.
            The blacks didn’t have to fight the right for equal rights, it was the left that held them down from having those rights. It was conservatives who got the laws changed, not the left.

          • Concerned Christian

            If two people get married by a person who calls them self a pastor are they legally married according to the laws of the US? The answer is no. The pastor has to be licensed by the state and it’s the license issued by the state that determines whether a person is legally married. Note that God is not needed in this country to have a legal marriage. Maybe that’s something Christians need to fight to change.

            Furthermore, once the state certifies the marriage, the couple now has legal benefits that unmarried couples do not. It doesn’t matter if the person is the pastor of the holy church of turkeys. As long as they are licensed by the state the marriage is legal. Note, that at no point legally does a marriage have to be certified by a religious individual. So the argument that Christians are being forced to legitimize homosexual marriage is as ridiculous as saying Christians have to legitimize all of donald trump’s marriages.

            Also, i love how conservatives try to fall all other themselves saying that conservatives got the laws changed. Let me help you out with a little history. In 1948, the Dixiecrat led by Strom Thurmon stormed out of the Democratic convention over the issue of segregation. Where did he go? Right to the republican party. This is where every KKK and neo-nazi group has resided since.

            It was a democratic president that signed the 1964 civil rights legislation opposed by future president George Bush. It was the democratic party that has nominated a woman for both vice president and president. It was a democratic president that allowed members of the LGBT community to openly serve in the military.

            But i’ll give you credit, this is an awesome statement on so many levels:

            “The blacks didn’t have to fight the right for equal rights, it was the left that held them down from having those rights. It was conservatives who got the laws changed, not the left.”

          • Ryan

            Now I know you are young and have read the revised history by the left. I am in my 70’s and have lived the history you say is false. Try as you might, your version of history is false.
            I have fought alongside black Marines in Vietnam and lost my best friend, who was black, in an ambush just south of the DMZ. I saw the media lie about what was going on around them just to make themselves look good to the protesters whom they called friends. I saw many things that later started making sense as to why they happened after I got home and saw what was being reported about the war. Those reports kept the war going, just as much as the protests were. Those protesters are the lefties you and others are following, they are the teachers who have told you this country is no good. Careful, they got a lot of good men and women killed in Vietnam, men and women who were far better than they were then, and far better than those who are democrat leaders now could have ever been. Even if the so-called leaders could live a second life, they still would not add up. All that and I was a democrat then. I got wiser as I got older, I could not vote for Clinton, then, or now. They are against this country and have always been. Just like your last president, he is a communist Muslim, not a good combination for this country or the world.
            Look at the DNC, communist and Muslim leaders. Think about what your party has gotten itself into. Look beyond the party line, and think real hard about the misery that will come from a socialist state, there is plenty of, real, history to look at if you apply yourself.
            Look around at what is happening in every democrat city in this country, good examples of what a leftist lead country will look like. Socialism is anarchy, with over 200 years of failed history. History keeps repeating itself because the left can’t read history truthfully. They make it up as they go to fool those not wise enough to see through them.
            Just remember this, if the left is foolish enough to start a hot civil war, they won’t have the U.S. help them out of the hole they dig for themselves and everybody else. Because it won’t exist anymore. Us old warriors hate war, but we won’t back down from defending our country and families. Those who want a war are foolish people, it doesn’t profit little people who are the ones pushed into doing the fighting. Only those at the top who don’t care one iota for those on the front line. Experience speaking.

          • Concerned Christian

            Well here are some fun facts:
            –I’m old enough for you to be my parent, not my grandparent.
            –My parents were old enough to be your parents.
            –My parents remembered Jim Crow and white only signs.
            –My Dad severed in the Army Air Force (the air force didn’t exist at the time)
            –I severed in the Air Force.
            –I had a conversation with a person that was denied service at a white owned restaurant in SC, on his way to Basic Training to be sent to Vietnam. He defecated in front of the restaurant and ran.

            So although you had some black friends in the military, I am black, i was raised around blacks, those blacks experienced the full force of Jim Crow in the south. My information didn’t come from the leftist media, it comes from the source.

            Here are some fun facts about what happened to the racist whites that were part of the republican party:

            “And I want to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there’s not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the “n….” race into our theatres, into our swimming pools, into our homes and into our churches – Segregationist and former Senator (R-SC) Strom Thurmond (during 1948 run as Dixiecrat candidate for President of the United States)”

            “When Democratic President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, Welna says Thurmond “made a move that began a movement and transformed the American political landscape: He switched to the Republican Party.” Thurmond’s switch inspired many other Dixiecrats to follow suit…”

            Whatever the sins of the left, the right fully embraced Frankenstein’s child in the form of segragationist like Strom

            Fun fact:
            –There’s more evidence that Trump is a racist than Obama is a communist Muslim.
            –Leading voice of the racist birther movement? Donald Trump.
            –Please don’t try to use Hillary Clinton as a lame excuse.
            –Racist embrace Trump as one of their own, see David Duke.
            –Trump and the republican party as a whole refuses to get rid of the racist monuments put up for the confederacy.

            Lastly, don’t worry about guns. The left doesn’t like or need them. As we see, the republican party is incapable of governing so the left can stay out of the way and watch the circus. Plus the irony is that if democrats do take over congress next year and put a single payer bill in front of Trump, do you think he won’t sign it?

            Conservatives try to make the argument that it was Trump or Clinton forgetting the fact that they chose Trump over Rubio, Bush, Cruz, and Kasich as well. You wanted a lying, unscrupulous, fill in the rest of the blanks, and now you have him!

          • Ryan

            First, Thurmond was never anyone I liked. I even voted for Carter. I was fooled once.
            As far as the birther thing, I, with my wife watched the news media make a huge fuss over an immigrant who was running for senate. They were making a fuss over him and made a big show of going to Kenya and the very home of his uncle who was proud of his nephew running for the United States senate, but said; “He can’t be president because he was born right here in my home.” Then when he was paraded in front of the cameras and it was announced he was running for president, all the videos and online information of the big Kenya shindig disappeared from existence.
            I know many blacks who voted for him the first time, but some of them said just what I said after the first term of Carter. They said they wouldn’t vote for him again because they thought he would do more for the black people, whom he simply ignored except groups like BLM (a communist group funded by George Soros) and he went overboard with the Muslims. These blacks I know are Christians, just like you claim, but these people are real, unlike your support for LGBT, they don’t do that. Neither does the Bible.
            I am not, racist. I was raised in a town where you were defined by the side of the tracks you were born and lived on. I was born and lived on the wrong side of the tracks, but didn’t know it until I went to high school. I thought everyone had rumbles because it was a means of entertainment for lack of other things to do. I knew nothing of race conflicts until I enlisted in the Marines. Then I was stationed in No. Carolina where I met Art, a black guy who hit it off with me because I wasn’t from the south. I learned a lot from him about the way things were in the south. But the thing that stood out the most was the fact he never held a grudge over it. He flew to California where my mother was living at the time so we could go to Camp Pendleton together. We shipped out to Nam and at Okinawa we were put into two different units. 5 months later he was KIA with 134 other Marines in an ambush.
            It was a few years later when I learned about how he lived his life even to the day he died. He was a Christian, after I became one I began to understand more and more about his life and how he lived it without anger and bitterness. He had reason, but he had Christ in his life and that is who he showed to me. I cried when he died, how about you, would you cry if you had a white friend who died?
            Life isn’t all about politics, you don’t want to talk about Clinton but prefer to spew the lefts propaganda about Trump. Clinton lied about her actions in Lybia, or rather about her inaction that caused four deaths. Obama lied about the cause of the attack to cover up the fact that it was a terrorist attack. Not only was it a lie, but very unscrupulous. Now you tell me the difference between Trump who didn’t cause the deaths of Americans and the difference between him and a president who lied to cover up the fact that he and the SOS lied to the American people. There area lot of blanks you overlook, but you say you are a concerned Christian, even though you don’t support those things the Bible supports.
            I have had a few black friends since I left the service, but none of them have been the example of living for Christ that Art was.
            Time is short, look at the events in the middle east. Prophecy coming to pass even as we watch. But that is what the Bible tells us to do as we see those events coming to pass, watch, so we can see where we are in the time frame of scripture. We don’t have time to be against each other.

          • Concerned Christian

            1. First, Thurmond was never anyone I liked. I even voted for Carter. I was fooled once.

            The point is that a lot of whites did support Thurmond directly and indirectly. Like one person on this thread stated Trump was a bigot but not a racist. Well a bigot may not agree with a white supremacist but they are sympathetic to them. A “normal” person may not agree with a bigot but they are sympathetic to them. So your argument of the democratic party being racist is silly when you take into account that the racist in the party became republicans. Trump may not agree with them, but he is certainly sympathetic to them.

            2. As far as the birther thing, I, with my wife watched the news media make a huge fuss over an immigrant who was running for senate.

            I wonder if you had that same concern when:

            a. you found out that Cruz was ACTUALLY, VERIFIABLELY not born in the US?
            b. Obama produced a birth certificate
            c. There’s record of his birth recorded in a news paper in the 1960’s
            d. Neither Hilary nor McCain (not born in the US either) couldn’t dispute it along with all of the US intelligence agencies?

            I wonder if you’ve ever said birthers are idiots who are racist and don’t know what they’re talking about?

            3. I know many blacks who voted for him the first time, but some of them said just what I said after the first term of Carter. They said they wouldn’t vote for him again because they thought he would do more for the black people, whom he simply ignored.

            On January 2017, Obama had a 92% approval rates amongst blacks and 79% amongst non-whites. I think a lot of blacks and non-whites were glad they voted for him. In the age of Trump, that number has gotten a little stronger.

            4. These blacks I know are Christians, just like you claim, but these people are real, unlike your support for LGBT, they don’t do that. Neither does the Bible.

            Well my definition of being a “real” Christian is John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-10. I do not equate my support of someone’s right to sin as somehow being in opposition to the Bible. Most “Real” Christians don’t either. Otherwise we would have stricter laws against fornication, adultery and divorce. You know the things that “Real” Christians tolerate in their own congregations. There will be more people in hell because of those sins than will be for the LGBT lifestyle. The argument that members of the LGBT community are somehow trying to get rights to sin is ridiculous in light of the fact that they can’t be married but as a country we are to support a man who has never apologized for being a fornicator, adultery, and multiple divorces. Perhaps if Christians had higher standards for their own behavior and things they tolerate it would be easier to find more unity against LGBT issues.

            5. I am not, racist.

            Didn’t say you were

            6. Art, a black guy who hit it off with me because I wasn’t from the south. I learned a lot from him about the way things were in the south.

            My point exactly

            7. But the thing that stood out the most was the fact he never held a grudge over it.

            I don’t know any black people from that time period or this one who hold grudges. Paula Dean was not coitized by blacks when accused of using N-Word. No black person was surprised that a woman raised in the 60’s in the south used racist language. Mel Gibson didn’t pay a price for his racist comments nor did Kramer from Seinfeld. Further when Kanye West stated that George Bush doesn’t like black people, how many black people jumped on the bandwagon as said, yep Kanye is right? No, blacks distanced themselves because although there were political disagreements, no one thought Bush was a racist. As a matter of fact, neither did racist. They didn’t embrace Bush because he wasn’t one of theirs. Trump doesn’t have that problem.

            8. He flew to California where my mother was living at the time so we could go to Camp Pendleton together.

            Funny I had a white friend from Arkansas when I was stationed in Valdosta Ga. He told me point blank that I couldn’t go home with him, his family wouldn’t appreciate it, we’ll say. No one got mad at him or was even offended. We all understood the reality of life. Also, I got lost one night in Dothan Alabama. I had to go into a convenience store to ask for directions. The white store owner looked at me like he was ready to shoot me. The white cop actually stated “Boy, you’re a little lost aren’t you”? I wasn’t offended, I got my directions and got out of there. Even in high school, I remember going to class one day and some white kids playing a song called my Girlfriend is dating a “n”. Even at work when Obama was elected, I overheard a coworker singing “Barack the Magic Negro”. The same co-worker who told me that he didn’t get a job because the black hiring manager didn’t like him. Of course, because he white. My point is trust me, it takes a lot for black people to hold grudges. So I’m not surprised at all that your friend went to your house. We don’t share everything we encounter with whites, typically because whites can’t handle it. Ask your black friends to open up to you and see how far off I am.

            9. I cried when he died, how about you, would you cry if you had a white friend who died?

            Do you think I wouldn’t? I’ve only had one white friend to die and I did attend his funeral and no I didn’t cry. My guess is that if I had went through what you went through I probably would have shed some tears.

            10. the difference between him and a president who lied to cover up the fact that he and the SOS lied to the American people.

            Well I didn’t bring up the fact that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction or the fact that Iraq would welcome us as liberators or even that cutting taxes would spur the economy. Even after the economy collapsed under George Bush I didn’t call him a liar. You know because those are policy issue. We can dispute what happened in each of these cases along with Clinton and Obama because in some cases you’re simply giving the most optimist view of an issue. However, what can’t be disputed is that Trump lies to lie. He has repeatedly lied about his involvement with the Russians. Remember the great health bill you were going to get that covered everyone? Mexico is going to pay for a wall? He has magically renovated and modernized our nuclear arsenal is 8 months. Oh and what about his historic increase in defense spending. We won’t even get into his overinflated ego that makes it impossible for anyone in DC to work him. Do you really believe that anyone that works with Trump actually trust him? Just wait for the real controversy dealing with his administration, do you believe there’s any chance trump will take responsibility?

            11. We don’t have time to be against each other.

            Having different views doesn’t make you my enemy. I’m going to always stand up for the rights of the individual. I believe that this is the most biblical of biblical things to do. If we lived according to the OT, you would have an argument but in the NT, we have choice. I will not take away their choices, anymore, than God does. The crux of the issue is that on multiple occasions you’ve challenged whether or not I’m a Christian. If your definition of a Christian is that we’ll never have differences of opinion on our interpretation of the Bible, I don’t see how you can ever look at me as any different than an evil sinner?

          • Ryan

            You mentioned your parents remembered Jim Crow laws, did they tell you those laws also included poor whites? They weren’t allowed to vote either.
            My father was in the Army infantry from the time they entered No. Africa, he was at Anzio in Italy, and was in the invasion of the underbelly of France and served under Patton all the way through to Germany and the discovery of the death camps. I was just a Marine who served in Vietnam from Anhoa, south of DaNang, to the DMZ, in 1967 through 1968.
            When Art and I were driving through Bakersfield, Ca. we were stopped by the police because I was white and he was black. The copies of our orders were questioned and we were held up till they confirmed our orders. The black power thing was going on pretty strong then, they were and still are part of the black supremacists.
            You could say I was under the JC laws by the way I was treated while a kid because I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.
            Cruz father was a naturalized citizen and his mother was an American citizen by birth. McCain was born on an American naval base in Panama which was still under American control at the time.
            Obama’s mother was an American citizen but his father was Kenyan. I wasn’t calling anyone an idiot, my wife and I saw what we saw, and heard what we heard. What the media and the pols on the left did after that was followed through for the next eight years and only got worse as more was swept under the rug. But, a book has been written on the subject and all will be exposed at the right moment, no one will be able to refute it because what is in the book is being written by the scribes of God. There is a book being written about all of us and will be opened at a point of time.
            There is a list of those who won’t be included in the kingdom of God, you can find it in 1 Corin. 6:9.
            Weapons of mass destruction were there, as 500 tons of yellow cake was found and taken out of Iraq to Canada. The yellow cake is used for nuclear power and weapons material. It was discovered that Syria was where the weapons, chemical and biological, that disappeared from Iraq found a new home. We know what those weapons have been used for in Iraq and Syria.
            It has been estimated our nuclear arsenal would take 1.1 trillion dollars and thirty years to bring it back up to date. Clinton degraded our missile deterrent program as there weren’t, according to him, any rogue nations with nukes. Then No. Korea got weapons with Clinton’s aid of a few billion dollars.
            Bush restarted our development of anti-missile weapons, Obama shut it down. Then he gave Iran 150 billion dollars to work on their nuclear weapons research with a deal that Iran never signed. Wasn’t that brilliant?
            All it would take for No. Korea to put this country down for good is one nuke in the middle of the huge volcano in Yellowstone to bury two thirds of the North American continent under volcanic ash. It has been estimated up to one billion people could die because of the volcano and the nuclear winter that would happen after it blew.
            It may never happen, but the threat is there. Kim knows our missile deterrent is not up to date, why do you think he is working so hard on his ICBM’s?
            Time is being shortened, and it is being made so by those who don’t believe what the Bible has to say.

          • Thomas J. Nash

            Hey, CC. I see that there was a computer glitch re: post made Monday night. So, in brief, apparently you’re rather young and thus, for that reason and perhaps others, haven’t the longstanding denotative differences between white supremacists and bigot. Archie Bunker of “All in the Families” 1970s fame was a bigot. A white supremacist, as even the 2017 online Merriam-Webster Dictionary I cited in my op-ed, seeks to have formal political control over other races, e.g., blacks.

            Re: vouchers, you didn’t address the fact Obama cut school-choice funding to poor families with children in DC, which means vouchers for them, and how Trump supports the contrary. So Obama is not for true parental rights in the manner of choosing their kids’ school, including when they’re taxpayers, as seen otherwise.

            Finally, yes, the surgical abortion rate is down. But not because of Obama. Reasons include fewer people seeking to have children and also the good work of pro-lifers. Meanwhile, Obama actually tried to increase abortion via violating the religious liberty of Catholic entities and others by making them fund abortifacients, e.g., the Pill, in their insurance plans, and those abortions aren’t included in the aforementioned surgical rate of abortions. Thankfully, he failed. God bless you.

          • Concerned Christian

            1. I’m old enough to remember running to my parents and telling them with the greatest excitement that there was a black All In Family show on tv. Better known as The Jeffersons. George Jefferson was the first black man that I saw on TV that was unashamedly black and successful.

            When you were making the distinction between a bigot and a white supremacist, I actually thought of Archie Bunker. I loved the show and loved laughing at the ignorant bigot. But just keep in mind this one important point. If a white supremacist is accused of hurting a black person, who’s side is the bigot likely to take?

            The power of white supremacy depends on bigots and those sympathetic to bigots. During slavery and Jim Crow, probably very few people would admit to being white supremacist. But the atrocities committed by the KKK were all forgiven by sympathetic bigots and those who were sympathetic to bigots.

            2. “Obama cut school-choice funding to poor families with children in DC”

            “Obama extended the Bush era grant program “Race to the Top” by 22.5%.”

            “Monday, the administration (Obama) announced that the on-time high school graduation rate reached a record high of 83.2 percent in the 2014-2015 school year”

            “The president made the formal announcement later that day at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in the District of Columbia, a school that serves mostly African-American students from low-income families, but now graduates 100 percent of its seniors.”

            “The administration said plans are on track to prepare 100,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers by 2021. At the same time, American universities are graduating 100,000 engineers each year for the first time. Also, high schools in 31 states have added computer science as a required course.”

            This is something that my son was able to take advantage of by getting a stem scholarship for Chemistry.

            “These efforts helped contribute to a decline in dropout rates, and over the last decade, dropout rates have been cut dramatically for Latino and African American students, while the number of high schools where fewer than six in 10 students graduate on time has been cut by more than 40 percent,”

            Obama opposed the DC vouchers for the most common sense of reasons.

            “The Office of Management and Budget noted that the vouchers have yet to produce statistically significant gains, and said the administration’s focus is on improving the country’s public education system overall.”

            You can love school choice, vouchers, charters, private schools, public schools, or homeschooling which is what my wife and I did. However, choices don’t exist in a vacuum. Because someone doesn’t support what you believe will work doesn’t mean that they are indifferent and not trying to find solutions that do work.

            1. “Finally, yes, the surgical abortion rate is down. But not because of Obama.”

            –Have you read any study that says people are not having sex because of abortion?
            –I’ve read studies that speak to the fact that the abortion rate is down because he made contraceptives more readily available.
            –I’ll bet you personally know very few people that do not practice some form of birth control. Very few families are like the Duggars.
            –Another fun fact is that the reason conservatives have had so much success recently with abortion is because college educated women no longer need abortion as a birth control method. They all have access to contraceptives through their health insurance.
            –There’s a reason why, not just in the black community, poor women are more likely to get abortions or be teenage moms. They don’t have access to the various birth control methods. This is something that Obama has worked to fix.
            –Abortion rates are down because people have better access to contraceptives all thanks to Obama!

          • Thomas J. Nash

            Tell that to the DC Moms who couldn’t choose to send their kids to a Catholic school anymore. They certainly saw the difference. Absurd. And thanks for not recognizing the reality of abortifacient contraceptives and Obama’s ardent attempts to violate the related religious liberties of many with the HHS mandate. Meanwhile, The family is disintegrating in various ways, with redefinition of marriage and 41-percent unwed birth rate. Let us pray for one another. God have mercy on our country.

  • Patmos

    ESPN had credibility?

    • Boris

      Yes it does. Sports reporters are the world’s last truth tellers.

  • Boris

    Oh great. An article written by white supremacist Thomas J. Nash.

    • Thomas J. Nash


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