‘Islamophobia’ and Other Dung Beetles of the Brain

By John Zmirak Published on May 24, 2017

Fake news is bad enough. You know what’s worse? The torrent of “junk words.” They have crawled into the culture like ravenous dung beetles. They infest our talk. They eat our thoughts. Here’s a quick list of some of the worst. I’ve included more honest definitions of them than you’ll ever hear in polite circles. Luckily, I got myself formally dismissed from polite circles many years ago. (In writing. It had a nice, official wax seal.) So here I am to help.

The Deplorables’ Dictionary

  • Transphobia (n): The awareness that: Men don’t menstruate. Men in drag shouldn’t take over women’s sports or bathrooms. The proper term for “trans men” is “eunuchs.” The correct response to a “trans woman” is “Bless her heart!”
  • Cisgender (adj): Descriptive of a man who hasn’t had his tallywhacker lopped off. Or of a woman who has kept likewise free of psychiatric and surgical malpractice. (Note that this does not serve to describe a woman who has avoided Female Genital Mutilation. The proper word for that is “infidel.”)
  • Heteronormative (adj): A pejorative term for cultural practices based on a speculative biological theory: That males and females, as mammals, must mate to maintain the human species.
  • Woke (adj): 1) Internet slang which describes someone who marks his status in elite white society by damning unemployed white coal miners on behalf of ethnic or sexual minorities enrolled at Harvard. 2) The term which the most self-righteous people you’ll ever meet use to describe themselves, and warn the rest of us away.
  • Marginalized (adj): A term that describes any minority group that has multimillion dollar pressure groups working on its behalf. The goal? To liquidate resistance and criticism. (See the LGBT community). To describe groups that are actually persecuted and abandoned, such as Yazidis and Middle Eastern Christians, the preferred usage is not to mention them at all, ever. It’s not polite.
  • Feminism (n): 1) A conspiracy to make family life impossible by applying to the most intimate human relations the paranoid power dynamic imported from Marxism. 2) A psychological warfare campaign originated by aquatic mammals to reduce the human birth rate to zero, leaving the planet to be dominated by dolphins and manatees.
  • Islamophobia (n): The groundless, irrational fear that out of a billion people whose religion tells them to “kill the unbeliever,” at least a few thousand will actually go ahead and do it.

How About “Jihadophobia”?

Which brings us to the news. The latest item on the whirring Muslim Atrocities Ticker (as of this writing*) comes from The Daily Caller News Foundation:

A Florida man who shared neo-Nazi sympathies with his roommates says he killed them shortly after converting to Islam because they made disparaging remarks about his newfound faith.

Devon Arthurs told detectives he shot Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, on Friday afternoon because he was angry about supposed worldwide anti-Muslim sentiment and “wanted to bring attention to his cause,” according to a Tampa Police Department report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.

This might just sound like a one-off. The act of a cranky loser. A sociopath straight off Criminal Minds. He was just looking for a pretext. Except that this kind of killing for Islam’s honor has happened twice in the past 12 months. Not in Pakistan. In America.

Killing for Islam’s Honor

Back in November, Abdul Razak Ali Artan did the same thing. Remember the machete attack on students at Ohio State University? Probably not, because it was quickly sent into the memory hole. According to Reuters:

Investigators were looking into a message posted on Facebook by Artan with inflammatory statements about being “sick and tired” of seeing Muslims killed, a law enforcement source said.

“Stop the killing of the Muslims in Burma,” Artan said in the Facebook post.

Violence in Myanmar, which is also known as Burma, has sent Rohingya Muslims fleeing across the border to Bangladesh amid allegations of abuses by security forces…. Artan’s post did not mention Islamic State but it praised Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S.-born radical cleric linked to al Qaeda who was killed by a U.S. drone strike in 2011.

Artan was not a homegrown psychotic, but a Somali “refugee.” The U.S. flew Artan, his mother, and six of his siblings past a dozen “safe countries” where Islam is not insulted. Where in fact, it is the law. Then Dallas Catholic Charities (Don’t mess with Texas!) used your tax dollars to “resettle” this Somali clan in America. And Artan enrolled at Ohio State University. There he decided to use a machete to avenge the policies of Burma on the students of Ohio. Makes sense to me! Good thing my thinking isn’t clouded by Islamophobia.

How many Muslims in America think that it’s okay to kill in defense of Islam’s honor? I haven’t seen any studies. But of Muslims in Britain, some 32 percent sympathize with violence against those who mock the “prophet” Muhammad.

Are You Part of the Umma?

What’s the common theme here? The mainstream Islamic idea that every Muslim on earth is a member of an ideal religious and political community: the Umma. That supranational entity claims first place for orthodox Muslims. Nation-states are “infidel” institutions. So serious, theologically minded Muslims are Muslims first politically. They’re Americans, French, or Belgians a distant second.

Up until 1922, a formal Caliphate existed, based in Turkey. It issued legal rulings (fatwas) and official calls for jihad. When the secularizing Turkish state abolished that institution, things got worse. In the absence of a Caliphate, many Muslim (clerics or laymen) took its authority upon themselves. They started to issue fatwas condemning people like Salman Rushdie to death. Or declarations of jihad against countries like the U.S.

While ISIS claims it wants to restore the formal Caliphate, in its absence groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda practice freelance jihad worldwide. So do homegrown crackpots like Devon Arthurs, and imported charity cases like Abdul Razak Ali Artan. There’s no global Muslim authority that can tell them to stop.

Jihad: It’s Just What a Man’s Gotta Do

So everyone in the Umma is a brother. What about the rest of us? We are not in the “House of Islam.” We are in the “House of War.” It is every Muslim man’s duty to wage jihad in one form or other until we convert or die. One tiny loophole exists: For approved monotheists, we do have the option to subjugate ourselves. We accept Muslim domination, pay them a special tax, and live under their thumb in a kind of religious Jim Crow arrangement. (For much, much more on this — with exhaustive documentation, see The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad, by Stream author William Kilpatrick.)

None of these ideas are “radical” outliers in Islamic theology and jurisprudence. They’re as basic to it as kosher laws are to Judaism, and talk of sin and forgiveness is to Christianity.

Keep that in mind the next time someone accuses you of suffering from a phobia. That charge is just a dung-beetle, burrowing for your brain.


*In between this article’s writing and its publication, the jihadist terror attack in Manchester, England occurred. God be with the victims and their families. We really weren’t kidding about the need for a Muslim Atrocities Ticker.

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