In Sex Scandal, Pres. Trump Should Treat Vatican Like Any Other Foreign Government

By Austin Ruse Published on September 5, 2018

President Trump thinks Pope Francis is handling the priest sex abuse crisis “as well as he could,” according to WMAL radio personality Vince Colonese, who interviewed the President in the Oval Office yesterday.

Speaking this morning on his WMAL radio program, Colonese reports that Trump also said everyone “knew” former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Colonese says the president “looked sad” as he talked about the crisis in the Church, particularly since he has had a longtime relationship with the Church. 

Viganò’s Letter

It’s possible the president does not know what the Vatican is really doing to handle the crisis. Someone should tell Trump that Pope Francis and his men have been content to remain silent and allow media cutouts to slander the accuser, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who released his j’accuse two weeks ago.

Consider that high-ranking officials of a foreign government have covered up the criminal sexual assault of American men and boys. This is how this crisis should be viewed by the U.S. government.

In his now infamous letter, Viganò charges that some of the pope’s closest advisers, indeed Pope Francis himself, knew that the disgraced McCarrick was a serial assaulter of young men and boys. Viganò charges that the pope ignored sanctions levied on McCarrick by his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Worse, Pope Francis elevated McCarrick to one of his closest advisers. He was also allowed to live close to seminarians, the pool of young flesh he craved.

Catholics are Fed Up

President Trump should understand that Catholics are fed up and would not object to federal intervention into this crisis. Consider that high-ranking officials of a foreign government have covered up the criminal sexual assault of American men and boys. This is how this crisis should be viewed by the U.S. government.

The U.S. government should request that the Vatican release all documents related to McCarrick’s sexual assaults. There are files in the Vatican embassy in Washington DC and in various offices in Rome. Again, the President should act as if that criminal behavior against Americans was covered up by officials of a foreign government.

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Some say this would be tantamount to secular governmental interference with the internal workings of the Church. They say it would be a violation of religious freedom. Those people should understand that religious freedom does not extend to such criminal behavior. This is not religious dissent from an unjust law. These are crimes that violate core teachings of the Church herself. And covering up criminal behavior is itself criminal behavior.

Others suggest we would not want a future Hillary Clinton-type traipsing through the files of the Catholic Church. Hillary Clinton-types are not our friends, to be sure, and they may be licking their chops to go after the Church. This is a serious objection. However, we have already seen local governmental intrusion into the non-religious behavior of Catholic churchmen. We have seen Catholic priests go to jail over sexual assault. We have seen a Grand Jury investigation into priest pederasty in Pennsylvania. This would be no different, even though it may come from the federal government.

What the U.S. Can Do

Any approach by the U.S. government would have to be appropriate and only with a proper level of escalating requests. The first request should come from the U.S. Department of State in the person of U.S. Ambassador Callista Gingrich. At some point, a U.S. Attorney might get involved. At a later point, the president may recall our ambassador altogether.

The Church insists, quite correctly, that the government of the Church, known as the Holy See, is a sovereign personality able to meet other governments as equals in bilateral or multilateral relationships. If a foreign government hid a criminal, the U.S. federal government would not hesitate to intervene with the government of the perp’s country. The Holy See should be afforded this same kind of respect, government to government.

Release the Documents

None of this would be necessary if the Vatican would just do the right thing and act in a responsible way to the Viganò accusations. Rather than stone-wall, release the documents. If Viganò is a liar, prove it! But, as we have seen in the past, bishops seems incapable of handling this crisis responsibly.

Bishops have seemed content to drain Church resources to pay off victims, hide the charges from the laity, and move priests around who are victimizers. Bishops say after the crisis of 2002 they no longer move victimizers around, but that is precisely what was done with Theodore McCarrick. And this seems to have happened with the direct involvement of Vatican officials.

A Recent Investigation

A few weeks ago, Josh Hawley became the first Attorney General in the country to announce a state-wide investigation into priest pederasty.

He did so in Missouri, a state with 735,000 Catholics, while he is in a heated political battle for the U.S. Senate with dissident Catholic Democrat Clare McCaskill. This speaks volumes about where Hawley thinks Catholic voters are on this issue.

A Lesson for President Trump

President Trump should be watching. This should be a lesson for him as the Vatican continues to stonewall the release of documents about how high-ranking Vatican officials may have shielded an American Cardinal who sexually assaulted American seminarians.

The President should know that Pope Francis is not handling this crisis as well as he could.


*This piece has been updated since original publication to correct what the president said concerning McCarrick.

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  • ImaginaryDomain

    The fact that the catholic church has more than two nickles to rub together is a complete failure of our trial lawyers. Pursue massive class action suits nationwide. Move for immediate court-ordered seizure of ALL there assets in the US, including those cozy tax-exempt churches and schools they funnel money into. Seize all cash, including foreign bank accounts (like in Rome and the Vatican, plus however many billions they have squirreled away in those lovely tax free Swiss bank accounts). Sell the land and buildings at auction, and use the cash to begin to pay the abused.

    Then have the state and federal gov’t pursue criminal convictions all the way up to and including the pope. Use the RICO statutes – this is a textbook criminally corrupt organisation.

    Or, if the catholic church is truly repentant, they would do this voluntarily…But, naw, ain’t gonna happen. They have become far too corrupt and far too powerful for any true measure of repentance. So again, I’m rooting for the trial lawyers here.

    • As I said in response to this exact same message in another thread:
      Overthrowing God’s order will not deify you.

      you want to destroy the Church because you know the Church is the only thing standing in the way of the plan of overthrowing God’a order.

      Of course, all people who have tried what you did: english, communists, Constantinople, mohammedans, albegenisians, protestants, arians, etc have all destroyed themselves in the process of what you fantacize over.

      This is because God is at the head of the Church and will destroy the world before He lets harm come to the Church.

      As for the scandal, that is sodomites and young men. What does sodomy have to do with the Church? At all?

      It seems you want to scapegoat the Church so you can give sodomites and teachers and policemen and media figures a free pass. your dark master can’t hide this game you are playing forever.

      • Jim

        Provide support for your lies about police officers and teachers. They aren’t the ones abusing kids in your mockery of a religion. I find it personally offensive that you support priests abusing kids. I hope the entire rcc crumbles.

        • No, but police and teachers are abusing people at the highest rates of any group. The least likely are Priests, second least likely are Rabbis.

          The Church is indestructible. you only wish for your own ruin by trying to scapegoat the Church to cover for sodomites

          • Jim

            Post anything to prove your nonsense about cops and teachers….anything.

          • As I said, it was in the john jay report that you were posting a while ago.

            I suppose your fundamental defect here is voluntarism. That is the erroneous belief that reality depends on your ego and consent.

            Therefore that bit of info in the report isn’t there because you don’t want it to be there. Therefore Marriage isn’t a Sacrament because you don’t want it to be.

            It seems your capital sin is pride, which is the belief that you have usurped Divine Will for yourself. Here is an empirical test to prove your “gnosis” is a lie: tell a chair to dance.

          • Jim

            Post your proof. I’m thinking you may be one of the abusers as much time as you devote to defending them…

          • It is in your report.

      • ImaginaryDomain

        Ummm…okay. Teapot, no offense, but you sound like you’re off your meds.

        • So you irrationally screamed for state seizing of Churches like communists did, now you claim I am a madman for rebuking said communism if yours.

          When the soviets closed down the gulags, they turned mental hospitals into places to execute political prisoners. They would claim anyone who was politically inconvenient as insane (specifically with schitzophrenia) as a way to mark them for imprisonment, lobotomy, torture, and then execution in these repurposed mental hospitals.

          The question is where you learned to do that to people you find politically inconvenient. Is there something you aren’t telling us, comrade?

        • Vincent J.

          Nigel cannot pass the test given in 1 John chapter 4. He is incapable of saying (typing) “Jesus is the Son of God.” He blocked me for challenging him.

  • Dear ruse,

    I know your main concern is exclusively a very worldly paycheck and position, but remember back to when you pretended to be Catholic and claimed to believe that the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ.

    The Church is not a government, and I know you only characterize as such so you can claim the Church and government are equitable. Therefore you can claim your worship of the government is merely a side-step.

    No, americanism is heresy.

    • Seamrog

      As usual, shame on you.

      • I can see you are angry that I pointed out americanism is a heresy. Just as I point out your spiritual anger and blapshemy are gravest of the grave sins.

        • Austin Ruse

          Claiming the Holy See is a sovereign personality is not even remotely Americanism.

          • Asserting the government over God and claiming the Church is a mere governmental body so you can persist in worshipping government is americanism. It is also anglicanism, how did that work the last time that was tried?

          • Austin Ruse

            Presumably you agree with McCarrick that grabbing a seminarian’s Johnson is an act of God. Noted.

          • calumny is a mortal sin even for self-righteous un lobbyists, since you are a “Faithful Catholic” I don’t need to explain what this message has done to your soul.

            I asked you what happened when England sought to put itself over the Church in the 1500’s. Do you think you will be exempt from the second round of that? Is that why you want to appease the government so they eat you last?

            Finally, to answer your calumny here, the donatist heresy established that the Offices created by Holy Orders cannot be affected by the actions of the people in the positions themselves. This is because Holy Orders are a Sacrament and man cannot touch or change what God has instituted.

            The Church is also indefectible and indivisible and indestructible, so both the Church and the Offices of Clergy are unaffected by any human action because God is unaffected by human action.

            Now here is the real fun part (not for you though) the actions of the person in the Office cannot affect the Office, but you also cannot separate the person from the Office they occupy. Therefore any attacks on a Priest, Bishop, or any Clergy is a mortal sin going on blasphemy as you attack God, the Church, and their Office along with them.

            Therefore the scapegoated sodomite you mention is still as evil as any other sodomite (where is you condemnation of sodomy?), but also deserves respect and is a Holy man by the Office he occupies.

    • Austin Ruse

      Actually, I work in a international milieu — the UN — where the Holy See is a government. Moreover, the Holy See claims for itself, correctly, that it is a sovereign personality able to participate in bilateral and multilateral negotiations with other government. So, it is no my claim, it is the claim of the Church. I remain a faithful Catholic.

      • So I was right. This is an act of self-interest in asserting your political body over the Church. Or should I say you hope to appease the monsters you deal with by offering up the Church as a sacrifice.

        I have heard communists advocating for total governmental seizure of Church property make that claim of being a Faithful Catholic twice this week. Also from a multitude of “trads” who really seem like neo-protestants in their hatred of the Church and blasphemously claiming it is in error.

        • Austin Ruse

          So I was right. You believe princes of the church can rape seminarians with impunity.

          • I never said such a thing about that nor did you in this exchange. calumny is the mortal sin where you try to lie to defame, but you are used to that one even before your lost book deal made you carry buckets for sodomites.

            Is that what this is? you covering for sodomites and what they do by scapegoating the Church?

            What I did actually say, and what you did say in the article, is that you want to put the us government (no doubt as a stepping stone for putting your precious one-world-government un over it) over the Church just as king henry viii did in the 1500’s to root out protestant heretics from the Church.

            you do this either for power (as you work for the un lobbyist, as you claim) or out of a misguided belief that you will appease the leviathan you got in bed with if you offer up the Church as a sacrifice in the hopes te leviathan eats you last.

            Let me ask a question: what did henry viii do with his self-proclaimed power over the Church once the protestants were rooted out?

  • ealexey05

    ︅︅v︅i︅si︅t p︅l︅a︅c︅e w︅︅h︅ere i s︅h︅o︅w︅ m︅︅y ︅a︅︅u︅g︅ht︅y pi︅c︅t︅u︅r︅e︅s︅, lu︅r︅k︅i︅n ︅f︅o︅r︅ m︅︅ee︅ti︅ngs︅.
    C︅︅h︅a︅t m︅︅e︅ h︅er︅e︅, I r︅e︅a︅d︅y t︅o ︅d︅a︅te︅ ̩▶️ i︅a︅︅l︅m︅a︅︅z︅.︅c︅o︅m︅/︅g︅a︅l︅l︅e︅r︅︅y︅︅6︅6︅7︅︅5︅0︅4

    • jalex9860

      ︅︅A︅w︅e︅s︅om︅e︅! L︅︅i︅ke i︅t︅:︅)︅

  • Carlo Cristofori

    The Pennsylvania attorney general has said on national television that he has evidence of a coverup he can trace to the Vatican. If so , he could file some kind of lawsuit in federal court in which the court could order production of documents in the possession of the papal nuncio in Washington and the Vatican. Perhaps his staff is already working on this.

    • Of trying to assert the government over the Church? Of course the devil is always at work trying to destroy the only thing stopping him from human extinction.

      The question is why are you in on it?

    • DominicSavio

      Commence a RICO investigation, but who would prompt the President to initiate it? Callista Gingrich?

      Maybe Rudy Giuliani.

  • Seamrog

    We would do well to keep Trump well away from the Church.

    “President Trump should understand that Catholics are fed up and would not object to federal intervention into this crisis. ”

    I can’t fathom why you would make this statement. I know you understand that most ‘Catholics’ have no problem with the sodomites or birth control, or the marxist demonic democrats.

    Be careful what you ask for…..

    • The reason is that (as you said shame on me for) is that ruse is a subversive looking to sacrifice the Church as appeasement in the hopes the government won’t eat him.

      In the 1500’s the English government rooted out protestant heretics from the Church in England. The result was mass persecution of Catholics because the government declared itself over God. This is eat ruse wants as it would no doubt please the freemason leadership of the us.

      I wouldn’t doubt ruse’s paymasters already have their self destruction at the hands of God for attacking the Church planned.

      • Seamrog

        You are a lunatic, and you better hope in that when you stop breathing.

        • That I must hope in lunacy or the government when you plan to curse and kill me because it makes you feel “big” to commit mortal sins? Or is it your leviathan that plans to kill me? Last time I saw you, you were casting curses on me; another St Benedict prayer is said to have curses returned to whence they came.

          No, any government that tries to usurp the Church ends up destroyed. your freemason government will share no different fate than all of the other puppets of the devil who tried the same thing.

          I have no doubt ruse’s paymasters already have their own self destruction at the hands of God for attacking the Church already planned out. Of course, they don’t know attacking the Church will destroy them.

          • Cody

            All you are is a trouble maker, and you have no idea what you are talking about, St Benedict is dead and can’y pray to anyone, also christians don’t put curses on people. what you need is a reality check. I hope you can open your heart to let the healer Jesus in or your fate is doomed. and no need to respond I am not waisting anymore time with someone who just wants to argue. and not look at the truth.

          • St Benedict is in Heaven and therefore is perfectly alive.

            As for all reprobate’s (heretics & blasphemers included), damnation begins on earth.

          • Cody

            And I suppose you have been to heaven an seen St Benedic if not your lying because you can only assume he is in Heaven.

          • St Benedict is one of the greatest Saints in the Church and had muah of his fully human abilities on earth.

          • Vincent J.

            1 John chapter 4 gives us instructions for discerning spirits. If you challenge NigenTeaPot, you’ll discover that he is incapable of saying (typing), “Jesus is the Son of God.” I have challenged him, and he blocked me to stop the challenge.

          • Sagittarius56

            That church will be destroyed by its own excesses.

          • And what “excess” is that.

            you mean the beauty of Icons and Cathedrals that anger you because they make you realize there are greater things and greater people than yourself?

          • Sagittarius56

            Nope I love them because they are things of beauty .you should look up pictures of the one that in Barcelona that is still being built

          • Then what do you mean?

        • Vincent J.

          1 John chapter 4 gives us instructions for discerning spirits. If you challenge NigenTeaPot, you’ll discover that he is incapable of saying (typing), “Jesus is the Son of God.”

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