In Order to Find Life and Share It, We Have to Lose Our Lives

By James Robison Published on January 1, 2024

Stream Founder and Publisher James Robison has a special message for us this New Year’s.

I have never seen such horrible seeds sown in a nation that once believed the truth β€” believed it, firmly stood for it, defended it, tried to live it and demonstrate.

And now then we have totally turned β€” our leadership has totally turned against the sanity of God’s will and God’s word. And we are no longer restoring principles, recognizing principles, protecting and preserving those principles.

Please go to God in prayer and tell God with your whole heart, “I commit my life. I lose my life for your sake, for your will, in order to find life, in order to share life, to experience it fully, to share it freely. I lose my life in your vision, in your dream, your will being done on your earth, through your family, through the body of Christ, the Church.” That’s what I’m committed to and we can experience. And I believe the stage is set for it.

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