The Human Rights Campaign Uses the FBI to Harass Their Critics

In this March 24, 2018, file photo, a Human Rights Campaign flag waves in the crowd during the 2018 March For Our Lives in Washington D.C.

By Austin Ruse Published on July 3, 2018

A few days ago, we came home to discover we had been visited by a special agent of the FBI. He left his card. I called him and left a message. We assumed it was related to a background check on one of our friends up for a job in the federal government.

It wasn’t that at all. When he called me back a few days later, he wanted to know about a Twitter exchange I had with the anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign. It should be noted that this group has been designated a hate group by the American Family Association for their attacks on Christians who stand up for traditional sexual morality.

The Human Rights Campaign was running a campaign on Twitter “asking” businesses to affix the gay rainbow somewhere visible in their business. This would ideally, for them, be attached to the front of the store.

I replied, “That’s a nice business. Too bad if something happened to it.”

The FBI told me they had gotten a civil rights complaint from the Human Rights Campaign. He said, please know, we are not opening up an investigation, but we are required by law to follow up.

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“So, what did you mean by that?,” he asked.

I told him it was a reference to the mafia shaking down businesses for protection. Of course, he knew that. He chuckled when I told him. You could tell he was rather embarrassed at having to ask. He could not have been nicer. He said, without further questions, “I thought so.” He said, “no problem” and rung off.

The HRC’s ‘Swatting’

What HRC did is akin to “swatting,” the terrifying harassment tactic of deceiving law enforcement into sending a large number of armed officers to someone’s address when there is no such emergency.

What HRC did was waste the time of the FBI over something they knew had no basis in fact. The FBI is stretched remarkably thin working on issues of authentic crime. HRC caused an FBI agent to stop what he was doing, get in his car, and drive to our house.

What HRC did is akin to filing a false police report.

Conform or Suffer

HRC “asking” businesses to put up the gay rainbow to show their support for the gay cause is akin to a mafia shakedown. It works like this: A local restaurant is owned by a faithful Catholic who objects to the gay agenda. He does not want to put up the gay rainbow. He finds it offensive. So, he doesn’t put it up. Gays notice he doesn’t have the gay rainbow affixed to his window. “Why don’t you have the rainbow on your window?,” they ask. “Are you homophobic? Do you really want the local community to know about you?” You can see it spooling out from there. He is targeted by the local bully boys who proceed to make his life miserable, perhaps harming and even shuttering his business.

That’s what this anti-Christian hate group is doing. Intimidating businesses into accepting their propaganda and employing federal agents to harass their critics.

A friend of mine used to have one of the top jobs at Time-Warner. One day a young man came by and said human resources had given him approval to ask employees if they would put up the gay rainbow in their offices. My friend declined and that was the end of it. But that was a decade ago. Today, his refusal would be noted, and trouble would follow. Today he would likely put the gay rainbow up and simply grit his teeth.

A few years ago, top employees at JP Morgan Chase, one of the biggest banks in the world, got in touch with me with a story about a global employee survey that asked various questions including, “Are you LGBT or are you an ally.” Note that the employees had to have their names affixed to their answers. These employees were frightened that if they did not answer correctly, if they simply did not answer, they could be in trouble, a black mark across their name, perhaps reeducation, perhaps that expected promotion never to materialize.

Soviet Tactics

In his book The Power of the Powerless, Václav Havel writes about something similar in Soviet dominated Czechoslovakia. Businesses were asked to put up pro-Soviet posters in the windows of their shops. Most of them knew the punishment that would come if they didn’t. So most of them put up the posters simply to avoid trouble.

That’s what this anti-Christian hate group is doing. Intimidating businesses into accepting their propaganda and employing federal agents to harass their critics.

As is often said these days, this will not end well.

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  • Robert J. Cihak, MD

    Also remember, in Havel’s essay, that each shopkeeper who does NOT put the “Workers of the World Unite” sign in his window is a THREAT to the regime. The fact that this is a threat also helps me understand why some of these groups seem so fragile in their ideological thinking.

    • retiredconservative

      And how they hire trolls to spam the comboxes.

  • Anne Hendershott

    Great article Austin – More than a decade ago, at a University I used to work for…faculty and staff were “asked” to post a pink triangle on their office walls and office doors designating their office was a “safe space” for gay and lesbian students. Everyone complied – how could you not comply with designating an office as “safe” – That same year, entering first year students all got 2 pink triangles in their orientation packets – two of them – one to post on the outside of their orientation folders, and the other one to post on their dorm room doors. Most complied. They knew – as you did Austin – that it was a shakedown. “Nice office/dorm room you have here…it would be too bad if something happened to it.”

    • “Most complied.”

      What bad things happened to those who did not comply?

  • cestusdei

    Report the HRC, everytime, all the time. Do it to them and let them enjoy it.

    • Report them for…what?

      • cestusdei

        Anything and everything. Flood the system with complaints about hate speech etc. It’s what they do to us. Turn about is fair play.

        • First off, hate speech is not a legal concept in the US, so there’s no authority to report it to.

          And if you start reporting them for “anything and everything,” how long until the authorities start ignoring you, and then eventually cite you for repeatedly filing frivolous reports? But by all means, proceed with this strategy. It’s a great way of discrediting your position.

          • cestusdei

            So what. They report it anyway just to harass us.

            That’s the beauty of it. If you report something they HAVE to investigate. That’s how bureaucrats do things lol. Sure you don’t do them all yourself. Get others to help out so it isn’t just one person, that’s what they do. They don’t mind being discredited either, that isn’t the point. The point is to make your opponent miserable, nervous, and ultimately willing to shut up just to avoid further harassment.

            That’s the world the Left has built. There is no going back because they have no intention of returning to civility. They hate us and persecute us. Use their own tactics against them. Alkinski can be used by conservatives too. It will drive them nuts.

          • You have a wild imagination.

          • cestusdei

            No, I just watch what they do and think maybe we should do it back to them.

  • ssgcmwatson

    Kind of like the Blue Eagle program back in the Great Depression.

  • “That’s a nice business. Too bad if something happened to it.”

    That’s a threat. It needs to be investigated. So you were joking, and in context meant something completely different — how does the FBI know that? By investigating

    Seriously, it’s funny to see just how far you have to go to invent claims of persecution. The sad thing (from your perspective) is that each of these bogus persecution claims does nothing but demonstrate you suffer no actual persecution.

    • Austin Ruse

      No, i wasn;t joking…this was the implied threat of the anti-Christian hate group HRC.

      • I’ve looked for the implied threat in what you described. Can’t find it. The only threat is the one you uttered, the threat that warranted investigation.

        • samton909

          Austin Ruse understands the way the HRC and other such groups have recently begn to operate. Bake us a cake or we will destroy you. They have recently begun using tactics that are questionable to say the least. Anyone with a brain understands that while Ruse may have been extrapolating a bit, there is every chance that the “rainbow” could be used in this way. Maybe the HRC would set up a website and say “These companies refused to put up a rainbow”.So now, it is “advertise us or else”. So because of their previous vicious behavior, it is not that much of a stretch to realize that the homosexual movement has become quite vicious, and his joke merely pointed that out.

          • You say, “extrapolating a bit.” I say he’s making things up, especially since there is no history of any action taken against a business for refusing to put up the sticker. Also, don’t call it a “joke” because Austin just said it wasn’t one; did you see that?

          • Austin Ruse

            Yes, it wasn’t a was my accusation that the anti-Christian group was using Mafia-like tactics against small businesses. I stand by that.

          • Would be even better if you stood by it with some actual evidence.

          • Austin Ruse

            Spoken like true mafia.

          • Or an honest man who care about honesty in others.

            Seriously, that last reply if yours was so bizarre that you should probably delete all record of it.

          • Austin Ruse

            I am quite sure you have captured it for your Austin Ruse Dossier already! LOL.

          • No real reason to, I think. Strange thinking like yours is exactly the reason why you guys lost the battle for marriage. I mean, come on. The whole notion that asking for evidence is a mafia technique? That destroys your credibility right there.

          • Austin Ruse

            Actually, we won 34 statewide races including in Democratic states, including during Democratic primaries. We only lost becuase of the courts. And as GLAAD says, support for LGBT has begun to slide. The thing is, no one celebrates when their son comes out as homosexual. It is a day of mourning. Folks come to accept it, but…

          • Austin Ruse

            What’s more…we won even when the polls showed we would lose massively. This goes to the issue we aer discussing today. People are afraid of the fascists. This is no way to truly convince Mr. and Mrs. America.

          • No, you lost almost all the last elections before the scotus rulings.

            But seriously, what evidence do you have that there was an implied threat with a sticker?

            (And don’t worry, I recognize that you think a request for facts is somehow a mafia-style tactic. Still I can’t break this darn habit of wanting my views to be based in facts. No matter how immoral you may consider that habit to be.)

          • Austin Ruse

            We won 34 statewide elections…you won two.

          • Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota. That sounds like 4 — and the bulk of the electoral results before the SCOTUS ruling.

            But seriously, all your attempts at deflection aside: What evidence do you have that there there was an implied threat with the sticker? What happened to those who didn’t post it?

          • Austin Ruse

            I just posted a list of 30 states (moderation is waiting any links put up here) that went our, okay, 30-4. It’s called a blowout.

            I have also listed a number of instances where gay protesters closed or threatened businesses…people get the message that to get on the wrong side of the mafia fascists can cost you your business.

          • See, here’s the thing. You’re just wrong. Again and again and again. You don’t seem to care. It doesn’t ever seem to occur to you that your utter confidence in uttering falsehoods might be a sign that there’s something wrong with your position, that in fact the Aquinas wisdom you throw out so freely might actually apply to you.

            Anyway, it’s clear you actually have no evidence the stickers came with an implied threat by HRC, and are not able to provide any evidence of harm that came to those who refused to post the stickers. That much is obvious. So I’ll leave this be and let you respond by calling me stupid or whatever other content-free insult comes to your mind, and let you go on unrepentently presenting falsehoods as if they were facts. And I have no doubt that will be an effective tactic with your steadily-dwindling base of support. For a little while.

            Meanwhile, I’ll go on enjoying my marriage to my husband which you were powerless to present and are powerless to negate, and knowing also that that louder your voice the more secure my own position becomes. It’s an irony I fully appreciate and very much enjoy.

          • Austin Ruse

            I am correct about 1.6%. You can look it up. I’m right that we won an overwhelming number of states. You won a couple. I am also correct that employees and businesses are afraid of being targets by the fascists. Oh, yeah, and you aren’t married.

          • Austin Ruse

            And the interesting this about the fainting boys who lodged the complaint is that they knew to lodge not a criminal complaint but a “civil rights” complaint. Why? Because they know the FBI is bound by law to enquire about every “civil rights” complaint, no matter how spurious. so, they knew quite well, how to waste the time of the FBI when the FBI has much more pressing things to do than deal with the fainting fellas at HRC.

        • Austin Ruse

          It is only a threat to a pantywaist.

          • Lol. Such a tough guy.

            So which is it, a mafia style threat or no threat at all?Can’t have it both ways.

          • Austin Ruse

            Sodomy, like all habituated and unconfessed sin, makes you stupid, so i will go slow for you. In the words of St. Thomas Aquinas, it dims the intellect.

            1. you accuse me of making a threat.
            2. I responded that my comment would only be a threat to a pantywaist.
            3. Mine was a comment, however, on the implied threat made by anti-Christian gays to small businessmen.

            Let me know if you need any further explanation, and consider going to confession.

          • Lol. We had an exchange a few years back about the percentage of people who are gay where you kept calling me a moron. I kept pointing out that even your own sources showed you were wrong but you kept calling me a moron. I ignored the insults and kept presenting facts until you finally had to admit you were wrong.

            So really, you calling me stupid just makes me laugh because I remember how it backfired on you last time.

            Meanwhile, you resorting to insults like that just shows that you don’t have substance behind your position. I don’t know why you keep resorting to that tactic because it only makes you look bad.

            In any case, your article is going to be empty until you can supply evidence there was in fact a threat by HRC. For instance, surely you wouldn’t be making these accusations unless you had something real, like evidence of harm done to people who refused to put the sticker. So what do you have?

          • Austin Ruse

            Poor boy…I do not remember…but you remember…You mean i argued the number is not 1.6%?

          • 1.6‰? Sadly, it appears your experiment with intellectual integrity back then was only temporary.

            Back to the point: Do you have any evidence that there was an implied threat with the sticker? For instance, what happened to those who did not put it on display? Surely you have some terrible story of how they were victimized that we can check up on.

          • Austin Ruse

            Then your memory is as darkened as your intellect. According to the best data, from the CDC, thepercentage is 1.6%

          • Sure. Not what you finally admitted to then.

            Meanwhile, what evidence do you have that there was an implied threat behind the sticker?

          • Austin Ruse

            Really? What did i admit to then?

          • Austin Ruse

            Habitual sin can make the smartest man stupid. It darkens the intellect.

          • Not surprisingly, the irony of your post escapes you.

      • Also, please stop claiming that any group that doesn’t agree with your particular denomination of Christianity is anti-christian. That’s just a lie.

    • samton909

      How pathetic. It was not a threat and everyone with a brain knows it. Do you work at the HRC or something? Anyone approaching this honestly understands that the fact that some creepy group uses the FBI to harass their critics is wrong, wrong, wrong. You are obviously not approaching this honestly.

      • Actually, it’s Austin who is not approaching this honestly, given that there is no history of any action taken against a business for refusing to put up the sticker. This is an utter invention on Austin’s part, and utterly dishonest.

  • john

    Can you come up with a single instance where something happened to a business because it didn’t put up a rainbow sticker? Neither can I.

    • How DARE you think that Austin’s completely made-up paranoid scenario that has never actually happened is in fact a completely made-up paranoid scenario that has never actually happened?

      How DARE you,sir, how DARE you?

      • samton909

        Dear Mr. Nutcase. Did you notice the part where Ruse said the FBI visited him because of a joke on twitter? Now, tell me about paranoia

        • At least the joke — though he said it wasn’t a joke, did you see that — actually happened.

    • samton909

      The implication is clear – and gay billiionaire Tim Gill has made the threat explicit. He spent over 400 million dollars trying to get gay marriage passed in the U.S. He said that what the gays were going to do now is “Punish the wicked”. And that is precisely what they have done with Austin Ruse. This is not the first time they have used underhanded methods to attack their

      If you could read, you would have noticed that the HRC reported a JOKE to the FBI. So your silly contention that nothing at all has happened is about as wrong as can be. The HRC knows Austin Ruse quite well. They have contended with each other for years. They KNEW it was a joke, but they also knew they would do whataver they could to harass Ruse.

      This is not the first time they have harassed him in this manner. The recent tendency of homosexuals to act as if they were a new Gestapo or Stasi is now well documented. Bake us a cake or we will destroy your lives. Contribute to a traditional marrage cause and we will take your job. We will close down your restaurant, as happened to a guy over Prop 9 in California.

      They have been harassing people for years. This is just the next step.

      • That’s quite a long response to the question, “Can you come up with a single instance where something happened to a business because it didn’t put up a rainbow sticker?”

        I mean, you could have just said…no.

  • Will Kohler

    About Austin Ruse….

    — Insists: “Gay marriage was about imposing an ideology on the rest of the country. It was about changing the institution of marriage for everyone else. And it was also about getting even with a larger society gays felt had treated them badly.”

    — Writes: “Abortion lovers. Radical homosexuals. Sexual revolutionaries. They are coming for our children. They want to win our children over for their nefarious causes that come from the very pits of hell.”

    — Insists LGBTQ activists/bloggers are: “Almost pure evil. And by that I do not mean these people. They are simply deluded by their own bad habits and by the Father of Lies. Even so, they have huge power behind them. And they are busy undermining all that is good and true and beautiful and it has been given to us to stop them.”

    — Says all countries should have laws discouraging homosexuality: “The penalties for homosexual behavior should not be jail time, but having some laws on the books, even if unenforced, would help society to teach what is good, and also would prevent such truly harmful practices as homosexual marriage and adoption. ”

    — Insisting that “countries have a right to oppose the indoctrination of their children with immoral and unhealthy notions of sexuality,” works to deny that sexual orientation and gender identity are acceptable categories for nondiscrimination protections (pretty much his pet cause at the UN)

    — Tweets that “Children don’t need to know about what is intrinsically disordered and abnormal”

    — Frames Russia’s draconian laws on “homosexual propaganda” as a positive human rights development

    — In tweet, says he “would fully support a ban on homosexual propaganda in schools”

    — Saying that “UN delegates who represent traditional people must be ever vigilant and never give an inch on this issue,” warns delegates to “beware” of any attempts “to regularize homosexuality and other behaviors in the scheme of international law.

    — Claims most Americans would agree with Russia’s anti-gay law

    — Crassly claims that federal workplace protections will eliminate job performance requirements: “They don’t even have to know how to type as long as they have lopped off their penises or at least wear dresses.”

    — In Twitter exchange with gay men, repeatedly insisted that gay people/activism is cause of gay teen suicide, alcoholism, and early death

    — Claims “[m]ost people recognize that the homosexual lifestyle is harmful to public health and morals.”

    — Bemoaned newspapers that illustrate same-sex marriage victories with affectionate same-sex couples: “The day after the decision of the Supreme Court was a full page photograph of two men kissing on USA Today. This is a paper that lands in front of hotel room doors all over the country, this is vacation time, families open that door, children may have opened this door to see two men kissing. They are making us explain things to our children that we don’t want to explain and they know what they’re doing, they absolutely know what they’re doing.”

    — In attempt to underming LGBTQ protections, falsely claims there are 23 recognized sexual orientations, including things like “urophilia” and “scatalogia.” In truth, the American Psychiatric Association recognizes these behaviors as paraphilias, not orientations.

    — Asserted that “The Catholic and Mormon groups would simply have to walk away” from a Boy Scouts of America that accepts gay youth. This even though the LDS Church came out in favor of the proposal.

    — Changed his Facebook profile pic to a skewed version of the Human Rights Campaign’s equality logo, saying his version meant “not equal”

    — Wonders why LGBQ people are not “embarrassed” of T: “One of the truly strange things about the gay-rights movement is how free they are with their strangest cousins. You would think that even gay men and lesbians might be rather embarrassed by the T in LGBTQ. But so bold are they, so fearless, that they now lead with the T. Most Americans are rightly put off by such displays of obvious psychological disturbances.”

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