(Hot) Air Let Out of California’s Climate Change Lawsuit

Class Dismissed

By William M Briggs Published on March 22, 2018

The California court climate class ordered by a judge has ended — with everybody agreeing the climate has changed.

This is good news. It means anybody who calls an oil company representative a “Climate denier!” from now on will either by lying or ignorant. This ought to make for quieter politics.

We saw earlier that the state of California was suing some oil companies.

Grant Me This

The concern was that because certain people were raking in a lot of money, they might have been tempted to skew research results in the direction of the money source. Well, it’s a fallacy to say that because somebody took the government’s money to engage in climate research they necessarily shaded results in the government’s favor. But it does increase the chances.

What’s that? You think it’s only private concerns that are seduced by money? That, somehow, when an agency takes government funding all possible avenues of confirmation bias and enticements to please the hand that is feeding them are removed? How odd.

Anyway, California thought there might have been some kind of conspiracy by oil companies to hide secrets about global warming. We also saw that secrets of the kind hoped for by climate activists weren’t really possible.

But Judge William Alsup didn’t know that and so ordered both sides to present to him a tutorial in the physics of externally heated fluids flowing over a rotating sphere. The class as scheduled to last a mere four hours. But, hey, what’s so hard? Activists, politicians, celebrities, even reporters know all about this simple subject.

We’re Here to Help

Aiding his honor were two friend-of-the-court briefs, one of which was led by Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Willie Soon, David Legates, Yours Truly, and others. The other was from scientists William Happer, Steven E. Koonin, and Richard S. Lindzen.

Happer and the others provided a lovely summary.

1. The climate is always changing; changes like those of the past half-century are common in the geologic record, driven by powerful natural phenomena

2. Human influences on the climate are a small (1%) perturbation to natural energy flows

3. It is not possible to tell how much of the modest recent warming can be ascribed to human influences

4. There have been no detrimental changes observed in the most salient climate variables and today’s projections of future changes are highly uncertain

Interested readers can explore the reasoning behind this four simple and true points at their leisure. Share them with every concerned citizen.

Monckton’s (my) group had two straightforward points.

First result: … there is no “consensus” among scientists that recent global warming was chiefly anthropogenic, still less that unmitigated anthropogenic warming has been or will be dangerous or catastrophic …

Second result: … even if it be assumed [for the sake of argument] that all of the 0.8 [degree Celsius] global warming since anthropogenic influence first became potentially significant in 1950 was attributable to us, in the present century little more than 1.2 [C] of global warming is to be expected, not the 3.3 [C] that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had predicted.

The rest can be read and enjoyed by all. Or sent to your favorite lawmaker.

Time’s Up: Hand In All Papers

Reports are the class had all the excitement of a late-term lecture on obscure numerical approximations to partial differential equations — which, as all activists know, are used in climate models. Yet the judge took an active interest.

Alsup didn’t let the tricky stuff fly over his head — he jumped in to make the presenters explain. At one point, he questioned Oxford scientist Myles Allen [hired by California] on the graph he was using: “Explain that graph there? I still don’t get it,” Alsup said.

Allen’s explanation only muddied the waters further. “I just don’t think your chart demonstrates what you’re telling me,” Alsup said. After a moment, Allen realized he must have grabbed the wrong figure. “You’re absolutely right,” he said.

Apparently, California’s idea that the oil companies secreted away formulas for cooler, or maybe it was warmer, weather did not persuade Judge Alsup. A reporter who was in the judicial classroom tweeted “Judge slams California cities lawyers says they misled the court – says document they claim ‘shows conspiracy’ shows nothing of the sort #climatechange tutorial.” Other attendees agreed.

I’m a Climate Cop, You Idiot

This result can’t be what muscle man Arnold Schwarzenegger hoped for. In between squat thrusts (we imagine) Arnie grunted that oil companies ought to be sued for murdah. Murder, that is. As in willful killing.

This shows what can happen if you avoid the library and spend too much time in the gym.

This story has been updated to fix the broken links.

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  • Putin on the Ritz

    Watch out; Arny could still beat you up for lunch money!

  • Hmmm…

    Soooo good when facts (and truth) meet delusion and hysteria – mostly when prayers hit the spirits of rebellion and control. May eyes be opened and perhaps the Awakening begin in California, where a powerful outpouring began at the start of the last century.

  • Craig Roberts

    Thank you for your work in debunking this hysteria. The need to feel important, relevant, virtuous, and fashionable is driving celebrities and politicians to jump into the salvation business. But because religion is passé and common sense generally goes unnoticed (because it’s too common) they need to jump on the WE MUST SAVE THE WORLD! bandwagon. It’s an ego inferno and somebody needs to get them to chill. Thank you for being one of the cooler heads. May you prevail.

  • Truthorlie

    Deport all the illegal immigrants to help the climate.
    California has the worst “Quality of Life” of all of United States.
    They have the worst k-12 schools for the amount of money spent on education.

  • Quantummist

    Mr. Briggs… Do you have a active link to the briefs because the links in your article are for both PDF’s are dead… Did you DL the briefs? Can you point me to any place I can DL the PDF’s? I have searched and have yet to find a path to them…

  • Paddy Johnston

    The right judge for the job…

  • William M. Briggs said,
    “I am very happy to have met you.
    “We can flirt. I will imagine what you look like coming right out of shower with wet hair.
    “It doesn’t have to be just hair…I’ll take everything.
    “The real question is: how do I see more of the beautiful ●●● before getting to XXX ?”
    “Hey! This is cheating. Every time I see you sent an email, I am happy.
    And when I see there is an attachment, I am happier. And then it turns out not to be a picture of you, and I am sad!. (But still happy!)”
    “”It was good”? Do you mean we can cook in your room?
    Would people in your apartment know if you had a visitor?”
    “After kissing your neck, I’d slide my hands behind you, rubbing your back and butt”
    “No! No harassment. Not ever. No no no.
    It was only because I liked you.”
    “But I am reformed! I will be good”
    “Flirt =I can tell you that you are pretty and that I would like to see you come out of the shower,and you can say I am cute.
    Ha ha! That’s it.”
    “No, not wordplay. Flirting is saying that you like somebody, even that you want them, but in a happy way. ”
    “I would love to come to XXX again. Great idea.
    “it is better to do things very slowly. I was stupid for going too fast!”

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